Syria: Confrontations & Concessions Pave Way for Political Solution

Dr. Ibrahim Mousawi

The last three weeks in Syria have witnessed a significant shift in the course of events, as the recent developments, on both the political and military levels, have unfolded distinguished accomplishments by the Syrian government. The takfiri terrorist military groups have been dealt heavy strikes. The most important achievement on the political level was of two fold: one from the official authorities represented by the cabinet amendment led to the change in six cabinet seats.This happened in an attempt to alleviate the tough suffering of the Syrian people, especially the refugees whether inside or outside Syria. A second step, manifested itself in an official announcement by the government for readiness to open up the way for talks, with all opposition factions including the militant groups.

ArmyOn the military level, the government forces have dealt the militant groups many deadly blows in different areas in Syria, especially in the capital Damascus. This took place when around two thousand militant attempted to storm the capital in Sahat- Al Abbasiyyin neighborhood; hundreds of terrorist and takfiri groups were killed in this attack, that was efficiently confronted and sabotaged by the Syrian army.

Another military achievement for the government, was in Darayya where the army was able to control approximately 92 percent of the total area of the town, with the exception of one neighborhood where according to some estimates, hundreds of militants are surrounded and under tight siege. Darayya holds a significant strategic importance by itself, because of its vicinity to Damascus.
Still, in the same course of developments, but on the political level this time, the head of the so called Syrian National Coalition, Moaz Al Khatib, has declared an unprecedented step by expressing willingness to start direct talks with the government; a step that was regarded by the analysts as a concession from the opposition side. Many observers read this as an indication about the extent of the grave growing weakness among the different groups which constitute the Syrian opposition.

Now, Coming to the external non Syrian players; the Islamic summit in Egypt has brought a new hope to further support the efforts for a peaceful settlement for the Syrian crisis. The leaders of the three most important nations in the region, Egypt, Iran and Turkey called for a political solution in Syria away from any foreign military intervention. They also stressed the commitment of the necessity to protect the territorial integrity of the Syrian soil.

This litany of developments has maximized the hope of ushering in a new era that would lead to a solution that ends the Syrian suffering.

Now, though many cast shadows of doubt and skepticism whether these developments may pave the way for a real political solution or not; those who are working for it should always be optimists and hopeful, because the only alternative is the continuation of vicious cycle of violence and bloodshed!

Source: Al-Manar Website
11-02-2013 – 20:05 Last updated 11-02-2013 – 20:17

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