The Shocking Sermon

By Daniel Mabsout,


It is shocking that i heard from my window today the Sheikh giving his Friday speech at the MOSQUE calling for the fall of the so called despot of Damascus . Extremely shocking speech indeed very high pitched seeking to fuel hatred when all efforts are now converging to solve the problem by peaceful means that will spare blood shed . But it seems the sheikh has had his pockets filled by oil money and want to show that he had earned his money well. Extremely shocking that these dubious sheikhs sprouting from everywhere and reaching so many people ( the Mosque was full)are not accountable to any one , their mosques are similar to fiefs and they can turn them into anything . Why would a sheikh on Friday instead of calling for inner peace would start instigating sectarian hatred or call for the fall of an Arab president under the pretext that he is a tyrant and if tyrant he is , what about the other tyrants? What about the Saudi king who has taken hold of a whole country and subjugated it to the rule of one family ? or Jordanian King ? Why no one is calling for their fall? It is extremely worrying to have Sheikhs do as they please without being accountable and held responsible because they have access to so many people and there is already too much tension to allow any further escalation .

Finally the religious references of the Sunni sect are facing a great challenge that they do not seem up to . What are they going to do with all these religious figures and sheikhs who are mobilizing against rulers or against other sects or religions and who have an active role in the crimes committed in Syria and elsewhere ? Those who are fuelling the hatred and the others who are keeping silent are equally responsible and equally guilty .

The sheikh of Al Azhar- upon meeting president Ahmadinejad lately- told him that the Sahabas should not be insulted as if it was the president of Iran that was insulting the Sahabas and not the hateful actions of so called Muslims in Syria and elsewhere . The sheikh of al Azhar has forgotten that both Imam Khamina’I and late Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlullah issued fatwas prohibiting the slander of the Sahabas while the Azhar did not issue any fatwa prohibiting the slander of Shi’as that is taking place everyday on every other Muslim channel or News Paper considering the Shi’as as irreligious heretic people . This, not to mention the books issued in the name of al Azhar that expose the Shi’a sect and speak ill about its adherents, and not forgetting the deaf ear that the al Azhar has turned regarding the slaughters committed in Syria by the thugs who were calling Allahu Akbar while killing innocents – shamelessly – in front of cameras most of the time so that their masters be pleased and increase their monthly pay . The sheikh of Al Azhar and the other references would have to answer for this in front of the Almighty if not now in front of us, and God is not going to be pleased as we assume regarding their silent collaboration in crime and fitna or their reluctance to speak up and call for the stopping of slaughters committed under the label of the religion !
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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