Damascus Rejects Any Role of “Biased” Arab League in Syria Solution


Syria refuses any role of the Arab League in efforts aimed at ending the two-year crisis, saying the AL has been adopting biased and negative policies.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said the “Arab League continued to break its charter, internal system, principles and purposes”, by granting a seat in its council to “a specific part of the Syrian opposition which had been calling for foreign intervention.”

The statement said that “the Arab League has chosen since it interfered in the course of the crisis in Syria to be a biased side for the benefit of Arab, regional and international sides that seek to summon foreign military intervention in the crisis.”

Syria seat at the Arab LeagueIt added that the AL “League has become a hostage to the biased political position of specific Arab Gulf countries which are Qatar and Saudi Arabia,” noting that the Arab organization “cannot be a side which helps reach a true political solution for the crisis in Syria based on the will of the greater majority of Syrians.”

In this context Damascus “affirms its firm position which rejects having the Arab League, in light of its biased and negative policies, play any role or have any representation in any international plan or efforts seeking a peaceful resolution for the crisis in Syria,” the statement said according to state news agency, SANA.

Earlier, the regional body has offered the so-called “Syrian National Coalition”, an opposition group backed by the West and some Gulf states, , Syria’s seat at the league, and has decided to let its member nations arm the rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad.

The AL Chief, Nabil al-Arabi, told a meeting for the Arab foreign ministers in Cairo that he had invited the SNC to choose a representative to attend the league summit in the Qatari capital, Doha, on March 26 and 27.

Source: Agencies
07-03-2013 – 10:12 Last updated 07-03-2013 – 11:26

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