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April 11, 2013

The Peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis have been set on track and HAMAS is to join these talks . But the collapse of the Syrian regime – expected in order to involve Syria in the peace process after setting aside the Lebanese Resistance- has not happened and the Syrian new government – headed by Ghassan Hitto- does not qualify for representing Syria and engaging in these talks . Some are even expecting this new government to resign. This has caused KSA to disengage itself a little bit from the Syrian involvement especially after the losses the opposition has witnessed on the ground and after the rising of the Qatari influence- – whether in the Arab League or in Tunisia or in Egypt where it is reaping almost all the fruits of the revolutionary spring .

KSA is shunning now the Muslim brothers in Egypt while Qatar has already poured 8 billions in the Egyptian banks to support the Egyptian government of the Brothers . Same goes for other countries where the Saudi role has been somehow marginalized in favor of the Qatari role . For this reason the rush to Lebanon to sponsor a new government to bring the country under Saudi custody and keep away the Qataris who are supposed to start manipulating again their puppet in Saida called Ahmed al Aseer.

On the ground, in Syria, the Syrian army has greatly improved its tactics and now is choosing its own battles and has brought the elite troops to protect Damascus . The Syrians succeeded also in spotting the headquarters of the opposition – where decisions are taken- and many of the officers who have defected, and whose names have been kept secret, have returned to Syria to play an Intelligence role which has boosted the Intelligence capacities of the Syrian Army .

The opposition is losing its support on the ground , and most people who opposed the regime and supported the opposition want order and peace to be restored which the opposition- with its many factions and conflicts- cannot guarantee. The undecided people which still form a majority are now standing with the legal state. .It is worthwhile mentioning that almost a million and half a million Syrians from the country side- mostly working the land- have been displaced , some of them have taken refuge in neighboring countries under very difficult conditions .

The true legal political opposition is not in linked to any fighting group on the ground and is exposing greatly the Muslim Brothers and Nusrat al Qa’ida and the Russians at a loss as whom to address from the opposition to set on the negotiations with the Syrian regime by gathering a group of the opposition who agree on starting unconditional talks with the Syrian authorities as wished by the US administration lately .

Escalation is expected on the Syrian front until the talks scheduled for June between Russia and US. Meanwhile the Jabhat al Nusra in the form of its leader – Abu Muhammad al Joulani – has recognized Ayman al Zawahiri as a leader . Heavy weapons are reaching the opposition among them anti air craft missiles and long ranged missiles .Car explosions are thus expected in major cities arranged by Jabhat al Nusra who coordinates closely with the CIA and was responsible for hitting the Security Syrian Head Quarters last year .

Turkey and Erdogan seem to be the major losers – until now – whereby the understanding with the PKK and Ocalan does not seem to stand and the Kurdish fighters in Turkey have not withdrawn to Kandeel Mountains, in Kurdistan Iraq, as agreed, after giving them freedom to move in the regions on the borders with Turkey in coordination with the opposition.

Information from Journalist Sami Kleib
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April 10, 2013

Daniel Mabsout,


Who can measure the extent of interference of the western establishment in an Arab country ? And how is this interference to be measured ? One can say that it is close to one hundred percent . Lebanon is greatly suffering from such interference and from almost total subjugation that takes many forms .

Lebanon is a country that is not allowed to live or breath except throu…gh the equipment provided by the Western Establishment .Of course Lebanon has defeated Israel and can defeat all inimical forces but the enemy has infiltrated every where . The foreign embassies order everyone around and the Gulf countries rule through official people . Our president has been chosen at Dawha and was at Dawha lately to attend the coronation of Ma’az al Khatib as legitimate member of the Zionist Arab League .

The US embassy now wants to control the ministry of interior fully after it has controlled the Lebanese Police Department according to a secret protocol that allows the US embassy free entry to the department and accessibility to all documents. This protocol was disclosed lately at the great surprise of the Lebanese. Not only this but after having obtained all data concerning all Lebanese university students in Lebanon, under the pretext of investigating Hariri’s assassination , now the embassy wants all the data of telecommunications which is something against the law. But US interference knows no law . It follows its own laws of constant interference and violations .

What the Lebanese ministry of Interior is planning next is changing the car matriculations of all citizens by a private company that will replace all existing matriculations and driving licenses and car registrations documents at the cost of 2 billion dollars . This high cost the Lebanese people cannot afford , the pretext is that these matriculations will help control theft, but the truth is that these matriculations will be coded and directly linked to space satellites . How is this going to bring security to Lebanese , we don’t know. The whole country will be under the mercy of spying satellites . This is what 14 of March people want the country to look like: a US reservation .
Already US officials have never stopped their visits to Lebanon , they imposed on the country to adopt economic sanctions against Syria and Iran . Imagine Lebanon forced to adopt these sanctions against Iran without whom Lebanon would have never chased out the Israelis ,or Syria without which Lebanon cannot survive .

The goal of US officials is to break the magic formula which is holding Lebanon together with its three constituents : The People, the Army and the Resistance . This formula is very annoying to the US masters who are seeking to break it by all means by dividing the society and exposing the army and isolating the Resistance .

Lately Lebanon has been put under Saudi Custody . The Saudis rushed to fill in the place in the race between KSA, Qatar and Turkey to get control of Lebanon .All Arab countries are in this situation . The enemy wants to control the whole country either directly or through some trustworthy mediator- preferably a Gulf state . .Whoever tries to break loose will be punished- like Syria.- by mercenary thugs or –even better –directly- by Israeli assault .

The infiltration of the society itself is secured through several NGOs, while the infiltration of ministries and official departments is obtained by UN programs and UN representatives who work for certain projects and have the final say in major issues without being accountable. .

Now you can understand why it is important for Lebanon that Syria wins this war and why it is important for all Arab countries and for Palestinians that Syria wins this war over the dark forces of submission and subjugation .There is no hope but this one, and no way but this way out of US /UN control and Gulf custody.

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Volunteers Versus Hired Thugs

April 10, 2013

Daniel Mabsout,


As we move from chapter to chapter the Syrian story seems to challenge all expectations . No one thought the Syrian army would hold together and keep resisting . All predictions said that the Syrian army will collapse after few months of fighting . The army has not collapsed and the question in Intelligence Services is : What held the Syrian army together ?
Instead of defending itself and the country the Syrian army is now attacking the enemy , and instead of falling apart, it is growing in size and is organizing Syria’s National Defense Forces (photo above) : an emergency army of volunteers whose number is around 8o thousands and will grow to become 390 thousand men and women who have undergone training to share in defending Syria. This growth in size of the defense forces is met on the other side by a decrease in the number of hired thugs among whom many have chosen to leave the battle field and many were killed as well.

The last visit of Obama to the region had for role to escalate the situation and push Jordan to introduce 1400 FSA soldiers to Syria after they received training in Jordan at the hands of US and British officers. Another 10 thousand thugs were introduced to Darayya . Weapons were shipped from France and Great Britain through Croatia who added weapons to the delivered arms of the opposition that were paid by the Saudis to be smuggled through Jordan and Turkey .This has been going on since last November and lasted until February .
In Lebanon, 1400 al Qa’ida fighter are staying in training camps sponsored by French officers on the ground who cross to Syria from time to time to operate there . Despite this, the situation on the ground is in favor of the Syrian army who is achieving many victories whether in Dar’a and Darayya, or in the vicinity of Damascus , in Aleppo and in Homs itself .
The goal of the army is to have full control over all major cities in Syria and to secure the main roads and highways so as to keep life going . In Homs, the army is controlling now almost the whole of the city and has taken possession again of Baba ‘ Amro after chasing the thugs out . THE FIGHTERS ARE INFORMING THE ARMY THAT THEY WANT TO WITHDRAW and soon Homs will become a safe city. Hama is under total control of the Syrian army and Aleppo is eighty percent under its control, while the outskirts of Aleppo are 50% under the control of the Syrian army and the Syrian army is getting ready to clean the whole city first, then than to proceed to the neighborhoods .

No doubt that the progress of the Syrian army is also due to the conflict among the factions of the opposition- mainly the FSA and the al Nusra- who lately targeted Riad al As’ad – chief commander of the FSA- in a car explosion that led to the amputation of his leg . The opposition also suffered great losses ; at least 300 were killed inn Dar’a alone .
At the political level , the opposition is not faring better. In exile, the Muslim Brothers of the Coaltion of Dawha are seeing their supporters on the ground decrease in number and the government formed in Dawha , with Ghassan Hetto as Prime Ministe, r cannot enter Syria and is forced to hide somewhere on the Turkish borders . The leader s of the so called opposition- especially the Muslim Brothers- are not doing much except staying at five stars hotels at Dawha or elsewhere. They are bankrupt politically and ideologically.

This does not mean that what the battles will end soon . No one knows when the confrontations with the criminal thugs will end, but now they have become on the defensive, and the terrorist attacks they make in Damascus prove their inability to take hold of one region and isolate it and keep it under their control as a foot for their fake government . Wherever the thugs of the opposition are found on the Syrian ground , it is because the Syrian army has not yet carried on the plan of evacuating them .

Numbers figuring in this post and the information related to them are from Lebanese Journalist : Ghalib Kandeel
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Recruits Of The World Order

April 10, 2013

Daniel Mabsout

These are money times not any other times . But never before had money been so well hidden under all kind of labels : freedom, democracy , human rights , civil liberties, religion , holy wars , expression , protests of all kinds , uprisings , and even revolutions and you name it . Everything speaks the language of money .

… The Lebanese singer called Fadl Shaker announced one day that he will quit singing in order to consecrate his full time to prayer . The truth is that he has been closely associating with the dubious sectarian Sheikh Ahmed al Asseer who was getting the millions from Qatar- over which they are both fighting right now – and this activity seemed to be more rewarding than singing .

Think about the money the thugs of Syria get . They say – if what they say is true- that 70 thousand dollars is a down payment plus weapons and equipment and then straight to Syria via Turkey. . In Yemen each family cashed 10 thousand dollars for sending a child to fight in Syria and get on the planes that Turkey had arranged especially for this purpose .

Just think of the person called Amina Tyler a Tunisian girl who –lately- posted controversial pictures of her on Face Book provoking a reaction on behalf of clerics that was wanted and expected . Amina is a so called activist in FEMEN : a Ukranian ”feminist” organization funded by a US millionaire which seeks to infiltrate societies and work with women in order to defame culture and religion . Amina posted these pictures not because she believes in what she’s doing , she posted these pictures simply for the money because each activist working for FEMEN gets 2500 euros per month and Amina said that she will never leave FEMEN not until she’s 80 .

The Child Malala Yusufzai from Pakistan has just opened her Face Book page and is inviting her fans , she is candidate to the Nobel Peace Prize like Obama . Malala seems directly to be a CIA and a British Intelligence project via her parents . We thought that she was injured and incapacitated to a great extent by an assault from Taliban that targeted her . None of this is true . She is another tool of propaganda for defaming and exposing religion, and the ties of her father with US officers are known.

The previous Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Tawakkul Kirman– from Yemen – played a great role in destabilizing her country and creating social unrest during the Arab Spring. .A known NGO who had her picture taken with Hillary and delivered a speech at the UN without saying a word about the dozens of Yemenis who get killed every day by drone attacks . Strange activism indeed on behalf of Tawakkul who presents a real example of foreign infiltration in Arab societies .

Not only average people are being hired and paid but also renowned thinkers and intellectuals – that were thought independent – have fallen for oil money like professor Burhan Ghalyoun and PM ‘Azmi Beshara known as the Arab thinker of Palestine . All have fallen for money and forsaken their status and position as leftist thinkers and revolutionaries for working for the Prince of Qatar. . All have considered money more important than any principle or position or stand .

This is not restricted to intellectuals but includes also great leaders whom the whole Arab and Muslim Nation looks up to and reveres . Think of Isma’il Haniyya and think of Khaled Mish’al ! Remember how much awe and respect we felt for these people who were personifying the Resistance , who were the heroes of the Resistance and the heroes of Palestine !. Our hearts would open for them to acclaim them and support them ! They also have fallen for the same reason for the Qatari reward and we find ourselves unable to listen to them anymore not even look at them .

And what to say then about religious references ? About al Qaradawi for example , a notorious Sheikh and a religious authority , the head of the Muslim Religious ‘Ulemas versed in Islam, has turned himself into a servant for prince Hamad instead of being a servant to God . He is serving money instead of religion and calls for warfare against Syria sparing Israel and protecting the Israelis!.

The World order has hired all these people and all these people work for the World Order and so many others work with them . We are indeed in the realm of cheat and deceit .The World Order has infiltrated very deep into society – at more than one level- and have used the people to serve his own schemes after turning them against their own societies !
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Lebanese Update

April 8, 2013

Daniel Mabsout,


The nomination of Tammam Salam – as Lebanese PM – was sponsored by KSA who wanted to see a moderate Muslim at the head of the Lebanese government , a person that would not be considered challenging to the pro Resistance forces in Lebanon. KSA is waiting for the outcome of the war on Syria like everybody and Lebanon is kept on the waiting list, and- in order to spend this time – Salam seems to be the best candidate .The Resistance forces have accepted this nomination that will help to bring unity to the country .

This nomination had also for effect to dismantle the alliance established by the three people in power who are : Druze leader Jumblatt and the President of the Republic who is number one loser in this deal and the resigned prime minister Mikati who is the other loser .. This will have for effect to unite again the Sunni community , that has been greatly infiltrated by Salafis and fanatics and Qa’ida people who are creating havoc especially in the north and they represent only 2% OF THE POPULATION IN TRIPOLI FOR EXAMPLE. This bringing together of the Sunni community under a moderate leader will make up for the damage made by Hariri – not only to the community- but the country itself . All communities in Lebanon are witnessing this coming together , the Christians are meeting under the patronage of the Maronite Cardinal and decided to stand together to defend their rights especially after witnessing what has happened to the Christian community in Syria . The difficult step would be the forming of the cabinet that will group all factions and the consecration of a new law that will organize the coming parliamentary elections which are expected in summer and which will be decisive in determining the winner .

All this but Lebanese troubles are not over yet . Lebanon has become the headquarters for many opposition factions in Syria . It seems that the killing of Sheikh al Bouti was arranged in Lebanon by al Qa’ida and four of the major leaders have decided to take Lebanon as a platform and to liquidate every Sunni Sheikh that stands against the Salafis in Lebanon ; among the targeted ones : Sheikh Maher Hammoud Pro resistance Sunni Imam of Sidon. The Qa’ida leaders also decided to start recruiting people and establish training camps in the north . These opposition factions are taking advantage of the fact that the Lebanese society is divided over main issues . Finally, the outcome of the war on Syria will have great repercussions on everything in Lebanon .

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April 6, 2013
Daniel Mabsout,


When the law of Apartheid was promulgated in South Africa the goal was to organize a state of things on the ground whereby the country gathered two inimical groups which are the occupier and the occupied who have to be separated like two wrestlers in a ring . The colonizers had to organize the relations between the two groups since this occupation was to last . This is why they established the Apartheid law to consecrate this state of things . No doubt that this tension and hatred -created by the occupation, genocide and absence of treatment of the matter- resulted -in addition to the lot of bodies buried under the ground- in an amount of hatred driven under the rag of civilization and in the aberration of calling it racial rather than colonial whereby those who committed genocide were labeled as white rather than colonialists driven by greed .
The colonizers did not know then that the Apartheid policies will inspire their allies in the western world to apparently solve the problem of racism caused by the colonialists everywhere .This happened by creating what is called the anti Apartheid policy . This policy- instead of eradicating colonialism that is responsible for racism – chose to deal with the outer manifestations of racism by inciting colored people to ask for equal rights with the colonizer who originally had no rights at all . By this the colonizer -who is the usurper and violator- became a par to the native who is the victim . By this two goals were attained : the colonizer was given a legal status and a legal right to the land and the victim was dispossessed of his right to chase the colonizer out and retrieve- therefore- his right over his land . The USA made great use of these policies that sought to erase the differences between the two parties- defined as two races – regarding the law which did not change so much the living conditions of Black people as it relieved the US from the burden of the African American issue.
This so called racial hatred as it was denoted between the two races was then pushed back again and buried under deep layers and would wait for another opportunity to break out . This negative energy has found an outlet in the several wars launched by US over other poor countries where black and white people together let their anger out and directed it to others . The coexistence between the two races required such wars!

We require that the wounds be opened and treated and things be given their true names so as not to create more injustice and wars .


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April 5, 2013

Daniel Mabsout,


The BDS campaign and company and other NGOs that endorse the BDS should not be investigated only regarding their boycott policy and its effectiveness on the ground and repercussions on the cause , but should be investigated primarily regarding their motives , plans and consequences concerning Palestine and the Palestinians . The fact that they start from recognizing Isra…el’s right to Historic Palestine and whatever land Israel usurped before 1967 makes them in favor of Israel rather than of Arabs and Palestinians and this by giving Israel an underserved legality and legitimacy . The policy of boycott followed by BDS calls for boycott on the ground of recognizing and normalizing with Israel . It boycotts the part in favor of the whole .

The fact that BDS does not impose the right to return to their homeland to all Palestinians as a precondition to any solution, makes their approach even more dubious and ridiculous . In case Palestinians do not return , the lifting – by Israel – of the so called Apartheid policies will only benefit the Arab Palestinians inside Israel who represent but a portion of the Palestinians and a minority group in occupied Palestine who might see their condition improve at the detriment of the cause itself and at the expense of the majority of Palestinians who will have to suffer endless exile and homelessness . This will also have for effect to boost Israel’s image as a democratic country and a model country in the region and hide its real usurping assaulting nature.

The approach of the BDS regarding Palestine is extremely controversial and some of their endorsers- mainly Ali Abunima of the Electronic Intifada – have reached the point of asking Israel to annex the West Bank and grant its inhabitants equal rights with Israelis and solve thus the Palestinian problem.
If these projects and suggestions of the BDS movement do not serve Israel then whom do they serve ? And why the BDS and its endorsers have totally overlooked the alternative of armed struggle not even mentioning the armed Resistance of HAMAS or that of Hizbullah that has reaped success- especially in Lebanon- and defeated Israel- by the testimony of Israelis themselves- and liberated the south after 18 years of occupation without any concessions given to the enemy? Instead of being acclaimed and saluted for its achievements, such Resistance is shunned and ignored on behalf of Palestinians whose land has been occupied for more than 60 years and who could have employed this achievement of the Resistance to improve their condition regarding Israel if not to get inspiration for any future endeavor.
Whom does the shunning of the armed Resistance serve? Does it serve Israelis or Palestinians?? All this shows that BDS – and its endorsers- play in Israel’s hands and are monitored and manipulated and intimidated by Israeli s and by Jews living abroad who have been lately almost ordering them around .

The great chaos that the Palestinian issue is going through , the successive failures and shortcomings of the different organizations and the lack of self criticism and absence of true assessment and evaluation of the situation, and the sectarian alignment that overtook HAMAS , much more than Israel’s so called might or assumed superiority, is responsible for the emptiness that allowed organizations with Jewish and Israeli affiliations -like BDS – to speak for Palestinians and draw the line of action of the cause .

Mind you , this BDS suffers from the same ailment the other Palestinians organizations suffer from , it lacks real evaluation and assessment of its role since it started its action more than eight years ago, and it is not about to admit the fact that all its actions and endeavors have very slightly – if not at all- affected the Palestinian situation . The truth is that the Palestinian situation has degenerated- lately- from bad to worse and will degenerate more and disintegrate more- at all levels – whether at the level of prisoners or settlements or Jerusalem or Gaza or Holy Sites or military assaults , nothing whatsoever has been achieved while organizations- like BDS- who monitor most functions in the occupied land- remain in a limbo situation giving Israel enough time to recover from its successive military defeats and plan carefully for the next period and resume its policies of expansion and occupation.

Is fool whoever thinks that Israel will give up such plans or give Palestinians anything that Palestinians will not get except through Resistance and struggle as the Lebanese example shows. Palestinians and Arabs from the four quarters are required to awaken to this reality and to assess the whole Palestinian and Arab situation and to determine their choices and define their line of action and recover their unity and solidarity defeating the schemes of division and partition and quarrel and refusing the recognition of the usurped State – as an Apartheid State or any state – whether via BDS or any other Palestinian organization .River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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How Is Syria Resisting ?

April 4, 2013

Daniel Mabsout,


Syria is the place where the New World will take shape .The secret of the Syrian Resistance to foreign assault lies in many things . This foreign assault has started in year 2009- in Iran – after the presidential elections, but was defeated by the solidarity of the Iranian society , it was more successful in Arab countries in destabilizing Tunisia, Egypt , Yemen and Libya in what is called the Arab Spring and now is falling from achieving its goals in Syria .

This assault on Syria was undertaken by three major countries : KSA , Qatar and Turkey and behind them their masters of the world order and has used fully the jurisdiction of the Arab League . The conspiracy- relied – in the first place- on the success of demonstrations which – transmitted and organized by al Jazeera channel – were supposed to rally millions . But these demonstrations did not gather enough protesters . Witnesses on the ground said that the protesters in these demonstrations never exceeded 2000. This is how the world order decided to adopt another strategy that consists in sending hired mercenaries and working on creating an army of defector soldiers under pay.

Up to three months ago, the numbers of thugs fighting in Syria was up to 135000, more than half of them from outside Syria coming from almost 29 countries, and 70000 among them had received training and the rest was poorly trained . The recent statistics say that 600 fighters belonging to 14 European countries are now fighting in Syria. Around 2500 thugs were trained by US officers in Jordan but those were not of great use and many among them defected and left. The Syrians among fighters are not in the front lines , it is the foreigners who occupy the front lines and the Syrians are being spared maybe to justify the civil aspect of the war .

On the other hand , the Syrian authorities refrained from mobilizing the full Syrian Arab army -which amounts to little bit less than half a million- and to call for it all on the battle ground, it dispatched- instead- half of it to fight chosen battles that aimed at preventing the thugs from creating isolated spots over which they will have full control and authority . The authorities did not – thus- try to dislodge all thugs from all spots at one time, but opted for choosing its own battles where thugs were at their disadvantage and where they were easily targetable .

On the other hand , and in order to support the Syrian army, the Syrian government created the Army of Defense that counts 70000 thousands soldiers and the Popular Committees who are civilians and have for mission to protect the different areas from the attacks on behalf of different armed groups .

Thus the Syrian Authority has kept more than half the army ready in case attacks escalate or Israel interferes . This wise policy is the secret of the military success of the army not to forget the differences between the factions of the opposition that belongs to 1300 groups most of them with little training and a poor ideology and who end up fighting over the loot and over the supplies. It is the failure of the hired armed mercenaries – in achieving anything on the ground- that caused Obama to come to the region and try other tactics that will expose and weaken Syria more, and this by working with the neighboring countries to cooperate more in the efforts that tend to destabilize Syria. This is how Jordan accepted to reopen the borders with Dar’aa which have been closed lately, and this is why the Prime minister of Lebanon has resigned at a very odd time and this how the fighters were permitted to fight at the Syrian borders with occupied Palestine and to receive medical care there.

The Syrian authorities are still achieving many successes, killing hundreds of thugs, and the thugs -who have been receiving lately an increase in supplies and equipment- are not able to achieve anything material on the ground , their main achievement is restricted to more destruction . For this reason the coalition of the opposition – which represents very little on the ground- has been unable to replace the government and has been denied the chair of Syria at the UN.

**The numbers and the information related to them are from Lebanese Officer :Amin Hoteit


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April 2, 2013

By Daniel Mabsout,


This goat called Ma’az al Khatib working for the prince of Qatar in the coalition of the opposition is known for not changing his trousers without consulting the US administration . This person has lately come up with the idea , or probably has been fed the idea, of debating the president of Syria Bashshar al Assad openly and directly in Syria itself if not elsewhere .

This person who is on the payroll of Gulf princes has been drawn by his ear by his master-the prince of Qatar- to attend the 24th Conference of the Arab League in order to occupy Syria’s chair in the conference. The troll called Ma’az al Khatib has been threatened that- if he does not do so- everything about his finances will be revealed , as well as other money scandals related to him .
Too bad that the goat -who is supposed to be a respectable Sheikh- feared the scandals and made us miss the opportunity to know more about his successful business . But scandal or no scandal, Ma’az al Khatib is a scandal by himself and like a goat – he seems to be an unstable person that jumps from place to place and cannot make up his mind whether what is happening in Syria is a revolution or a bloodbath or a foreign assault .

The goat has not figured out this yet and keeps alternating between one position and another for the reason that –having the misfortune of being self conscious- he wants to keep the image- that has been greatly damaged -of a clean honest person . But – unfortunately- keeping this image proved difficult and our troll is definitely short of ideas. In all cases, his fear from occupying Syria’s chair in the Arab League Conference seems justified since that he ended up thinking – after the conference -that he is a par to Bashshar al Assad if not Bashshar al Assad himself!

It is a well known fact- of course- that the goat -who gets his orders from the US administration- via the stooge of Qatar- cannot be on par with the ruler and the leader who is confronting the whole World Establishment and challenging the whole World Order with its stooges and mercenaries and thugs of whom Ma’az al Khatib is part. Therefore our troll has to get this truth into his head : that he is not a par to Bashshar al Assad and never will be, and that he is doomed to the condition of pet , this if he is lucky enough not to degenerate into something even lower…

And -as the image of the president Al Assad will shine with more intensity and glory – the image of the goat will continue its descent into the lower conditions of existence until it reaches its destiny in the dustbin of history …It is this much that money can buy Mister Ma’az
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Update From Syria

April 1, 2013

Daniel Mabsout,


Four oil wells have been set on fire by accident in Deir Al Zour Syria when thugs of the opposition- who wanted to steal the oil and sell it- fought with each other and set fire to 3 wells that will deprive Syria of more than 4000 barrels a day and will cause great environmental problems . In the same region – on the borders with Iraq- armed groups have tried to break through the Iraqi territories through the fortified walls that had separated the two countries since year 2007 but were turned down by Iraqi forces.

On the other hand attempts at drawing the Druze community of the Suwayda’ have been noticed when the thugs of the Al Nusra committed massacres against civilians in this region , The Druze community living in occupied Palestine said that it will protect the Druze community in Syria –if necessary .

Another massacre has been committed by the thugs of the opposition in Tal Kalakh -on the borders with Lebanon- and clashes have opposed the Syrian Army to the armed thugs who were trying to cross the borders to Syria . The number of victims of the massacre are ten and the thugs liquidated them as the Syrian army was trying to dislodge the armed gangs . It is worthwhile mentioning that the there is a great number of the FSA in Lebanon who receive training and medical care and use Lebanon as a resting place between two battles . There is fear that these groups are being integrated to the Lebanese society as part of its constituents to be used later in any future political settlement.

Israeli sources have mentioned the great amount of weapons that Saudis are sending to the thugs of the opposition which they are buying from several European sources , these weapons are heavy weapons and they are reaching the fighters in Aleppo.

On the other hand Syrians have seized on the shore of Tartous spying devices that were set by Israelis to spy on the Russian fleet .

The next move of the opposition is to try to proceed from both the south and the north .namely Dar’a and Aleppo towards the center and Damascus , but this will not change the situation . The armed opposition is betting now on the media war , it is trying to spread destabilizing news that will spread rumors hoping to reap the fruits of such rumors . One has to be very careful of how one handles any news coming from Syria.
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