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What is the real American game in Syria?

April 11, 2013

US Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey (R) and Turkish Chief of Staff General Necdet Ozel inspect a guard of honour in Ankara on September 17, 2012.

US Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey (R) and Turkish Chief of Staff General Necdet Ozel inspect a guard of honour in Ankara on September 17, 2012.
Tue Apr 9, 2013 9:33AM GMT
My bet is that all of these carefully played cards are a set up for two things, one of which is already in motion. Enough arms and ammo have been prestaged to back a final push to collapse Assad.
General Dempsey was in the news this week with his very sensible comments about the spiraling down Syrian debacle, whose vortex may catch those who don’t expect it, but might be most deserving.

Seasoned observers are quite used to seeing mixed messages in diplomacy, especially when they are used as a tactic of war. If you take a variety of positions, even if a disaster does happen you can whip out an archive statement where you said this or that, but no one would listen to you.

As the Prussian military theorist Karl von Claueswitz said, “War is the continuation of diplomacy by other means.” America seems to have chosen this war diplomacy policy for Syria while pretending not to be responsible.

This murky policy gets further complicated when you actually have competing factions within an administration, where verbal sniping and even verbal car bombs can be used to remind the opposing side that your views have to be taken into consideration.

Because General Dempsey is so highly respected across many divides in America his every word is absorbed and analyzed for both obvious and hinted meanings. If an administration wanted to send a message of a sincere potential policy shift, Dempsey would be the gold plated messenger.

But herein we must go into the historical closet where an event happened which is referred to in casual Intel talk circles as “’pulling a Colin Powell” on them, regarding how he was used to justify the Iraq attack for bogus WMD. The current military brass are well aware of this bear trap, and I would bet that Dempsey would not be played for a chump. He’s way too smart for that. Powell was not Bush’s top military adviser, like Dempsey is to Obama.

Let’s review some of who said what and when, and then try to figure out why. The Sunday April 7th Press TV report had the startling Dempsey headline quote, “Syria could become another Afghanistan”. He continued, “I have grave concerns that Syria could become an extended conflict”, that drags on for many years.

These were not off the cuff statements. They aired on a US funded Arabic satellite TV channel. Every word was pre-scripted. In the analysis business we often refer to this as ‘a card being played’. So task number two is to figure out what is it really for.

Digging back to a March 18th Dempsey talk to a Washington think tank, “I don’t think at this point I can see a military option that would create an understandable outcome…and until I do, it would be my advice to proceed cautiously.”

But we knew from our own sources and later published ones that a big covert arms push was already in process, flowing into various rebel staging areas as preparation for a sustained final push to topple Assad.

We know the CIA coordinated the operation with Jordan and Turkey logistically involved and the Saudis and Qatar paying the bills. This is what the Obama administration calls not providing lethal aid…proxies do it.

Dempsey is on record having favored arming the rebels for a quicker overthrow to avoid a drawn out contest which would risk leaving the Syria in ruins. Obama objected back then…but not now. They are doing it under the radar, sort of.

When Dempsey was asked if anything short of military intervention might be contemplated he gave a prepared, and what we know now to be a partially honest answer, that any such opportunities would be led by U.S. Allies. 

He played another prepared card, “We very much do believe that the answer to Syrian is through partners, because…they’ll understand the complexities better than we would.”

I could only wish to have been able to ask the general if he was so concerned about the 100 ring circus of rebel and insurgent groups operating against Assad, then would he like to address the Saudis providing bases, training, funding and arming of a new generation of Jihad fighters, even in northern Iraq. The Saudis are even running terror operations against Iraq now to keep them back on their heels.

Dempsey has to be aware of this. Any statements of America not arming these Syrian insurgent groups is duplicitous because we know that the Saudis are. They are supporting the Wahhabi extremists, who are taking heads as I write. Dempsey has to understand that when headhunters are loose on the land the Syrian Army and their militias are going to fight to the death.

We picked up a leak that an arms push would be coming soon by a ‘card’ Dempsey played during an airborne press interview. He said he would potentially consider arming the insurgents directly to end the fighting sooner and preserve the country’s institutions from being destroyed in an uncivil war of attrition.

Dempsey acknowledged the obvious even back then that the end game of increased armaments could contribute to a more violent new civil war among the various groups after the fall of Assad. The Balkans analogy has been widely used in the media to describe it. Lots of heads got chopped of there, too.

All of these card clues are what we call psyops… ‘preparing the minds’ of the public for things you have in the works to test their reaction. This as standard ‘game theory warfare’. Senator John ‘Cowboy’ McCain even has an acting roll, asking for bombing of Syria now which makes the covert arming of the rebels look like the non wild, cautious approach.

My bet is that all of these carefully played cards are a set up for two things, one of which is already in motion. Enough arms and ammo have been prestaged to back a final push to collapse Assad. The Syrian army counter strategy can clearly be seen to breakup up the rebel forward positions, find their hideouts and get their weapons caches. Press TV has photos of these operations all the time.

But if the Jihadis look like they could be the dominant force in an overthrow then the U.S. would come in with major arms supplies, but only for certain groups who would not only fight the Syrian army, but also the Wahhabis.

What kind of weapons are we talking about here? Start with longer range anti-armor and add ground to air missiles. I would bet that selected insurgents have already been trained in these weapons and are waiting for the right time to be deployed.

The Arab League seems to already know the general plan. You can look back now and see their violating their own charter to pre-empt the outcome by giving one faction of the rebels the Syrian seat. This was their assigned role in this slow motion train wreck.

And I predict some of them will regret setting this precedent.

But there is a wild card…the Russians, Chinese and the Iranians. The Russians man the Syrian air defenses, and they are not going to quietly sit by while the walls come tumbling down around them. If the U.S. felt that a ‘deteriorating situation’ justified intervention to ‘save the country’…then other parties would thereby have permission to do the same.

I don’t think they are going to just sit back and watch the carving up of their own ally and the threat that would pose to them not only in loss of face, but in future aggression. A failed intervention would be a huge blow to imperial militarism, as would the supplemental war bills that would be hitting the steps of Congress, requiring more red ink to fund.

Assad was correct when he stated, “If the unrest in Syria leads to the partitioning of the country, or if terrorists take control…the situation will spill over into neighboring countries and create a domino effect throughout the Middle East and beyond.”

Some of you can dismiss this as a self serving statement, but I will pose one scenario for you. If there is an intervention where American weapons are used against the Jihadis, how long, how many days do you think it would take to see them with advance weapons themselves, like the very good Russian anti-tank one, and then ground to air defense missiles popping up out of thin air. Are they already there, and being saved?

The West killed any negotiated settlement with the big March arms push. They seem to be going for a military settlement, but one where a mess could be laid on someone’s doorstep. But we all know the rebel groups will not negotiate because they feel they have the West behind them and time is on their side.

We have the blind leading the blind here in a situation which could trigger an even larger blood bath. So far the main beneficiary with virtually nothing to lose, once again, is Israel. The Israeli role seems now to keep banging the attack Iran war drum. John Kerry made a fool of himself on his Israeli visit with the silly ‘all options on the table’ substitute for a real policy. I can’t think of a more stupid way to convince other nations that they need a nuclear deterrent.

Dempsey was right about not seeing ‘an understandable outcome’. What the Western dummies and their proxies are doing is tossing a live hand grenade around in a circle. The outcome of that does not require a genius, or even an analyst…just someone who isn’t crazy.


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So called ‘Underwear bomber’ was working for the CIA

March 29, 2013

Bomber involved in plot to attack US-bound jet was working as an informer with Saudi intelligence and the CIA, it has emerged

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Yemeni soldiers search a car

‘Underwear bomber’ involved in a plot to attack jet was in fact working as an undercover informer with the CIA, it has emerged. Photograph: Yahya Arhab/EPA
A would-be “underwear bomber” involved in a plot to attack a US-based jet was in fact working as an undercover informer with Saudi intelligence and the CIA, it has emerged.

The revelation is the latest twist in an increasingly bizarre story about the disruption of an apparent attempt by al-Qaida to strike at a high-profile American target using a sophisticated device hidden in the clothing of an attacker.

The plot, which the White House said on Monday had involved the seizing of an underwear bomb by authorities in the Middle East sometime in the last 10 days, had caused alarm throughout the US.
It has also been linked to a suspected US drone strike in Yemen where two Yemeni members of al-Qaida were killed by a missile attack on their car on Sunday, one of them a senior militant, Fahd Mohammed Ahmed al-Quso.

But the news that the individual at the heart of the bomb plot was in fact an informer for US intelligence is likely to raise just as many questions as it answers.

Citing US and Yemeni officials, Associated Press reported that the unnamed informant was working under cover for the Saudis and the CIA when he was given the bomb, which was of a new non-metallic type aimed at getting past airport security.

The informant then turned the device over to his handlers and has left Yemen, the officials told the news agency. The LA Times, which first broke the news that the plot had been a “sting operation”, said that the bomb plan had also provided the intelligence leads that allowed the strike on Quso.
Earlier John Brennan, Barack Obama’s top counter-terrorism adviser and a former CIA official, told ABC’s Good Morning America that authorities are “confident that neither the device nor the intended user of this device pose a threat to us”.

US officials have said the plot was detected in its early stages and that no American airliner was ever at risk.

The FBI is conducting forensic tests on the bomb as a first step towards discovering whether it would have cleared existing airport scanning systems. Dianne Feinstein, the Democratic senator for California who heads the Senate intelligence committee, gave an early hint when she said that she had been briefed about the device which she called “undetectable”.

But AP quoted an unnamed US official as saying current detection methods probably would have spotted the shape of the explosive in the latest device.

Just how major an escalation in threat is posed by the bomb remains unclear. Security sources have told news agencies that it was a step up in levels of sophistication from the original underwear bomb that was used in a failed attempt to blow up an airliner over Detroit on Christmas Day in 2009.
The device used a more refined detonation system, and Brennan said “it was a threat from a standpoint of the design”.

When it comes to who made the device the focus is on an al-Qaida’s offshoot, Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). Matthew Levitt, a counter-terrorism expert at the Washington Institute, said that the interception of the plot amounted to a significant achievement for US security agencies.
He said: “The FBI is holding the device, which suggests that this was done by having boots on the ground. This was a sophisticated operation that shows we are making in-roads in serious places.”
Levitt, who was involved as a senior analyst in the FBI’s investigation into 9/11, said that it was natural to be sceptical in a presidential election year about security announcements. “But this was not political, it didn’t come from the White House and my sense was that it was a really unique success,” he said.

Levitt said that the spotlight would now be even more intense on Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, AQAP’s assumed bomb-making chief, who is thought to be hiding out in Yemen.

Asiri is believed to have been the creator of the Detroit underwear bomb as well as explosives that were packed into printer cartridges bound for Chicago in 2010.

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A Zionist Friendly, Right-wing Texan Islamist to Lead Syria?

March 24, 2013

Franklin Lamb


A draft-dodging, Zionist friendly, right-wing
Texan Islamist to lead Syria? Could the White House have dreamt for

Ghassan HittoFor the past year, a plan C or D, depending on how one numbers the failed “sure-fire” US-Israel projects in Syria was badly needed. And this week, according to Congressional staffers, both Tel Aviv and the White House are pinching themselves in disbelief over their good luck with installing republican leaning conservative Dixie businessman, the congenial, Ghassan Hitto, as Syria’s new interim Prime Minister. Securing the key position for Mr. Hitto, a decision made last year, was not easy and had to be approached gingerly. But finally, after weeks of sometimes intense debate within Syrian opposition circles, Washington, Ankara, Doha and Tel Aviv among others managed to appoint their preferred guy.

“Hitto was the best of a bad lot”, one Congressional committee source, whose work load includes Syria, explained. “Bottom line, he’s an American, nearly thirty years here makes Ghassan one of us. And who cares if he came here as a teenage to dodge military service in Syria. We can count of him!”

And just as some Americans were beginning to believe that our government may be afflicted with a congenital incapacity to learn from our past mistakes, installing Hitto, “should keep hope alive and we should not give up”, according to our Ambassador in Beirut, Maury Connelly. “Look what we achieved in Libya” she lectured a visiting delegation recently. After the meeting, one participant deadpanned, “Good lord! If that woman had not been Jeff Feltman’s office favorite for whatever reason, she might still be serving coffee to State Department visitors at 2201 C St NW, Washington, DC!” Having quoted that snide comment, Maury is reputed to be a lovely lady. Just ask her frequent visitor, Samir Geagea of the Lebanese Forces, who is reputed to be her special confident these days.

One recalls how Washington installed nearly one dozen Libya ex-pats during the uprising just as the NATO no-fly zone was being launched. Most of them knew foreign countries better than their birth country and some needed to get their hands on a US supplied “non-lethal weapon” i.e. a GPS and a National Geographic map to find the places in west Libya which they were meant to govern. Not to drop names, but in late June 2011, Saif el-Islam, now locked up in Zintan west of Tripoli, told this observer, referring to the influx into Benghazi and Misrata of “Team USA-UK” as Saif referred to those NATO chose to form an alternative government so they could be recognized quick as the sole legitimate government of Libya, “Franklin, you know Libya better than these foreigners do!”

Mr. Hitto solves a few immediate Syria problems for the White House. Or so they are hoping.

At minimum Hitto will be an American ‘potted plant’ who can be recognized and around whom NATO can corral an implant some of the desperate factions. He appears willing to take orders and is now involved in as crash-course to learn what he needs to know about Syria and the unfolding game plan. One congressional aide who helped vet Mr. Hitto claims he has “spunk and can be tough. And we
think he will play ball.”

AIPACOne proposal that Hitto has reportedly agreed to is the Dennis Ross/AIPAC proposal for a “political isolation law.” If adapted by the Hitto provisional government, this decree would ban nearly the whole ruling class in Syria from having any role in government. Its intention is to eliminate anyone who worked with either the Hafez or Bashar Assad regime from 1970 until today. “We need a clean break in Syria”, Ross reportledly told fellow conferees at the recent AIPAC convention.

Washington also encouraged Hitto to reject dialogue with the Government of Syria because neocons in Congress are insisting that “negotiations” with the Assad government will drag on interminably and allow the current regime to eradicate pockets of resistance and bring in more help from Russia and Iran.”

Citing negotiations with Iran, one Arizona Senator John McCain recently told Fox News that “if you try to negotiate with these people (Iran’s government) you will lose. And we did. We need action!” Some in Congress are telling the White House that the same is true with the Syrian government and it appears Mr. Hitto agrees.

The staffer also pointed out that “there has been a misreading of John Kerry’s recent position and that it does not reflects a notable change in the American position nor does it represent a step back from the statements that Barack Obama had made concerning the need for Al-Assad to step down. Obama and Hitto are on the same page.”

McCainNo sooner than Grassan Hitto was delegated than two insatiable US Senate war-mongers, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) used the occasion of conflicting and unconfirmed reports of chemical weapons being used in Syria by increasing pressure on President Barack Obama to approve U.S. military involvement in Syria.

“That should include the provision of arms to vetted Syrian opposition groups, targeted strikes against Assad’s aircraft and Scud missile batteries on the ground, and the establishment of safe zones inside Syria to protect civilians and opposition groups,” the senators continued in their statement. “If today’s reports are substantiated, the tragic irony will be that these are the exact same actions that could have prevented the use of weapons of mass destruction in Syria.” Graham went even further and seemed to endorse a plan to put U.S. on the group in Syria during an interview recently with Foreign Policy.

Graham said “We need a real partner in Syria.” In Ghassan Hitto, he and John McClain just may have one.

Washington and Tel Aviv see in their choice of Mr. Hitto, as a likely solution to numerous barriers to their goals in Syria for the following reasons.

They believe that Mr. Hitto can help end the infighting among the opposition to the current regime that has caused a stalemate. While Hitto is no Mohammad Morsi he does lean toward the Muslim Brotherhood and they supported him while knowing he was Washington’s choice. Hitto, some in Washington believe, can help neutralize them. The White House has reportedly told the EU that “the CIA recommended Hitto in order to preempt the crazies in this circus and Hitto can, as much as other prospects help with the formation of a US backed international bloc to get rid of Salafist groups in Syria.”

Hitto, Moaz al-KhatibThe in-depth US training of Ghassan has begun. An ‘advisory team’ is already appointed to indoctrinate him with the ‘message’ and he is being given an intensive cram course of what to do and what pitfalls to avoid. He will be expected to learn from missteps in Libya, Egypt and Iraq.

Ghassan has already been clued that if he wants to achieve more than to be Syria’s First “Interim” Prime Minister he will need to be a quick learner, able to adapt fast to the “manual”, mindful student, and above all, a team player.
“We aren’t looking for another Hugo Chavez around here”, Ghassan was told recently in Istanbul, shortly before announcing his candidacy.

Hitto’s CIA handlers gave him the script and he read it well. In his first public address he deadpanned that he recognized the very difficult task that lies ahead for his administration. He has pledged to provide the services that many Syrians are lacking. He has also promised free and fair elections in a post-Assad regime Syria.

John KerryJohn Kerry says he is ready to work with Hitto. Kerrey told members of Congress two years ago that he connected with and respects Bahar al-Assad and that “we can deal with him like we deal with the Canadians” he once told ultra Zionist Congressman Barney Frank. In private Kerrey told staff members on the Senate Foreign Reasons Committee, “I like this guy Bashar and we can trust him much more than the Israelis. He’s good.” Having changed his tune, some are wondering how firm his support is for Mr. Hitto.

And he is reportedly eager for both and ready to get started. Earlier this week while giving a speech in Istanbul, he insisted that his priority was to utilize “all conceivable means” to topple President Bashar al-Assad and provide desperately-needed aid to the beleaguered people of Syria.” Washington understands that providing “desperately-needed aid” will soon include weapons.

Still, the White House and Tel Aviv knows that it will be a daunting task building legitimacy for Hitto’s fledgling administration, because he is lacking the support of many high-profile members of his own coalition. He was voted in by 35 of the 49 coalition members who cast ballots, but another 15 members were not present, some bought off with cash and with several walking out in protest at Mr Hitto’s perceived links to the Muslim Brotherhood and its backers in Qatar.

“I have backed the idea of an alternative government for a long time,” said veteran opposition figure Haitham al-Maleh. “But I put my ballot in without a name because there were no candidates from inside Syria. I want a prime minister from inside Syria.” “The proposed government is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Qatar government,” one coalition member, Mr al-Labwani said. “We will be against this government and will not give it legality. Democracy is from the land and from the people not from a council that is composed by the governments of America and Qatar.”

According to a staffer in Kerry’s former Senate Foreign Relations Committee “Many Syrians, regard our appointment of Hitto with suspicion. Since theannouncement, I have heard both Syrian nationalist figures and those from some minority communities criticize our move.”

It appears Washington, Doha and Tel Aviv has got their man in place.

What the Syrian people will think of their selection will likely be known soon.

Franklin Lamb is doing research in Syria and can be reached c/o

Source: Al-Manar Website

22-03-2013 – 08:53 Last updated 22-03-2013 – 08:53
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CIA Providing Rebels with Intelligence on Syrian Forces: WSJ

March 23, 2013
The Central Intelligence Agency is expanding its role in the campaign against the Syrian government by feeding intelligence to select rebel fighters to use against government forces, The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday.
The move is part of a U.S. effort to stem the rise of Islamist extremists in Syria by aiding secular forces, amid fears that the fall of President Bashar al-Assad would enable al Qaeda to flourish in Syria, the paper quoted current and former U.S. officials as saying.
The CIA has sent officers to Turkey to help vet rebels who receive arms shipments from Gulf allies, but administration officials cited concerns about some weapons going to Islamists, the paper said.

In Iraq, the CIA has been directed by the White House to work with elite counter-terrorism units to help the Iraqis counter the flow of al-Qaida-linked fighters across the border with Syria, The WSJ added.

According to the report, the West favors fighters aligned with the Free Syrian Army, which supports the Syrian Opposition Coalition political group.

Syrian opposition commanders said the CIA had been working with British, French and Jordanian intelligence services to train rebels in the use of various kinds of weapons, the paper said. The move comes as the al-Nusra Front, the main al-Qaida-linked group operating in Syria, is deepening its ties to the terrorist organization’s central leadership in Pakistan, it indicated.

Source: Websites
23-03-2013 – 12:18 Last updated 23-03-2013 – 12:18

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Serial Killer Heads CIA

March 12, 2013


March 10th, 2013
by Stephen Lendman

Chalmers Johnson called the CIA the president’s private army. Imperial Rome had its praetorian guard. It served and protected emperors.

CIA rogues work the same way. They do lots more than that. Extrajudicial killing is prioritized. Much that goes on is secret. Unaccountability keeps Congress and ordinary people uninformed.

Johnson said US presidents have “untrammeled control of the CIA.” It’s “probably (their) single most extraordinary power.”

It puts them beyond checks and balances. What’s constitutionally mandated doesn’t exist.
CIA originally had five missions. Four dealt with collection, coordination and dissemination of intelligence.

The fifth is vague. It lets agency operatives “perform such other functions and duties related to intelligence affecting the national security as the National Security Council may direct.”

This mandate turned “CIA into the personal, secret, unaccountable army of the president.” Doing so prioritizes lawless covert operations.

They include overthrowing democratically elected governments, assassinating heads of state and key officials, propping up friendly despots, snatching individuals for “extraordinary rendition,” treating them harshly in torture prisons, and using drones as instruments of state terror.

CIA is more active than ever, said Johnson. It’s mostly a global Mafia hit squad. It’s incompatible with democracy.

Its “bag of dirty tricks (reflects) a defining characteristic of the imperial presidency.”

Its “unchecked power” threatens freedom. Its existence “shorten(s) the life of the American republic.” It “menace(s) democratic rule.”

On March 8, rogue senators approved John Brennan. They did so 63 – 34. He’s new CIA chief. Voting followed Rand Paul’s filibuster. After 13 hours, he caved.

He omitted explaining what’s most important. He refused to condemn drone killing. He ignored Brennan’s previous and current role. He focused solely on killing Americans. He stressed doing it domestically.

He took issue with Attorney General Eric Holder. He wrote Paul. He said it’s OK to kill Americans domestically under “extraordinary” circumstances.

A brief follow-up letter assuaged Paul, saying:

“It has come to my attention that you have now asked an additional question: ‘Does the President have the authority to use a weaponized drone to kill an American not engaged in combat on American soil?’ “

“The answer to that question is no.”

He lied. So did Press Secretary Jay Carney. He said Obama “has not and would not use drone strikes against American citizens on American soil.”

Targeted assassinations reflect official US policy. They’re longstanding. They occur worldwide. No one’s safe anywhere. Heads of state are vulnerable. So are US citizens.

A bathroom break ended Paul’s filibuster. Serial killer Brennan now heads CIA. He’s Obama’s maestro of murder. His mandate is kill, kill, kill. Expect him to take full advantage. No one’s safe anywhere.

In January, the New York Daily News headlined “Pull back the curtain on drones,” saying:
“Brennan, more than any other single official, represents” Washington’s lethal drone policy.

“No politically appointed official in US history has played such a prominent role in killing so many people outside of a war zone as John Brennan.”

He was heavily involved in Bush/Cheney’s torture policy. A classified Senate Intelligence Committee report includes lawless interrogation practices.

Committee chairwoman Diane Feinstein (D. CA) called it “one of the most significant oversight efforts in the history of the United States Senate, and by far the most important oversight activity ever conducted by this committee.”

“The report uncovers startling details about the CIA detention and interrogation program and raises critical questions about intelligence operations and oversight.”

“I?.believe this report will settle the debate once and for all over whether our nation should ever employ coercive interrogation techniques such as those detailed in this report.”

She added that creating “longterm, clandestine ‘black sites’ and (using) ‘enhanced-interrogation techniques’ were terrible mistakes.”

Neither she nor other congressional members do anything to stop them. They continue aggressively under Obama. Feinstein knows but won’t say.

Straightaway in office, Obama planned to name Brennan CIA head. At the time, The New York Times called it “politically difficult” to do so.

He chose Leon Panetta and David Petraeus instead. Michael Morell twice served as acting head. On March 8, Brennan took office.

Most Democrats support him. So do some Republicans. Congressional profiles in courage are few and far between. They’re practically non-existent.

Obama said “the the Senate has recognized in John the qualities I value so much – his determination to keep America safe, his commitment to working with Congress, his ability to build relationships with foreign partners, and his fidelity to the values that define us as a nation.”

He added that CIA’s now headed by one of its own. Under Brennan, Murder, Inc. elevates to a higher level. He reflects ideological extremism. He’s comfortable committing state terror.

Appointing him sanitizes crimes of war and against humanity. They’re too grave to ignore. Committing them is official US policy.

Expect drone wars to continue. They’ll expand worldwide. So will targeted assassinations.
Rule of law principles don’t matter. Imperial priorities take precedence. Counterterrorism takes no prisoners.

State-sponsored terror’s in good hands with John Brennan. Obama authorized him to kill.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at

His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity

Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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US Intel Assessment: ‘"The Syrian opposition is neither unified, effective or necessarily aligned with US expectations!"

March 11, 2013


‘The FSA holding the UN hostage …’

Now that the Senate has confirmed John Brennan as CIA chief, President Obama has his full national security team in place. Both Secretary of State Kerry and Secretary of Defense Hagel have launched into an active travel program. By coincidence of timing Hagel’s first meeting with a foreign counterpart was with Ehud Barack, the Israeli defense minister who was visiting Washington for the winter AIPAC meeting. This allowed Hagel to dispel some of the criticism of him as insufficiently supportive of Israel that had built up during his nomination hearing. Although Hagel’s trip to Afghanistan is billed as to “assess operations”, our strong sense remains the major decisions on the pace of withdrawal have already been taken in the White House. Indeed, all the signs are that, as he prepares for a very full agenda of domestic legislation, President Obama is intent on avoiding being drawn into what he regards as foreign distractions and will exercise tight control over foreign policy to ensure that he avoids unwelcome surprises. This approach underlies Obama’s embrace of drones as his preferred instrument of power projection. The viability of this stand-back strategy is being tested by events in Syria where close allies of the US, notably the UK and France, are pressing for a more engaged intervention. US officials are trying to develop closer ties with the Syrian opposition, but the intelligence assessment is that they are neither unified, effective or necessarily aligned with US expectations.’

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Chavez is dead, but his revolution goes on

March 7, 2013

by Yusuf Fernandez, source


Rest in peace

Thousands of saddened Venezuelans poured into the streets of Caracas crying, hugging each other and shouting slogans in support of President Hugo Chavez after learning of his death. “I feel such big pain I cannot even speak,” said Yamilina Barrios, a 39-year-old office worker, to the Associated Press. “He was the best thing the country had … I adore him. Let´s hope the country calms down and we can continue the tasks he left us.”

Leaders of the continent also showed their sorrow. “We are devastated by the death of the brother Hugo Chavez,” Prensa Latina agency quoted Bolivian president Evo Morales as saying, while he was accompanied by several members of his cabinet. Chavez was “a caring brother, a fellow revolutionary, a Latin American who fought for his country, for the great homeland, as Simon Bolivar did. He gave his whole life for the liberation of the Venezuelan people, the people of Latin America and all anti-imperialist fighters in the world”.

Chavez dedicated his whole life to the cause of the oppressed and poor, the integration and unity of Latin America, the construction of a multipolar world and the fight against the imperialism. Hugo Chavez died due to the illness he had.[…]

He became notorious after a group of army officers and soldiers, led by him, tried to overthrow in 1992 the corrupt and criminal pro-US government of Venezuelan President Carlos Andres Perez, a social democratic politician who ordered a brutal and bloody crackdown on demonstrators that were protesting against IMF-austerity measures on February 27 1989. About 3,000 people were killed by troops in that episode known as “the Caracazo”.

Chavez spent two years in a military prison. After being released, he led a Boliviarian movement that had two main goals: social justice for the impoverished majority of Venezuelans and independence from the US Empire and its financial tools. In 1998, he won his first presidential election and he would never lose one from then on.

The President changed the leadership of the oil national company, PDVSA, whose revenues had benefited only a small national oligarchy and US corporations up to then. At the same time, Chavez funded various social assistance programs for the poor. These programs have improved literacy levels, health care, housing and income levels for Venezuela´s majority.

During Chavez´s years in office, poverty has been cut a half and extreme poverty by 70%. Millions of Venezuelans have had access to health care for the first time, and college enrollment doubled, with free tuition for many students. Inequality was also considerably reduced. By contrast, the two decades that preceded Chavez, Venezuela was one of the worst economic failures in Latin America, with real income per person actually falling by 14% from 1980-1998.

Chavez was the main promoter of the process for the integration of Latin America. It would lead to the creation of some Latin American blocs, such as ALBA, UNASUR or CELAC, which reduced US-dominated OAS to irrelevance. US plans to control Latin American economies through a continental free trade agreement also failed due to the opposition of Venezuela and some other countries.

Following Chavez´s revolution, Latin America has elected in recent years a group of leaders -Evo Morales in Bolivia, Rafael Correa in Ecuador and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua- who are deeply involved in the fight for social justice in their societies and political independence for their countries and the continent on the whole. Other leaders who followed that trend -Manuel Zelaya in Honduras and Fernando de Lugo in Paraguay- were illegally toppled by US-supported right-wing coups.

In the international field, Chavez was an active promoter of a multipolar world. In order to liberate his country from an imperialist control, Venezuela established solid links with Russia, China, Iran, Syria and other countries. He supported the fight of the Palestinian people against the Zionist occupation.

Due to all these policies, Chavez earned the implacable hatred and hostility of Washington. In April 2002, the CIA backed a military coup to overthrow him. A group of right-wing leaders and generals arrested and imprison him and took over the power, in a move widely welcomed by the US and some European governments and media. However, he was saved and restored to power two days later by the rapid action of loyal military officers and soldiers and a huge popular uprising.

Even after the failure of the coup, the right-wing sectors, which dominated some private media outlets, especially channels as Venevision, Univision and Globovision, continued their permanent campaign against Chavez and his government. All kind of dirty games, including a politicized general strike, were put in place in order to overthrow him. However, all these plans failed due to the high political awareness of the Venezuelan people.

For its part, Washington used its agencies, including the CIA, to fund the political opposition and the oligarchy. According to the site, Capriles and the Venezuelan opposition received 20 million dollars from US organizations, such as USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy.

Media campaign was also as a weapon of preference against the Venezuelan government. Despite Chavez´s repeated electoral victories, successive US administrations and corporate media presented his rule as illegitimate and dictatorial. The US Embassy in Caracas became a hub of anti-Chavez activities, as it shows the recent expulsion of the US Air Force attaché, Col. David Delmonaco, and his deputy, who allegedly tried to recruit Venezuelan army officers for “destabilizing projects.”

In this context, the statement by US President, Barack Obama, which claims that Washington wants to normalize its relations with Caracas, is hypocritically insincere. Actually, the US is just attempting to look for new mechanisms to recover its control over Venezuela and change its economic, social and foreign policy.

The death of President Chavez will force the country to conduct another presidential election within 30 days. The candidate and new leader of the Bolivarian movement, Vice-President Nicolas Maduro, will be the candidate who will confront Henrique Capriles, the right-wing governor of Miranda state, who was comfortably defeated by Chavez in a presidential election held last October.

Although Washington and its Venezuelan allies hope that the death of Chavez may help them put an end to the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela and Latin America, there are many reasons to think otherwise. The people of Venezuela are aware of the achievements and progress that has obtained at this late stage and is not willing to renounce them. On the other hand, the early, and still not clarified death of Chavez, will reinforce his figure, turning it into a symbol of a policy for the oppressed, for the independence and integration of Latin America and for a world free from imperialism.

“Oligarchies are surely celebrating when the peoples that fight for their freedom and dignity and work for equality are suffering. But it does not matter, the only thing that matters is that we are united, we fight for liberation. A lot of strength, a lot of unity. The best tribute to Chavez is unity. Unity to fight, to work for the equality of all peoples of the world,” Morales said.

رحل تشافيز… بقيت التشافيزية

رحل تشافيز… بقيت التشافيزية
هي حكاية الهندي الأحمر، وريث سيمون بوليفار وتوأم فيديل كاسترو وتلميذه. ذاك الزعيم الذي رقص مع الشعب وأسر قلوب فقرائه. أغدق عليهم الصدق والشفافية، وأسقاهم الكفاح ضد الرأسمالية والإمبريالية وجاهد لمنحهم العدالة الاجتماعية. «زعيم» من طينة الناس، كل الناس. أيقونة المضطهدين والمقهورين، من أميركا اللاتينية، حيث أرسى نهجاً سرعان ما هيمن على عواصم القارة الجنوبية كلها، إلى الشرق الأوسط، حيث أحيا إرث جمال عبد الناصر بالتزامه جميع قضايا العرب، تتقدمها فلسطين، وتحالف مع إيران ـــ المقاومة.
هو الهندي الأحمر، تلك الشوكة العصيّة التي نبتت في الحديقة الخلفية لأميركا. سقتها دموع الأمهات وعرق الأطفال. هناك، في بلاد العم سام، حيث الفجور لا يعرف حدوداً، من تغمره السعادة برحيل «الكومندانتي». من يراهن على ثورة ملونة أو انقلاب يميني يطوي عقداً من العزة والكرامة. رغبات تبدو أشبه بأحلام يقظة، تصدت لها هتافات الفنزويليين، الذين ينتحبون على رحيل القائد ويجددون الولاء لنهجه: كلنا تشافيز، تشافيز حيّ، الكفاح مستمر!

النهضة الداخلية والشخصنة السياسية

جمال غصن
نعش تشافيز في طريقه الى الأكاديمية العسكرية في كاراكاس أمس (جوان باريتو ــ أ ف ب)
سمات عديدة أثارت حفيظة كثير من الفنزويليين في الرئيس الراحل هوغو تشافيز. لم ترُقهم مبالغته في الوعظ الثوري؛ إذ يرون أن «الزائد أخو الناقص». حتى إنهم نظروا إلى التعديل الدستوري الشامل، الذي أجراه عام 2007، على أنه محاولة سطو على صلاحيات ديكتاتورية، وهو ما تجلّى في صناديق اقتراع قالت لا لتشافيز، وكانت المرة الوحيدة التي كانت أكثرية الشعبية ضد الكوماندانتي في سنوات حكمه.

فنزويلا ــ كوبا: وريثا حلم بوليفار

بسام القنطار
قبل قرابة قرن من الزمن، أدرك خوسيه مارتي وسيمون بوليفار أن أميركا اللاتينية لن تتحرر من الهيمنة الامبريالية إلا من خلال اتحاد شعوبها وتضامنها. حلم بوليفار «برؤية أميركا اللاتينية تشهد تكوّن أكبر أمة في العالم، ليس بفضل مساحتها وثروتها بقدر ما هو بفضل حريتها ومجدها». أما مارتي فكان يسمّيها «أمريكانا»، لتمييزها عن أميركا الأخرى، التوسعية وذات الأطماع الإمبريالية.

حديقة ملأى بالأشواك: أكبر صداع في رأس واشنطن

إيلي حنا
على مدى عقود، صوّرت الولايات المتحدة الأميركية كوبا على أنها واحدة من الدول الشاردة عن القطيع، وأنّ مصير نظامها إلى زوال. تغيّرت الخريطة السياسية في أميركا اللاتينية منذ عام 1998. أضيفت دولة شاردة أخرى: فنزويلا. «الدولة المارقة» لم تنزوِ في «حديقة أميركا الخلفية» لتتلقى الضربات والصدمات. تعاونت مع «الجزيرة المعزولة». قدمت خطاباً بديلاً، ونمط حكم بديلاً. مرّت سنوات لتمتلئ بعدها الحديقة بالأشواك.
معمر عطوي
اهتمام بخبر وفاة تشافيز في كولومبيا (لويس روبايو ــ أ ف ب)
هوغو تشافيز ليس مجرد ضابط نجح في الانقلاب على النظام السابق ليتولى السلطة، ولا هو رجل سياسي أتى ليُنفّذ برامج دول أو منظمات خارجية، بل هو حالة شكّلت منعطفاً تاريخياً شهدته أميركا الجنوبية انعكس إيجاباً على قضايا العرب والشرق الأوسط
منذ تسلّمه السلطة في 6 كانون الأول عام 1998، أصبح هوغو رافاييل تشافيز فرياز امتداداً أساسياً لقائده وملهمه الثوري فيدل كاسترو، في جبهة واحدة ضد الإمبريالية العالمية، والتي امتدت من أميركا الجنوبية وصولاً الى إيران وسوريا وكوريا الشمالية، وفي السابق شملت العراق وليبيا واليمن. إلا أن السؤال المطروح الآن هل تستمر هذه البنية في ظل القيادة الفنزويلية الجديدة؟

«الشيطان بوش»

شكلت كلمات الرئيس الفنزويلي الراحل، هوغو تشافيز، ظاهرة فريدة في الخطب الدبلوماسية في العالم. وهو فاجأ العديد من الزعماء والرؤساء بتهجمات عنيفة. ففي خطاب أمام الأمم المتحدة في أيلول 2006، وصف تشافيز الرئيس الاميركي جورج دبليو بوش بأنه «شيطان»؛ إذ بادر لدى اعتلائه المنبر إلى رسم إشارة الصليب على وجهه، قائلاً: «فليسامحني الله لأني أقف على المنبر الذي وقف عليه الشيطان بالأمس»، في إشارة إلى خطاب بوش. ثم تلفت حول نفسه وقال: «استطيع ان اشم رائحة البارود حتى الآن في هذا المكان».

فنزويلا تعدّ للتشييع غداً والعالم يعزّي بـ«الرجل الاستثنائي»

شُغلت فنزويلا أمس في ترتيب إجراءات دفن الرئيس هوغو تشافيز في جو من الحزن والترقب ساد الشارع الفنزويلي، فيما توالت تصريحات الرثاء في الرئيس الراحل. وبانتظار التشييع بمراسم وطنية غداً الجمعة، عُرض جثمان تشافيز أمس للعامة في قاعة الاكاديمية العسكرية في كراكاس التي نقل إليها من المستشفى العسكري، في حين أعلن الحداد الوطني لمدة سبعة أيام وتعليق جميع النشاطات العامة والخاصة من الأربعاء الى الجمعة.
وأوضح وزير الخارجية الفنزويلي، الياس خاوا، أن «تقبّل التعازي وتنظيم مراسم التشييع سيجريان في كنيسية الاكاديمية العسكرية أيام الاربعاء والخميس والجمعة»، ولكنه لم يوضح مكان دفن تشافيز. وأضاف خاو «عند الساعة العاشرة من صباح الجمعة سوف ننظم المراسم الرسمية» في الاكاديمية العسكرية، شاكراً جميع رؤساء الدول الذين أعربوا عن نيتهم المشاركة في التشييع. وساد الحزن أمس المدن الفنزويلية، وتدفق المئات من مناصري تشافيز إلى أمام المستشفى العسكري حيث توفي الرئيس وهم يبكون ويرددون «نحن كلنا تشافيز» و«ليحيَ تشافيز»، فيما كان الجنود يحرسون المدخل الامامي.

Aló Presidente: إدارة البلاد على الهواء مباشرة

صباح أيوب
من مزرعة في إحدى البلدات الفنزويلية أو من داخل سوبرماركت في كراكاس أو من على مدرّجات ملعب رياضي أو من القصر الرئاسي، أطلّ هوغو تشافيز، طوال 13 سنة، على شعبه في برنامج أسبوعي يدعى «ألو بريزيدنتيه» Aló Presidente، أول تجربة تلفزيونية من نوعها في تاريخ الإعلام المرئي.
أدرك الرئيس الفنزويلي «سحر» التلفزيون وأحبّ الناس وأراد أن يتواصل معهم بشكل دائم ومباشر.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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March 6, 2013


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez died of cancer at a military hospital in Caracas on March 5, 2013.

By Dr. Kevin Barrett

March 6, 2012

We know that the bankers who own the US government routinely try to kill any Latin American leader who refuses to be their puppet. We know that they have mounted thousands of assassination attempts against Latin American leaders, including more than 600 against Castro alone. We know that they have been experimenting with cancer viruses, and killing people with cancer, since the 1960s.

So if you think Hugo Chavez died a natural death,

I am afraid that you are terminally naïve.”
The Venezuelan president himself, before he died yesterday, wondered aloud whether the US government ~ or the banksters who own it ~ gave him, and its other leading Latin American enemies, cancer.

A little over a year ago, Chavez went on Venezuelan national radio and said:

“I don’t know but… it is very odd that we have seen Lugo affected by cancer, Dilma when she was a candidate, me, going into an election year, not long ago Lula and now Cristina… It is very hard to explain, even with the law of probabilities, what has been happening to some leaders in Latin America. It’s at the very least strange, very strange.”

Strange indeed… so strange that if you think Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, Paraguayan Fernando Lugo, and former Brazilian leader Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva ~ Latin America’s top anti-US empire leaders ~ all just happened to contract cancer around the same time by sheer chance, you must be some kind of crazy coincidence theorist.

Am I 100% certain that the CIA killed Hugo Chavez? Absolutely not.

It could have been non-governmental assassins working for the bankers.

But any way you slice it, the masters of the US Empire are undoubtedly responsible for giving Chavez and other Latin American leaders cancer. How do we know that? Just examine the Empire’s track record.

Fidel Castro’s bodyguard, Fabian Escalante, estimates that the CIA attempted to kill the Cuban president an astonishing 638 times.
The CIA’s methods included exploding cigars, biological warfare agents painted on Castro’s diving suit, deadly pills, toxic bacteria in coffee, an exploding speaker’s podium, snipers, poison-wielding female friends, and explosive underwater sea shells.

The CIA’s assassination attempts against Castro were like a Tom and Jerry cartoon, with the CIA as the murderously inept cat, and the Cuban president as a clever and very lucky mouse.
Some might even argue that Castro’s survival, in the face of 638 assassination attempts by the world’s greatest power, is evidence that El Presidente’s communist atheism was incorrect, and that God, or at least a guardian angel, must have been watching over “Infidel Castro” all along.

Theology aside, the CIA’s endless attempts on Castro’s life provide ample evidence that US authorities will stop at nothing in their efforts to murder their Latin American enemies.

John Perkins, in his bestselling book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, supplies more evidence that the bankers that own the US government routinely murder heads of state, using private assassins as well as CIA killers.

Perkins, during his career as an “economic hit man,” gained first-hand knowledge about how the big international bankers maintain their empire in Latin America and elsewhere.

Perkins’ job was to visit leaders of foreign countries and convince them to accept loans that could never be paid back.

Why? The bankers want to force these nations into debt slavery.

When the country goes bankrupt, the bankers seize the nation’s natural resources and establish complete control over its government and economy.
Perkins would meet with a targeted nation’s leader and say:
“I have a fist-full of hundred dollar bills in one hand, and a bullet in the other. Which do you want?”

If the leader accepted the loans, thereby enslaving his country, he got the payoff. If he angrily chased Perkins out of his office, the bankers would call in the “asteroids” to assassinate the uncooperative head of state.

The “asteroids” are the world’s most expensive and accomplished professional killers. They work on contract ~ sometimes to the CIA, sometimes to the bankers, and sometimes to wealthy private individuals. And though their specialty is causing plane crashes, they are capable of killing people, including heads of state, in any number of ways.

This isn’t just speculation. John Perkins actually knows some of these CIA-linked professional killers personally. And he has testified about their murders of Latin American leaders. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is dedicated to Perkins’ murdered friends Gen. Torrijos of Panama and President Jaime Roldos of Ecuador. Both were killed by CIA-linked “asteroids” in engineered plane crashes.

Do CIA-linked killers sometimes induce cancer in their victims? Apparently they do.

One notable victim: Jack Ruby (née Jack Rubenstein), a mobster who was himself a professional killer, and whose last hit was the choreographed murder of JFK-assassination patsy Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of the Dallas Police Department. Ruby begged to be taken to Washington to tell the real story of the JFK murder, but instead died in prison, of a sudden and mysterious cancer, before he could reveal what he knew.

Have the CIA-bankster “asteroids” ever tried to kill Latin American leaders with cancer?

The answer is an unequivocal “yes.”

Edward Haslam’s book Dr. Mary’s Monkey proves what JFK assassination prosecutor Jim Garrison had earlier alleged: Child-molesting CIA agent David Ferrie, one of President Kennedy’s killers, had experimented extensively with cancer-causing viruses for the CIA in his huge home laboratory. The purpose: To give Fidel Castro and other Latin American leaders cancer. (Ferrie himself was killed by the CIA shortly before he was scheduled to testify in court about his role in the JFK assassination.)

To summarize: We know that the bankers who own the US government routinely try to kill any Latin American leader who refuses to be their puppet. We know that they have mounted thousands of assassination attempts against Latin American leaders, including more than 600 against Castro alone. We know that they have been experimenting with cancer viruses, and killing people with cancer, since the 1960s.

So if you think Hugo Chavez died a natural death,

I am afraid that you are terminally naïve.

ED Noor: A few others I have suspected as being victims of these induced cancers in the past include film maker Aaron Russo who blew the whistle on the Rockefellers and the NWO then died of cancer within a short time, controversial comedian Bill Hicks whose incendiary dialogue would have upset many, and Bob Marley.

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March 1, 2013
Italian peace activists slam Western meddling in Syria’s internal affairs – See more at:


Posted on March 1, 2013 by

Bill Van Auken
Meeting in Rome with the so-called Friends of Syria—fellow NATO powers and the reactionary Sunni monarchies of the Gulf states—Washington’s new secretary of state, John Kerry, announced on Monday that for the first time the US will begin funneling “non-lethal” aid directly to the armed militias seeking the overthrow of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.
A Syrian teen watches as Aleppo residents walk through the rubble left by a terrorist attack. (File photo)
“Friends of Syria” encourage extremists
On its face, the new aid fell short of impressive. US officials spoke of providing the so-called Free Syrian Army with medical supplies and the US military’s Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) field rations. In addition, Washington has announced it is providing an additional $60 million in “humanitarian aid” to areas held by the Western-backed rebels.
Kerry indicated, however, that these public acts to assist the anti-regime militias were merely the tip of the iceberg. “We’re doing this, but other countries are doing other things,” Kerry explained.
While not going into detail, the meaning was clear to anyone following the civil war in Syria. In recent months, more advanced weaponry has poured across the country’s borders, paid for by Washington’s key Arab allies, the monarchical dictatorships in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and covertly organized by the CIA.
Syrian militants
The Times: US and Allies Are Training Rebels in Fight against Assad
Meanwhile, the European powers are discussing proposals to stretch the definition of “non-lethal” assistance to include military equipment ranging from body armor and night-vision goggles to armored vehicles, all of which will be used to sharply escalate the lethality of the Syrian conflict.
A statement issued at the close of the meeting in Rome described the Syrian National Coalition—a formation cobbled together by the US State Department at a luxury hotel in Doha last November—as “the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people.” Kerry appeared at a joint press conference with Mouaz al-Khatib, the Sunni preacher and ally of the Muslim Brotherhood, whom Washington is grooming to become the Syrian equivalent of Iraq’s Ahmed Chalabi or Afghanistan’s Hamid Karzai.
The US-sponsored coalition was supposed to convene a meeting Saturday in Istanbul to announce the formation of a “transitional government.” It was reported on Thursday, however, that the meeting had been postponed, likely due to another falling-out over the division of posts and spoils.
Taken together, these steps point to the elaboration of a strategy for ever-more direct US military intervention in Syria.
Demands for such action are becoming increasingly shrill in the media and sections of the ruling establishment. The Washington Post, for example, published an editorial Thursday demanding that Washington “move decisively to break Syria’s bloody stalemate” or risk losing “what may be a last chance to partner with the more moderate forces challenging Mr. Assad and to steer the country toward a new regime that the West could support.”
It calls on the Obama administration to engineer the formation of a “full-fledged alternative government on Syrian territory…recognizing it as the legal government of Syria. That would legitimize the supply of arms and allow the U.S. military to protect the Syrian population with airstrikes or Patriot anti-missile batteries, if that were necessary…”
Increasingly, the argument is being advanced within ruling circles that the US must intervene aggressively because of the danger that Al Qaeda-linked forces will dominate the anti-Assad forces and pose a threat to US interests if the regime collapses.
This amounts to US imperialism pointing to its own crime to justify an even greater atrocity. By all accounts, the Al Qaeda-linked elements of Jabhat al-Nusra and foreign fighters are playing the decisive role in prosecuting Syria’s civil war.
As the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, the al-Nusra front “is now seen as the most powerful force in … rebel areas along the Turkish and Iraq borders.” The Journal went on to quote Aaron Zelin of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy as declaring, “The Syrian conflict is gong to be as big, if not bigger, than Afghanistan was in the 1980s in terms of mobilizing jihadi fighters.”
Of course the mobilization in Afghanistan was carried out under the auspices of the CIA, then in alliance with Osama bin Laden and the organization that became Al Qaeda. While publicly claiming to be involved in a never-ending global war against Al Qaeda, once again, in Syria, Washington has utilized these reactionary Islamist forces for the purpose of overthrowing a secular regime seen as an obstacle to US hegemony in the Middle East.
The results of this policy have been catastrophic. Syria, following in the wake of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, has seen its entire society torn to pieces as a result of a US-backed war for regime change, with tens of thousands killed and wounded, the country’s economy devastated and its population confronting a humanitarian crisis of tragic proportions.
A recent report prepared by the Syrian Center for Policy Research (SCPR) estimated that the losses to the country’s economy over the last 22 months amounted to $48.4 billion—the equivalent of 81.7 percent of the country’s GDP for 2010. It estimated that GDP had declined by 18.8 percent in 2012, this on top of a decline of 35 percent since the fighting —together with punishing Western sanctions—began. According to the report, losses to the country’s capital stock amount to $42 billion, with the outright physical destruction of plants, equipment and buildings accounting for $20.8 billion.
The US-backed “rebels” have systematically looted the economy in areas of the industrial capital of Aleppo that have fallen under their control, stripping factories of their goods and machinery and smuggling them across the border to Turkey.
The war has sent nearly one million refugees fleeing across Syria’s border to escape the fighting. Another estimated two million are internally displaced within Syria. According to the United Nations, three quarters of the refugees are women and children.
The US-backed war is destabilizing the entire region as Washington attempts to utilize regime change in Syria as a means of redrawing the map of the Middle East to suit its own interests and to prepare for a far more dangerous war against Iran.
If the Obama administration now feels it can move ahead toward more direct military intervention, it is in large measure thanks to an official “antiwar” movement that has been thoroughly integrated into the Democratic Party. Pseudo-left organizations have functioned as adjuncts of the CIA in promoting “humanitarian” intervention and portraying a bloody sectarian conflict as a “social revolution.”
Nonetheless, the policy of military aggression abroad, like that of austerity at home, is deeply unpopular among working people, the vast majority of the population. Preventing another catastrophic eruption of American militarism depends upon the political mobilization of the working class against the root cause of war, the capitalist system.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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February 27, 2013

Posted on February 26, 2013 by Libya 360°

While the West and its Arab partners, the brutally autocratic regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are now admittedly funneling heavy weapons to Al Qaeda’s stronghold in Daraa, southern Syria, the US State Department and its extensive network of faux NGO’s funded by the same corporate-financier interests that write its policy, have rolled-out a front organization they call “Syriasly.”

Image: This fuax-human rights organization already screams biased, pro-Western propaganda with its Al Qaeda/French colonial green, red, and black logo, aping the so-called “Free Syrian Army’s” flag. That it is a campaign of “STAND” confirms without a doubt that it is manufactured propaganda, directly funded by the special interests who designed and are currently executing the assault on Syria.

#Syriasly is a campaign of STAND, the student-led movement to end mass atrocities. Born out of the fight to stop genocide in Darfur, Sudan, STAND is devoted to creating a sustainable student network that actively fights genocide and mass atrocities wherever they may occur. We envision a world in which the international community protects civilians from mass atrocities.

Sporting the French colonial colors that flew over Syria during its Western subjugation, and echoing the now defunct fraud that is the “Responsibility to Protect (R2P)” (and here) which lead to, not prevented, mass nationwide genocide in Libya in the wake of NATO’s brutal bombardment of the North African nation in 2011, “Syriasly” attempts to pose as “student-led.”
However, “Syriasly,” which claims to be a campaign of STAND, is merely a carbon-copy of other US State Department, corporate special interest fronts masquerading as human rights crusaders to manufacture consent for long-planned wars of profit and domination. Syria’s destruction was admittedly conspired by the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel as far back as 2007. And if “Syriasly” sounds as hammy as the now disgraced “Invisible Children” front, which was promptly exposed as a Wall Street, AFRICOM propaganda campaign after is “viral” Kony 2012 film, but before its front man Jason Russell melted down in public while performing lewd acts, stark naked, that’s because STAND’s Syriasly campaign and Invisible Children both fall under yet another corporate special interest-run shell organization, “Resolve.”
Resolve’s partners include convicted criminal George Soros‘ Open Society-funded Human Rights Watch, the US State Department’s “Enough” Sudan propaganda front, the Soros Open Society, Time Warner, Unilever, Chevron, Deutsche Bank, Marathon Oil, Unilever, UN-funded “Refugees International (.pfd), and “Humanity United.”
Humanity United in turn boast partnerships with the BBC World Service Trust, the National Endowment for Democracy/Open Society/US State Department-funded Benetech, criminal financier George Soros’ Open Society Institute, and the NED-funded Solidarity Center which mobilized Egypt’s labor unions in 2011 just as the US-stoked unrest began to falter.

In other words, every organization involved interlocks with the vast corporate/foundation-funded imperial network masquerading as individual “human rights organizations” and benign NGOs. In reality this “civil society” network seeks to supplant national governments, and interface with global “institutions” like the IMF, World Bank, and the UN, all of which have been contrived by corporate-financier oligarchs. It is a modern day empire in the making.

This möbius strip of interrelated, co-funding and cross posting NGO’s and “activist” movements seeks to erect a curtain of humanitarian concern behind which their corporate sponsors can carry our their criminal enterprise with absolute impunity. Syria’s conflict was long-planned by corporate financier-funded think-tanks years before the term “Arab Spring” was coined. It was part of a geopolitical strategy not to endow the people of Syria with “democracy,” but to topple neighboring Iran and among other goals, reclaim its rich southern oilfields for the Anglo-Americans who controlled them before the Islamic Revolution.

Not only are absurd fronts like “Syriasly” an insult to the intelligence of the US State Department’s target audience, the promotion of corporate underwritten faux-human rights activism undermines real struggles to end verifiable injustice. The Syrian government, by all accounts, even “Syrian opposition” leader Moaz al-Khatib, is fighting Al Qaeda terrorists, not “pro-democracy” “freedom fighters.” The real genocide in Syria is the one CIA agent Robert Baer foreshadowed in 2007 in Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh’s New Yorker article, “The Redirection” where he stated:

“We’ve got Sunni Arabs preparing for cataclysmic conflict, and we will need somebody to protect the Christians in Lebanon. It used to be the French and the United States who would do it, and now it’s going to be Nasrallah and the Shiites”

Clearly the sectarian conflict Baer predicted, is now realized, and is far worse than even he imagined. And it is a conflict born out of Western, Israeli, and Saudi cash, weapons, and conspiring. If “Syriasly” wanted to make a difference, it could start by pointing out its very sponsors and associates conspired years ago to trigger this bloodbath in the first place, and that the key to stopping it is not invoking “Responsibility to Protect,” already willfully abused in Libya, but exposing the truth and demanding that the West and its regional allies cease and desist from their meddling in Syria and along its peripheries.

And since surely the frauds that constitute “Syriasly” will do no such thing, we must identify the corporate-financier interests driving this agenda – interests we most likely patronize on a daily basis, and both boycott and permanently replace them to erode the unwarranted influence they have used to both plan and execute this assault on Syria’s people.

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