You are all invited to the Salafi BBQ taking place in Australia in honor of the Salafi Syrian Revolution ! You should not miss on that.. You will finally meet the real heroes of this world : the bearded ones about whom you’ve heard so much . Because if you think that there is a revolution in Syria , then you are totally mistaken ! It’s a barbecue that you’ve got in Syria… ! A big barbecue that you are not close to forget , the BBQ of the bearded Salafis that is unlike any other BBQ . This is the real BBQ where in the name of religion you roast your victims . For this reason the revolutionaries of Australia have decided to reproduce -in Australia itself – the great BBQ that is taking place in Syria and they are inviting everybody over , so get yourself ready to go through the experience of your life . The revolutionary Salafi BBQ will not be restricted to roasting and eating, it will include other activities as well ,. You will have to watch the Salafis in action and their glorious deeds offered to uplift humanity, inspired by the great revolutionary leader and Barbecue eater the prince of Qatar and his wife Moza of the latest fashion . The main revolutionary characteristic -according the the Salafi BBQ eaters- is your eating capacity and – for this reason- the prince of Qatar has got the lead . Many revolutionary activities will figure on the program among them a competition of who devours his victim faster . The winner will get a free one way ticket to Saudia offered by the revolutionary King of Saudia himself . Other presents will be distributed to competitors mainly fake long beards from all the colors , you can chose the color of your taste and take your picture next to Hillary or Obama. ! A wonderful evening you will spent with the Salafis of Australia ! Some of them have freshly returned from Syria and have so many wonderful stories and will explain to you the roasting process in detail! Come along in great numbers and enjoy the eating , the competition and the show. Non cannibals abstain ! LONG LIVE THE BBQ REVOLUTION of the Syrian Opposition !!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

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