Crushing Iblishood thugs in Safira south of Aleppo

As brother Daniel Mabsout said yesterday; the Nato thugs are slowly losing the war, The Syrian army has moved forward and reached close to the borders with Turkey in the region of Idlib and of Aleppo which means that the hopes of creating a buffer zone on the Syrian /Turkish border have evaporated .

The Syrian Arab Army crushed the Nato Brotherhood operation before they start their operation ‘epic Damascus

Aleppo, The Syrian army tanks and hundreds of his own troops invaded yesterday the strongholds of the armed Wahhabi groups in the town, “Al-safira”, south of Aleppo, and its surroundings, killing hundreds of them, according to armed groups tape on the Internet.

According to field sources “The bodies of the militants filled the streets and alleys in the west neighborhood of the town, and surrounding fields.” A local source in the town estimated the death of the “Free Army” and other militants collaborators from 250 to 300, as well as nearly that number of wounded.

The gunmen, run by Turkish and Israeli intelligence, since weeks ago in the town, after having been expelled hundreds of people from their homes in the western region, were preparing to attack the defense factories Foundation located less than 1 km to the west. These factories are the by Washington and Tel Aviv “the main center for laboratory program of chemical and biological weapons in Syria and the backbone of the program, and the main place to assemble products from non-conventional weapons.”

In Homs Syrian Arab army liquidate the most dangerous sniper known as Azrael of Khalidiya

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian
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