Egypt Court Suspends Next Month Election as Clashes Renew at Egypt’s Nile Corniche, Security Official Sacked

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An Egyptian court on Wednesday ordered the suspension of parliamentary elections scheduled to begin in April, opening a legal battle likely to delay the vote and deepening the political that has polarized the nation for months.

The new confusion surrounding the election underlined the paralysis gripping Egypt, between political deadlock, infighting among state institutions, a faltering economy and a wave of protests, strikes and clashes against President Mohammad Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood that has spiraled for months around the country.

In the Suez Canal city of Port Said, the scene of heavy clashes between protesters and police that have left six dead since Sunday, the violence entered a fourth day, dragging in the military. Protesters hurled stones at police firing tear gas, as army troops struggled to keep the two sides apart.

Mursi’s supporters and some in the public exhausted by the turmoil viewed the parliamentary elections as a step toward bringing some stability.
They further accused the opposition of stirring up unrest to derail the voting. But the opposition had called a boycott of the vote, saying Mursi must first find some political consensus and ease the wave of popular anger.

The new court ruling is unlikely to defuse the tension, bringing the dispute into the judiciary, which has repeatedly been used by the various sides in Egypt’s political battles…..
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Clashes Renew at Egypt’s Nile Corniche, Security Official Sacked

Local Editor

Egypt: Nile Corniche clashesClashes between protesters and police in Egypt renewed on the Nile Corniche south of Tahrir Square in Cairo Wednesday, as traffic stopped while the two sides hurled stones at each other.

Traffic police redirected traffic, causing slowdowns on Qasr al-Aini and other streets nearby.

Traffic on the 6th October Bridge was flowing normally at the morning following clashes erupted on Tuesday and continued until dawn.

A number of protesters had also set some trees in front of the Arab League headquarters alight before firefighters put the fire out.

On the other hand, the head of security in Port Said was sacked on Wednesday as violence continued to rage in the Egyptian canal city.

Mohsen Radi was relieved of his duties and transferred to the prison services department in Cairo “in response to demands by residents and to help calm the situation,” one of the officials told media outlets.

Egypt is witnessing fresh clashes since Sunday fuelled by January death sentences handed down to football fans over deadly rioting.


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