From Prison And Exile To Power


The phenomenon of promoting leaders on behalf of the world order goes back to Nelson Mandela whereby the freedom fighter who was sentenced to jail and had spent a good deal in prison was chosen and brought to power as a symbol of the victory of the Resistance over Apartheid. No doubt that Mandela was chosen carefully when the world establishment decided to abort the revolution that was progressing and was about to cease power. The world establishment decided then to interfere and to strike a deal with Mandela and with those who were ready to compromise . Mandela – in this sense- is a manufactured hero and everything speaks for this truth . The revolution was thus deprived of its victory in favor of a certain settlement that kept South Africa under control.

No doubt that the thing the world order fears most is the unknown , is people and nations acting on their own and achieving autonomy and independence. This is something the World Order can neither stand, nor afford, that is why it has accommodated to revolutions and has even started to conduct and monitor social uprisings . What we have been witnessing in the Arab spring is not any different whereby exiled leaders like Tunisian al Ghannoushi were called to play their role in the whole setting and according to a deal that will keep them under control . The leader brought -in this way – to power will be willing to compromise . Ghannoushi is the Mandela of Tunisia who was rewarded with power against concessions given to the world order in terms of rallying against Syria . As for the Palestinians, something is being prepared for them -no doubt- in some prison or some remote place that will witness the birth of their savior at the hands of the mid wife called the world order. Attention is being drawn to Marwaan al Barghouthi as a possible choice for a potential hero that will serve foreign interests and will be responsible for aborting what ever remain of the Palestinian Resistance under the label of the Resistance itself.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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