From Palestine To Arab Lands / Turn The Page And Keep The Cause

A long American/Egyptian series has just started.

by Daniel Mabsout

Rats desert a sinking ship, fools ride

Friday, June 29th, 2012  

These are historical moments, a new page has been turned. Mursi has been elected president of Egypt. No one can overlook the kind of maneuvers that preceded and accompanied the historical event in which the militaries were involved up to their neck.

The preparation for the presidency of the Muslim Brotherhood had started long ago by the Military Council in coordination with USA in order to have the candidate – who did not desist from welcoming all US officials – elected and finally crowned. A long American/Egyptian series has just started.

The Highest Military Council wanted to add a revolutionary flavor to Mursi by making him compete with Ahmad Shafiq the anti revolution candidate and – by dismissing – at the evening of the second round – the parliament where the Muslim brothers formed the majority.
Along the same strategy they delayed the announcement of the winner to pressure people and make them feel that the so called candidate of the so called revolution was under threat.
All this to let the revolutionaries and those who were after real change identify the designed future president as their representative. The escalation of the events in Gaza would fall within the same range, they meant to show that Mursi is a threat to Israel and that the Palestinian resistance in all its glory was supporting him.

All this sounds more like a cheap American movie and proves that the world order is not trying his best in his manipulative maneuvers and is delivering productions of really low quality knowing that the people will take anything. Finally -after much patience and endurance and while everybody was holding one’s breath -the name of the winner was delivered. By the time he was announced he had become a revolutionary despite all.

The first who took to streets – along with the Egyptians -were the Palestinians of Gaza who were celebrating not only the election of Mursi but -sadly enough -the relinquishment of the Palestinian Cause because, since the Syrian events and the attacks on Syria launched by the enemies of the cause and after HAMAS backed the armed rebellion, Syria has become the bosom of the Palestinian cause and its hearth and the place where the future of such a cause is being questioned and challenged.
What the Palestinians of Gaza had relinquished- in fact- was the fake cause, the unreal one that has left the Palestinian bosom to rest somewhere else in the haven of the wide sectarian Islam where it will be tended to by sectarians like Erdugan and his like. There the cause will definitely feel estranged, it will be drowned in negotiations and elections and irrelevant talk, it will be lost in a sea of perdition.

Who could have predicted this? That the Palestinian leadership will no more be fit to cater to Palestine or to fight for Palestine or to liberate Palestine? This unfitness is due to many reasons mainly to the fall of HAMAS in the sectarian pit set to it by the World Order that caused it to give priority to sectarianism over justice for Palestine and Palestinians and made it take this inexplicable stand against Syria and the pro Resistance Syrian regime.
What happened was also in order to give expression – not only to the local cause of usurped Palestine as it has been previously called- but to the cause of the usurped Arab lands in general that did not fare much better.

The Palestinian cause will only be safe now in the hands of the armed Resistance be it of Hizbullah, Syria, Iran or Palestinians and other freedom fighters, and all those will be its natural extension and natural environment and the bosom from where it could grow and expand, because these are the ones who have proved- up till now – their capacity to embrace the depth and the universality of the cause and defend it and become one with it shunning everything that is divisive and harming; these are the deserving ones, and Palestine shall be free despite sectarianism be it Arab or Palestinian and the Arab land shall be free.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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