One does not boycott poisonous snakes or atomic radiations nor ask people to boycott poisonous snakes , one informs others about poisonous snakes and atomic radiations and those who receive this information will act accordingly. They would avoid what needs to be avoided and – as expected – they will act in conformity with the knowledge that was acquired by them. People do not need a separate act of boycott, people need right information. And they will know what to do on their own .

Rather than exposing Israel and exposing its illegal occupation of Arab/ Palestinian land , the BDS movement of Boycott, Divest and Sanction seems -on the contrary- to consecrate the existence of Israel on Palestinian land , and this because the BDS- instead of exposing Israel for what it is – is exposing rather certain policies of Israel that are labeled as racist . The BDS seeks thus to pressure Israel in order to change its racist policies towards the Palestinians . Israel -according to BDS- is the constant that should be recognized and dealt with –and not exposed as illegal and illegitimate and done with – and is therefore invited to grant Palestinians their rights- not out of sheer goodness- but due to pressures of various sorts- economical and political- exercised on it .

In order to consecrate Israel as a state whose existence is beyond question , the BDS called the Israeli occupation of Palestine an “ Apartheid”, drawing thus the parallel with the South African model and seeking the same solution that seemed to have worked for South Africa. This is from where the BDS movement got inspiration for the Boycott policy, overlooking the fact that Israel is not South Africa and the occupation not an Apartheid .

This consecration of Israel as a state practicing racist policies- that only needed to be corrected- comes in handy in times where the vulnerability of Israel – as a state -has been highly exposed, and where its legality has been highly questioned . Israel that was defeated in Lebanon needed to divert the attention from this defeat that was the first Israel ever suffered . This defeat of year 2000 in which Israel was chased out of Lebanon by the armed Resistance after 18years of occupation, had shown Israel under an altogether different light where it appeared as it really is : vulnerable and weak .

Israel cannot afford to have such pitiful image circulate all over the place . The invincible country that has been provided with an invincible army – at the highest cost – cannot fail its supporters from all over the world . For Israel has been created as the front line of western hegemony and as a symbol of its infallibility and strength . A Godly state for a God chosen people who cannot lose .

The blackout imposed on the Arab victory of year 2000- which was the first Israeli defeat- was not enough . It was important to reorient the whole struggle in a totally different direction . Instead of the defeated threatened state with its defeated army that was among the most powerful, we will end up with a fully recognized legal state practicing Apartheid against so called Palestinians who will not resort to armed struggle to retrieve their rights – as expected – but will resort instead – to Boycott and Sanction .

One must admit that this must be a big Israeli joke whereby the international society is kept in ignorance of the true nature of Israel and of its role, diverting its action from receiving and experiencing the true facts of Israel into conducting activities that do not touch its truth . At the same time , Palestinians and Arabs –due to the igniting of sectarian feelings- were kept in darkness of the latest developments that had turned Israel from a powerful state into a defeated one and got – as a result- involved in the boycott fallacy when armed struggle had proved itself on the ground .

No doubt that the real partners of BDS are the Israelis who are the first to benefit from its policies where the real defeated Israel- whose existence is really threatened -has dressed in South African garbs and qualified therefore for mere boycott rather than challenged with real armed struggle .

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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