By Daniel Mabsout,


  Israel is panicked by the Resistance of Syria and by the Resistance of the Syrian president and of the Syrian army and the Syrian people during two years of war where tens of thousands of criminal thugs and professional killers were sent to Syria with all kinds of weapons to destabilize Syria and defeat the country and depose Assad and take over the rule .As if it were… not enough to receive the deadly blow from the Lebanese Resistance in year 2000 and 2006 whereby the vulnerability of Israel was exposed after its soldiers fled the battlefield leaving their equipment behind, for Israel to receive another blow that revealed the power of Syria and the stability of Syria and the steadfastness of the Syrians and their president .The first blow from which Israel has not yet recovered required so many measures and conspiracies on behalf of the World Oder starting from the International Court and the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and not ending with the Arab Spring and the war declared on Syria .Now Israel -for whom war is like staying underwater without oxygen- has been defeated by the perseverance of Assad for two full years without giving in any concession as it has been defeated by the Lebanese Resistance under whose missiles the whole of the occupied territories now lies. There is no spot in Israel that cannot be reached by these missiles of the Lebanese Resistance as declared the leader of the Resistance. In front of all this vulnerability and uncertainty and inability to cope or to recover or to declare a new war or engage in a battle that will lift up the spirits comes Master Obama to lend a helping hand and to reassure the usurping state of the friendship and commitment and support of the dear ally and friend with all kinds of sweet talk about Israel’s right to exist and to continue to exist and to flourish and get the life it deserves and you name it as a democracy and a civilization and culture and more . All this sweet talk is supposed to be elevating and make Israelis forget the delicate situation they find themselves in and their constant need to be comforted by their allies and relatives to forget the enmity of the neighboring countries especially that some of them have become armed to the teeth.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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