Posted on February 14, 2013 by Libya 360°

National Defense Forces are groups of men and women forced to train on using arms to defend their country after the west decided to democratize their Syria using NATO’s Al Qaeda Wahhabi Jihadists.
A report in Homs with the NDF women training in their center and then on the streets.
The report done by Juhaina News, an independent Syrian based news agency.

Syrian women had no choice but to carry weapons and train on using them to support the Syrian Army in protecting themselves, their families and their country from the Wahhabi Sex Jihadists infesting their country.

After their country was subjected to the worst aggressive ‘war for terror’ supported by a collection of countries that each has a bad enough reputation in brutality, war crimes, oppression and long history of blood spilling, and after the Wahhabi religion clerics issued fatwas for ‘Sex Jihad’ in their country, the Syrian women saw no other choice but to learn and train on defending themselves, their families and their country.

Welcome to the world of Syrian Lionesses.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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