The New Jahiliyya (Tribalism) War On Islam

Daniel Mabsout


The battle that is taking place on the cultural level is taking place in the land of Islam and I do not mean the gross land and the geographical location but the collection of the ideas, beliefs and patterns of behavior and worship which we call Islam . There are one billion and a half Muslims for whom Islam is a basic value in their lives , they pray an…d fast and read the Koran and sacrifice . Not that they understand fully the true purport of religion but religion is interweaved with their lives and speech, and with their minds and actions in a way that they have become one with it and cannot be separated from it . Very few –among them- have understood the way to please and realize God like Ibn Abi Yakteen who, when on his way to pilgrimage, God put in his way a widower with orphans who needed to feed her children and he knew that in order to provide for her and her orphans he would have to sacrifice his pilgrimage to Mekka . He is the man about whom Imam Ja’far – when asked about how his pilgrimage went on -said : “no one performed Hajj but myself , my camel and Ibn Abi Yakteen.”.

This culture of Islam is the real petroleum and power of these people which they have not been able to use for their independence and emancipation and for the realization of their religion except in the early days of Islam . The imperialist west who had his eyes set on the oil had secret eyes set on Islam. He knew of the power of Islam and for this reason so many researches and studies were consecrated to Islam that were not consecrated to other religions like Hinduism or the religions of the Natives . Islam raised the interest of the western imperialist power who could relate to it in several ways and whose science and thought and knowledge had reached him. After that came the Islamic Revolution of Iran with Imam Khomeiny who made full use of Islam, rallying the masses and leading the uprising that will change the destiny of Iran and Iranians for the benefit of both Islam and the people.
This is when the enemies of the Muslim people and of Islam and the Islamic Revolution decided once again to wake up the dormant Jahiliyya in the Muslim world : the Jahiliyya garbed in Islam. And they invented and prepared an antidote to Islam to be intravenously injected in Saudi Arabia- in the Gulf- to flow with the petroleum money into the other sect of Islam, into the portion that had always lagged behind the true experience of Islam; money poured in order to defame Islam. They had previously done something similar in financing the PLO and were successful in crippling the Resistance movement .
Now the battle field is Islam , the contending fighters are on one hand : the imperialist west that recruited all forces of ignorance and darkness and Jahiliyya and sectarian fanaticism that were dormant, and – on the other hand – the enlightened Islam of Imam Khomeini and Khamina’i and Hassan Nasrullah and all the forces of the Resistance of the people and of true Islam that belong to all sects and are common to many Muslims . Thus people following Islam are undergoing the greatest of tests in the ongoing battle between Islam and its enemies who speak and act in its name but represent the forces of darkness against which the Prophet of Islam has warned.
The battle has become very acute and Muslims are highly challenged . The future of the religion is at stake . Will the forces of darkness succeed in turning Islam into something else? Something that can coexist with imperialism and colonialism and crime and theft and murder and be at peace with Israel ? The truth is that these two versions of Islam cannot coexist, and the battle has escalated to the point of killing great ‘Ulemas and religious references like al Bouti in Damascus who was assassinated lately by fatwas issued by religious sheikhs of the so called opposition, among them : al Qaradawi . For this so called opposition, all religious references and ‘Ulemas who issue fatwas of Jihad against Israel or against imperialism should be liquidated one after the other, and the list is long . The outcome of the battle will decide for the orientation of the religion and its recovery from the defamation that targeted it. Either Islam will be turned into a curse that plagues religion or the forces of enlightenment will win the battle in favor of the true uplifting Islam.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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