The Fruit-Bearing Tree

By Daniel Mabsout,


It is the Iranian Revolution again , The Iranian Islamic Revolution that is celebrating today its 34th birthday and this year’s celebration was under the label of preserving inner strength and inner achievements and helping the oppressed around the world. Under these two labels the Islamic revolution existed and will continue to exist .

One can judge a tree or a thing by its fruits , so let us look at the fruits that this Revolution has bore. To those who have not been acquainted with this revolution and to those who have been mislead thinking that Iran is under theocratic rule or even despotic rule , to those who have misunderstood the essence of the Iranian revolution mistaking it for a common incident in history , we say that Let us look at the fruits of such a revolution and then judge . Iran which is a poor country that had fallen for decades under western hegemony , a country whose resources were sacked and rights violated has now grown into an independent strong country standing on its own , relying on its own inner strength and able to defend itself against the whole world and capable also of helping others do the same . The least to say is that Iran after remaining – for years – under the Shah’s rule- subjugated to the western power has now fulfilled the still unrealized dream of so many poor countries around the globe , the dream of every man , women and child , the dream of becoming strong and independent.

This independence and strength is the essence of the of Iranian revolution . That this was done under the label of a certain religion or a certain sect is secondary even if the Iranians were greatly inspired by their spiritual leaders like Imam ‘ Ali and Imam al Hussein among the Prophet’s progeny and by the true authentic Islam they adhered to , still the main idea that motivated the leaders and the masses in their uprising was the idea of becoming free and independent and not that of establishing an Islamic rule , it is the idea of removing oppression and injustice as ordained and inspired by true Islam and not just intention to turn Iran into an Islamic state . Authentic Islam was the way to reach such goal but was not the goal in itself. This – of course- raises the Iranian revolution to the state of universality and turns Imam Khomeini into a leader of a world caliber and into one of the greatest revolutionary heroes that ever existed .

This primary goal of removing oppression and regaining freedom and independence while developing inner strength is not to be overlooked if we want to give the revolution its due and reach a proper understanding of what happened because, If we miss this major point , then we have misunderstood the whole thing and we have fallen into labeling what has happened as something restricted to a religion and a sect and for the purpose of these two exclusively.

No, this is not so , otherwise Iran would not have undertaken this hard task of helping removing oppression wherever it is found , and helping oppressed people wherever they are .Oppression knows no boundaries and has no identity , it is neither religious nor sectarian . Oppression is oppression and is caused by the oppressor and its effects are to be seen and witnessed everywhere ; look for it in famine and poverty and diseases , look for it in war and local conflicts, look for it in partition and division and in insecurity and instability and look for it –as well- in fake springs and staged revolutions and bloody events and – above all – look for it in corruption and moral degeneration . All this the Iranian revolution is determined to face and has already started working on many levels hand in hand with all those fighting oppression around the world . This is how Lebanon got liberated , and how Gaza resisted the assaults and how Syria triumphed of the evil schemes of partition and division and this will keep going on not leaving anyone behind… Thank you Iran , Thank you for this beautiful Revolution that came as a divine gift to all the oppressed people around the world seeking to live with dignity!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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