The Syrian Arab Army crushed the Brotherhood operation before they start their operation ‘epic Damascus

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أكثر من 1000 قتيل في «الملحمة الكبرى» لـميليشيا الحر

Yesterday Damascus, in fact its near surroundings, lived what can be described as the most violent day since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, so that the people thought that the battles are taking place in the heart of the capital, while it was the sound of explosions on the outskirts of the city, especially the southern and eastern side.

 معركة دمشق وريف دمشق ساعة الصفر
معركة دمشق وريف دمشق ساعة الصفر

France-Presse Agence said that the army, based on intelligenceinformation, launched a massive preventive assault on widespread insurgent positions in Damascus to foil the reported preparations of the Nusra Front to enter Damascus. According to various sources, the Syrian army began the operation hours of the morning a wide «simultaneous and coordinated» military operation on both the southern and eastern sides of the capital with the contribution of the «Army of National Defense» (militias loyal to authority) covering the towns, villages and farms adjacent to Darya, Al-qadam and Alasali down to Al-Tadamon neighborhood on the one hand, and on the other hand Harasta areas, Qaboun, Jobar, Zamalka, Erbeen down to Doma farms and related areas of the East Gouta controlled by Wahhabi Nusra Front and the “Free Army”, the two militarty wings of the” coalition” and “National Council”, run by the CIA and Washington’s allies in the region.


Later the Syrian military announced full control of towns Harran al-awameed and Kafrin after violent clashes with armed militias resulted in the destruction of their headquarters and killing all those who were inside.

Syria: Damascus Repels Another Rebel Attack 


Published Thursday, February 7, 2013
The armed Syrian opposition declared yet another “zero hour” to take Damascus on Wednesday. By nightfall, however, the army managed to restore order in the capital and widen its offensive against the rebels in the countryside.
Residents of Damascus woke up on Wednesday, 6 February 2013, to the sound of explosions and armed skirmishes echoing throughout the city.
They wondered whether it was the armed forces attacking the Free Syrian Army (FSA), or was it due to a rebel offensive against military checkpoints along the flyover junction south of the capital.
As it turned out, the Islamist al-Nusra Front had declared operation “Just Punishment,” the aim of which was to enter into the heart of Damascus.
Nusra’s call was backed by the various factions of the FSA, who gave the offensive various names on social networking sites, such as the “Great Battle for Damascus” and the “Great Confrontation.”
Residents of the historic Bab Tuma district in the city center called those of Jermana to the east to ask them whether they knew the source of the fighting which was shaking the walls of their old houses. Meanwhile, people in the main avenues in the city center ran for cover believing that the battles were very close to them.
Nothing was certain at first other than the fact that Wednesday was the worst day of fighting Damascus has witnessed since the FSA declared it “zero hour” to take the city in December 2012.
The Syrian army responded forcefully by targeting the areas of Jobar, Harasta, and Idlib to the northeast of the capital, after having called on residents to leave these areas the previous day in preparation for a major advance.
Military sources confirmed to Al-Akhbar that one of their checkpoints in the Kiswah area south of Damascus came under attack, resulting in the death of an officer and a soldier.

دمشق تُحبط «القصاص العادل»

أنس زرزر | مرح ماشي

دمشق في دائرة النار من جديد. المعارضة المسلحة أعلنت «الساعة الصفر» مجدّداً، لتسجّل فشلاً ميدانياً آخر. الجيش السوري ثبّت الاستقرار في العاصمة، ووسّع حملته على ريفها
دمشق | استيقظ سكان دمشق على أصوات اشتباكات وانفجارات يتردّد صداها في كل المناطق. لم يدرِ سكان المدينة القديمة إن كان الجيش هو من يدكّ معاقل «الجيش الحر»، أو أنّ الأخير يستهدف الحواجز العسكرية والأمنية على طول الطريق المتحلق الجنوبي للعاصمة، ليتبيّن لاحقاً أنّ «جبهة النصرة» قد أعلنت عملية «القصاص العادل»، التي تهدف إلى الدخول نحو قلب دمشق.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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