The Palestinian Dark Tunnel And The Other Arafat


The PLO has not been created to liberate Palestine but to make peace with Israel . Otherwise how can one explain the failure in achieving anything on the ground whether liberation of the land or the return of the refugees or the release of the prisoners or the protection of the sacred sites , or the stopping of the settlements building or the confi…scation of the land or at least improving of the lives of Palestinians in refugee camps ? Not one thing has been achieved not even proper sewers in the refugee camps or at least collecting garbage that accumulates in heaps.

What was this man called Arafat busy doing? He was busy liquidating the Palestinian rights and keeping his close inmates and aids and spending Saudi money on them and feeding them and entertaining them and paying for their whereabouts . There is no way Arafat was doing anything else other than what Mahmoud Abbas is doing: posing as a Palestinian and not acting like one but selling the cause to whoever bids higher . Oslo was a disaster and not one single right was retrieved and Israel had all the time to expand and resume its genocidal activities and incarcerate and arrest more Palestinians and kill more and build the wall of separation and take hold of Jerusalem and expel its population and demolish their houses in addition to the destruction of total villages and deprive people of water and impose the siege on Gaza and destroy hospitals and schools and shell the villagers and humiliate the population on Israeli check points .

This is what Arafat achieved and what we witness now in terms of the deterioration of the cause and the incapacity of the Palestinian organizations to remedy the situation or at least assess it and locate the great failures and find their cause and try to redress and straighten whatever could be redressed and straightened. It is striking that there is not the least attempt at finding who is responsible for the actual state of affairs and who is the person or the faction or the party who failed completely in achieving any of the Palestinian goals. Now we haven’t seen anything of this except to further the actual problematic situation to the point that Palestinian NGOs with their foreign affiliations have taken the situation in hand which means that Palestinians are playing now in Israelis hands since NGOS are either infiltrated or openly coordinating with Israel’s organizations. It is like when the relatives of a drunkard take responsibility of his children .

Some people say there is no way out , some others say that Marwaan al Barghouthi of the FATEH movement – who is actually in an Israeli prison-waiting like Mandela was waiting in prison- is the person required for this kind of situation , that he could bring unity among Palestinians and proceed from this point .As if all what was needed was another Arafat and for this Barghouthi seems to be the right man. And who knows if Barghouthi is not Israel’s man like Arafat was and is being kept in prison to acquire credibility . The cause finally will meet its dead end either at the hands of Abbas /Haniyya or at the hands of Barghouthi or at the hands of NGOS who have taken control .
The Palestinians are really in bad shape and in big trouble and the NGOS are hijacking the cause whose plan is mere performance and show while Israel expands and prepares its next military round.The only hope for Palestinians Lies in Syria and Hizbullah and another Intifada

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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