Samer Issawi Faces Israeli Court

Local Editor

A Zionist court decided to hold a court hearing on Thursday for Palestinian prisoner Samer Issawi who has been on a hunger strike for 213 consecutive days.
Samer Issawi
The Free Samer Issawi Campaign’s Facebook page quoted his sister, Sherine, as saying on Wednesday that the hearing was due on Thursday.

On Tuesday, an emergency hearing was held by the Zionist entity’s agistrate Court to deliberate demands for an appeal of his sentence, which was rejected.

The campaign’s Facebook page reported on Sunday that occupation forces had arrested Shadi Issawi, brother of Palestinian hunger-striker, at dawn from his home.

“Our heart tonight is with Um Ra’fat Samer Issawi’s mother, who pleaded to the world earlier today for help to release her son Samer. She sits tonight with her three sons in jail for no other crime than being Palestinian,” the campaign statement declared.

On Saturday, the campaign published a message from Samer Issawi, in which he stated that his health had deteriorated dramatically, asserting that he was now “hanging between life and death.”

“I will continue until the end, until the last drop of water in my body, until martyrdom,” Issawi said. “My weak body is breaking down, but I’m still able to be patient and continue resistance.”

Issawi added that doctors had warned him that he might suffer a stroke due to declining sugar levels and falling blood pressure.

“Do not be afraid for my heart if it stops; don’t fear for my hands if they’re paralysed. I am still alive now, and tomorrow, and after death, because Jerusalem is in my blood, in my devotion, and in my faith,” Issawi concluded.

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