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April 10, 2013

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Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

RT Op-Edge

A ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet during large-scale military exercises Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered while flying back from the South African Republic to Moscow. (Screen shot of a video of Zvezda TV channel).(RIA Novosti)
A ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet during large-scale military exercises Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered while flying back from the South African Republic to Moscow. (Screen shot of a video of Zvezda TV channel).


Is there a connection between events in Syria (maybe even US tension with North Korea) and Russia’s impromptu Black Sea war games that started on March 28, 2013?While on his way from Durban in South Africa, where the BRICS — Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa —announced they were forming a new development bank to challenge the IMF and World Bank, Russia’s Vladimir Putin gave the go ahead for unscheduled war games in the Black Sea. By themselves the games mean little, but in a global context they mean a lot.

According to the Kremlin, the war games involved about 7,000 Russian servicemen, Russian Special Forces, Russian Marines, and airborne rapid deployment troops. All of Russia’s different services were involved and used the exercises to test their interoperability. Over thirty Russian warships based out of the Ukrainian port of Sevastopol in the Crimean Peninsula and the Russian port of Novorossiysk in Krasnodar Krai will be participating. The objective of the games are to show that Russia could mobilize for any event at a moments notice.

The war games surprised the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Who even complained the Russian war games started in the Black Sea without prior notice. In fact, NATO asked Russia to be more open about its moves and give NATO Headquarters in Brussels notice of its military movements in the future. Alexander Vershbow, the American Deputy Secretary General of NATO, even demanded “maximum transparency” from Russia. One may ask, why the rattled bones?

Russian response to war plans against the Syrians?

Is it mere coincidence that Russia is flexing its muscles after NATO revealed it was developing contingency plans for a Libya-style intervention in Syria on March 20? Two days later, Israel and Turkey ended their diplomatic row through a timely agreement that was supposedly brokered by US President Barack Obama in twenty minutes while he was visiting Israel. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that with Obama’s help a deal was made with Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Erdogan to end the diplomatic rift over the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara in 2010.

Days later, this event was followed by the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) — a phoney opposition organization constructed by the US, UK, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey — being ceremoniously given Syria’s seat at the Arab League. In what appears to be an attempt at repeating the Libya scenario, the SNC is being recognized as the government of Syria. At the Arab League summit, the SNC’s leader Moaz Al-Khatib immediately called for NATO military intervention in coordination with Qatar’s call for regime change and military intervention in Damascus on March 26.

Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib.(AFP Photo / Karim Sahib)
Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib.(AFP Photo / Karim Sahib)

In a stage-managed move, the puppet SNC has asked the US, UK, France, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and NATO to enforce a no-fly zone with the aim of creating a SNC-controlled emirate or enclave in northern Syria. Al-Khatib has announced that he has talked to US Secretary of State John Kerry to use the NATO Patriot Missiles stationed in Turkey to create the no-fly zone over northern Syria. Effectively what he is talking about is the balkanization of Syria. Kerry seems to be on top of it. Victoria Nuland, the spokeswoman of the US Department of State, said the US is considering the request about imposing a no-fly zone. Even earlier, Kerry made a surprise visit to Baghdad and threatened the federal government in Iraq to fall into line with Washington’s regime change plans against Syria. He said he wanted the Iraqis to check Iranian passenger planes heading to Syria for weapons, but much more was said.

The American Empire’s satraps are all on the move. Qatar and Saudi Arabia no longer hide the fact that they are arming and funding the insurgents in Syria. In February, the UK and France lobbied the rest of the European Union to lift its Syrian arms embargo, so that they can openly arm the anti-government foreign fighters and militias that are trying to topple the Syrian government. Israel and Turkey have been forced to mend fences for the sake of the Empires war on the Syrians.

Obama realigns Israel and Turkey against Syria

The Israeli and Turkish rapprochement conveniently fits the aligning chessboard. Obama’s visit to Israel was about imperial politics to maintain the American Empire. As two hostile neighbours of Syria, Tel Aviv and Ankara will have deeper cooperation in the Empire’s objectives to topple the Syrian government. All of a sudden, the governments in both countries started complaining in line with one another about how the humanitarian situation in Syria was threatening them. In reality, Israel is not hosting any Syrian refugees (and oppresses Syrians under its occupation in the Golan) whereas Turkey has actually neglected many of its legal and financial obligations to the Syrian refugees it hosts on its territory and has tried to whitewash this by labeling them as foreign “guests.”

A child watches a woman washing a bassin at the Syrian refugee camp 5km from Diyarbakir, on the the way between Diyarbakir and Mardin, after snowfall, on January 9, 2013.(AFP Photo / Stringer)

A child watches a woman washing a bassin at the Syrian refugee camp 5km from Diyarbakir, on the the way between Diyarbakir and Mardin, after snowfall, on January 9, 2013.(AFP Photo / Stringer)
According to Agence France-Presse, the Israelis have even opened a military field hospital to help the insurgents topple the Syrian government. The military facility is located in an area named Fortification 105 in Syria’s Israeli-occupied Golan Heights (originally referred to as the Syrian Heights in Israel). It is essentially a support base for anti-government forces and only the tip of the iceberg in regards to Israeli involvement in Syria. Israel’s January strikes on Syria were the fruits of the cooperation between the Israelis and insurgent militias.

Sensing the suspicious eyes gazing at the Turkish government and perhaps getting unnerved by the Kremlin’s muscle flexing, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has rejected he claims that Tel Aviv and Ankara were closing ranks against Syria. Davutoglu must have been unaware of what was said in Israel about their rapprochement. Even though Netanyahu vowed never to apologize for the killing of Turkey’s citizens on the Mavi Marmara, Tel Aviv’s apology to Turkey was publicly justified by the Israeli government on the basis of addressing Syria through coordination with Turkey. Many of the suspicious eyes that turned to look at the Erdogan’s government over the deal with Israel are Turkish. Davutoglu actually lied for domestic consumption, knowing full well that the Turkish public would be outraged to know that Prime Minister Erdogan was really normalizing ties with Israel to topple the Syrian government.

The message(s) of the Russian war games

The American Empire is arranging the geopolitical chessboard with is satraps in its ongoing war on Syria. Perhaps it plans on using Israel to do a re-play of the Suez Crisis. In 1956, after Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal, the UK and France drew a plan with Israel to annex the Suez Canal by getting Israel to attack Egypt and then claiming to intervene militarily as concerned parties who wanted to keep the Suez Canal safe and open for international maritime traffic. A new assault against Syria under the banners of the Israelis is possible and could be used as an excuse for a Turkish and NATO “humanitarian invasion” that could result in the creation of a northern humanitarian buffer zone (or a broader war).

A pattern can be depicted from all these events. At the start of 2013, Russia held major naval drills in the Eastern Mediterranean against a backdrop of tension between Moscow and the US-led NATO and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) coalition that has been destabilizing Syria. After the US and its anti-Syrian coalition threatened to intervene militarily and deployed Patriot missiles on Turkey’s southern border with Syria, a Russian naval flotilla was dispatched off the Syrian coast to send a strong message to Washington not to have any ideas of starting another war. In turn, the US and its allies tried to save face by spreading rumours that the Kremlin was preparing to evacuate Russian citizens from Syria, because the Syrian government was going to collapse and the situation was going to get critical.
A ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet during large-scale military exercises Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered while flying back from the South African Republic to Moscow. (Screen shot of a video of Zvezda TV channel).(RIA Novosti)
A ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet during large-scale military exercises Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered while flying back from the South African Republic to Moscow. (Screen shot of a video of Zvezda TV channel).(RIA Novosti)

Paralleling the Russian war games in the Black Sea, the Russian Air Force held long-range flights across Russia. This included flights by Russian nuclear strategic bombers. On the other end of Eurasia, China also conducted its own surprise naval war games in the South China Sea. While the US and its allies portrayed the Chinese moves as a threat to Vietnam over disputed territory in the South China Sea, the timing of the naval deployment could be linked to either Syria (or North Korea) and coordinated with Russia to warn the US to keep the international peace.

In a sign of the decline of the American Empire, just before the Russian war games in the Black Sea, all the increasingly assertive BRICS leaders warned the US against any adventurism in Syria and other countries. The Russian and Chinese muscle flexing are messages that tell Washington that Beijing and Moscow are serious and mean what they say. At the same time, these events can be read as signs that the world-system is coming under new management.

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Nasser Qandil: On Media War and Regional Issues

March 26, 2013


River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Partitioning Syria at the Doha Summit

March 25, 2013

A fighter fires towards Syrian government forces positions from a building in Saif al-Dawla district in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on 25 March 2013. (Photo: AFP – Bulent Kilic)
Published Monday, March 25, 2013
In Beirut, the Lebanese will see the battle fought with new tools once MP Walid Jumblatt makes a final decision on where he stands.
If he decides to back a nominee for the premiership in collaboration with the March 14 coalition, we will be set for a confrontation that goes beyond what the Lebanese experienced between June 2006 and June 2008.
If Jumblatt chooses to remain where he is at present, he knows that the country will face a fresh period of siege by the US and its European and Gulf allies, as well as another round of civil violence that March 14 groups have been rehearsing since they were ousted from power two years ago.

The third option is for both Jumblatt and Mikati to put their parliamentary votes at the disposal of the president, who would then try to reach an understanding with Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri.

The Lebanese had best get used to a period of caretaker government, or no government at all. They can expect more chaos and instability too. There will also be big questions to face as the number of Syrian refugees in the country climbs to two million.

This is all to be accompanied by the launching of a new phase in the global war on Syria, starting with the Arab summit in Doha. The US-European-Gulf axis has succeeded in dragging the world into a new round of violence and anarchy, all in the name of taking Syria away from Bashar al-Assad.

Those behind this phase no longer care about their public face; they have revealed the true state of the Syrian opposition groups they sponsor. They have brought them totally under their control. So Moaz al-Khatib can protest and resign, Free Syrian Army fighters and officers can object, and opposition figures can complain as much as they like in the press or on TV. What matters is that in conjunction with this decision, the following must be done:

– Sponsorship of opposition forces from Turkey to be escalated. This seeks to impose new military and intelligence chiefs on the armed groups, providing them with new kinds of weapons, and bringing them more firmly under the control of the foreign capitals concerned. A central military objective has been defined: to fully occupy Aleppo as a prelude to proclaiming the new Syrian state in the north.

– The world presented with a fait accompli in the form of an “interim government.” This reflects the total submission of the Islamist opposition, be it Muslim Brotherhood or Salafi, to Gulf leadership, and the collusion of military commanders on the ground. The idea is for this body to be able to request foreign assistance in various forms.

– The Syrian government’s allies, whether in Iraq, Iran or Lebanon, are to be threatened by means of additional funding for civil conflicts that are liable to preoccupy them.

The conspiracy against Syria being hatched at the Doha summit is a massive gamble, as well as a historic crime. The Gulf sheikhs, in conjunction with Western and Arab capital, are launching a step-by-step process of partitioning Syria. (The translator ommited Israel)

Ibrahim al-Amin is editor-in-chief of Al-Akhbar.

This article is an edited translation from the Arabic Edition.

المقامرة الكبرى ببلاد الشام …
ابراهيم الأمين

لم يعد لدينا من حدث لا علاقة له بالحدث السوري. استقالة حكومة نجيب ميقاتي، أو ما وصف بالانقلاب المضاد للمحور الأميركي ـــ الخليجي على انقلاب المحور الإيراني ـــ السوري، ليس له أي تموضع إلا في قلب الأزمة السورية.

والخلاف الذي سيحكم البلاد حول شكل الحكم في المرحلة المقبلة، سوف يكون انعكاساً لهذه الحرب المستعرة، والتي سوف تشهد قطر خلال اليومين المقبلين فصلاً جديداً منها. وكلها تستهدف أمراً واحداً: من يسيطر على بلاد الشام؟

في ظل انطلاقة المرحلة الجديدة من الحرب العالمية ضد سوريا. والتي ستكون القمة العربية في قطر عنوانها الافتتاحي. حيث نجح المحور الأميركي ـــ الأوروبي ـــ التركي ـــ الخليجي، في التقدم خطوة الى الأمام على صعيد جر العالم الى جولة جديدة من العنف والفوضى، تحت عنوان انتزاع سوريا من حكم الرئيس الأسد قطعة قطعة. ولهذا، فإن من يقف خلف هذا القرار لم يعد يهتم بأي شكليات تخص واقع المعارضة السورية المرتهنة بقسم كبير منها لهذا المحور. فليزعل معاذ الخطيب وليستقل، فليحرد ضباط ومقاتلون من “الجيش الحر”، وليصرخ المعارضون المحتجون أينما يريدون في الصحف أو على الشاشات. لكن المهم، كما أظهرت الأيام القليلة الماضية أن القرار الجديد يتطلب الآتي:

ـــ إعلان الاستنفار العام سياسياً وأمنياً في كل الجوار السوري، من الأردن الى لبنان الى العراق الذي تعدّ له جولة جديدة من مايسمى «الحراك الشعبي» الهادف الى إرباك الحكم هناك.

ـــ الانتقال في عملية رعاية المسلحين من تركيا الى مستوى جديد يقوم على فرض قيادة أمنية وعسكرية ونوعية جديدة من التسليح مع قدر أعلى من التدخل في عمل المجموعات المسلحة من قبل هذه العواصم التي تضع الآن هدفاً مركزياً اسمه احتلال كامل مدينة حلب وريفها، والسيطرة على مدينة إدلب تمهيداً لإعلان الدولة السورية الجديدة في هذه المنطقة الشمالية.

ـــ فرض أمر واقع على العالم من خلال واجهة اسمها الحكومة الانتقالية، وفي ظل استسلام غير مسبوق من قبل القوى الإسلامية السورية بشقيها الإخواني والسلفية للقيادة الخليجية، وتواطؤ القيادات المدنية في المعارضة التي باتت أشبه بفرقة موسيقى تديرها جهات استخبارية. والانتقال تدريجاً نحو جعل هذه السلطة قادرة على طلب العون بكل أشكاله، وصولاً الى تجربة شبيهة بليبيا لناحية استقدام قوات وخبرات غير سورية تعمل في السر، لكن تحت اسم المجموعات السورية.

ـــ تهديد حلفاء النظام السوري، سواء في العراق أو في إيران أو في لبنان، بتمويل أكبر الحروب الأهلية العبثية لأجل إشغال هذه القوى، ما يحول برأي «عواصم التقسيم» دون توافر عناصر دعم إضافية لحكم الأسد.

ما يعدّ له المتآمرون على بلاد الشام في قمة الدوحة، هو في الحقيقة «المقامرة الكبرى»، حيث ينظم شيوخ الخليج ومعهم دول وعواصم عربية وغربية جريمة العصر، من خلال إطلاق عملية التقسيم ضمن استراتيجية القضم.

الجديد، هو أنه على الجميع، ألا يفاجأ هذه المرة، بتشكل جبهة تحاصر محور المقاومة، وتتحالف فيها علناً، إسرائيل مع المحور التركي ـــ الخليجي وبرعاية أميركية وأوروبية، وذلك تمهيداً لاستعادة الاستعمار حلمه التاريخي، بإعادة عقارب الساعة مئة سنة الى الخلف.


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"Despite the Sunni-Shi’a divide, Arabs see Israel & the US as a far greater threats than Iran!"

March 12, 2013


[Wilson Center & USIP project]

“… In the era of Arab public uprisings, it is helpful to start with Arab public attitudes that have become increasingly important particularly in the formulation of policy toward Iran in post-Mubarak Egypt. These public attitudes also go to the heart of some of the worries about Iran felt by governments of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), especially the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. 

Despite the Sunni-Shi’a divide—especially in Arab states where Shi’a populations are majorities or pluralities such as Iraq, Lebanon, and Bahrain—which is often matched by a division in attitude about Iran in these countries along sectarian lines, Sunni Arab populations elsewhere tend to base their views of Iran on issues that go far beyond this divide, and on some of which they are inclined to favor Iran. In polls I have conducted in six Arab countries—Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, and Lebanon—Iran consistently placed third on the list of choices provided by respondents when asked to identify the “two most threatening states,” indicating that many Arabs do see it as a threat. But what is more important in this case is that Arabs see Israel and the United States as presenting far greater threats. For example, in 2009, 88 percent of those polled identified Israel, 76 percent identified the United States, and only 12 percent identified Iran as one of the two greatest threats.1 

There was some change a year after the start of the Arab uprisings in the November 2011 poll, although Iran remained far behind Israel and the United States: 71 percent identified Israel, 59 percent identified the United States, and 18 percent identified Iran as one ofthe two greatest threats. 

This ranking of the Iranian threat in relation to Israel and the United States is particularly important with regard to the nuclear issue, where worries about Israel and the United States trump worries about Iran’s nuclear potential. Consistently, before and after the Arab uprisings, majorities of Arabs polled indicate their opposition to international pressure on Iran to curtail its nuclear program. This surprisingly includes Arab Palestinian citizens of Israel who certainly would be as affected as its Jewish citizens in case of an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel. The sense of “double standards” in dealing with Israel’s nuclear program on the one hand, and Arab and Muslim capabilities on the other, is one of the driving forces of Arab public attitudes on this issue. …”

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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March 1, 2013

Posted on February 28, 2013 by

Al-Jaafari: Syria Needs Real Aids Not a Highlight Inconsistent with Actual Events
Feb 28, 2013

NEW YORK, (SANA)- Syria needs real unbiased aids and not just a highlight on the humanitarian situation that is inconsistent with the precise evaluation and description of what is actually taking place in the country, said Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Bashar al-Jaafari.
Al-Jaafari’s remarks came in a press statement following a closed-door session of the UN Security Council on the situation in Syria held on Wednesday.
He dismissed as “having nothing to do with reality “the statements made on the humanitarian situation in Syria by UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, UN High Commissioner for Refugees and UN Secretary General’s Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict.
These statements came in line with “the unilateral outlook to what is happening in Syria”, said al-Jaafari, lashing out at the UN representatives for refraining to admit that the Syrian government has actually been cooperative with each one of them, a cooperation that resulted in signing what was called “the response plan”.
H. Said
الجعفري: ما تحتاجه سورية مساعدات موضوعية وحقيقية وغير منحازة.. ما تفعله دول الخليج أشبه بالسينما وماحصل في مؤتمر الكويت بازار إنساني..
أكد الدكتور بشار الجعفري مندوب سورية الدائم لدى الأمم المتحدة أن تركيز الأضواء على الوضع الإنساني في سورية لا يلبي التوصيف الدقيق لما يجري فيها ولايزال بعض أعضاء مجلس الأمن يتجاهل العديد من المعطيات الهامة مشيرا إلى أن ما تحتاجه سورية هو مساعدات موضوعية وحقيقية وغير منحازة إضافة إلى تشجيع كافة الأطراف للانخراط في الحوار الوطني.

وقال الجعفري في حديث صحفي عقب جلسة مغلقة عقدها مجلس الأمن أمس حول الأوضاع في سورية إن ما قاله كل من وكيلة الأمين العام للأمم المتحدة للشؤون الإنسانية والمفوض السامي للأمم المتحدة لشؤون اللاجئين والممثلة الخاصة للأمين العام حول العنف الجنسي في النزاعات فيما يخص الوضع الإنساني لا يمت لواقع الحال بصلة وفقا للأرقام لأنه لايأخذ باعتباره البعد السياسي للأزمة في سورية وهو رهينة للرؤية الأحادية لما يجري في سورية إضافة إلى أنه لايعترف بتعاون الحكومة السورية مع كل منهم وهو التعاون الذي أثمر نتائج إيجابية تمثلت في توقيع ما يسمى بخطة الاستجابة الموقعة بين الحكومة السورية والأمم المتحدة.

الحكومة السورية تتعاون بشكل وثيق مع وكيلة الأمين العام للشؤون الإنسانية فاليري اموس

وقال الجعفري إن الحكومة السورية تتعاون بشكل وثيق مع وكيلة الأمين العام للشؤون الإنسانية فاليري اموس وبموجب هذا التعاون سمحت لـ 11 منظمة غير حكومية دولية تعمل في المجال الإنساني أن يكون لها حق الوصول وإيصال المساعدات الإنسانية ضمن الأراضي السورية وتدرس الحكومة السورية حاليا منح ثلاث منظمات دولية غير حكومية إضافية تراخيص للعمل في سورية كما سمحت لحوالي 111 منظمة غير حكومية سورية أن تعمل في توزيع المساعدات الإنسانية داخل كل الأراضي السورية دون أي تمييز.

وأوضح مندوب سورية أن ممثل الأوتشا وممثلو المنظمات غير الحكومية الدولية والوطنية قاموا بحوالي 200 زيارة ميدانية داخل الاراضي السورية وقال “أنا اتحدث عن هذه النقطة لأن لها علاقة بموضوع “حق الوصول” والحكومة السورية منحت هذا الحق لكافة المناطق داخل الأراضي السورية وذلك إنطلاقا من سورية ذاتها وسمحت دمشق بحق الوصول إلى أربع مناطق في شمال سورية قريبة جدا من الحدود مع تركيا حيث تم توزيع المساعدات الإنسانية لمحتاجيها”.

وحول ما تحدثت به الممثلة الخاصة للأمين العام حول العنف الجنسي في النزاعات زينب حواء بنغورا قال الجعفري أنا شخصيا لا أجد مصطلح “العنف الجنسي” دقيقا وأنا أصفه بالجرائم الجنسية ويجب تقديم مرتكبيها للعدالة ولهذا قامت الحكومة السورية بتشكيل لجنة وطنية للتحقيق في كافة الجرائم المرتكبة ومنها جرائم العنف الجنسي ضد النساء والأطفال ليس هذا فحسب بل يمكننا أن نرى في الصفحات الأولى من الصحف الدولية ومنها الأميركية والتركية والبريطانية صورا لأطفال تم تجنيدهم من قبل المجموعات الإرهابية المسلحة للمشاركة في القتال وهذا يعني أن هناك أبعادا أخرى للأزمة يجب علينا أن ناخذها بعين الاعتبار.

هناك برنامج سياسي غير أخلاقي يتاجر بالوضع الإنساني للاجئين السوريين

وأشار الجعفري إلى أن التركيز على البعد الإنساني لا يرتبط بالواقع لأن هناك برنامجا سياسيا غير أخلاقي يتاجر بالوضع الإنساني للاجئين السوريين من ناحية تنظيم مؤتمرات دولية يمكن تسميتها بمؤتمرات دولية إعلامية فقط يتم فيها تقديم تعهدات وتبرعات لمن يسمون باللاجئين وهذا أمر غير لائق أخلاقيا.
وقال الجعفري: سأعرض عليكم وثيقة من الأوتشا حيث يمكن أن نرى قيمة التبرعات الفعلية وقيمة ما تم دفعه وهو مقدار ضئيل جدا من مبلغ مليار ونصف المليار دولار التي قوبلت بالتصفيق في مؤتمر الكويت حيث تلقت الأوتشا وفقا لآموس نفسها حوالي 200 مليون دولار فقط.
وأضاف مندوب سورية الدائم إنه وفقا لخطة الاستجابة الوطنية والمبالغ التي يجب أن تخصص للمساعدات الإنسانية داخل سورية والتي تعادل 519 مليون دولار تم دفع ما يعادل 20 بالمئة منها فقط وفيما يتعلق بخطة الإستجابة الإنسانية المخصصة للاجئين السوريين خارج سورية والتي تعادل مليار دولار وفقا للأوتشا حصلت الأوتشا فقط على 19 بالمئة موضحا أن هذه الأرقام تظهر أن ماحصل في الكويت كان عبارة عن بازار إنساني فقط للإعلام ومجالا للتبجح لدول الخليج التي تدعي أنها تهتم بالوضع المأساوي للاجئين السوريين خارج سورية أو النازحين داخلها.

وبين الجعفري أن الكويت والسعودية والإمارات العربية تعهدت كل منها بـ 300 مليون دولار وفي نفس اليوم وبينما كان المؤتمر مازال منعقدا سحبت السعودية تعهداتها وكذلك الإمارات والكويت التي لم تدفع ما وعدت به ” هذه أشبه بالسينما” معيدا إلى الأذهان ماتم الحديث عنه من تخصيص مبلغ 4 مليارات ونصف المليار دولار كتبرعات للفلسطينيين في غزة بقمة شرم الشيخ ولم يتم دفع أي من هذا المبلغ للفلسطينيين حتى مدارس الأونروا التي تم تدميرها من قبل اسرائيل في غزة لم يتم إعادة بناؤها حتى الآن.
وقال الجعفري: لهذا نحتاج أن ننظر إلى الصورة بأكملها وبشكل إيجابي.. نعم لدينا وضع إنساني في سورية ولدينا أزمة إنسانية ونحتاج للمساعدة من الأمم المتحدة ووقعنا إتفاقا مع الأوتشا ونتمنى للأوتشا النجاح.. كل هذا صحيح لكن علينا جميعا أن نلتزم بقرار الجمعية العامة 46-182 الذي يحترم سيادة سورية وغيرها من الدول عند توزيع المساعدات الإنسانية.. نحن نطلب هنا فقط أن نعمل في ظل هذا القرار.
وفي رد على سؤال حول دور مجلس الأمن تجاه ما يجري في سورية أجاب مندوب سورية إن تركيز الأضواء على الوضع الإنساني في سورية لا يلبي التوصيف الدقيق لما يجري فيها مذكرا أن بعض أعضاء مجلس الأمن حتى الآن وبعد مضي سنتين لا يزالون يتجاهلون العديد من المعطيات الهامة مشيرا في هذا الصدد إلى إرسال الحكومة السورية لمجلس الأمن حتى الآن نحو300 رسالة مليئة بالمعلومات وأحدها يتعلق بتزويد مجلس الأمن بأسماء 143 إرهابي أجنبي مع جنسياتهم وتاريخ دخولهم إلى سورية قادمين من حدود مجاورة وطلبت تعميمها بشكل فوري وتم ذلك فقط قبل ثلاثة أيام حيث استغرقت رسالة واحدة ثلاثة شهور لتعميمها كوثيقة رسمية مع أنها تتضمن وقائع وأسماء.
العديد من الدول التي اجتمعت في مؤتمر الكويت هي سبب معاناة السوريين
ولفت الجعفري إلى أن وكالة رويترز نشرت اليوم خبرا مفاده أن هناك شحنات من الأسلحة المتطورة وصلت للمجموعات الإرهابية المسلحة عبر تركيا كما ذكرت صحيفة نيويورك تايمز أن هناك شحنة من الأسلحة من كرواتيا مولتها السعودية وصلت للمجموعات الإرهابية المسلحة عبر الأردن مؤكدا أن هذه الوقائع ليست من وكالة الأنباء السورية وعلى مجلس الأمن أن يركز على هذه الوقائع والنقاط ليقف على حقيقة مايجري في سورية.
وردا على سؤال حول المساعدات التي تقدمها السعودية والإمارات والكويت للمعارضة قال الجعفري إن العديد من الدول التي اجتمعت في مؤتمر الكويت هي سبب معاناة السوريين لأنها ذاتها الدول التي تدعم وتمول وتسلح وتدرب الإرهابيين وتعطيهم التغطية الإعلامية لتصويرهم كمقاتلين من أجل الحرية وليس كإرهابيين يدمرون البنية التحتية والمشافي والمدارس والمطارات ويهاجمون الطيران المدني والبعثات الدبلوماسية.
وبشان مؤتمر مايسمى ” أصدقاء سورية” الذي سيعقد في روما والتقارير التي تقول بأن الإدارة الأميركية تعهدت بتقديم مساعدات غير قاتلة للمعارضة قال مندوب سورية الدائم لدى الأمم المتحدة إن ما تحتاجه سورية هو مساعدات موضوعية وحقيقية وغير منحازة كما تحتاج لتشجيع كافة الأطراف للانخراط في الحوار الوطني وتحتاج أن يتم إقناع من يقوم بدعم المسلحين بالجلوس إلى طاولة الحوار وحل الوضع في سورية بموجب قراري مجلس الأمن ووفقا لـ “بيان جنيف”.. ليس علينا أن نبدأ من الصفر من خلال اجتماعات أخرى بينما لدينا الأرضية جاهزة.. السوريون لايحتاجون مؤتمرات أخرى كمؤتمر روما إذا كانوا فعلا أصدقاء للشعب السوري فعليهم الاهتمام بكل الشعب السوري.
من يريد الحوار لايضع شروطا مسبقة
وجوابا على سؤال حول شرط “تنحي الرئيس قبل البدء بالحوار” قال الجعفري ” إن هذا طرح ساذج فمن يريد الحوار لايضع شروطا مسبقة فهو يسمى حوارا وطنيا وليس حوارا وطنيا بشروط مسبقة” مؤكدا أن الحاجة إلى تسوية سياسية تتطلب الجلوس إلى طاولة المفاوضات والتحدث إلى من يختلف معك في الرأي.
وحول الجلوس إلى طاولة الحوار مع المعارضة المسلحة واستعداد مندوب سورية الدائم لدى الأمم المتحدة للجلوس معها في الولايات المتحدة قال الجعفري إن التفاوض يتم من خلال وفود مخولة فالحكومة كلفت وزير المصالحة الوطنية والوزير هو من يجلس على طاولة الحوار وعلى الطرف الآخر أن يخول ممثلين عنه مبينا أن المسألة هي أن يقبل هذا الطرف مبدأ الحوار ومبدا التسوية السلمية ومبدأ وقف العنف والإجرام واحترام السيادة وعندها سيكون هناك وفد من الحكومة ووفد من المعارضة يتفقان حول برنامج العمل الذي يلبي تطلعات الشعب السوري وهذا ماكان وراء المشروع والبرنامج السياسي الذي طرحته الحكومة منذ فترة.. ” على السوري ان يحاور السوري” وهذا مانصت عليه مبادرات كوفي عنان والأخضر الإبراهيمي وهي مبادرة يقودها السوريون أنفسهم.

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February 26, 2013

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In guerrilla warfare, the victory belongs to those who have the support of the population. This is why Syria has recently formed popular militias to hold back the Contras supported by the West and the Gulf monarchies. In three months, the result is spectacular: the areas where local militias are already operating have been stabilized.

JPEG - 22.1 kb

After two years of fighting, it is clear that the Syrian Arab Army, designed to defend the country in case of conventional war, is not able to stabilize the country while pursuing its primary task. It defeated the jihadists without difficulty every time they regrouped, but it does not have the capacity to fight a moving guerrilla force that compensates for its low domestic popularity with powerful foreign logistical support.

Ultimately, Syria has decided to adopt a new strategy that has been proven throughout the world when such a situation arose: the creation of popular militias allowing people to defend their villages or their own familiar neighborhoods. This Army of National Defense“, whose members are drawn from the Popular Committees, is of course linked to the Syrian Arab Army, and one must have done one’s military service in order to join.

Mao explained that to triumph, a guerrilla force must evolve “through the population like a fish through water.” However, the Free Syrian Army has been unable to do this. As soon as it controls an area, it commits abuses and the local people rebel against it.

To achieve victory, the Syrian Arab Army must succeed where jihadists failed: it must move “in the population as a fish moves in water.” Although originating from the national population, since it is a conscript army, it cannot achieve this alone because its national organization cuts it off from local realities. It must thus rely on intermediate forces which serve as an interface with the local population, in every village and neighborhood.

In addition, the Army of National defence is subject to strict discipline. Weapons and uniforms are provided only to young men and women, cherry-picked among volunteers. It follows that strong men recruited here and there by local officials to ensure safety as best they could must join the militia or go home. Thus, when the Army of National Defense is organized in a village or neighborhood, potential abuses committed by strong-armers stop. The phenomenon of Shabihas disappears.

In the Middle East, the example that immediately comes to mind is the Iranian Basij-e mostaz’afin, which has already served as a model for the Lebanese Hezbollah. Tehran, refusing to involve its Revolutionary Guards on Syrian territory, agreed to train National Defence Army recruits. This was not easy because the Iranians have had to adapt to new recruits who are rarely Shiites and do not intend to convert.

This is an event that profoundly changes the geopolitical facts on the ground in the region. On the one hand because this paramilitary force has quickly stabilized villages in areas where it is already established, especially because now the Basij and Hezbollah find themselves with a little brother, with the same training as them, but being mixed and multi-faith, educated in the secular spirit of the Baath movement and not in that of the Islamic Revolution.

While one of the main goals of the war triggered by the West against Syria was to install a government that would break with Hezbollah and Iran, as admitted by Burhan Ghalioun in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, western action has had the opposite effect. Common resistance has led to a tightening of the ranks despite religious and political differences.

Eight months ago, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah revealed that during the 33-day war, the Syrian defense minister at the time, General Hassan Tourekmani, personally supervised in Lebanon the deployment of the weapons of the Resistance. Then he said that Hezbollah would not let down its brothers in arms of the Syrian Arab Army in case of trouble. The creation of the National Defence Force will surely strengthen this alliance by close human contact beyond political choices.

This will certainly create impetus for the military wing of Hezbollah to include women and to open up to the many faiths represented in Lebanon.

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Bahrain / Revolution and Occupation

February 16, 2013

The Bahrainis celebrated yesterday the second birthday of their uprising , as usual the celebration was met with bullets and repression .The armed forces uses against demonstrators bullets destined to hunt animals , this is how authorities treat the population by chasing them and firing at them . This is how Bahraini authorities treat their people , they treat them as beasts and this is not restricted to Bahrainis but is true for most Gulf people .The Bahrainis are not just facing a local police , they are facing the gulf imperialist rulers and behind them the world order .

We salute and support our brothers of the peaceful Bahraini Revolution , this Revolution or rather uprising – unlike the Arab spring that has removed so called dictators in favor of chaotic situations – does not seek a regime change; it seeks rather real participation in the rule which is something totally alien to gulf authorities in general . For the Gulf kings and princes people are inexistent , they are subjects rather than citizens with rights , in some cases they are less than subjects even . The Bahraini people have thus undertaken an impossible task that of proving that they exist- as people- with duties and rights and are seeking to implement these rights despite the unbearable repression they are suffering at all levels.

For a small country whose population is a little bit over half a million , this is a huge task and a giant endeavor , but Bahrainis are determined to pursue their goal despite all the suppressive measures they have been subject to . The world order did not bother to support the Bahraini uprising as it supported other Arab uprisings by providing them with full media coverage and full support through Arab league and providing them with funding of various sources and arranging for their meetings and conferences . The Bahraini uprising was not to the taste of the world order that is why it was ignored , as was ignored the invasion of the country by Saudi and Qatari tanks that came to support the monarch .The whole of the Arab spring has been thus denounced by the invasion of Bahrain as it was denounced by the sectarian attack on Syria , for how to cater to democracy, freedom and civil rights by way of invasion and bloody events?

Also this uprising was not also to the taste of the world international activists who did not give the Bahrainis their due in terms of support or campaigns or demonstrations. The Bahrainis were thus left alone to face – without arms- the fiercest enemy supported by the world order who will oppose any peaceful settlement of the problem and any concessions given to the opposition.

The demands of the Bahraini opposition are clear , definite and well defined , and they are in no way linked to a sect or a religious group . The goal is not to overthrow the ruler which cannot constitute a policy by itself . The opposition movement that has started in year 2002 had succeeded in giving the Bahrainis political representation , but then the monarch turned against the people and brought all the political institutions under his jurisdiction putting himself above the law . This was probably inspired by the world order policies regarding gulf people. Thus, the Bahrainis found themselves again at the starting point and their main concern now is to have an elected government . This elemental legitimate and legal demand of an elected representative government has been considered a crime by the gulf authorities and has been sanctioned by the monarch and not endorsed by the International community that pretends to stand fully against – so called -dictatorships..

While Bahrainis have been offering the highest sacrifices on daily basis , the authorities are not responding but are wasting time waiting for the Bahrainis to grow tiresome and less willing to sacrifice which is very unlikely to happen . On the other hand , the authorities, who cannot pursue this policy of repression without repercussions on the local and international levels , are trying to bring the opposition to the table of negotiations . But because the opposition will not fall again in the trap of fruitless negotiations, it opted for conditional negotiations that will come up with decisions rather than recommendations . These decisions are binding to the different parties and expected to be implemented in a limited time . This way the opposition hopes to protect itself and protect its achievements on the ground that were very costly life wise, security wise and freedom wise. Still the Bahraini officials are not responding and think they can get away with mere repressive measures that are supposed to quiet the opposition . But this opposition is more determined than ever in pursuing its goals . It is a life and death matter , either the Bahrainis prove that they exist or they die while trying to prove so.

Our hearts stand with our Bahraini brothers and sisters, and we salute the prisoners and freedom fighters, as we salute the more than two thousands martyrs who fell victims of the repression and we tell them that they are really the pioneers who are preparing for the gulf countries an altogether different future other than blind affiliation to foreign abusive powers and subjugation to unjust rulers . A bright, promising, dignified future – we want- for our deserving Bahraini brothers and sisters . May God the Almighty help them and support them in this honorable endeavor .

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February 6, 2013


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Published on 5 Feb 2013

The Israeli regime and the terrorist group of al-Qaeda are two sides of the turmoil that has gripped Syria for more than 22 months, an analyst says.

The comment comes more than a week after Israeli jets violated Syria’s airspace and targeted a scientific research center near the capital, Damascus.

Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, the al-Nusra Front, has also been fighting against the government of President Bashar al-Assad since unrest broke out in the Arab country. In early January, Saudi spy chief Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Al Saud called on the group to take leadership of all the militant groups in the crisis-stricken country.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Eric Draister, the founder of, from New York. Draister is joined by Kevin Barret, a founding member of muslim-Jewish0Christian Alliance from Tehran, and Richard Hellman, president of the Middle East research center, from Washington.

The audacity of aggression: The asymmetry of the Zionist strike in Syria

Yuram Abdullah Weiler

This is an ironclad pledge which says that the United States will provide whatever support is necessary for Israel to maintain military superiority over any state or coalition of states, as well as non-state actors. -U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

In an air assault staged by Israel and approved in advance by the White House, Zionist warplanes struck the Jamrayah military complex on the outskirts of Damascus on Wednesday 30 January killing two workers and injuring five others. Sources indicated that U.S. President Barack Obama gave the green light on 22 January for the “surgical strike” on a site alleged by Tel Aviv and Washington to be of strategic importance to the so-called Iran-Syria-Hezbollah Axis. In a veiled admission of responsibility, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak conceded that the raid was “another proof that when we say something we mean it.”

Israeli Jets bombed a scientific research center claimed to be a chemical weapons plant, a warehouse suspected of containing high-tech weaponry, and trucks supposedly carrying Russian-made SA-17 missiles bound for Hezbollah. These targets were chosen specifically by the Western powers to disrupt what they claim to be regional military cooperation between Iran, Syria and Hezbollah, as well as to pressure Iran into making further concessions concerning its peaceful nuclear program. Both Washington and Tel Aviv frequently have expressed their common belief that Damascus is supplying chemicals and sophisticated weaponry to Hezbollah.

This is not the first time that Tel Aviv has attacked its Syrian neighbor, either. In September 2007, U.S.-supplied Zionist jets bombed a Syrian Gas Company facility alleged to be a nuclear installation at al-Kibar in northern Syria near Deir el-Zor, reportedly killing 10 of the plant’s workers. In November 2012, Zionist tanks destroyed a Syrian mobile artillery launcher stationed near the Golan Heights, Syrian territory that has been under occupation since 1967 and was annexed by Tel Aviv in 1981. Fearing retaliation, the Zionists even sought permission from neighboring Jordan before attacking suspected chemical weapons sites in Syria, but Amman declined to give its blessing.

Threatening justifiable retaliation, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accused Tel Aviv of seeking to subvert Syria and that the raid “unmasked the true role Israel is playing, in collaboration with foreign enemy forces and their agents on Syrian soil, to destabilize and weaken Syria.” Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said that the Israeli attack “displayed the common goals of the terrorists and the Zionist regime,” and warned that it “will have grave consequences for Tel Aviv” Indeed, the stern warning issued by Iran may have motivated the U.S.-vetted Syrian rebel leader Sheikh Ahmad Moaz al-Khatib, who just happens to be a former petroleum geologist for Shell subsidiary Al Furat Petroleum (AFPC), to open a line of communication with Damascus, since he now has declared his willingness to engage in direct talks with the Assad government.

Noteworthy is the conspicuous lack of condemnation of this latest act of Israeli terrorism by the Syrian “opposition” leader, which tends to validate charges that the rebel groups and their [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Arab state backers are accomplices with the Zionists in the Western-led Syrian regime-change scheme. The GCC, which is made up of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait, already declared al-Khatib’s National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, also known as the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), to be the “legitimate” representative of the Syrian people at a meeting in Doha, Qatar in November 2012. Also of interest is that the “nuclear” facility at Deir al-Zor bombed by Israel in 2007 was connected to al-Khatib’s former employer, Al Furat Petroleum, which incidentally produces some 100,000 barrels per day from its 38 producing oil fields.

Further evidence of al-Khatib’s collaboration with the West was exhibited at a recent security conference in Munich, Germany, when he met separately with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, who after praising al-Khatib for his personal courage and leadership of the “Syrian Opposition Coalition” (SOC – apparently what the U.S. calls the SNC), referred to the SOC as the “legitimate representative of the Syrian people” and reiterated calls for toppling the Assad government. This is while at the same conference, Biden said, “It will remain America’s view that sovereign states have the right to make their own decisions and choose their own alliances. All that remains the U.S. position; it will not change.” Obviously, this official view does not apply to Syria, but perhaps when Biden said “sovereign states,” his intention was “colonial hegemons,” for later in the same speech he affirmed, “President Obama and I and nearly all of our partners and allies are convinced that President Assad…must go.”

Officially, Washington has denied foreknowledge of the Zionist raid. When asked by a reporter during a press briefing on 30 January about the regime’s latest Syrian sortie, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney denied any knowledge and said, “I’d refer you to the government of Israel for questions about deliberations or actions that they may or may not have taken.” The next day when questioned about the attack, expectations of Syrian response and concerns over escalation, the Press Secretary reaffirmed, “Again, I would refer you to the Israeli government on matters like that.” However, Obama has openly revealed his desire for regime change. “The Assad regime will come to an end,” he declared in a recent video message, adding, “The Syrian people will have their chance to forge their own future. And they will continue to find a partner in the United States of America.”

“I’ll never apologize for the United States of America. Ever.
I don’t care what the facts are.” —George HW Bush

To fully expose the asymmetry of U.S.-sanctioned Zionist aggression, let us take a moment to explore a hypothetical scenario. We first note that Iran, like Syria, is on the U.S. hit-list for regime change for its refusal to submit to Washington’s demands or to recognize the legitimacy of the Zionist occupation of Palestine. After years of military threats by both the Tel Aviv and Washington regimes, being targeted by Mossad and CIA- sponsored terrorists, being besieged by the Pentagon’s cyber weapons, witnessing the assassination of some of her best scientists by Mossad, and mourning the loss of 290 of her sons and daughters when the U.S. Navy shot down an Iran Air passenger jet, let us suppose that Iran justifiably came to the decision that a “preemptive strike” against the dangerous duo was necessary for its own defense.

Let us further speculate that the tactical plan chosen might include a limited number of “surgical strikes” on strategic U.S./Zionist interests in the Middle East. Logical targets would probably be oil pipelines and storage terminals such as the 1760 km. Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) pipeline, the Dolphin Energy pipeline linking Qatar’s North gas field to al-Fujairah, the 1200 km. East West Crude Oil pipeline linking Abqaiq to the Red Sea and supplying 4.5 million barrels per day, the Jebel Ali Liquid Natural Gas terminal in Dubai, the 254 km. Eilat Ashkelon Crude Oil pipeline with Ashdod and Haifa refineries, or the Saudi reserve oil tankers off the coast of Al-Fujairah. Of course prior to these strikes, the Iranian Navy would most likely initiate a closure of the Strait of Hormuz to prevent passage of oil shipments to the West.

Continuing our hypothetical exercise, Iran would most likely execute an “Osirak style” preemptive strike against the nuclear-armed regime’s Negev Nuclear Research Center (NNRC) at Dimona, possibly specifically targeting the underground Machon 2 plutonium extraction facility, carefully planned at a time that would minimize “collateral damage” among technical personnel and adjacent facilities. Incidentally, such speculation may not be so far fetched since the Zionist military home guard has itself run a simulation of a missile attack on the Dimona reactor albeit under the pretext of preparedness following Japan’s Fukushima nuclear catastrophe and concern due to the similarity of reactor design.

Now, let us ask ourselves if Iran were to take such fully warranted measures in self-defense as hypothesized above what would be the Western reaction? Would not the U.S. and its Anglican ally shriek loudly and sanctimoniously for immediate retaliation by the “international community?” Could we not safely assume that at a minimum, the U.S. would launch cruise missiles at Iranian targets, military bases and nuclear facilities from its strike force in the Persian Gulf? Certainly, if Tehran ever were to take even one of the above defensive military steps, would not the U.S. promptly invoke the “Carter Doctrine” and use all available means to muster support for a NATO invasion of Iran?

We can be certain that if Iran executed a “preemptive strike” as does the Zionist regime regularly, neither would the U.S. president insist that Iran has a “right to defend itself” nor would the White House press secretary tell journalists to contact the government of Iran “for questions about deliberations or actions that they may or may not have taken.” Unfortunately for the sovereign nations of the world, the right of aggression with its privilege of audacity still remains the exclusive possession of the U.S., the Zionist regime, and their “allies and partners.”


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"Do not return to Kufr, killing one another, after I am gone." Why Is "Muslim" Morsi Killing Egyptians?

February 3, 2013
“Assad days are numbered, he is killing his own people”, we heard such statments daily during the past two years from the so-called “Peacefull Syrian opposition” and its backers, the Arab democratic regimes in the Gulf, the Arab league and the so-called “friends of Syria” we heard it from israel leaders, here is a sample, listen to Avi Dichter supporting the Syrian revolution, asking “where is the millions?”
“Assad days are numbered, he is killing his own people”, we heard  from obama, clinton, sarkozy, the Trukish Nato appointed sultan, and..and…the list is too long.
We heard it from sectarian islamists, sectarian scholars led by the Nato mufti, who issued fatwas to kill Kadhafi, Assad one third of the Syrians inorder the 2 thirds to live. here is a sample.
“If prophet Mohamad is alive he would call Nato to drop assad and Liberate the Syrians” he claimed.
 “Assad is killing his own people”, read the Sectarian Thug, Khalid Hamayreh smearing Syrian refusing external interference or intervention, smearing Russia, china, Iran and Hezbullah

“people who believe in absolute territorial nationalism may content themselves with watching the slow-motion genocide in Syria unfold through their TV screens. They argue that what is happening in Bilad ash-sham is an internal Syrian matter and that any external interference or intervention is counterproductive and inexpedient.”  

“The Syrian tragedy should be a lesson to all Arab and Muslim people everywhere. We must not allow vindictive minorities to take control of our armed forces. Or else, what happened in Syria could happen again and again and again.”

Read the Brother of Iblis, talking about The moral bankruptcy of the Arab Left, singling and smearing Bassam Abu-sharif, and PFLP. Abu Sharif commited two crimes the crime of supporting Syria, and the crime of warning UAE of MB’s conspiracy.

“Abu Sharif blamed “armed mercenaries” for the ordeal of Palestinian refugees at the Yarmuk refugee camp near Damascus. He refused to hold the genocidal regime of Bashar Assad responsible for the murder of more than 700 Palestinian refugees.”   

“I am not oblivious to the man’s struggle against Israel, a struggle which, never the less, didn’t dissuade the Zionist entity from allowing him to enter the West Bank and have a luxurious villa in Ramallah.”

BTW,  Abu Sharif lost four fingers, and was left deaf in one ear and blind in one eye, when a (Mossad) bomb exploded in his hands in Beirut, Lebanon in 1972, and the man’s struggle against Israel didn’t dissuade the Zionist entity from allowing him to enter the West Bank with Arafat, the same way Mishaal’s ‘struggle’ against Israel didn’t dissuade the Zionist entity from allowing him to enter Gaza raising the Syrian “Revolution” French flag, after signing the long, long truce. 
And read the same Monafiq preaching about Hypocrites, past and present. Yes, as the Hypocrte Hamayreh stated “Manafiqeen or hypocrites appear in every time…. The goals and tactics of the Munafiqeen have not really changed much since Abdullah Ibn Abee Sallul. They would spread lies, rumors, and occasionally half-truths in order to weaken the ranks ….and undermine their morale. They would tacitly collaborate with the enemies of Islam while claiming to be true Muslims themselves….” and thats exactely what his Brothers did Iblish did all the time since 1920, that’s what their Hamas did, used the resistance and the the support of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah to get to negociation table, and sign the long truce to way for the MB Governance in Tunis, Libya and Egypt.  

صورة: ﺳﺆﺍﻟﻲ ﻟﻜﻞ ﻋﺒﺎﻗﺮﺓ ﺍﻻ‌ﻓﺘﺎﺀ ﺑﺎﻟﻘﺮﻥ ﺍﻟﻮﺍﺣﺪ ﻭﻋﺸﺮﻳﻦ ... ﻟﻠﺸﻴﺦ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﺃﻓﺘﻰ ﺑﺠﻤﺎﻉ ﺍﻟﻮﺩﺍﻉ ... ﻫﻞ ﺗﻌﺘﻘﺪ ﺃﻥ ﺍﻟﻤﻮﺕ ﻟﻢ ﻳﺼﻴﺐ ﺍﻟﻨﺴﺎﺀ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺯﻣﻦ ﺍﻟﺮﺳﻮﻝ ﺣﺘﻰ ﻳﻐﻔﻞ ﻧﺒﻴﻨﺎ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﺍﻟﺴﻼ‌ﻡ ﻋﻦ ﻫﺬﺍ ﺍﻟﺠﺎﻧﺐ ﻭﻳﺘﺮﻙ ﻟﻚ ﻣﺮﺗﺒﺔ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﺑﻖ ﻟﻼ‌ﻓﺘﺎﺀ؟؟؟؟ ﻟﻠﺸﻴﺦ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﺃﻓﺘﻰ ﺑﺈﺭﺿﺎﻉ ﺍﻟﻜﺒﻴﺮ ... ﻫﻞ ﻏﻔﻞ ﺭﺳﻮﻟﻨﺎ ﺍﻟﻜﺮﻳﻢ ﻋﻦ ﺍﻟﺤﺎﻻ‌ﺕ ﺍﻟﺘﻲ ﺷﻤﻠﺘﻬﺎ ﺑﺈﻓﺘﺎﺋﻚ؟؟ ﻟﻠﺸﻴﺦ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﺃﻓﺘﻰ ﺑﺎﻟﺠﻬﺎﺩ ﻓﻲ ﺑﻼ‌ﺩ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﻠﻤﻴﻦ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﻳﻨﺎﺩﻱ ﺑﺎﺳﻢ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ... ﺃﻟﻢ ﻳﺤﺮﻡ ﺭﺳﻮﻝ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﺨﺮﻭﺝ ﻋﻠﻰ ﺍﻟﺤﺎﻛﻢ ﺣﺘﻰ ﺍﻟﻜﺎﻓﺮ ﺇﻥ ﺳﻤﺢ ﻟﻚ ﺑﺄﺩﺍﺀ ﻣﻨﺎﺳﻚ ﺩﻳﻨﻚ؟؟ ﺃﻡ ﻏﻔﻞ ﺍﻟﺮﺳﻮﻝ ﻋﻦ ﻫﺬﻩ ﺍﻟﺤﺎﻟﺔ ﻭﺗﺮﻙ ﻟﻚ ﻣﺮﺗﺒﺔ ﺍﻟﺴﺎﺑﻖ ﻟﻼ‌ﻓﺘﺎﺀ؟؟ ﻟﻠﺸﻴﺦ ﺍﻟﺬﻱ ﺃﻓﺘﻰ ﺑﺘﺤﺮﻳﻢ ﺍﻟﺠﻬﺎﺩ ﻓﻲ ﺇﺳﺮﺍﺋﻴﻞ .. ﺃﻟﻢ ﻳﻔﺘﻲ ﺭﺳﻮﻟﻨﺎ ﺍﻟﻜﺮﻳﻢ ﺑﺠﻬﺎﺩ ﻻ‌ ﻫﻮﺍﺩﺓ ﻓﻴﻪ ﺿﺪ ﻣﻦ ﻳﺠﺘﺮﺀ ﻋﻠﻰ ﻣﺤﺮﻣﺎﺕ ﺍﻟﻤﺴﻠﻤﻴﻦ؟؟ ﻟﻜﻞ ﺷﻴﻮﺥ ﺍﻟﻌﺼﺮ ... ﺍﻟﺤﻴﺎﺀ .. ﺍﻟﺤﻴﺎﺀ ﻣﻦ ﻭﺟﻪ ﺭﺳﻮﻝ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ..‏“Today, the hypocrites of our time, who even have the temerity to claim they are defending Islam when they are actually its staunchest enemies, are siding with atheistic secularists against true Muslims, they would doggedly back the genocidal regime of Damascus against the Syrian revolution, claiming that the manifestly atheistic heretical regime represents a force of freedom and resistance against Zionism and imperialism.. Their fornication with truth and language is limitless.”  

“Some of these hypocrites are now conspiring against the Egyptian revolution by funding counter-revolutionary thugs who would rather see the country destroyed and torn off to smithereens than see the Sunni Islamist experiment in governance succeed…. 

Unfortunately, some of the states that fund these acts of vandalism and terror in Egypt claim to conduct their affairs according to the Sharia of Islam, even though their actions and policies reflect the Sharia of Iblis (the Devil) than the Sharia of Islam.

Like they stabbed syria in the back they did the same to Gulf states who hosted Iblis brothers for decades. Read the Monafiq exposing his sectarian face, fanning sectarianisn among Muslim nations.

“Some gulf states are now having a fixation on the Islamic movement, especially the Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, a witch-hunt campaign has been underway in some of these Sheikhdoms especially against Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood.  

This is happening while no action whatsoever has been taken against Zionist spies and agents of regional predators who are trying to take over the Arab Gulf to achieve their ancient dreams, including building Greater Persia which extends from Damascus to Afghanistan and from Yemen to Azerbaijan.”

And in case you missed it read him calling the Same Gulf states to unite before its too late not against the Zionist entity but against Iran More links for those who have time to read and learn.


Since I launched this bloq, I did my best to avoid posting and talking about Islam, because I believe there is no compulsion in religion,
“There is no compulsion in religion,” – Holy Qur’an
Religion is a special relation between a human and his creator. I avoided debates between Muslim sects, because I learned that there is one religion and one God, its Islam in its third and final version as revealed to the last prophet and completed before his death. therefore, I am not an Islamic preacher, I am Just a Muslim, an ordinary one, and FULL STOP.
In the tenth year the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) announced that he intended to perform Hajj; this was the only time that he performed Hajj after the Hijrah to Madinah. The Muslims came from all over the Arabian Peninsula to perform Hajj with him. He left Madinah five days before the end of Dhu al Qa’dah (Ibn Hajar, Fath al Bari, 8/104; Ibn Ishaq, with a Hasan isnad (Sirat Ibn Hisham, 4/272). Ibn Kathir, al Bidayah wa al Nihayah, 5/111. This is the same as Ibn Ishaq’s report. He said, “Its isnad is jayyid.”).
When he halted in Arafat, the following Ayah was revealed to him:

 However, on seeing Muslims killing Muslims under the banners of Islam, commiting crimes against both humanity and God under the banner of “allah akber” I can’t stay silent, yes I can’t stay silent while seeing Hamas sending its senior fighters from Gaza to fight in Syria, and seeing our Aqsa shaikh changing the course of Liberating Al-aqsa to Liberating Umayyad Mosque under the banner of liberating the the people of Shaik Ezzedine al-qassam.

32 . On that account: We ordained for the Children of Israel that if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people.Then although there came to them Our apostles with clear signs, yet, even after that, many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.

On the same farewell Haj The Prophet PUH said:

  إن دماءكم، وأموالكم، وأعراضكم، وأبشاركم عليكم حرام، كحرمة يومكم هذا، في شهركم هذا، في بلدكم هذا، ألا هل بلغت؟ قالوا: نعم. قال: اللهم اشهد، فليبلغ الشاهدُ الغائبَ
 Verily your blood and your property are as sacred and inviolable as the sacredness of this day of yours, in this month of yours, in this land of yours. Behold! ….. They (the audience) said: ‘We bear witness that you have conveyed (the message), discharged (the ministry of Prophethood) and given wise (sincere) counsel.’ He (the narrator) said: ‘He (the Prophet) then raised his forefinger toward the sky and pointed it at the people (and said): ‘O God, bear witness, O God, bear witness.””
The report is from Sahih Muslim, 4/38-43…

He delivered another sermon at Mina, when he said, “Do not return to Kufr, killing one another, after I am gone.” (Sahih al Bukhari, Fath al Bari, 8/107; Muslim, Sahih, 1/82)

 قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : لزوال الدنيا أهون على الله من قتل مؤمن بغير حق ولو أن أهل سماواته وأهل أرضه اشتركوا في دم مؤمن لأدخلهم الله النار

“The demise of the world is easier for God than unlawfully killing a believer
 ” لَهَدْمُ الْكَعْبَةِ حَجَرًا حَجَرًا أَهْوَنُ مِنْ قَتْلِ الْمُسْلِمِ
“To demolish the Kaaba stone by stone is easier than killing Muslim 
Whenever you read about Islam, Muslims, Islamists, remember that Islam is something and history of Islam is something else.
I advise Muslim readers to learn that religion has nothing to do with political power. see the following videos

Also learn about the so-called and governance in Islam, wkich started with Khawaarij, Mawdudi, Sayed Qutb.. and ended with Bin Laden and alZawahiri see the following Videos.

However, keep in mind that what you saw is a human understanding based  on moderen reading of the holly text using the epistemological progress


Why Is Morsi Killing Egyptians?

Read in the original Arabic

By: Alaa al-Aswany Translated from As-Safir (Lebanon). 

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi cannot claim that the millions demanding his departure are remnants of the Hosni Mubarak regime, liberals, leftists or opponents of political Islam. The votes of the Muslim Brotherhood alone were not enough to make Morsi win the presidential election; he won the second round of the presidential elections through eight million Egyptians, none of whom were members of the Brotherhood, in addition to a large number of liberal and leftist revolutionaries who supported Morsi to prevent the old regime from returning to power through Morsi’s rival, Ahmed Shafiq.

In other words, the rumors about the existence of a left-wing liberal conspiracy are mere nonsense, and picturing millions of Brotherhood opponents as remnants of the deposed regime is delusional. If the Mubarak regime had had millions of supporters, it would not have been overthrown in the first place. These are all stories with which the Brothers are fooling themselves and their followers, in order to hide the fact that they are now hated by the Egyptian people whom they deceived, suppressed and killed.

On the day after his inauguration as president, Morsi convened a meeting of revolutionary forces at the presidential palace. I attended the meeting and found that representatives from across the national spectrum, from the far left to the far right, were in attendance. While we were talking prior to our meeting with Morsi, I felt that everyone, without exception, was optimistic about the first elected civilian president of Egypt, and everyone was sincerely willing to help the president succeed and spark a renaissance in Egypt.

However, Morsi was quickly doomed to failure in a way that neither his supporters nor his foes expected. A few weeks later, Egyptians were surprised to see that Morsi followed instructions, and that he was detached from reality and from events. It looked to them as if he had just left a cave or lived in a virtual reality, far removed from everyday life.

It was clear to all that Morsi was not the presidency’s decision-maker and that he received decisions prepared in advance from the Brotherhood Guidance Office. He just unwraps the envelope and reads the decisions as if he was the one issuing them.

Halal Milk of Obedience

Egyptians thus discovered that they did not elect a president for Egypt, but a Muslim Brotherhood presidential delegate.

There is a video and a photo that reflect this situation.

The video shows some Muslim Brotherhood members bowing down to the ground, rushing to help the Brotherhood Guide put on his shoes, as his eminence stands, extending his foot to his followers so that they can carry out their solemn mission. The photo shows Morsi standing up to kiss the head of Khairat al-Shater, the governor of the Brotherhood. This summarizes Morsi’s relationship with his guide — Mohammed Badie — and his boss Shater.

Hassan al-Banna Kissing the handof The First saudi king

Egyptians were disappointed by their subordinate president, and their disappointment grew deeper as the president broke his promises, one after another. There isn’t enough space to list Morsi’s false promises: he gives promises without delivering on them, and he is not ashamed of saying something and doing the opposite.

Mursi kissing the hand of mahmoud Izat the Murshid deputy

Later on, Egyptians discovered that the Renaissance Project, which was widely promoted by the Brotherhood media, consisted of nothing but false promises. Morsi lost his credibility very quickly. The scene slowly crystallized: the Brotherhood, supported by the Salafists and former Islamic militants (Jihad and al-Gamaa al-Islamiyya), do not consider Morsi’s assumption of power to be a democratic presidential victory. Instead, they consider this a divine victory over Islam’s enemies (i.e., the rest of the Egyptian people). They decided to use democracy as a ladder to climb to power, and then kick it away so that no one else could follow them.

The Brotherhood simply seeks to reshuffle the Egyptian state so that it can remain in power forever. They want to restore the Islamic caliphate. Suffice it to read a little about the atrocities committed by the Ottoman occupation of Egypt, and the brutal crimes upon which the Umayyad state and the Abbasid state were based, to know that the so-called wise Islamic rule that was in place for 15 centuries only really existed for 31 years (29 years for the Rightly Guided Caliphs and two years for Omar bin Abdul Aziz).

The idea of an Islamic caliphate may be beautiful, but it certainly cannot be restored — because it did not exist in the first place.

But the political Islamic sheiks mobilize their followers under the banner of the caliphate, taking advantage of their historical ignorance and of their agitated religious emotions. The Islamic caliphate is similar to the windmills that Don Quixote fought in Cervantes’ novel, when he imagined that he was fighting the armies of imaginary enemies.

The Brotherhood plans to stay in power forever. This is why Morsi turned into a dictator and issued an unconstitutional declaration granting himself absolute powers that enabled him to do anything he wants.

He destroyed the judicial system and granted himself and his decisions immunity from prosecution. Morsi allowed his followers to surround the Supreme Constitutional Court until the defunct founding committee finished writing the defunct constitution, which was prepared in the Brotherhood’s Guidance Office.

Morsi’s truth was revealed. Thus, Egyptians started peaceful protests in front of the Federal Palace. As a result, Shater sent his armed militias to attack, arrest and brutally torture protesters. Some protesters and Brotherhood members were martyred, all because of Morsi and his boss Shater. The resistance against the new dictator escalated for the simple reason that the Egyptians started a revolution through which they offered thousands of martyrs and tens of thousands of injured people. Egyptians can no longer tolerate a dictator being replaced with another. The Brotherhood’s tyranny is just as bad as their failure in the administration of the state.

Following the death of so many children in the train accident in Assiut, Morsi failed to follow the simplest procedures to prevent the reoccurrence of such an incident. People continue to die in train accidents.

Prices soared and the recession dragged on, while Morsi continued to implore the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to grant him loans. Shater, on the other hand, put forth Islamic sukuk bonds, which were designed to sell Egypt to the highest bidder. The most surprising thing was that the Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy rejected the project as it was in direct conflict with Sharia law. But the Muslim Brotherhood remained obstinate enough to proceed with the project. This is this further proof that the Brotherhood’s main concern is to remain at the helm, which is much more important than the religion that it is trying to flaunt.

The Brotherhood has been exposed in front of the people, who discovered their lies, failure and lack of ability. The Islamist group was left with no other choice but repression.

Morsi used the same criminal methods of former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly. He brutally killed protesters, dragging the people back down into a deep pit of fear and compliance.

While watching him ordering the killing of Egyptians with such brutality over the past few days, one cannot help but wonder: “Has Israel ever murdered 50 Palestinians in one day? Has Israel shot Palestinians while they mourn their dead?”

The Muslim Brotherhood has outshone Israel in murder. The difference, however, between Israel and the Brotherhood is that Israel kills those it considered its enemies, while Morsi has been murdering his fellow Egyptian citizens, many of whom voted for him and celebrated his victory. Apparently, the people were oblivious to the fact that their own president will one day fire at them.

Why is Morsi killing Egyptians?

The most obvious answer is because they are attacking state institutions. Can he not defend state institutions without having to kill people? Does the law not specify progressive measures to deal with protesters, such as the use of tear gas or water hoses? Is there no prior warning before firing at the crowd, such as firing in the air to prevent them from storming into buildings, instead of killing them?

Was it so difficult for the policemen to shoot at the people’s feet instead of targeting their chests and heads, killing them on the spot? Can they not preserve the lives of Egyptians and then arrest them and prosecute them, as is the case in any respectable country?

Dozens of civilians and two policemen have died over the past two days, staining the hands of the Brotherhood with their blood. Morsi is killing Egyptians in the hope of including them under the Brotherhood’s banner. The revolution has, however, eliminated fear forever. No matter how awful the killing will get, Egyptians will no longer be afraid. They will no longer back off.

After killing his own citizens, Morsi emerged to deliver a useless and lame speech. He did not even apologize for the loss of many lives and did not seem keen to overcome this ordeal. Instead, he pointed his finger at us, threatening to commit further killings. Morsi did not forget to thank the police killers, giving the impression that he was calling upon them to continue murdering Egyptians.

Unfortunately, this disregard for human life comes from a person who considers himself to be a religious and pious man, reading the Quran, praying in mosques and growing his beard following the example of the Messenger of God.

Morsi has proven that the true Islam that we cherish is in direct conflict with the Islam embraced by the Muslim Brotherhood.
After threats and intimidation, Morsi ended his miserable speech by calling for dialogue. What sort of dialogue will be had after he has disrupted law and imposed the Brotherhood’s constitution on all Egypt, not to mention the rigged referendum and the ongoing killing of Egyptians?

What is the use of dialogue, Morsi?

The truth is that Morsi does need to hold a dialogue; all he wants is to give the impression of dialogue. The Muslim Brotherhood has lost its credibility at home and abroad. The Islamist group is trying to enhance its ugly image by holding fake meetings to show the world that it is open to revolutionary forces.

Morsi, if you want to save yourself from the ordeal you inflicted on Egypt, you first have to cancel the constitution you imposed on Egyptians against their will. If you want to save yourself from facing the same fate as Mubarak, you have to prosecute the killers of Egyptians, be they police, army or civilians.

Stability can only be achieved through justice, and justice cannot be achieved unless power is returned to the hands of the people who trusted you and voted for you, while you turned into a tyrant, disrupting the law and exercising brutal policies in order to settle into life in power. You will always have the blood of the martyrs who fell in different Egyptians cities on your hands.

The strange thing is that while Mubarak is on trial for killing protesters, Morsi is committing the same crimes but still has enough courage to point his finger at us and threaten us with more killing.

Morsi, you and your Brotherhood belong to the past, while the future belongs to the revolution. Neither you, nor Shater your boss, nor Badie will be able to prevent the future or stifle the revolution.

You have conspired against the revolution from the very beginning. You struck a deal with the army at the expense of the martyrs in order to monopolize rule forever and by any means possible.

Morsi, keep on killing Egyptians, but know that this will not change your destiny or destroy the revolution. Your message has been delivered. The more you kill Egyptians, the greater the wave of the revolution will be, and it will hit you sooner than you think.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Thierry Meyssan: Syrian Conflict Threatens to Degenerate into World War

January 14, 2013

Russian Warning Shots
Thierry Meyssan: Syrian Conflict Threatens to Degenerate into World War
The nature of the Syrian crisis has changed. The process of destabilization that was to open the path for legal military intervention by the Atlantic Alliance has failed. Removing its mask, the United States has publicly announced the possibility of attacking Syria without the approval of the Security Council, as it also did in Kosovo. Washington must be pretending not to have noticed that the Russia of Vladimir Putin is not that of Boris Yeltsin. After being assured of Chinese support, Moscow literally fired two warning shots in the direction of Washington. The continuing violations of international law by NATO and the GCC threaten to unleash a global conflict.

President Vladimir Putin began his third mandate under the sign of sovereignty in the face of direct threats launched against the Russian Federation by the United States and NATO. Moscow has repeatedly denounced the expansion of NATO, the installation of military bases, the deployment of a missile shield on its borders, and the destruction of Libya and the destabilization of Syria.

In the days following his inauguration, Mr. Putin reviewed the Russian military industrial sector, his armed forces and his treaty alliance system. He pursued this course of action while choosing to draw in Syria a line in the sand that must not be crossed. For Putin, NATO’s invasion of Libya was equivalent to the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Third Reich and that of Syria, should it occur, would be comparable to the invasion of Poland that started WWII.

Any interpretation that what is currently happening in the Levant is the result of an internal dynamic of revolution/repression within Syria is not only false but a distortion of the real stakes involved, and simply amounts to more political maneuvering. The Syrian crisis is first and foremost a further stage in the project of “remodeling of the greater Middle East”; a further attempt to destroy the “Axis of Resistance” and the first “war for gas” being played out.

What is actually at stake in Syria is not whether Bashar al-Assad will be able to democratize the institutions he has “inherited” or whether the Wahhabist monarchies of the Gulf will succeed in destroying the last secular regime in the region and impose their sectarianism, but to determine the lines of separation between the emerging power blocs of NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization).

Some of our readers will be startled to read the preceding phrase. Indeed, the Western and Gulf media have been hammering the point day after day that President El-Assad is a “sectarian dictator” working to the advantage of the Alawite minority, while the armed opposition to his authority is portrayed as the incarnation of democratic pluralism. Just a glance at recent events is enough to belie this version.

Bashar al-Assad has successively convened municipal elections, a referendum, as well as legislative elections. All observers unanimously agreed that the elections unfolded in a transparent manner. The degree of popular participation was more than 60% even while the West was denouncing the electoral process as “a farce” and while the Western-backed armed opposition was preventing citizens from getting to the polls in the four districts under its control. At the same time, the armed opposition stepped up its attacks not only against security forces but also against civilians and all the symbols of national culture and of Syria’s multi-confessional character.

They assassinated progressive Sunnis, then randomly killed Alawites and Christians in order to force their families to flee. They burned more than fifteen hundred schools and churches. They proclaimed an ephemeral Independent Islamic Emirate in Baba Amr where they instituted a Revolutionary Tribunal which condemned more than 150 felons, who were then beheaded in public one by one by an executioner. It is certainly not the woeful spectacle of some vagrant politicians, meeting up at the “Syrian National Council” and erecting a facade of democracy having no relation to the reality of the crimes being committed by the so-called Free “Syrian” Army, that will prevent the truth from coming out much longer. In the circumstances, who can believe that the secular Syrian regime, whose exemplary character was celebrated not so long ago, would have turned into a confessional dictatorship, while the Free “Syrian” Army, supported by the Wahhabist dictatorships of the Gulf and obeying the injunctions of Takfirist preachers would conversely be advanced as a paragon of democratic pluralism?

The announcement by U.S. leaders of a possible international intervention outside a U.N. mandate in the same fashion as NATO dismembered Yugoslavia elicted both apprehension and anger in Moscow. The Russian Federation, which until now held itself in a defensive position, has moved to take the initiative. This strategic shift flows from the urgency of the situation from Russia’s point of view and favorable shifts on the ground in Syria.

Moscow proposes to create a Contact Group on Syria that would bring together the ensemble of concerned states, meaning Syria’s neighbors as well as both regional and international powers. Its purpose is to put in place a forum for dialogue to substitute for the current bellicose approach imposed by the West under the Orwellian rubric, the “Friends of Syria Conference.”

Russia continues to support the Annan Plan—which is in fact the scarcely modified plan submitted earlier by Sergei Lavrov to the Arab League. Russia deplores that the plan was not implemented, assigning responsibility for that failure to the opposition faction which took up arms. According to A.K. Lukashevich, spokesperson at the Foreign Ministry, the Free “Syrian” Army is an illegal organization according to international law. It is assassinating twenty to thirty Syrian soldiers each day yet is publicly supported by NATO states and the GCC in violation of the Annan Plan.

Positioning himself as a peacemaker confronting NATO warmongering, Vladimir Putin has demanded that the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) ready itself to deploy its “blue chapkas” in Syria, to both separate the belligerents and combat foreign forces. Nicolai Bordyuzha, secretary-general of the CSTO, has confirmed that he is ready to deploy 20,000 men trained for this type of mission and immediately available.

This would be the first time that the CSTO deploys a peace force outside of former Soviet territory. Cut to the quick, Ban Ki-Moon attempted to sabotage the initiative, countering with his own sudden effort to organize a Contact Group. Convening in Washington the Sanctions Working Group of the “Friends Of Syria Conference”, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton defied the Russian proposal and raised the ante in favor of regime change.

In Turkey, opposition legislators have visited the Syrian refugee camps. They have confirmed the absence of more than one thousand refugees registered by the United Nations in the main camp and noted, by contrast, the presence of an arsenal in the camp. They have also demanded in Parliament that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan reveal the rising amount of humanitarian aid being given to phantom refugees. The deputies maintain that the refugee camp is a cover for a secret military operation, sheltering in reality combatants, principally Libyans who are using it as a rear base. The deputies are asserting that the combatants are those who were introduced in the district of Houla when the massacre was being perpetrated.

These revelations confirm the accusations of the Russian ambassador to the Security Council, Vitaly Churkin, according to which the Special Representative of Ban Ki-Moon in Libya, Ian Martin, had used U.N. funds destined for refugees to bring al Qaeda combatants into Turkey.

In Saudi Arabia, the fracture between King Abdullah and the Sudairi clan has reappeared. At the invitation of the monarch, the Supreme Council of the Oulema issued a fatwa stipulating that Syria is not a land of jihad. At the same time, however, Prince Faisal, the Minister of Foreign Affairs has been calling to arm the opposition against the “Alawites.”

Thursday, June 7 was a day of many significant events. While Ban Ki-Moon and Navi Pillay, respectively Secretary General and High Commissioner of Human Rights, were pleading their case against Syria before the U.N. General Assembly, Moscow proceeded with two test-launches of its intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The Bulava missile draws its name from an ancient Slavic mace used as a baton by the Marshall of the Cossack Armies.Colonel Vadim Koval, spokesman of the Strategic Missile Troops of the Russian Federation (RSVN) confirmed the test of a Topol—launched from a silo near the Caspian Sea, but has not confirmed that of the Bulava from a submarine in the Mediterranean. But the firing was observed from all over the Near East, Israel and Armenia and there is no other known armament that leaves similar tracings in the sky.

The message is clear : Moscow is ready for world war if NATO and the GCC do not comply with the international obligations as defined in the Annan Plan and persist in aiding terrorism.

According to our sources, this shot across the bow was coordinated with the Syrian authorities. Moscow equally had encouraged Damascus to liquidate the “Islamic” Emirate of Baba Amr once the Syrian authority was confirmed by constitutional referendum, as it also encouraged the goverment to wipe out mercenary groups present in the country as soon as the new Parliament and new Prime Minister were installed. The order was given to move from a defensive strategy to offensive action to protect the population from terrorism. The national army moved to attack the strongholds of armed groups. The combat in the coming days is going to be difficult, all the more so in that the mercenaries possess mortars, anti-tank missiles and, as from now, surface to air missiles.

To lessen the rapidly-increasing tension, France immediately accepted the Russian proposal to participate in an ad hoc Contact Group. Washington hurried Frederic C. Hof to Moscow. Contradicting the statements made the day before by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Mr. Hof also accepted the Russian invitation.

The time is past to lament the expansion of combat into Lebanon, or to conjecture about the possible regionalization of conflict. Over the past sixteen months of the destabilization of Syria, NATO and the GCC have created a situation without exit that might well degenerate into global war.

Voltaire Network

Monday 11-06-2012