Christ or Vatican

By Daniel Mabsout

Lately the Vatican has been choosing its pope from a hot spot in the world . Look at John Paul II who succeeded John Paul I in the papal seat in year 1978 after the mysterious death of Albino Luciani -John Paul I – who only reigned for 33 days .The sin committed by Italian pope John Paul I, as the sin committed by Benedictus XVI, was maybe that both did not come from some hot s…pot on the world map ; a spot that was undergoing some kind of change . While the previous pope Polish Karol Wojtyla symbolized the dismantling of the of USSR and of the Warsaw alliance and the new role sought by the church in this region , there was not much that Ratzinger – Benedictus XVI-could stand for . Ratzinger’s rule was characterized by the sex scandals complaints that submerged his office since John Paul II took office. Why he resigned we don’t know but –definitely- he was not wanted and the Vatican pressured him to leave. The new pope elected yesterday: the Argentinian Jorge Bergoglio -comes definitely from a hot spot : he comes from Latin America which is still recovering from the deep wound that the mysterious death of late President Chavez has caused .

After the Arab Spring and the departure of President Chavez , Latin America might become eligible for some changes suitable to the World Order. Many Latin countries have been lately grazing on their own far from the watchful eyes of their Yankee supervisor who will not leave his backyard unattended. For this Uncle Sam might need the help of the Mighty Church which never failed the masters of hegemony especially that –lately- many among the catholic priests were identifying with the poor of Latin America, joining their cause and rallying for them in the true Spirit of Christianity and not always in accordance with the Vatican . This, not to speak of president Hugo Chavez legacy, the Venezuelan president who committed himself totally and his government to the poor of Venezuela and those of the world, and made his policy revolve around them as the true Christian.he was.

Bergoglio does not have such a bright history of course , though he lives modestly and rides the bus like an average person and lives in a modest house , he is not known for supporting the poor or standing against the oppression they suffer from, nor is he known for standing against the rule of the militaries who usurped power and abused Argentinians for so many decades causing the death of so many among them . He is known -on the contrary- for his complacency to the militaries , and his covering for them during the military rule

Despite the name of Saint Francis – the Saint of the poor- that the new pope has taken , the poor people of Latin America- who have lost a friend in Hugo Chavez- will not find a friend in the new pope . His election does not predict anything good nor his assumed close association with the CIA that some Media has been lately disclosing . His nomination might mean that the World Order is preparing himself for the after Chavez period and for some work to “straighten” the situation in Latin countries where late president Hugo Chavez has been leading the show of committed Christianity.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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