BDS Promoting Israel’s Cause

By Daniel Mabsout


The using of anti racist policies and projecting these policies on the Palestinian/Israeli struggle on behalf of BDS is very misleading and misplaced and is not called for and comes to cater to the taste of the western establishment rather than promote Palestinians’ rights . They should not have exposed themselves and Palestinians to these accusations that are alien and unrelated to the Palestinian condition . The Israelis did not occupy Palestine and chased out Palestinians because Palestinians hate Jews or are racists , nor did they do that because Jews hate Palestinians .The Palestinians are victims of Israelis and of Israel racist policies . The Palestinians want to retrieve their land and houses and are not interested in the race of the occupier . These anti racial claims of BDS have no place in the Palestinian struggle and shed a light – rather – on BDS Israeli involvements and adopting Israel racist policies in justifying what it does to Arabs and Palestinians by using the anti racist argument. This is extremely dangerous on behalf of BDS and sheds a light on its true identity. The Arabs are in a state of self defense against Israel . If Israel happens to be a Jewish Zionist State , this does not mean that Arabs are racist and should not be construed because it is irrelevant and a totally uncalled for issue .

This is extremely clumsy on behalf of BDS and an Israeli stand by Excellence. This would involve the Palestinians in a cause that is not theirs . If a thief comes and robs you , you don’t dwell over his race or religion , you are concerned with what has been taken from you, and so the judge will not try the thief according to his color but in relation to the act of theft . Palestine has been usurped and stolen . What difference does it make if the thief is from this or that color or this or that religion? It makes no difference . especially if the thief is accused of theft alone. The BDS operated a very serious dangerous shift by dwelling on Israel’s racist policies and promoting Israel as a racist state substituting one struggle for another struggle and depriving Palestinians of their real cause and linking them to activities and functions that are not theirs . For This reason also the sectarian alignment of BDS is now showing , it is also to impose another cause, this time religious, on the real cause which is that of a nation and a people.

Stressing the religious aspect of the Palestinian problem and covering the Palestinian suffering with a religious color is tying it to religious issues that are irrelevant to the Palestinian cause and therefore altering the features of the Palestinian struggle to turn it into a religious issue between religions whereby Israel would appear as a religious racist state that is shunning people of other religions their rights . This religious racist label of the struggle has been strengthened by the declaration made by Israel that describes it as a Jewish state endorsing thus the role of a racist state and by the sectarian religious alignment of Hamas regarding world policies , This religious attribute is alien to the Palestinian struggle that is not religious even if religions are part of it and it serves Israel that has everything to gain from turning the struggle into a religious one . This is liable to liquidate the Palestinian cause by turning it into something else.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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