Zionist Entity Sets up Field Hospital for Wounded Militants in Syria

Local Editor
Zionist hospitalThe Zionist army announced Tuesday it is reviewing to establish a field hospital on the Golan borders in order to receive and treat the wounded insurgents fighting against the Syrian army in the Arab state, in a move that puts the Zionist entity on the line of intervention in the Syrian crisis, although under a humanitarian cover.
Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his government will study the cases in which it will be required to give those insurgents the access to enter the occupied Golan Heights.

“We will keep guarding the borders, and we will ban any entrance into Israel except that of special cases, each of which we will examine separately,” Netanyahu said.

Zionist military expert, Ore HellerIn the meantime, a Zionist military expert, Ore Heller, noted during a televised interview that the “Israeli idea is to establish a field hospital on the borders with Syria, maybe in the middle of Golan Heights or at Qonaitera crossing, in order to contain the refugees and insurgents, especially those injured during border clashes with the Syrian army.”

Moreover, the Zionist army has imposed strict measures around Safad hospital, which received wounded of the Syrian militant groups. However, the military refused to declassify their IDs and the conditions of their entrance into the Occupied Golan.

Zionist military post on the Golan borders“We realized – through the translators – that they (Syrian militants) were scared. They asked us whether we are going to send them back and hand them over to the Syrian army,” doctor Tal Solomon said, a responsible of Zif hospital in Safad.

In the same context, the Zionist army also started to built new posts to be used later by the Intelligence Forces to monitor any movement inside the Syrian territories within the new fence system which the Zionist are building on the Golan borders.

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