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Pharisee Watch: True Christians challenging Christian Zionism

September 10, 2011

We Hold These Truths is a Christian organization that has been holding vigils in front of Christian Zionist churches around the country, challenging their support for Israel. Here is a report on their latest vigil—held Aug. 28 at Cornerstone Church in Fresno, CA. The report includes a link to a Fresno TV station which covered the event, as well as a separate link to a podcast featuring a group discussion—on the vigil as well as certain other topics. One of the discussion participants mistakenly reports the Israeli Operation Cast Lead as having occurred in “2009-10.” (In reality it was 08-09). But otherwise an excellent program, with a number of important points made—by committed, genuine Christians who are following the teachings of Jesus.

Challenging a Disciple of John Hagee, An Angry Evangelical Preacher

Tom Compton Aug. 31, 2011

We Hold These Truths has conducted about 100 vigils for Peace and Justice In Palestine around the country. Typically, the media ignores us but a few vigils have been filmed by local TV stations. The most notiable happening at one of our Project Strait Gate vigils was the time a school teacher from Los Angeles, who was helping WHTT at an “Angry” Evangelical church made the misstake of parking in what he thought was public parking. Turns out it belonged the the church. He was hand-cuffed and detained by the church security staff. So much for Christian love and charity. But that incident is an exception rather then the rule when you follow help from We Hold These Truths.
On August 28, 2011, We Hold These Truths Director, Tom Compton,traveled to Fresno, CA to join with local vigil leader, David Jacobs. David was assisted by his wife Kitty and Patty Ford. Four other local residents joined in at the Cornerstone Church in downtown Fresno. We were there at 7:30 a.m. in preparation for the services that started at 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 am. David Jacobs had mailed a letter to pastor Jim Franklin a week before letting him know about our vigil and why we were going to be there. We walked up to Pastor Franklin who was standing outside the church (an old movie theatre that has been lovingly restored). David Jacobs wanted to make sure the pastor had received his letter. Pastor Franklin said that he had not seen the letter because he had been on vacation. So, David gave him a copy of what he sent. Pastor Jim Franklin’s church is called Cornerstone Church, the same name as nationally known “Angry” Evangelical Preacher, John Hagee, who’s mega-church is located in San Antonio, TX. John Hagee has called for such un-Christ-like actions as “a preemptive military strike against Iran to protect the state of Israel.” The Cornerstone Church in Fresno has sponsored John Hagee and his Christians United For Israel (CUFI).
Much to our surprise, a locat TV News truck showed up before the 11:00 a.m. service. We all looked at each other in amazement because none of us had issued a press release. We found out later from Pastor Franklin’s daughter that she had sent the press release out. The TV coverage by Channel 30, KFSN was very fair. In fact, they did some home work on their own and mentioned some things that I said nothing about during the interview: “They say they targeted Cornerstone Sunday because of its association with Televangelist John Hagee who has been criticized for his statements about Israel, the Roman Catholic Church and Islam. Hagee spoke at the church in May.”
Let’s hope that a large number of our Catholic and Muslim friends were watching that news cast so they could get an idea what “Angry” Evangelicalism is all about. My favorite sign to carry at a vigil is “Choose Life Not War.” Most evangelicals claim they are pro-life but seem to ardently support wars in the Middle East to protect Israel and, in large part, unconcerned about the deaths of innocent children, whether they are Iraqi, Afghani or Palestinian. My next favorit sign is “Blessed Are The Peacemakers” followed by “No More Wars For Israel.”
If you want to have some fun and challenge the “Angry” evangelicals in your town, let us know.

You can view the news report at:

For more details on this vigil listen to our podcast:

Tom Compton


If you listened to the above-linked podcast you heard discussion on how Israeli propaganda functioned in regard to the recent attack carried out from Egyptian territory against an Israeli bus. Here is the original report referenced in the discussion—again from the We Hold These Truths website.

Why Arabs from Egypt Attacked IDF Soldiers Riding on an Israeli Public Bus

Charles E. Carlson Aug. 22, 2011

How Israeli Propagandists Transform Dead Soldiers Into Civilians

On August 18, high noon, Arabs operating from Egyptian territory attacked, killed and wounded an unknown number of Israeli soldiers on a bus that the world was made to believe carried only civilians.
The highway from the Red Sea port city of Eilat, Israel, north to Beer Sheva and on to Tel Aviv goes through some of the most desolate and deserted landscape this bus rider has ever seen, deserted except for camps of Arab Bedouins who live in the wadis. I rode this same Egged bus on this very route near the end of March 2002 on my way to Gaza.
Egged is owned by the state of Israel and is dirt cheap to ride. About a third of the passengers on my bus were Israeli soldiers, male and female. All were dressed in field gear; many carried slung carbines with banana clip magazines in their belts. At times on this long route, there were so many soldiers onboard that some had to stand in the aisles.
Before my bus left Eilat station, I had the answer to one of the questions that had brought me to Gaza … why do Palestinian human bombs so often pick “public buses” as targets? Not one news report I had ever read told the simple truth: every Israeli bus is a military transport; therefore, for any Palestinian who considers himself to be at war with the IDF, every Israeli bus is a legitimate military target.
I was to suffered a somewhat amusing minor injury from Israeli militarism on that Egged bus. A female IDF soldier, getting off the bus in Tel Aviv, bent 90 degrees at the hip to pick up her travel bag, and in so doing, she clumsily swung her downward slung carbine barrel up behind her, hitting me in the face with her sight blade as I was stooping in the crowd to look for my own bag. She inflicted a welt on my forehead, and she knew it, but she made no apology and was totally indifferent to me once she saw I was still alive and standing.
I consider my minor injury a symbolic scar in the war for Palestinian rights, and I wish I could have kept the Israeli-inflicted wound long enough to show it off back home!
After my visit to Gaza, I investigated some 55 bus bombings and other attacks on military installations where chances of the attacker’s survival were very slim. My report, in the form of a 2002-3 series, is again available on our website. It details how the official Zionist propagandists go about changing history to support its claims of “terrorism” every time an Israeli is killed or wounded, whether that person is a member of the military or not.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ language used in the recent August 18, 2011 attack, reporting that the attack “left seven Israelis dead,” is used only when some of the dead were soldiers. When soldiers are not killed, the release invariably gives heartrending details of those “civilians” killed. When some of the dead are soldiers, no details are given, implying all are civilians, but not actually saying so; by decoding the language used, readers can know when Israeli soldiers are killed without that fact being admitted by the Israel government.
Whereas every Palestinian victim is portrayed by Israel as a “terrorist,” my own studies of bus targeting almost a decade ago revealed that casualties on most of the 55 bus attacks included Israeli military, implying that these attacks were aimed at concentrations of active duty military, and therefore simple acts of war.
The IDF uses a consistent pattern in press releases to create an illusion. For example, first it reported “seven Israelis” died in the August 18 attack. This implied that those killed and wounded were all civilians, since no military was mentioned — these early releases are usually the ones that get carried in the American media.
Later reports may acknowledge IDF deaths but usually cover up the number of wounded. This slightly more truthful report comes out only after the world press has had plenty of time to carry the earlier varnished release. Israel cannot avoid making corrections, because it must give proper recognition to killed IDF members; Israeli soldiers have families too, and the propaganda machine has to make them feel respected.
On August 18, the US and most world news agencies picked up the news release that read:
JTA, Global News Service for the Jewish People, announced on Aug 18, 2011, 7 Israelis Reported Dead in Palestinian Terror Attacks JERUSALEM (JTA) — Palestinian gunmen attacked an Israeli bus traveling near Eilat — the first in a series of attacks that reportedly have left seven Israelis dead. Palestinian infiltrators from Gaza struck the Egged bus just after noon Thursday, according to the Israel Defense Forces. Israeli media are reporting that there are at least seven Israeli fatalities in the attacks, and that Israeli soldiers have killed three of the terrorists. The IDF has not confirmed the fatalities.”
Note there is no mention of any IDF military deaths or wounded, when in fact two of the dead were soldiers. An unknown number of the wounded were also IDF, as was revealed in a later story about Prime Minister Netanyahu visiting the “wounded” military members. But no number of wounded military was released; some observers estimate it to be as many as 17.
The apparent truth is that a handful of Arabs of unidentified residence successfully attacked the bus with all its military support from Egyptian controlled Sinai. It happened more than 175 miles south of the Gaza strip. It is too bad civilians were killed. I took that risk unknowingly when I rode this same bus. Israel’s response was to blame the event on Hamas without evidence, and launch reprisals in Gaza.
By any rule of war, if war has any rules, Israeli military personnel killed in Arab commando raids, whether by Hamas or by some other gorilla group, are war casualties. Israel is an occupier, and an occupation is an act of war. Israel’s very existence requires a constant stream of organized propaganda, and it cannot tell the truth about the occupation even if some leaders might like to come clean.
While this author is neither Arab nor Muslim, I was inclined to champion the Palestine people even before I went there to see conditions for myself. One hour on the Egged bus left no doubts about what occupation means. Some 200 million plus of us Americans call ourselves “Christian,” but when it come to Israel and Palestine far too many do not act like Jesus.
Israelis call Him irrelevant or deny Jesus ever lived; Palestinian Muslims recognize Jesus, many believe His word comes from God, and have told me they follow Jesus in a way of their own. Anyone who calls himself by Christ’s name should support the freedom of any suppressed people, especially Palestinians; “Christians” who support Israel should seriously examine if they are hearing Jesus’ words, or the words of clever men.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Is The Talmud Defensible As A Holy Text?

September 2, 2011

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Question: Has the time come for people of conscience to acquaint themselves with the Jewish Talmud?

by Cassandra for Veterans Today

After all that has happened, is it time for everyone to start buying Talmud compendia and distributing them to friends and family?—with certain passages marked and highlighted? Maybe a little stocking-stuffer this Christmas?

Become a genius!

Maybe slip one in the mailbox of your favorite Christian zionist? Or send copies to soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, so they can see what they’re fighting for? It could certainly liven up some dull evenings.
Maybe those guys who remotely operate killer drones from a safe location would be interested in learning something new—to give them a little perspective on what they are doing, and for whom.
You could put up a sign in your yard, automobile, or business, displaying a Talmud Quote of the Week. Think of it as a public service announcement—and keep spare copies of your compendium to show to critics who complain. Maybe when they see that those words really are in the Talmud—it’s not just something perverted you made up—they will experience a sudden paradigm shift. An aha-moment, if you will.

Certain Christian evangelicals love to rail against the Koran, a book they’ve never read, as the source of all evil in the world. I suspect some of them are unaware of the content of their own Old Testament, which celebrates the slaughter, rape and pillage of other peoples.


But their greatest ignorance of all concerns Judaism’s holy books—not the Torah but the Talmud, which is a series of interpretations of early Judaic law, written by later rabbinical scholars. Think of it as an exhaustive collection of technicalities allowing one to get around the law—with the notable addition of directives to persecute non-Jews, who are not considered human—and to do so as a religious duty. Surprisingly, the content of the Talmud has not rendered it obsolete or embarrassing to modern orthodox Jews who study it, revere it, and live by it. It’s the kind of thing that never gets mentioned at Holocaust Museums, the History Channel, or in Hollywood films like Exodus. Nothing about it in The Fiddler On The Roof either. So I thought I’d mention it here, for folks who don’t know. When an ethnic group has a religious duty to persecute everybody else, that’s a pretty big deal.

In certain European countries holocaust-denial is a criminal offense, based on the notion that it promotes racism and genocide. Shouldn’t Talmudism be a crime in those countries, and for the same reason? Doesn’t the assertion that all the world’s non-Jews are animals unworthy of compassion meet the criterion?
What are we to do about venerable holy texts that contain evil things? Do we just give them a pass?

Jews suffered political setbacks, throughout the centuries, whenever Gentiles discovered what was in the Talmud. Later versions, created for Gentile readers, were “cleaned up” so as to soften and obscure the offending parts; but the original texts are still used without apology by true believers.

This is an issue for modern Jews finally to confront squarely, and choose their allegiances: Is the Talmud defensible as a holy text? And can Jews ever be accepted by the world so long as they fail to renounce it and make apology?

I believe the answer is no. Israel Shahak and others argue, convincingly, that its genocidal doctrine inspires covert evil, ultimately endangering the non-Talmudic Jews of the world by association—not to mention endangering the rest of us as well.

So perhaps a little sunlight is needed to bring this out into the open?
Does anyone have a “favorite” Talmud passage to share?
I recommend Israel Shahak’s excellent Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years, well worth reading. My edition has forewords by both Gore Vidal and Edward Said.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Cassandra has a BA in psychology and also an MSW degree. She does a little writing, a lot of reading, and is an avid gardener. She works occasionally for a small publisher in her hometown, and dabbles in herbal medicine, medical issues and natural sciences.
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River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

The Hypocrite’s Masquerade

August 11, 2011

By Richard Edmondson

Rick Perry, the exhibitionistic governor of Texas, claims he’s a Christian. On August 6, 2011, in a sports stadium in Houston, Perry held a “prayer and fast rally” which drew some 30,000 people, a day-long affair that had been organized with the aim of praying for a “nation in crisis.” Certainly the U.S. is in a crisis, and as a person of religious faith I obviously think prayer can be a spiritually awakening experience when undertaken from an attitude of genuine and steadfast sincerity and with humility and love for God foremost in one’s mind. But here’s the thing: like all of America’s politicians, Perry is little more than a painted caricature of a human being to whom sincerity seems to be a hazardous chemical compound best discarded and left alone.
In a recent article by Philip Giraldi (which I reproduce in its entirety below), we learn that Perry in late June appealed to Attorney General Eric Holder for the prosecution of American citizens who participated in this year’s Gaza Freedom Flotilla. Giraldi observes that the governor, as a potential frontrunner in next year’s presidential campaign, appeared to be “sharpening his foreign policy credentials” and seemed to be doing so “in the traditional way by cozying up to the Israel lobby.” And of course, had Holder undertaken such a prosecution, those who joined this year’s ultimately-thwarted flotilla, as Giraldi correctly notes, could have faced the prospect of “spending the rest of their lives in a federal prison for doing absolutely nothing wrong.”
The governor’s prayer rally was dubbed “The Response,” and in his talk at the event (see video here ), Perry  professed his love for America, quoted scripture, touted his belief in a “loving God,” his high regard for a “living Christ,” and expressed pointed concern for Americans who have lost jobs and homes:
Our hearts do break for those who suffer, those afflicted by the loss of loved ones, the pain of addiction, the strife that they may find at home, those who have lost jobs, who have lost their homes, people who have lost hope.
It is nice that Perry musters such empathy for out of work Americans, a sad number of whom find themselves coping for the first time in their lives with the experience of living in vehicles or, in worst-case scenarios, directly on the streets. Unmentioned by Perry, quite naturally, is any acknowledgement that this state of affairs came about as a result of decades of public policies favoring the rich over the poor, but of course, such an acknowledgement cannot in any way be made. Why? Because Perry, like many conservative, evangelical Christians, worships a depoliticized god, a god wholly unconcerned with the corrupt practices of those who wield power, even if their decisions result in death, wars, poverty, and widespread misery. As Perry puts it, “His (God’s) agenda is not a political agenda; his agenda is a salvation agenda.” The Texas governor even jokes, somewhat flatly, that God is “wise enough to not be affiliated with any political party.”
In other words, God and politics don’t mix. But such a claim is by its very nature political. If you stand before a crowd and proclaim God’s political neutrality on the multiple wars America is waging in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, you have made an inherently political statement. You are saying that God only cares about the individual’s salvation, not mass killings. This in essence is a validation of the status quo, an affirmation of war—the same wars that have bankrupted the country to the point of causing suffering and job loss to the very Americans Perry claims to be praying for. The governor, despite assertions to the contrary, is injecting politics into the religious debate and religion into the political debate.
And what of Jesus? If God is to be depoliticized, what becomes of Christ and of such overtly political statements as “It is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven”? There doesn’t seem to be much room for them, does there? Is it not odd, when we look at Perry’s video, we find that while the Texas governor inserted biblical quotations into his speech—three in all, two from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament book of Ephesians—at no point in his twelve and a half minute oration did he supply a single direct quote from Jesus? Fancy that if you will! No quote from Christ—and at a Christian rally no less! Were Perry a true follower of Jesus, he might well have quoted Christ’s beatitude, “Blessed are the peacemakers,” and issued a call for the wars to end; or perhaps he might have recited the parable of the Good Samaritan as an illustration of why programs to help the needy—programs almost totally gutted in recent years—now, more than ever, need urgently to be restored; or he could have reminded his listeners of Jesus’ uncompromising denunciation of the political leaders of his day—“Woe to you teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites!”—and called upon all Christians to follow that preeminent example of standing up and speaking truth to power.
The fact that Perry did none of these things should not surprise us, however. Ten days ago I argued that in the Christian Zionist religion, Jews quite literally replace Jesus as an object of veneration and adoration, and that in reality Christian Zionists worship not Jesus—but Jews. Here in part is what I wrote:
In Christian Zionism, Christ is reduced to a minor, almost inconsequential figure. CZs are quick to point out that Jesus was Jewish, and that’s certainly a point in his favor where they are concerned, but the vast majority of his teachings are discarded. For CZs, the real object of worship is the Jewish people in a collective sense. Let me repeat that: CZs do not worship Christ; they worship Jews.

Extremely steeped in the Old Testament, the theology of Christian Zionism is driven by the belief that Jews are God’s “chosen people”, that they are therefore superior, and that it is the obligation of Gentiles to “bless” them (read: “serve” them) as is commanded in Genesis 12:3. Any concerns about Jesus come secondary to this. CZs view the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 as nothing short of a miracle of God, and this is a belief they are likely to retain no matter how many mass murders, genocides, war crimes, and crimes against humanity Israel commits. In fact, the more Israel does these things, the more CZs are likely to approve of it, for the Jews of the Old Testament carried out very similar acts.

A depoliticized god who favors Jews and has no qualms about war—it sounds pretty much like the sort of religion Zionists would prescribe for Gentiles. And indeed, as I went on to note, this is what Noahidism is all about. Heavily promoted by the Chabad Lubavitch movement, Noahidism in a nutshell is Christian Zionism with Jesus formally, finally, and irrevocably stripped away. Is this what Christian Zionism is gradually evolving into? Will the two religions merge at some point? It’s hard to say, and I don’t have a crystal ball, but certainly no mention of Jesus can be found in Perry’s closing prayer on August 6. The text of the prayer reads as follows:
Father our heart breaks for America. We see discord at home; we see fear in the market place. We see anger in the halls of govt. As a nation, we have forgotten who made us, who protects us, who blesses us, and for that we cry out for your forgiveness. We pray for our nation’s leaders, Lord, for parents, for pastors, for the generals, for governors, that you would inspire them. In these difficult times, Father we pray for our president, that you would impart your wisdom upon him, that you would guard his family. We pray for our military and the families who love them, O Father especially for those special operators who lost their lives yesterday [chokes back a sob] in defending our freedoms. You call us to repent Lord, and this day is our response. We give it all to you, for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen and amen and amen.
Not surprisingly, the Houston event was attended by busloads of worshippers who had journeyed up from the San Antonio mega-church pastored by Christian Zionist leader John Hagee. One of them, in a curious comment made to David Weigel of Slate, expressed his concern that “Christianity is under attack,” this while at the same time lavishly praising Perry:
“If this is successful here,” he says, “I think other governors, or other politicians, will come out of the closet. Christianity is under attack, and we don’t speak out about it.”
Probably nowhere on earth is Christianity more despised and under attack than in Israel, a fact seemingly lost on Christian Zionists, and we can probably safely assume the irony of the above statement was wholly unrecognized by its speaker. How many Christian Zionists, for instance, are aware that in Israel priests are spat upon or that New Testaments have been burned by mobs of protesters? How many know the extent to which Christ is vilified in the Talmud, or that the Talmud even vilifies him at all? Talmudic treatment of Christ, by the way, is a topic extensively covered in Jesus in the Talmud, by Peter Shäfer, a professor of Jewish studies at Princeton; it is a book few Christian Zionists most likely have bothered picking up. If they did, however, they could read of a loathsome portrayal of Jesus spending eternity in hell boiling in excrement—as well as (rather surprisingly) proud proclamations of Jews being responsible for his death:
On the other hand, we should not forget that it was also the gist of the Baraita’s [non-Mishnaic oral laws’] narrative that the Jews took upon themselves the responsibility for Jesus’ execution. So the later Babylonian discourse may not want to accept the Gospel’s blame for Jesus’ death; rather, like the Baraita but with different reasoning, it may want to convey the message: yes, the Roman governor wanted to set him free, but we did not give in. He was a blasphemer and an idolater, and although the Romans could probably not care less, we insisted that he got what he deserved. We even convinced the Roman governor (or more precisely: forced him to accept) that this heretic and imposter needed to be executed—and we are proud of it.
What we then have here in the Bavli [Babylonian Talmud] is a powerful confirmation of the New Testament passion narrative, a creative reading, however, that not only knows some of its distinct details but proudly proclaims Jewish responsibility for Jesus’ execution. Ultimately and more precisely, therefore, it turns out to be a complete reversal of the New Testament’s message of shame and guilt: we do accept, it argues, responsibility for this heretic’s death, but there is no reason to be ashamed of it and feel guilty for it. We are not the murderers of the Messiah and Son of God, nor of the king of the Jews as Pilate wanted to have it. Rather, we are the rightful executioners of a blasphemer and idolater, who was sentenced according to the full weight, but also the fair procedure, of our law. If this interpretation is correct, we are confronted here with a message that boldly and even aggressively challenges the Christian charges against the Jews as the killers of Christ. For the first time in history we encounter Jews who, instead of reacting defensively, raise their voice and speak out against what would become the perennial story of the triumphant Church. (Jesus in the Talmud, p. 73-74)
He needed to be executed—and we are proud of it. Talmudic rabbis are such a pleasant, jocular lot, are they not? And of course these are the “chosen people” to whom the Christian Zionists have pledged their prayerful and unqualified support, Christian Zionists who no doubt, as the one quoted in Slate, voice the occasional fret over Christianity being “under attack.”
At this point we have to ask ourselves is Governor Rick Perry aware of the manner in which Christians are treated on the streets of Jerusalem? Is he aware of how Jesus is depicted in the Talmud? Has he heard? Does he know of these things? Or does he speak in ignorance? Perhaps, most crucially of all, if he did know of these things would it even matter to him? Or would he continue to support Israel? The practice of going about proclaiming themselves followers of Jesus by politicians like Perry is as common as the common flu, yet it is an abomination nonetheless, and Christians need to start recognizing it as such. Followers of Christ would do well to recognize something else as well: that last week’s prayer rally in Houston was a masquerade ball of hypocrites and false prophets preying upon the easily deceived. As Jesus warned, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”
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From the horse’s mouth: “The main avodah (duty to God) of this generation (of Jews) is to go out to the final war of the golus, to conquer and to purify all the gentile countries.”Menachem Mendel Schneerson, seventh rebbe of the Chabad Lubavitch movement.
Chabad racism as seen through the eyes of Nahida the Exiled Palestinian: Meet the Rebbe, The Worm is in the Can, At the Hub of World Power , Chabad and US Lawmakers

Rick Perry Abuses His Office for Israel
August 4, 2011
Jean-Jacques Rousseau described the reciprocal relationship between a government and its people as a “social contract.” Even from the first legal code by the Babylonian Hammurabi, one learns that the principal benefit that government bestows on the people is the promise of justice. By the time of the Roman Republic, the principle of equal justice under the law for all citizens was enshrined as a fundamental right, even though it might sometimes be abused by the rich and powerful. When that abuse became the norm because of corruption, the Republic fell. The framers of the U.S. Constitution carefully studied the demise of the ancient experiments in representative government. They sought to create a system with checks and balances and a Bill of Rights that would guarantee fundamental fairness in the way that the law was applied, without fear or favor.
In the federal republic that is the United States, there are 51 chief executive officers. They are the president and the 50 state governors. They all swear an oath to uphold their respective constitutions and to see that justice is administered impartially to all the people. In a certain sense, it is their principal responsibility, because the law is the cornerstone of respect for individual liberties. Any abuse of the judicial system will inevitably produce many other evils.
To be fair, most governors take the responsibility to ensure equal justice seriously, even if presidents of the United States since 2001 have not. Unfortunately, when a governor chooses to make a run for the presidency, a type of amnesia compounded by political triangulation sets in. Not wishing to be seen as someone whose view is restricted to one state or region, the gubernatorial presidential candidate expands his horizons by taking on an international role and begins to reach out to constituencies that have nothing to do with his or her state. Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota has done so by moving to the right of fellow Minnesotan Michele Bachmann as the “hawk” among the Republicans candidates, out-George-W.-Bushing George W. Bush in his embrace of overseas interventions. Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who has yet to declare his candidacy but who is seen by many as a potential front-runner, is apparently also sharpening his foreign policy credentials. And he is doing it in the traditional way by cozying up to the Israel Lobby.
On June 28, 2011, Perry wrote a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder regarding “Violations of U.S. Law by Organizers of Gaza Flotilla.” The letter is on official state letterhead, and Perry signed it as governor, not as a private citizen. Now you might well express surprise that such a communication even exists; after all, what does the Gaza flotilla have to do with the governance of Texas? Perry does not exactly answer that question except by noting that he is an “American citizen and governor of one of its largest states.” His letter claims that the flotilla would “interfere with Israel’s maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip,” and it calls on Holder to prevent “these illegal actions” and “prosecute anyone who may elect to engage in them.” Citing “additional information provided … by Shurat HaDin,” the letter asserts that “a coalition of violent anti-Israeli organizations” is behind the flotilla.
To strengthen his case, Perry further maintains that the flotilla is a “naval expedition against a people with whom the United States is at peace … with the intent that it be employed to commit hostilities” and that it constitutes, under the PATRIOT Act, “provision of material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization.” He then reminds Holder that last year’s Gaza flotilla ended with the “deaths of nine people and serious injury to numerous IDF SEALs and other Israelis.” Perry concludes by calling on Holder to “bring to justice all parties found to be in violation of U.S. law by their participation in these efforts.”
Where to start? First of all, Perry is a governor who is acting in his official capacity on behalf of a foreign country in criminalizing a peaceful protest by U.S. citizens taking place 7,000 miles away and in which his state has no possible interest. It is by no means clear who exactly egged the governor on to write the letter, but he does cite the assistance of Shurat HaDin, the Israeli lawfare center, which is dedicated to using lawsuits to silence any and all criticism of Israel. You might reasonably conclude that Perry is engaged in pandering to the many friends of Israel in the media and elsewhere and is making sure that he is in the good graces of the Israel Lobby in case he decides to make his presidential run, but it is also possible that he believes what he has written. He is an evangelical who has visited Israel a number of times, pledged his undying loyalty to the government of that country, and on a 2007 visit received the Friend of Zion award.
Perry is wrong in every citation of “fact” with which he makes his case. It is Israel’s blockade of Gaza, not the flotilla, that is generally considered illegal under international law. The flotilla participants all signed nonviolence pledges and had the cargoes of their ships meticulously inspected before the planned departure so there would be no question about whether they were carrying potentially lethal or contraband materials. The suggestion that the ships constituted a “naval expedition” or planned to “commit hostilities” is completely delusional, coming straight out of the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s playbook, and the recommendation that the Americans on board should be prosecuted for aiding terrorism is something that Joseph Stalin would be proud of.
And the alleged results of last year’s flotilla? Nine dead to be sure, all unarmed Turks, one of whom also happened to be an American citizen, which does not appear to interest Perry at all. At least one of the dead was shot in the head at close range, but Perry’s recalls only the “numerous” injuries to the heavily armed Israeli commandos “and other Israelis.” Maybe he is referring to an IDF storm trooper breaking a fingernail while rifling through flotilla participants’ personal possessions to steal money, cellphones, and cameras.
Perry calls on the United States government to prosecute as criminals and terrorist supporters a group of American citizens who had, at that point, broken no law, were clearly intending not to break any laws, and were in any event incapable of engaging in any violent or subversive act. And he does so on behalf of a foreign government, Israel, uncritically using information provided by that government to make his case. If Eric Holder had been foolish enough to heed Perry’s advice, a number of American citizens might well have to risk spending the rest of their lives in a federal prison for doing absolutely nothing wrong.
I have to question how a man of so little moral character as Rick Perry gets to be governor of a large state in the first place, but that is perhaps a discussion for another place and another time. If the people of Texas were seriously concerned about the Constitution and civil liberties, they would remove him from office for his attempt to criminalize the actions of a group of innocent citizens. When a government believes itself to be empowered to go after its own people on trumped-up charges, watch out. When it does so on behalf of a foreign government, all kinds of warning flags should be going up. That no one in the media or punditry seems to care is a tribute to the grip that Israel and its friends have over politics in the United States. And that is precisely why I and other contributors to keep raising the issue of Israel. Its tight embrace and the policies that it forces on the sheep in Washington are central to what is wrong with us as a nation. Until we loosen that hold, we will continue to stumble and fall, and we will have the presidents that we deserve, possibly including Rick Perry.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Washington to fund ‘Children of Shoah’

August 9, 2011
“As a nation that upholds the values of freedom, liberty and justice, we have a moral obligation to acknowledge the plight and uphold the dignity of Holocaust survivors to ensure their well-being. Our children’s generation will be the last to know Holocaust survivors and hear their stories firsthand. We must do all we can to honor their struggles and their lives by improving their access to transportation to get them where they need to go, and improve their home-care options so that they can have peace of mind. This bill does just that, and it’s time to make it happen,” said Rep. Wasserman Schultz.
“The sad reality is that every day, we have fewer Holocaust survivors among us to tell their tragic tales that remind us of the reality of evil,” said Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

Interestingly, a son Shoah survivors, Dr. Norman Finkelstein, had claimed that numbers of Shoah survivors keep increasing instead of decreasing with the passage of time. Dr. Norman Finkelstein stresses in his important book, The Holocaust Industry – Israel, the World Jewish Congress, and other major Jewish organizations, all of which demand and collect billions in the name of “Holocaust survivors,” have an interest in inflating figures both of wartime victims and of postwar survivors.
Germany has paid more than $93 billion in compensation for Nazi crimes to various Jewish organizations. In addition to that Berlin pays $156 million in pension to Shoah survivors, which according to Associated Press will be raised to $180 million in 2012 and then to $200 million in 2014.
This year, the Zionist regime has classified another 7,000 Moroccan and other North African Jews as ‘Holocaust survivors’. According to the agreement drafted in April 2011 between the Claims Conference and the German government they will each receive NIS 13,000 ($3,800) in compensation.
Let us not forget that Jews of Libyan descent have launched initiative to receive their part in compensation package – over $500 million from Italy for its occupation of Libya during WWII.
Afro-American must wonder when President Barack Obama will listen to his conscience and create a similar grant program for the elderly African people who are the survivors of the Judeo-Christian slavery in the US.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Anders Breivik and the Antichrist Virus, pt. two

August 1, 2011

By Richard Edmondson

Since the 7/22 terror attack, a number of Christian writers ( here and here for instance) have hastened to point out that Anders Breivik, though painted as a “Christian fundamentalist” by the media, does not appear to have been deeply religious and mainly seems to have been Christian in name only. While this may be true, what it overlooks is that such a de-emphasis of Christ is largely in keeping with Christian Zionism.
In Christian Zionism, Christ is reduced to a minor, almost inconsequential figure. CZs are quick to point out that Jesus was Jewish, and that’s certainly a point in his favor where they are concerned, but the vast majority of his teachings are discarded. For CZs, the real object of worship is the Jewish people in a collective sense. Let me repeat that: CZs do not worship Christ; they worship Jews.
Extremely steeped in the Old Testament, the theology of Christian Zionism is driven by the belief that Jews are God’s “chosen people”, that they are therefore superior, and that it is the obligation of Gentiles to “bless” them (read: “serve” them) as is commanded in Genesis 12:3. Any concerns about Jesus come secondary to this. CZs view the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 as nothing short of a miracle of God, and this is a belief they are likely to retain no matter how many mass murders, genocides, war crimes, and crimes against humanity Israel commits. In fact, the more Israel does these things, the more CZs are likely to approve of it, for the Jews of the Old Testament carried out very similar acts.
Another common misconception about CZs is that they hope to trigger Armageddon and thereby bring about the second coming of Christ, but again we have to remember that Christ is not the main consideration. The primary object of veneration is Jews:
It was Judaism that believed man was created in God’s image. It was traditional Judaism that gave us the concepts of hell, heaven, angels, devils, the acceptance of Adam and Eve as the first man and woman, the creation of the world in seven days, and even its age, four thousand years.
It was Judaism that taught us to sing while other religions wail in sorrow. It was Judaism that gave us love and respect for life. While pagan religions sacrificed their children to foreign gods, Judaism gave us a loving God who adored the life of every child.
The above words were written by Christian Zionist leader John Hagee in his book, In Defense of Israel (pg. 96-7). Hagee goes on to claim that the Old Testament “is the light of truth and reason upon which our society and civilization is built;” he asserts that Muslims “intend to crush Israel and destroy America;” and even defends the bombing of the King David Hotel. An attack which left 91 people dead, the blowing up of the King David was carried out by the Jewish Irgun exactly 65 years to the day before the atrocity in Norway. Whether Breivik had ever come upon any of Hagee’s writings or his numerous videos on YouTube I have no idea, but as I noted previously, this kind of ideology has the properties of a virus. And of course it’s not hard to imagine a social misfit, such as Breivik seems to have been, coming to conceive that a murder spree against critics of Israel might be a good thing and coming to adopt such as his mission in life.
While, as I said, bringing Jesus back for the second time is not the sought-after prize, a struggle between good and evil—Armageddon if you will—does factor heavily in Christian Zionist theology, and so yes, for sure, the “end times” are very much upon us. What is “ending,” however, will be the idea of equality of all people, the “multiculturalism” espoused by such as the present ruling party of Norway, to be replaced by a Jewish world order—and here is where the dividing line between Christian Zionism and Noahidism becomes very thin. In fact, they could be viewed as two separate strains of the same virus.
Noahidism is basically Christian Zionism with all the trappings of Christianity—any mention of Christ or loving your neighbor, etc.—formally erased and dispensed of. What is left is the belief that Gentiles must abide by the “seven Laws of Noah”—a set of principles that sound basically reasonable but which derive from the Talmud, not the Torah. They include six proscriptions—against murder, theft, blasphemy, idol worship, sexual immorality and eating the flesh of living animals—and one mandate—that judicial courts be set up. As I say, it sounds perfectly reasonable, but it’s important to realize that in Noahidism, Jews are regarded as spiritually superior, and that by default they hold authority. In my last post, I linked to a video here featuring an Orthodox Jew discussing the seven Noahide Laws. It is a 10-minute video exuding Jewish superiority at just about every camera frame as the presenter explains, among other things, how it is that the Jewish soul is able to hold more light than a Gentile’s.
In another video, here , a Chabad rabbi gives a talk on Noahidism to gullible Gentiles ( or b’nei Noach, or “children of Noah,” as they are referred in Hebrew), while here a separate rabbi discusses how “righteous Gentiles” are in need of “guidelines for functioning together as a community,” and finally, here , we are promised nothing short of world peace, miraculous medical cures, and a 12 hour work week if only Jews rule the world.
Are significant numbers of Gentiles really buying into this? Hard to say, but if Zionists can sell them soap, beer, and toothpaste, it probably stands to reason they will buy this as well. Here we can read of a Chabad rabbi’s experiences teaching Noahide classes to Gentiles in Australia, as well as view a photo gallery of his converts, (on the subject of intermarriage between Jews and Gentiles, he comments, tellingly, that the practice is “spiritually detrimental” for both groups and compares it to the field of chemistry wherein “we find that certain substances are harmless and even useful on their own, or when mixed with other substances, but are lethal when mixed with each other.”), while Noahide communities in various cities and countries have set up their own sites here, here, here, here, here, and here. There is also a Noahide group on Yahoo, and even a Russian Noahide group.
One question we might ask ourselves is to what extent, if any, the Christian Zionist/Noahide ideology has infected the Norwegian police. In a recent post, James Petras said the notion that Anders Breivik carried out such a detailed, multi-layered terrorist operation unassisted “defies credence,” and he believes that Breivik, an amateur with no previous explosives training, would had to have had outside help, possibly with the collusion of Norwegian police:
The most serious political implication of the terrorist action, however, is the conspicuous complicity of top police officials. The police took 90 minutes to arrive at Utoeya Island, located less than 20 kilometers from Oslo, 12 minutes by helicopter and 25 to 30 minutes by car and boat. The delay allowed the right wing assassins to use up the ammunition, maximizing the death toll of young, anti-fascist activists and devastating the Labor youth movement. The police chief, Sveinung Sponheim, made the feeblest excuse and cover-up, claiming “problems with transport”. Sponheim argued that a helicopter “wasn’t on standby” and they “could not find a boat” (Associated Press, July 24, 2011). Yet a helicopter was available; it managed to fly to Utoeya and film the ongoing slaughter, and over half of Norwegians, a seafaring people for millennia, own or have access to a boat. A police force, faced with what the Prime Minister calls the ‘worst atrocity since the Nazi occupation’, moving at the pace of an arthritic turtle to rescue youth activists, raises the suspicion of some level of complicity. The obvious question arises as to the degree to which the ideology of right wing extremism – neo-fascism – has penetrated the police and security forces, especially the upper echelons? This level of “inactivity” raises more questions than it answers. What it suggests is that the Social Democrats only control part of the Government – the legislative, while the neo-fascists influence the state apparatus.
Neo-fascists? Or Noahides? Take your pick. Perhaps most pertinent of all, on March 5, 1991, Noahidism pretty much became the official religion of the United States Congress. This is when Congress ratified H.J. Resolution 104 honoring Chabad Rabbi Memachem Mendel Schneerson and enshrining the seven Noahide Laws as the “edifice of civilization.” As I noted in a post more than a year ago, the timing of this resolution was quite curious—coming less than a week after the U.S. carried out a massive overnight bombing of a retreating Iraqi convoy, a war crime incident that became known as the Highway of Death. A question that may now need to be considered is to what extent all this could be viewed as having been predicted. “No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit. Each tree is recognized by its own fruit,” said Jesus 2000 years ago. If we think of Zionism as the tree and Israel as the fruit of that tree, the tree has indeed borne bad fruit. What sort of unsavory fruit might we now expect from a Zionist, “anti-Christ” religion for Gentiles?

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Anders Brevik and the Antichrist Virus, part one

August 1, 2011

By Richard Edmondson

Whether the July 22, 2011 terror attack in Norway was, or was not, a false flag operation—and whether Anders Breivik did, or did not, act alone—one thing is for certain. Insofar as children and teens were the principle and deliberate targets, the atrocity revealed a level of malevolence scarcely seen or imagined before. Perhaps the only thing that could compare to it would be the deliberate targeting of Palestinian children by Israeli soldiers during Operation Cast Lead.
An interesting poem entitled Verses of the Universe, was recently posted by Nahida the Exiled Palestinian. Postulating that laws of science, such as the second law of thermodynamics, apply not only to matter and energy but also to human behavior and society, the poem includes the following line:
The second law of thermodynamics states that energy/matter always disperses, spreads out and moves in one direction—with time—towards equilibrium, so should wealth in human civilization.
To carry the analogy a step further, one could also theorize that the biological properties of viruses—their propagation and spread—also have some obvious parallels in human behavior, with its occasional diseased convulsions. As the virus spreads, the convulsions become more frequent, until eventually we find ourselves with an epidemic on our hands. So far as I know, it was Eileen Fleming who first drew an analogy between Christian Zionism and the Antichrist, writing: “The cult of ‘Christian’ Zionism is what the concept of the Anti-Christ is all about. This heretical theology of Premellenial Dispensation worships a god of Armageddon and not the God of love, forgiveness and compassion that Jesus/AKA The Prince of Peace taught.” Christian Zionism has indeed become an “Antichrist virus” (for lack of a better metaphor) that has caught hold of Christianity and spread to near epidemic proportions. So acute is the problem, I suspect that what we are headed toward now is a rupturing of the faith similar to what took place in Judaism 2000 years ago with the rise of Christianity. In fact, one Catholic blogger has gone so far as to suggest that Christian Zionists are not Christians at all, but are in reality “Noahides”:
Christians are not supposed to support Zionism. Nor are Christians supposed to support Judaism, as the religion itself seeks to undermine Christianity by sponsoring a new religion for Gentiles called Noahidism. Make no mistake about it, the purpose of this religion is to replace Christianity in the distant future.
The blogger is correct. Noahidism, based upon the so-called Seven Laws of Noah (see video), is a Talmudic construct that has been heavily promoted by the Chabad Lubavitch movement. It does not encompass any belief in Christ, who in fact is vilified by the Talmud.
In the New Testament we find five occurrences of the word “antichrist,” all of them appearing in the letters of John and four of the five in John’s first letter. 1 John is an especially interesting text, for not only does it introduce us to the concept of the Antichrist, but the text also is the origin of the near universally-recognized adage that “God is love.” Is that not remarkable? That the same text that gives us the Antichrist doctrine, also propounds this universal, all-embracing message? We have the Antichrist and the antidote, if you will. Also noteworthy is that John speaks in terms not so much of a single Antichrist, but of many:
Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour. They went out from us but they did not really belong to us. For if they had belonged to us, they would have remained with us; but their going showed that none of them belonged to us.
Who is referred to by the word “they”? Modern scholars by and large view it as a reference to early Gnostics, but I believe this interpretation is erroneous and a product of what has been referred to as “post-holocaust scholarship.” The vast majority of the gnostic texts discovered at Nag Hammadi, Egypt in 1945 evince a reverence for Jesus. A few of the texts do not mention Christ at all, but none, repeat none, denigrate or defame Jesus as does the Talmud. So no. John is not speaking of Gnostics. He is in reality referring to Jewish Christians who have left the faith and returned to the Pharisee fold. This is the only context in which 1 John really makes any sense.
But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth. I do not write to you because you do not know the truth, but because you do know it and because no lie comes from the truth. Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist—he denies the Father and the Son. No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.
Again—it wasn’t the Gnostics who were denying Christ. It was the Jews. We also have to keep in mind the date of the text. The letter most likely was written some 10 to 20 years after the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. John, the youngest disciple of Christ, was now advanced in years. What was occurring at this time is the expulsion of Jewish Christians from their synagogues. So now that we know who the “they” are, let’s turn our attention to the “you.”
Who was John writing to? “But you,” he says, “have an anointing from the Holy One.” The aged disciple was probably addressing himself here to a group of Christians, possibly the Johannine Community itself, who had remained true to the faith. More than likely they were both Jew and Gentile, but by this time the latter may have numbered in the majority. As for John’s remark about it being the “last hour,” many modern scholars, often with derision, have construed it as an indication that the early Christians believed the world was about to end. But again, you have to view the text in its proper context. For Jews, in a way it was the last hour. The temple had been destroyed. The disastrous revolt led by Simon Bar Kokhba, who the Jews saw as their messiah, loomed on the horizon. What beckoned at the time John wrote this letter was, in a very real sense, a small window of opportunity. It was the last chance for Jews to break free of a virulent, racist ideology that would plague the Jewish people for the next 20 centuries; it was their last shot at coming to realize that God is love:
Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.
And again a few verses later:
God is love. Whoever lives in love, lives in God, and God in him. In this way, love is made complete among us so that we will have confidence on the day of judgment, because in this world we are like him. There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.
It seems to me that John was speaking almost prophetically—and of course it’s not hard to see that a great deal of what lies behind modern-day Zionism is fear.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Gilad Atzmon: De-Zionification Now

July 31, 2011
“It (immigration) was a politically motivated attempt by ministers to transform the fundamental make-up and identity of this country (Britain). It was done to destroy the right of the British people to live in a society defined by a common history, religion, law, language and traditions.”

(Melanie Phillips, as quoted by mass murderer, Anders Breivik, in his manifesto)
Melanie Philips, a rabid Zionist and the author of “Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within” is not happy to be singled out by Andres Breivik in his 1500 pages manuscript. Are they suggesting that “my writing provoked the mass murder of some 93 Norwegians?” she wonders righteously on her blog. I guess that Phillips knows the answer, as much as she knows how to play with words. But I will use this opportunity to reiterate it for her, and for the rest of us — there certainly is a clear and strong resemblance between Breivik’s views and Philips’ writing. The most obvious and immediate comparison is that both oppose Islamic immigration and multiculturalism of course, but it goes much further in that both identify the enemy within the ‘left political circuit’.

Breivik cites Philips’ take on Labour’s immigration policy: “It was done to destroy for ever what it means to be culturally British and to put another ‘multicultural’ identity in its place.”

I should clearly state here that I do not think that Philips provoked Breivik’s murderous inclination. I also believe that Phillips is fully entitled to express her thoughts and ideas. Yet, it is surely reasonable to suspect that Phillips , amongst others, might have contributed to inspiring Breivik, ideologically and spiritually.

Though Phillips writes on her blog that the “the forces of spite, malice and venom (within liberal media) have been unleashed in a terrifying display of irrationality,” it is obvious that it is completely rational to elaborate on the significant resemblance between Phillips’ and Breivik’s ideas.

Jewish media outlets in Israel and around the world are already aware of the deeply worrying fact that Breivik was inspired by right wing ideologies associated with Israel and Zionism. The JTA (The Global News Service Of The Jewish People) was quick to admit that numerous online postings, including Breivik’s, attack a “mishmash of anti-modern principles” that call for “the deportation of all Muslims from Europe as well as from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.” Whether we like it or not, this ‘mishmash’ of ‘global Islamophobia’ and Israeli expansionism is the true face of contemporary Zionism and Israeli ideology.

And yet, there is a further central question that no one in the media has addressed yet: how is it that Melanie Philips is getting away with openly promoting vile Islamophobia in our midst ? How is it that she and other Zionists prevail ,exactly where the EDL and the BNP fail? Why is Melanie Phillips a celebrity, whilst the BNP’s Nick Griffin is regarded as a vile racist, and a social outcast? Similarly, I find myself wondering what on earth the board of ‘progressive’ Guardian editors had in mind when they nominated the Zionist, pro-war and openly Islamohopbic Harry’s Place as one of their favourite political blogs in 2005 – bear in mind that The Guardian’s nomination was made at more or less the same time that the very same Harry’s Place blog won the ‘Annual Islamophobia Awards 2006,’ within the UK section of the Islamic Human Rights Commission’s ‘Annual Islamophobia Awards.’

I believe that the answer is devastating: within our so called, liberal democratic, allegedly ‘tolerant’ discourse – it is only right wing Jews who are entitled and allowed to spread xenophobia and hatred.
This is hardly surprising, because unlike contemporary Westerners, who seem to be more than confused by their colonial heritage and notions such as nationalism, racism, expansionism, biological determinism, religion, and self-loving, Israel and Zionism actually celebrate all of these symptoms, in the open. It is far from surprising then, to see Israeli flags and Jewish symbols popping up in many far right gatherings in the UK and in other European countries, because Israel, it seems, makes racism look kosher.

The shocking ideological resemblance of the thoughts and ideals of the fearsome mass murderer Breivik and mainstream Zionist advocates such Melanie Phillips, Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz, and Harry’s Place should surely be a bright red alert for any sensible humanist. If we want to save our society from being dragged into a violence with no end, we must de-Zionise every possible aspect of our culture, media and political institutions.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Buzzards Descend on Norway Tragedy Corpses

July 29, 2011

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Morris Dees Milks Norway Dead for Cash

Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Larceny Center (SPLC) Goes Grave Robbing

by Jim Dean, editor…Veterans Today

Morris Dees has a good con going. Raising money for poor people and then keeping most of it yourself and be honored for it, well…that takes talent. The fundraising letter below shows that he will even stoop to using unburied corpses to get ‘mo money’.

Dees started his legal career out representing the Klu Klux Klan and ended up milking them and his clients alike a goat. Along the way his divorce records claim he nailed a batch of female jurors, and had some young stepdaughter molesting attempts to teach her how to use a vibrator.

The Montgomery Advertiser newspaper (See Cult of Morris Dees) did a fabulous expose’ on Morris and the Poverty Palace in 1994, which was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

The story perculated up via contacts with the staff and local reporters that Dees was running the operation as a cash cow, using his George McGovern presidental fundraising list to literally retire on.
But despite having one of the largest endowments for his line of ‘work’, old Morris still likes to hustle a fast buck. When the civil rights money slowed down and the Klan died off he jumped on the militia bandwagon.

By the way, the militia movement was set up by the Pentagon as a backstop to all the reserves being deployed to the first Gulf War.

They even supplied them training and gave permission to purchase and have fully automatic weapons. The whole operation was run by a single army colonel out of the Pentagon.

This Vet is No Threat Morris Dees

Later Dees double dipped on this scam by discovering returning Gulf War vets as a major domestic terror threat.
Like a foreign enemy intelligence operation someone was able to get a Dept. of Homeland Security brochure published on this, which of course could be used as ‘proof’ that the Dee’s crowd was right.

I will let you guess who wrote the material up for DHS and whether they have been penetrated by this group, and others.

Next is Dees in a fluff interview with CBS. Harry the host is reading his questions, probably brought in already typed up by the Dees people. Watch how Morris slips in the PTSD and hard economy on his veteran terror scare. And see how he uses the Homeland security report, which our sources tell us came from the Dees people, to embellish his own credibility. What you are watching here folks is a very well done penetration of Homeland Security.

YouTube – Veterans Today –– CBS fluf piece

But Morris is showing us now that he can sink even lower. He is using the corpses of the Norway killings as a fundraising hook, a new low even for someone like Dees.

Veterans Today Contest: Who is Exploiting the Norway Victims the Most?

We are thinking about running a contest at Veterans Today for which individuals and groups have most debased themselves through their cruel exploitation of these victims before they have even been buried.

Norway Dead – Hitler Youth

Glen Beck and Dees are in the running for the individual dirt bag list. Beck shot himself in the head with the Hitler Youth camp comment to describe the young Labor Party activists, while their parents are still in shock. You jumped off a bridge on this one Glen. Goodbye.

And the Daily Beast is leading the group pack. They are having a writers orgy over there tagging right wing extremists as coming out of their closets to massacre us all.

We are asking our readers to send in their nominations through the comment section.

But Morris Dees has self nominated his favorite person, using the Norway dead to line the pockets of the SPLC with even more money for the endowment fund…his endowment fund. After the letter we have some intel on Morris waiting for you.

July 26, 2011
Dear Friend,

I Want More Money !!

The terrorist attack that took the lives of so many children in Norway is a sobering reminder that hate and extremism can drive people to commit unspeakable acts of violence.
The problem is just as grave in our country. For the first time, hate groups here have topped 1,000, and the potential for widespread damage is mounting. Just this year, a neo-Nazi was arrested for planting a bomb that could have killed hundreds along an MLK Day parade route in Spokane.

That’s why it’s so shocking that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has bowed to political pressure from conservatives and dramatically cut back the resources it’s devoting to the threat from right-wing extremists. We exposed DHS’ reckless decision in June and have called on the agency to reverse course.

The tragedy in Norway takes me back to the Oklahoma City bombing, the work of a right-wing fanatic that left 168 people dead. Months before that attack, we warned federal officials about the mounting danger from radical extremists. Now, with your help, we’re speaking out again. Too much is at stake to remain silent. Your voice — your support — is amplifying ours. Thank you for standing with us.
Morris Dees, Founder, Southern Poverty Law Center

YouTube – Veterans Today –– Wayne Lutton

Morris Dees’ Reputation Among Intel Professionals

Morris Dees is widely viewed as a ‘connected’ phony in the Intel world…and his SPLC as a political front and a disinformation intelligence operation. He has a long history of packing his threat numbers, and some suspect that ‘helpers’ assisted the SPLC by opening up militia group mail boxes across the heartland so they could publish their scare reports that have brought in that $150 to $200 million poverty fund he is sitting on, depending on what the markets are doing.

Laird Wilcox – The Original Extremist Group Expert With no Hidden Agenda

The difference between someone like a Morris Dees and a Laird Wilcox you would need a NASA scientist to calculate the distance. Laird donated his huge extremist group archive to the University of Kansas. It required a federal grant of $350,000 just to index it. How much did Wilcox sell it for???….$1200.

How much did Morris Dees sell his $1.5 million in the red business for when he was transitioning into setting up the SPLC…$5.5 million. Now what do you think an intelligence analyst would suspect about that deal if he was worth his paycheck? Funding an ‘operation’ via paying a bundle for an in the red business is a standard penetration technique.

YouTube – Veterans Today –– Wilcox and Daughter interview

Laird Wilcox looks through his personal collection of political papers and paraphernalia at Kansas University’s Spencer Research Library. Wilcox has been writing about and collecting materials on political extremists since the 1960s.

Laird Wilcox, one of the early extremist group experts, pulled Dee’s pants down (when Dees wasn’t doing this himself) when he exposed much of this in his The Watchdogs.

Every American needs to read this for self defense purposes as the tactics the Dees’ crowd uses are standard ones. This material needs to be integrated into high schools civics classes so our kids do not have glass chins on subject, which is their preferred state for the watchdog creeps.
But what has made Dees special is how the media has aggressive promoted him over all these years and ignored all of his quite public dirty laundry.
In his own way he, and guys like Abe Foxman, have been mini Rupert Murdocks who have used the threat of their intelligence operations, a la Rupert Murdoch, to ward off any major investigations.

Operation Gladio – False Flag Terrorism

What I am saying is that creeps like these have been running their own versions of ‘hacking scandals’ for decades, with the knowledge of press, law enforcement, and politicians…all who have betrayed their oaths by allowing these gangsters to operate freely for a variety of reasons, none of them justifiable.

They have been part of an ongoing Gladio style subversive operation run right here in America while the European one was ongoing. See Gordon Duff’s fabulous piece, Secret Terror from July, 27th, 20011.

Strangely, while Operation Gladio has been exposed all over Europe, parallel operations here generally have not. Ours have been a different types of operations, but the public has been the target in both cases and it has included terrorism.
Reagan sold out the FBI went he ordered them to set up formal liaison between all of their field offices and the Anti-Defamation League.

J. Edgar Hoover with Kennedys

J. Edgar Hoover with Kennedys

Before then FBI director Hoover had forbidden it because they had caught the ADL slipping them bogus information in the past attempting to smear ideological opponents by having them investigated by the FBI.

Hoover always refused to be a guest at ADL events because he knew they were trying to misuse the prestige of the FBI…basically to run an infiltration operation by getting the camel’s nose in the tent. Today the ADL and SPLC lecture FBI recruits and sheriff’s orgs on hate groups, with their own deleted from the list of course.

This allowed these groups to not only infiltrate themselves politically, but also into law enforcement, conducting their own foreign policy, avoiding foreign agent registration, and the reports we have been hearing for years…espionage.

Their civil rights front has turned out to be not only a great smokescreen for them, but also to be self funding and the yellow brick road to living the good life.

Dee’s I think is getting like $350,000 a year for doing almost nothing. He avoids public exposure to avoid questions about molestation of his step daughter from his public divorce records…and any other embarrassing questions about his past.
College audiences especially provide security to screen out any anti-Dees protesters from those events. The media just bends over for the. I have never seen a tough interview our even another guest to grill him so the host does not get a career black mark.

Abe Foxman is pulling down like $500,000 running an organization primarily focused on archiving vandalism reports and bad name calling.

Abe Foxman of the Defamation League

When the American Jewish community is statistically the safest in America, and the most prosperous by average family income, groups like the ADL paint them as constantly under threat of their non Jewish neighbors.
The ADL has lobbied for laws where disagreement with their positions can trigger a possible hate crime prosecution. With neighbors like these, who needs Al Qaeda?
But to wrap things up, grave robbing is a talent these folks excel at, making a living off of dead people by robbing others, but Morris Dees can’t even wait until these Norway victims are buried. He fears somebody else might get the dough before he does. That such people are honored and protected by our institutions is a sign of the corruption and moral decay of our country.

Laird Wilcox and George Lincoln Rockwell, Commander of the American Nazi Party – Kansas Memorial Union Ballroom, February 20, 1964

We are going to be detailing the sordid history of Morris Dees, and Abe Foxman and crowd, as there is a mountain of open source material available on them that main stream media reporters just don’t seem able to discover, nor the elite hosts who introduce them at their events.

When Wilcox was hosting the Rockwell talk, he was not introduced as civil rights icon, or someone whose charity had been put on F lists for gobbling up most of the donations that came in for fundraising and administration…like 82%.

With Rockwell the audience knew what they were getting. But due to the soft glove treatment that Dees and Foxman have gotten from press, politicians and academia, the public has been deceived.

Dees and Foxman are just run of the mill hustlers who made it big. We will always have people like them, like the flu. But for all those who have supported them in our institutions, we should save some special contempt. They did not have to roll the red carpet out for them, but they chose to.
Let them wear the robe.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

The cancer of Christian Zionist terror

July 27, 2011
[ 27/07/2011 – 03:03 PM ]

Gloating over the recent killings in Norway of dozens of innocent people at the hands of an Israel-inspired Christian Zionist terrorist, Glenn Beck, the American right-wing talk show host, compared the victims of the shooting at a Norwegian summer camp to Hitler Youth in his radio program on Monday, according to a Daily Telegraph report.

The “Hitler Youth” organization was a paramilitary youth organization comprising teenagers and children, entrusted with task of harassing and attacking and terrorizing perceived or real enemy of the Third Reich. It existed from 1922 to 1945.

Beck, a self-proclaimed Christian Zionist and Israel-firster, described the brutal carnage “as a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like the Hitler Youth. I mean who sends their kids to a political camp? Disturbing.”
He stopped short of praising the murderer, suggesting that the victims got what they deserved.

Torbjon Eriksen, a former press secretary to Jens Stoltenberg, Norway’s Prime Minister, dismissed Beck’s comments as “ignorant, incorrect and hurtful.”

“Young political activists have gathered at Utoya for over 60 years to learn about and be part of democracy, the very opposite of what the Hitler Youth was about,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “Glenn Beck’s comments are ignorant, incorrect and extremely hurtful.”

Beck is an ardent supporter of Israel. He is totally against any peace arrangement between the Jewish state and the Palestinians, especially one involving territorial “concessions” by the Zionist state.

Beck visited Israel last week during which he admonished Israeli leaders to refrain from “giving land” to the Palestinians, the authentic rightful owners of the land, because “you have no right to give away God’s land to the goyem or Gentiles.”

In the past, Beck and his other Christian Zionist fellows lauded and cheered Israeli massacres of Palestinians, including the intentional murder of hundreds of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians in Israeli aerial bombing and artillery bombardment.

There is no doubt that Beck’s comments are grave and serious for what they represent and signify. This is no less than a new kind of Nazism raising its ugly head.

Christian Zionism is the new Nazi beast, a kind of a Fourth Reich, looming on the horizon. It is evil, murderous and genocidal.

They mendaciously call themselves Christians. However, their hateful speech, vindictive behavior and the nefarious way they relate to those who disagree with them suggest that they possess no iota of true Christian morality.

The message of Christ is based on love and peace, but the Christian Zionist manifesto is based on death and destruction. This means these people take their cue, not from Christ and his values, but rather from Old Testament savageries and other hateful ideologies that represent the ultimate antithesis of everything that Jesus taught.

Like their Jewish Zionist colleagues in hate, Christian Zionists would like to induce and expedite violence, tribulations, wars and genocides on a huge scale in order to accelerate the second advent of Jesus. This is why these genocidal monomaniacs wouldn’t mind if Israel exterminated millions of Palestinians, Muslims as well as Christians, as long as the genocide would effect and speed up Jesus’ second coming.

Likewise, these criminal fanatics, utterly immune to rationality, reasonability and common sense, wouldn’t mind a no-holds-barred approach to those who disagree with them. Hence, liberal-minded people, leftists, Muslims and other Christians, such as Roman Catholics, would have to be slaughtered and annihilated, all in Jesus’ name.

Even their current strange bed-fellows, the Zionist Jews, would eventually have to convert or die.

The ostensible embrace by a key representative of the American evangelical Zionist camp of the recent Oslo massacre and its perpetrator exposes naked a pornographically violent cult that calls itself Christian while actually doing Hitler’s work.

Just imagine the fact that we are talking about a combination of evil forces at work, including the nefarious powerful freemason cult, which penetrates many societies and governments, the Zionist movement, and neo-fascist Islamophobes seeking to ignite an internecine clash between Islam and the West.

The evil forces are enemy to both true Christianity and Islam, which necessitates that the followers of both great religions put up a united stand against a common enemy that is hell-bent on exterminating millions to fulfill its morbid whims and vagaries.

Today, it is Oslo; tomorrow it may be London, Paris, Berlin and Rome. The Catholic world is especially at risk of being a chief target of these mindless fanatics who think that the Pope is enemy number-1 to Jesus Christ. Hence, one would have to be constantly vigilant because these highly-motivated fanatics are capable of doing the unthinkable.

Finally, there are many short-sighted Jews who are effectively shooting themselves in the foot by joining ranks with these genocidal Christian extremists. Zionist Jews may be prompted to think that these mindless fanatics and gullible extremists are “useful idiots” who can be used to malign Islam and help the Israel win “the public relations battle.”

However, it should be understood that befriending, let alone embracing these dangerous people, would be akin to placing a venomous snake in one’s lap.

It could kill you.
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian

Israel, Dinosaurs, and Amy Winehouse

July 27, 2011


So there I was listening to the report of the horrendous manifesto written by the Christian Terrorist, Pro Israel, islamophobic, Anders Behring Breivik, and then suddenly scrolling across the bottom of my screen I read that Amy Winehouse was found dead in her flat.

Wow, just wow! Poof, another one gone, just like Michael Jackson, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and so many others who all suffered from a disease that happens to the rich, famous or “out of control.” When the disease strikes, it causes them to alienate from everyone who tells them “no” even if it’s for their own good, and instead, they seek out only those who agree with their over indulgence, all the time, no matter what, just agree and say “yes”

So Amy Winehouse, like so many others, is now dead and gone from over indulgence, a mentality that says nothing can hurt me, I am powerful, and I am invincible.


So, this brings me to the evil rogue state of israel, which, funnily enough, as it turns out, has quite a lot in common with Amy Winehouse, exept she had a great voice and didnt kill people constantly, they both suffered from the same affliction.

Israel over indulges,it suffers terribly from over indulgence, it is a monster that is now utterly and totally out of control. It kills and murders at will, anywhere in the world, it steals passports from other countries to commit extra judicial murder, it spies on it’s best friend America, it holds an entire population of 1.5 million Palestinian people captive in a 20 by 5 mile strip of land and punishes them almost weekly by using them for target practice. And no one tells Israel “no” not even America, ever, never. And because they are never told “no” they are like spoilt brats who slap someone and then get away with it, so next time they punch them, and get away with it, but punching is no longer “fun” it’s time to escalate, next time they shoot someone, just because they can. It’s fun to be this powerful, almost like God.

But, guess what? Israel is not “God” and ultimately what killed Amy Winehouse will also kill off israel as well. All we have to do is wait, and just keep on chip, chip, chipping away at the out of control, over excessive, over indulgent, spoilt brat killer bully that we now know as Israel.

Once upon a time the mighty dinosaurs ruled the earth, and smaller life forms trembled at their feet, but nothing lasts forever, and just as the path chosen by Amy Winehouse caused her death, the path chosen by Israel will also cause it’s ultimate destruction.

Just ask the Dinosaurs, remember, nothing lasts forever.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian