12 Belgians Killed in Syria, Half of Iraqi Al-Qaeda Money Devoted to Al-Nusra

Local Editor

Belgian “Knack” weekly reported that no less than 12 Belgian nationals were killed in Syria, fighting with the armed groups in military operations against the Syrian Army.

An official had expressed concern that “Belgians would travel to Syria to join the armed militias,” adding, “Most of Belgian volunteers fighting in Syria are from Flanders, north Belgium.”
“More than a hundred people were headed to Syria from Belgium, and maybe hundreds, among which are young men no older than 16 years-old,” the magazine cited the official as saying.

For its part, the Belgian authorities accentuated that a number of its citizens are underage and enlisted in the ongoing conflict in Belgium, and a group of experts has been formed, upon the Minister of Interior’s request, to treat this phenomenon.

On a similar note, a report had revealed that “The House of Saud in the Saudi Arabia, within a US supervision, support the armed groups’ quest to impose a ‘liberated’ zone South Syria in order to open a key passage to attack Damascus.”

This comes as “The Independent” British daily revealed that Iraqi al-Qaeda branch devoted half its budget to supporting al-Nusra.

An Iraqi intelligence officer was quoted as saying that al-Qaeda in Iraq and al-Nusra have three joint training camps in the border area where they share training, logistics, intelligence and weapons.

The US, Britain and France, along with Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have promoted and financed other factions of the opposition.

Source: dailies, Translated and Edited by moqawama.org

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