Jewish terror state Forces Detain 50 School Children in Hebron

Sources to PNN: IOF Forces Detain 50 School Children in Hebron 

    PNN/ Exclusive

    On Wednesday 20th March, Israeli occupation forces arrested a number of school children in Hebron on allegations of throwing stones.
    Sources told PNN that Israeli occupation arrested around 50 students aged 8-15 while heading to their schools in the old city of Hebron, and detained them in a bus.

    The sources revealed that the students
     are from several Palestinian schools including: Al-Ibrahimi, al-Mutanabi, Khadeja, Khalil al-Obeidyeh, Tareq and Al-Wikaleh (school run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA).

    The IOF troops claimed they will detain the students in the bus while they watch a “video” to identify the IDs of the students who threw stones at soldiers.

    The old city of Hebron is on high alert as teachers and parents waiting on the Israeli checkpoint for the students to be released.

    River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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