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Gilad Atzmon Who?

April 11, 2013

A few words by GA: This is one of the most interesting articless on my work as a musician/writer and a public person. I spent two fascinating days with Ariadna in Buenos Aires. Reading this article helped me to understand my own work and the way it is perceived by others.

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

One of the best international jazz musicians of today, philosopher, humanist thinker and author, Gilad Atzmon has been challenging all of us (and primarily Jews) for several years now to examine what defines Jewish Identity Politics (JIP), its core supremacist beliefs, and the many issues that arise from it: its strategies, the various disguises of racism, concealment and suppression of free speech.
The response has never been lukewarm: he has been hailed by some of the most distinguished intellectuals and academicians as “brilliant,” “original” and “profound” or he has been denounced with uniformly unsubstantiated accusations as being a “racist” and/or a “self-hating Jew.”
Since none of those charges carried any credibility, new ones will probably be manufactured in the attempt to silence him.

What is certain is that nobody has yet found him boring or inconsequential.

I have recently returned from a trip to Argentina where I had traveled to meet GA, who had been invited there upon the publication of The Wandering Who in Spanish (La Identidad Errante) by Editorial Canaán in Buenos Aires.

Copies of his book were available in bookstores already.

Buenos Aires is a reading town: it is hard to walk more than four blocks in any direction without finding a bookstore. Gilad marveled at seeing philosophy books displayed in the window of one. (I do not know about the UK but in the US only a bookstore manager bent on bankruptcy would display philosophy books instead of the usual shop window fare, something like “Quick Guide to Having Great Sex While Eating, Shopping and Investing Smartly.”)

He was generous with his time: I ended up spending a couple of full days with him, talking for many hours on end, accompanying him to radio interviews, to a talk he gave to history professors, an engagement in a jazz club, browsing through musical instruments stores and simply walking and enjoying together the unique and stunning beauty of Buenos Aires.

His reception was enthusiastic everywhere we went, although “la identitad politica Judia” is nowhere near as familiar a term as JIP has become in Europe and North America. Here, in South America in general, he does not (or not yet) benefit from the unintentional but helpful marketing support he has received from zionists and “anti-zionist zionists.”

I observed his interactions with people and watched their reactions to his ideas and his music, and most of all talked with him in a desultory fashion on a wide range of topics from the politics of marginal identities to sexual identity (“Sex and Character”), the difficulties of translating German philosophy in other languages, pro-Palestinian activism and its new ‘dietary laws,’ the beauty of national cultures and music, his nostalgic love of his native land, Palestine, his itinerant life style (he had flown to Buenos Aires straight from Japan), people we both know, and even about what constitutes a perfect pizza.

Turning the tables on him, so to speak, and using his own premise, it seems fair to ask:

If GA, a born Israeli Jew (who occasionally refers to himself as a Hebrew-speaking Palestinian), musician, philosopher, humanist thinker and finally a man, insists on critically examining JIP, then we have a right to try to find out who is GA, the itinerant saxophone player and story teller and what is his identity? Gilad Atzmon Who?

For each of us personal identity is made up of many strands of qualifiers with which we identify: idiosyncratic personal identity, sexual identity, professional identity, allegiance to a family, to one’s ethnic group, religion, national identity, universal human family. One of them will always be primary. After all, we know that some men rendered impotent in battle prefer to die than live without their ‘sexual identity,’ while others turned paraplegic but with their intellectual functions intact wish to live, religious zealots would rather kill and die rather than not prevail over their “enemies,” and so on.

It is reasonable to make the assumption that one’s primary identity, that which one chooses as a defining descriptor above others (e.g., “As a Jew, I think that….”) is the allegiance in whose perceived service one is willing to make the most sacrifices, often to the detriment of other “identities. “

Using that assumption, Gilad’s primary identity is without a doubt that of an artist.
What follows is like Magritte’s pipe

It is not Gilad. It is only my impression and rendition of him.

The Musician

At Jazz & Pop in Buenos Aires

That he is a consummate jazz player and a talented composer needs no elaboration at this point. His music has been acclaimed worldwide and not just by those who ever listened to him live or bought his CDs. When I returned to Montevideo I went to my favorite neighborhood caffe to give a gift to the owner – a copy of La Identidad Errante. He looked at it, read the author’s name and said: “I know this guy. I listen to him on youtube.”

“Songs of the Metropolis” was discussed in both of the radio interviews to which I accompanied him. They played Buenos Aires and he explained his admiration for Astor Piazzolla whose music is beautifully evoked by his song.

Gilad also expressed his delight in the Argentineans’ proud attachment to and nurturing of their musical heritage and traditions. Indeed, everywhere we went we could hear tango tunes pouring out of stores, cabs and caffes. In fact, walking in La Boca we passed by an impromptu street scene of ordinary people dancing tango, which I felt worth capturing:


Pride in the tango can be fierce and the controversy about whether the great Gardel was really a Uruguayan or an Argentinean is a cause of rancor between the two neighboring nations. In this light, Gilad’s expression of sincere and deep admiration for Piazzolla alone could make him an honorary Argentinean citizen.

The format of the two radio shows was pretty much the same: a presentation of the artist by the interviewer as musician and writer, a discussion of Songs of the Metropolis, a few intelligent questions about the transformative effect of Gilad’s early acquaintance with jazz and its stellar black performers on his thinking and ethical view of the world, including his “discovery” of Palestinians and their national tragedy, and the message of The Wandering Who. They played Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv and Scarborough and at the end gave the listeners information about his upcoming shows and about the availability of his book in Spanish in local bookstores.

I have no way to gauge the reception of the radio interviews by listeners but later I recognized some of the radio station staff among the audience in the jazz club.

The show was memorable. The jazz club was packed and Gilad seemed, if anything, energized by lack of sleep and the jetlag and totally connected with the audience.

Women seem to be thronging around him at his shows and talks, a fact he dismisses and attributes only to his fame. That is entirely plausible for some of them. It is perhaps the “triangular desire” that Rene Girard describes in Mensonge Romantique et Verité Romanesque, “mediated desire” or “desire according to others.” In other words he is “vetted” as charismatic by the arbiters of fame. Others may find him attractive because—no offense to Gilad—almost any man can become attractive when he plays his saxophone with abandon. Bill Clinton, although he never seems to have advanced beyond the saxophone version of Chopsticks surely knows that. There is perhaps something about the sight of a man passionately immersed in his playing (not the tuba though) that makes some women wish to grab some of that intense concentration and try to have it turn on themselves. John Berger thinks that “to be passionately desired is perhaps the closest one can get in this life to feeling immortal” (“ser deseado con pasión es tal vez lo mas parecido que se pueda alcanzar en esta vida a sentarse inmortal”—El Cuaderno de Bento). Nevertheless his incessant talking about his beautiful wife, with evident admiration, must be a killer to the hopes of even the most determined female stalkers or the fakers wishing to test his “male chauvinism.”

The audience was electrified by his performance (with the somewhat self-effacing Juampi Juarez trio) and brought to an ovation by his scatting, pouring forth from somewhere deep, almost in a frenzied trance.

The Story Teller

It was his scatting also that made me think that, indissolubly linked to his identity as a musician, he has a twin primary identity as the Story Teller, in the mold of Mario Vargas Llosa’s main character in the eponymous novel.

In the Amazonian jungle, among the natives, Llosa narrates, there was a Story Teller, a man whose life mission was to roam from one isolated group/tribe to another and another, all across the vast and almost impenetrable jungle to sing the truth and to record and revise history. Given the difficulties and perils of the trek he only got to visit each community once a year.

Upon his arrival all gathered to hear him sing the Story that told them about themselves and others like them, from the beginnings of creation to present day events, like news of births and deaths and impending perils in all the places he had been visiting since his last meeting with them.

The Story was never quite the same from one visit to the next not only because it was growing with more additions of news and events but also because the memory of the past was changing and enriched by new learning.

The Story reminded them that they were not alone although they were isolated and only rarely got to really know any of the other tribes, with whom they became acquainted mostly from his Story. Nevertheless, it was clear from his Story that the others were very much like them.

To be the Story Teller was a function of great responsibility but also great personal sacrifice: enduring the life of a lone wanderer.

Llosa eventually reveals that the Story Teller was a Peruvian Jew who had abandoned his “tribe” and the larger urban culture he belonged to, and chose to live among the real people of the land, the old inhabitants pushed deep into the jungle by the “civilization” of the invading colonists. When they honored him by appointing him Story Teller, he became their singer of history, keeper of truth and teacher.

His recital, in the form of a sung epic, also contained a refrain, much like an invocation, a repetition that, when uttered fast over and over unraveled words and became only sound, like scatting.
In his own way, combining music with his Story and carrying the compact universal message to all as he wanders all over the world, Gilad Atzmon is also the Story Teller.

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I’m an Israeli Soldier (must watch)

March 31, 2013
Israel popular culture provides us with a perfect insight into Israeli collective morbidity. This is what Israeli consume culturally, this is how they interpret the meaning of their Jewish identity. This is the true reality of the Jewish state..

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Double Standards for Prisoners Vanished In "Israel"

February 17, 2013
By: Yahya Dbouk
Al-Akhbar daily, February 15, 2013
The case of Ben Zygier, known as “Prisoner X,” has opened the door to questions about the possibility of “Israel” secretly detaining other prisoners and abductees.
Zygier, a Jewish-Australian citizen, died in an “Israeli” prison two years ago, in a case “Israel” went to extreme lengths to cover up, imposing media gag orders.
Until recently, the global norm was to accept that “Israel” is an entity where the rule of law is paramount.
This is not the first time “Israel” has hidden information related to the whereabouts and conditions of prisoners. Consider, for example, reports of the three Iranian diplomats kidnapped by the Lebanese Forces during the “Israeli” invasion of Lebanon in 1982, who were reportedly moved to prisons in occupied Palestine.
Then consider the case of Lebanese prisoner Yahya Skaf. In addition to a wealth of reporting on his case, testimonies by other detainees all aver that he is still alive and being held in an “Israeli” prison. It’s a claim that Tel Aviv denies, maintaining that it lost Skaf’s body.
In the same vein, reports from various sources assert that Iranian General Mohammed Reza Asgari, who was kidnapped in Turkey in 2007, is being held in “Israel”.
Until recently, the global norm was to accept that “Israel” is an entity where the rule of law is paramount. Any reports that questioned “Israel’s” democratic credentials were considered prejudiced or even anti-Semitic.
Yet if Tel Aviv was able to conceal the truth about Zygier for so long – the fact that he had committed suicide more than two years ago – then it’s entirely fathomable that “Israel” is withholding the truth about other prisoners like Skaf, Asgari, and the above-mentioned Iranian diplomats.
The answer is now clear and backed up by damning evidence: “Israel” has both the capability and the willingness to engage in such acts.
A simple hypothetical exercise. Let’s say the kidnapping, detention, and subsequent suicide of the Australian Prisoner X had happened to another detainee of a different nationality. How would the global media reaction differ? Would it have been as fervent as with the Australian Prisoner X?
Just look to the cases of the Lebanese and Iranian detainees, specifically with the three Iranian diplomats and General Asgari. Iran repeatedly declared that it had evidence as to their whereabouts, and the Iranian press reported extensively on the matter. Yet “Israeli” denials were enough to refute the Iranian account. Western and “Israeli” reports did not stop there, and Iran was even mocked as a source of fabricated news.
The same applies to cases involving Lebanese citizens, such as Skaf. “Israel” cannot possibly deny it has him, and that he had entered occupied Palestine. For one thing, Tel Aviv’s claims about Skaf and his lost body make little sense. If he had been a citizen of Australia, or other nations of similar stature, “Israel’s” account would have differed.
“Israeli” assertions that Tel Aviv had kept the Australian government in the loop on Prisoner X created more – not less – ramifications. Indeed, “Israel” is not only able to hide the facts and detain people in secret, but also to involve Western governments in the cover-up.
Secret Prisoners of “Israel’s” Past
Mohamad Bdeir
“Israel” is not only able to hide the facts and detain people in secret, but also to involve Western governments in the cover-up.

Ben Zygier’s is not the first case where the authorities in Tel Aviv detained someone in secret, isolating them from the outside world and denying their existence. The “Israeli” tradition in this regard dates back to the 1950s, with the precedent set in the arrest of Mordechai ‘Motke’ Kedar.

Kedar served in Unit 131 of the military intelligence and was detained for the murder of an agent working for Mossad during a mission in Argentina.
When Kedar was arrested in 1957, his imprisonment was kept under wraps. The only details that surfaced at the time were reported by the “Israeli” daily Yedioth Ahronot, It was able to report the detention of a “secret agent” before the military censors in Israel imposed a gag order.
Kedar remained in a secret section of the Ramle prison for 17 years. He was also nicknamed “Prisoner X.” After his 1974 release, he immediately left “Israel”. Kedar returned in the 1990s to demand a retrial, but to no avail.
After Kedar, there was the case of Shabtai Kalmanovich, a Lithuanian Jew who was recruited by the KGB in exchange for allowing him to emigrate from the USSR to “Israel”. There, he became active in the Labor party, and served as a parliamentary assistant for a Labor MP.  
Kalmanovich was arrested years later on charges of passing information to Soviet intelligence for 17 years. He spent five years in prison before he was granted an early release due to his health. In 2009, Kalmanovich was shot dead by unknown assailants in Moscow and was buried afterwards in Israel.
Avraham Marcus Klingberg, a Polish Jew, was another secret detainee. He enlisted in the Red Army during World War II and then emigrated to “Israel”. Klingberg served in the “Israeli” army, and rose through the ranks to lieutenant colonel. After that, he served as the deputy head of a biological institute that was responsible, according to press reports, for weapons research.
He was arrested in 1977, and during his interrogation, he admitted that he had been working for the Soviets for 20 years, during which he relayed classified information on “Israel’s” biological and chemical weapons research.
Klingberg was sentenced to 20 years in prison, but his detention was kept secret for ten years. In the late ‘90s, his sentence was shifted to house arrest. In 2003, he left “Israel” to live in France.
Another case involves Mordechai Vanunu, the famous nuclear whistleblower who was kidnapped by Mossad in Italy in 1986. Vanunu was tried and jailed in “Israel” for 18 years for exposing secrets related to the “Israeli” nuclear program that employed his as a technician.
Similarly, Yitzhak Yaakov, a brigadier general in the “Israeli” army reserve, was arrested and tried in secret in 2001 for disclosing national security secrets in his autobiography.
In most cases where the “Israeli” authorities engaged in secret proceedings and cover-ups, the excuse cited was preserving national security secrets. However, there are other cases where “Israel” secretly detained people for years after kidnapping them.  
One prominent case of this kind involves six Lebanese prisoners who were handed over to “Israel” by the Lebanese Forces in the late 1980s. “Israel” kept their detention secret for over seven years before notifying the International Committee of the Red Cross of their existence as part of negotiations for a prisoner swap with the Resistance.

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Exorcism / When Peoples Recover Dignity

January 19, 2013
By Daniel Mabsout,


We have been cheated for so long and we have contributed to the plight that has been inflicted on us . We have glorified our enemies and turned them into gods and idols, we have turned them into examples and models to all . The more cruel they proved to be the more we surrendered to them and acknowledged their authority and superiority and this is what made them even more determined to transgress human and natural laws and commit what they commit .

We have followed them blindly and made them lead us on the way of knowledge and science and progress and success. We believed that they were the promising future and the bright tomorrows . We felt that there was no alternative but follow their steps and walk in their trails. We knew probably that we could never catch up with them and that we will lag behind endlessly, nevertheless we continued on the same pace and playing the same tune , each step forward made us more dispossessed and vulnerable .

Gradually we were stripped of our culture and language and tradition while thinking that we were treading the path of progress . We made the enemies our reference, we overlooked their horrors and crimes , we thought these were the price we have to pay for the betterment of humanity in general , and we were ready to pay the price as high as it proved to be . Palestine was taken which was a big thing in itself and then our resources were exploited and taken , our language our heritage were declared useless , our traditions outdated , our society inadequate, our thinking reactionary , our heritage empty .

This is what our enemy made of us : a complete failure , leaving us in want of everything , demonizing us thus, making us convinced that our culture and civilization were defective and in great need to be straightened and redeemed . This process of demonizing touched all people : the Natives , the Africans , the Arabs , the Muslims . The western monster demonized all keeping all the good attributes to himself and acting in the name of God and religion and welfare of humanity while helpless we watched this usurping of the morals and principles in which we had faith.

Without this demonizing process the indigenous t could not be stripped of everything including his own identity. We rejected what could not be admitted or praised by the superior west, we became thus removed from our cultural and social and historical identity . We became nobody and therefore it became easy to fill us with anything including the big lie of the civilized west .

This lasted until something unusual happened . It happened in Iran. The great achievement of the Islamic Revolution of Iran was to recover the lost treasure , to give back to us our identity and superiority and reality and above all our dignity . Once this war of dignity won , once the cultural and spiritual superiority of the indigenous over the predators asserted and confirmed and experienced, then all the other wars could be easily won.

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‘US hates Iran, because…..’

December 20, 2012

Islamic Republic of Iran is among the very few world nations (Cuba and Venezuela being the two others) which have broken the chains of the western Zionist bankers’ imperialism. That’s the major reason the former western colonial powers have been threatening Iran with sanctions and war for the last three decades.

Iranian have suffered at the hands of foreign powers (Russian, British and Americans) for centuries. The 1979 Islamic Revolution open a door of national independence and dignity for them. Since then, Iranian have not backed-down against all odds – and finally became “the most powerful regional nation“, according to Lord David Owen, former British foreign secretary, Daily Record, December 16, 2011.

In 1980, an Iranian jailer summed-up Iranian mindset when the chief of US embassy staff, Bruce Laingen, called his imprisnment “immoral, illegal and totally wrong”. He replied to Laingen: “You have nothing to complain about. The United States took our entire country hostage in 1953“.
Recently, professor Rodney Shakespeare (Jakarta’s Trisakti University), a world renowned political commentator told Namavaran Network Corporation (NNC) that United States hates Iran for later’s independence from the westen-controlled World Order and Iran’s support of anti-Israel resistance groups.

The USA hates any country, such as Iran, which wants to be independent. Which is why the USA is continually pushing for a regime change in Tehran. On top of that the USA’s foreign policy is to support the Zionist entity in every possible way, which means, if at all possible, the general destruction of any Islamic country (Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) and the specific destruction of Iran. Iran stands firm against ever-expanding Israel which has a Nazi-like policy of lebensraum, i.e., Israel believes that there are lands inhibited by a sub-human species who may be expelled leaving the lands for Zionist expansion (Eretz Yisrael). Israel, apart from committing war crimes, is implementing a creeping genocide in Gaza and Palestine – and Iran is the only country giving clear, unambiguous opposition. The USA actively supports the (Palestinian) genocide,” said Rodney Shakespeare.

Professor Rodney Shakespeare also added that Washington have been lying about Iran’s intentions to produce nuclear weapons for the last 20 years. “However, there are signs that the world is begining to wake-up to the Zionist lies and America’s unreasonable hatred of Iran is increasingly being noticed by sensible people everywhere“, he said. Read the entire interview here.

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Jordan Leads Meetings between Syrian Rebels and US, Zionist Intel. Officers

November 13, 2012

Local Editor


Jordan King Abdullah IIThe American newspaper Wall Street Journal revealed Sunday that Jordan organizes meetings between officers of the American and the Zionist intelligence services with Syrian soldiers who defected and fled to Jordan.

“The Jordanian intelligence services organized for officers and officials of the Israeli and U.S. intelligence interrogation sessions with Syrian soldiers, who fled to Jordan in order to extract information about the Syrian army and liaise with Syrian officers, “said the paper on the role of Jordan in aiding to intensify the Syrian uprising.

Started last spring, the role of Jordan continued in buying and transferring weapons financed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar to the militia of the so-called ‘free Syrian army’. The daily ensures that Jordanian intelligence services officers regularly meet with the Syrian militia leaders, facilitating their coming and going across the borders, and discussing with them issues and strategic military.
In exchange for this assistance, Riyadh and Doha pay cash, Amman has received assurances from Saudi Arabia and Qatar that it will get economic aid and security.

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Flooding Syria with Foreign Arms: A View from Damascus

November 9, 2012

Franklin Lamb


Across Syria these days, one is able to examine massive evidence that this ancient civilization, the historic bastion of nationalist Arabism and since the 1948 Nabka, an essential pillar of the growing culture of Resistance to the Zionist occupation of Palestine, is becoming awash with foregin arms being funneled to “rebels” by countries advocating regime change.

This observer has been researching foreign arms transfers into certain Middle East countries since last summer in Libya, where to a lesser degree the identical foreign actors were involved in faciliating the transfer of arms and fighters to topple the then, “Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.”

During a recent stay in Syria, I was able to observe first hand, substantial demostrative evidence supporting the thesis that American, Zionist and Gulf intelligence agencies as well as private arms dealers from these countries top the list of of more than two dozen countries benefiting from the crisis in Syria by injecting arms. These counries gain politically and financially, via governmental and black market arms transfers.

Which countries are sending the most weapons into Syria to arm militia?

A list of the top 24 countries, among the more than three dozen that are currently ivolved in sending weapons to Syria to achieve regime change include:

USA, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, UK, France, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Portugal, Poland, Yugoslavia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, and Argentina.

Nearly two-thirds of the above listed arms suppliers are members of NATO and constitute almost half of NATO’s 28 country membership.

Russia is not included in the above list because it is the main supplier of arms to the Syrian government. Yet, one finds older USSR era weapons and even some more recent vintage Russian arms in rebel hands, the latter from the decade (12/79-2/89) of Soviet, occupation of Afghanistan. Also offering Russian weapons are a growing number of black market arms dealers of whom there is no shortage along the Turkey-Syrian border and elsewhere.

This recent visitor to Syria was offered near the Old City, AK 47’s (Russian Kalashnikovs) or Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG) for $ 1,800 (in Lebanon today and before the Syrian crisis the price was around $800. After some bargaining and starting to walk away a couple of times, the “special one-time only price for an American friend” dropped to $ 750 each. Russian made Dragunov sniper rifles are being offered at $ 6,500 but can be bought for around $ 5000.

Buying arms these days in Syria is a caveat emptor proposition. Fake weapons and military rejects/defects are also being offered by hustlers from nearby countries including Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey.

The involvement of numerous countries in the Syrian crisis as arms suppliers and political operatives was tangencialy referenced by the recent UN Security Council Statement of 12/25/12 which admits the existence of foreign actors and implies their arms supplying activities by urging “all regional and international actors to use their influence on the parties concerned to facilitate the implementation of the (Eid al Adha) ceasefire and cessation of violence.”

Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Bashar al-Jaafari observed last week:

“This part of the [Security Council] press statement, mentioned for the first time, proves Syria’s view repeated since the beginning of the crisis on the existence of Arab, regional and international parties influencing the armed groups negatively or positively. Therefore, those parties need to be addressed.”

One of the key challenges for the UN and Arab League envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi whose aides told this observer at the Dama Rose hotel on 10/22/12 where we were staying, is:  “We need to persuade key countries in the Middle East, but also internationally, not to support the rebels with arms.

The failed initiative of envoy Brahimi, was the third ceasefire attempt to date following the December 2011Arab League proposal and the April 2012 Kofi Annan initiative, both of which were endorsed by the Syrian government and most of the world community. Some rebel militia, but not nearly enough, did endorse the Brahimi four day Eid al Adha ceasefire only to have it collapse this past weekend. To his credit, Brahimi continues his work.

The same Brahimi sources suggested that the United States may also be supplying man-portable air-defense systems (Manpods) to rebels in Syria.

According to Russian Foregin Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich, speaking on 12/15/12: “At the same time, it is also well-known that Washington is aware of supplies of various types of arms to illegal armed groups operating in Syria. Moreover, the United States, judging by admissions by American officials that have also been published in American media, is conducting coordination and providing logistical support for such supplies.” NBC News, based in New York reported in July that Syrian insurgents had obtained two dozen US MANPADS, delivered from Turkey.

A month after the October 2011 death of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced in Tripoli that the U.S. was committing $40 million to help Libya “secure and recover its weapons stockpiles.” Congressional sources report that the Obama administration is fully aware that quantities of these arms are current in Syria and more in transit.

With respect to arms moving from Libya to Syria, on the night of Sept. 11 Libya time, in what was his last public meeting, US Ambassador Christopher Stevens met with the Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin, and accompanied him to the consulate front gate just before the assault began. Although what was discussed has not yet been made public, Washington sources including the pro-Zionist Fox News speculate that Stevens may have been in Benghazi negotiating a weapons transfer, from Libya to Syria.

Earlier this year, Assistant Secretary of State for Political and Military Affairs Andrew Shapiro expressed concerns that the increasing flow of Libya arms was far from under control. Speaking to the Stimson Center in Washington D.C. on 2/10/12 Shapiro said:

“This raises the question — how many weapons and missiles are still missing? The frank answer is we don’t know and probably never will.”

Al-EntisarAccording to a 10/14/12 report by the Times of London, a vessel flying the Libyan flag named Al Entisar (Victory), loaded with more than 400 tons of cargo, docked in southern Turkey 35 miles from the Syrian northern border. While some of the undeclared cargo was likely humanitarian, staff accompanying UN envoy Brahimi during his recent Syrian trip report the Al Entisar also carried the largest consignment of foreign weapons to date, including surface-to-air anti-aircraft missiles, RPG’s and MANPADS destined for Syria.

Partly because of the jihadists and arms entering Syria from its northern border, southern Turkey is increasingly referred to here in Damascus as “New Afghanistan”, given its matrix of jihadists, salafists, wahabists, and battle-hardened panoply of arriving foreign would-be mujahedeen and al Qaeda affiliates.

Remarkably, as was witnessed in 2007, during the conflict at the Nahr al Bared Palestinian refugee camp in north Lebanon, some of the arriving eager jihadists in “New Afghanistan” actually believe that they are fighting against Zionist forces near occupied Palestine and not killing fellow Arabs in Syria.

Some, but not all of the many types of small arms flowing into Syria in large numbers, and viewed by this observer include:

7.62mm Tabuk (Yugoslavia) rifles, Mass rifles (UK), 7.62 mm rifles (Poland), 12 mm rifles (Italy), 7.62 mm Kalashnikovs (several countries versions), 9 mm ‘fast gun’, (Austria), 7.62 mm Val (Belgium), G3 7.62 mm G3 rifles (Germany), 7.5mm model 36 rifles (France), M16 and a variety of sniper and other rifles (USA), 7.62 rifles (Bulgaria, 10.5 Uzi and other automatic machine guns, three types of hand grenades (Israel), 9 mm guns (Canad), 7 mm guns (Czech Republic), 7 mm guns (Brazil),

The observer also examined and was briefed on M72 LAW and AT-3 anti-tank missiles developed by the United States. But the extent of their use is difficult to verify. Most of the arms shown in accompanying photos are from the main urban centers and near the Turkish, Iraqi, Lebanese and Jordanian borders.

In tightly built up urban areas such as Homs, Idlib and Aleppo, door to door fighting includes a battle among snipers. According to one Syrian military intelligence source in whose Damascus office this observer discussed the subject, the most frequently confiscated sniper rifles currently being found in the hands of “rebels” include:

  • · the U.S. Army & USMC M1903-A4 (also: USMC M1903-A1/Unertl), the U.S. Army & USMC M1C & M1D and U.S. Army M21;
  • · the Israeli M89SR Technical Equipment International 7.62x51mm NATO Semi-automatic, Galil Sniper Rifle and the T.C.I. M89-SR,
  • · the British .243 Winchester, 7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Winchester,.300 Winchester Magnum, and the 338 Lapua Magnum Bolt action sniper rifles.

A few Afghanistan era Russian Dragonov SVD and SV-98 sniper rifles have also been confiscated among an assortment of others.

Foreign jihadists have some access to Soviet-era DShK heavy machine guns or ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft cannons which are used for anti-aircraft and fire support. Both use fairly scarce high-explosive rounds and armor-piercing rounds, which are capable of penetrating the armor of the Syrian military’s BMP infantry fighting vehicles. The ZU-23-2 “Sergey”, also known as ZU-23, is a Soviet towed 23 mm anti-aircraft cannon. Vehicle mounted Zu-23-2’s are relatively easy to spot by government aircraft and artillery units are used to attack a target and quickly flee to avoid counter strikes.

On 10/25/12 Russia reiterated its claims that the US assists and coordinates arms deliveries to foreign-sponsored insurgents battling the Syrian government forces. Russia’s chief military officer said that Syrian armed groups have acquired US-made weapons, including Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. This observer saw many weapons from more than a dozen types of IED’s (improvised explosive device) to medium sized artillery pieces but no missiles.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry issued statement of 10/25/12,

“Washington is aware of the deliveries of various weapons to illegal armed groups active in Syria. Moreover, judging by the declarations of US officials published in US media, the US coordinates and provides logistical assistance in such deliveries.”

Some analysts in Damascus claim that Syria’s potential military strength has not been as effective as it could be in the current urban fights against rebels. The government appears very strong militarily if one studies the statistics regarding Syria’s large and disciplined army which continues its support and also given its sophisticated long range missiles, air defense systems that have deterred an airborne attack from Israel. One reason progress has at times appeared slow against the “rebels” according to some local analysts was a certain initial unpreparedness to confront highly motivated guerrilla militia in downtown densely populated areas.

These kinds of battles, it is claimed, require a mobile infantry, armored flexibility and very effective use of light arms. The Assad government’s “adapt, catch up and go on the offensive” paradigm is developing rapidly according to US Senate Armed Service Committee sources who assert that the Syria army has actually become battle hardened, tougher, stronger and more disciplined over the past several months. But it has taken time and has incurred a significant cost.

Weapons examined by this observer in Syria during 10/12 include some of the more than 1,750 new American sniper rifles channeled from Iraq and NATO supply stores to rebel militia.

How foreign weapons are entering Syria

As widely speculated particularly in the regional media, foreign supplied weapons to “rebels” arrive by air, sea and mainly by land from Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and occupied Palestine.

Israel is reported, by some researchers in Damascus who have been covering the crisis for nearly 20 months, to be sending arms to Syria from Kurdistan, having had much experience in Africa, South America and Eastern Europe via Mossad and Israeli black market arms dealing.
What Israel did in Libya in terms of a wide spread arms business it is also trying to do in Syria. Israeli arms, according to Syrian and Lebanese sources are being transported into Syria from along the tri-border area of South Lebanon, near Shebaa Farms, close to Jabla al-Saddaneh, and Gadja. In addition, Israeli smugglers have increasingly, over the past five months, been seen by locals moving arms inside Syria via the Golan Heights. These violations of Syrian and Lebanese sovereignty raise serious questions about the vigilance of the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force Zone (UNDO) based in the Golan Heights as well as the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) and the Lebanese Army as well as National Lebanese Resistance units near the ‘blue line’ to stop the these illicit Israeli arms transfers.

The recent arrival in southern Turkey and along the northern Syrian border of Blackwater mercenaries is expected to increase the foreign arms flow. Currently using the name Academi (previously known as Xena- Xe Services LLC, Blackwater USA and Blackwater Worldwide) Academi is currently, according to Jane’s Defense Weekly, the largest of the US governments “private security” contractors. Details of its relationship with the US Defense Department and the CIA are classified.

Is there a coherent US policy toward the Syrian crisis?

Secretary of State Clinton has been announcing recently that the U.S. is increasing its “non-lethal support” (i.e. direct shipments as opposed to boots on the ground or ballistic weapons) according to her Congressional liaison office. She also confirmed that Washington is working with its friends and allies to promote more cohesion among the disparate Syrian opposition groups with the aim of producing a new leadership council following meetings scheduled for Doha in the coming weeks.
However, to the consternation of the State Department, General David Petraeus the former US commander of NATO forces in Iraq, now director of the CIA acknowledged, during his senate confirmation hearings.

“Non-lethal aid to combatants, including communication equipment, is sometimes more lethal and important than explosive devices due to the logistical advantages they provides on the battlefield.”

In tandem with the US, the UK and several European governments are supplying “non-lethal” aid to the Syrian opposition, including satellite communications equipment according to Syria security sources.

There is also plenty of anecdotal and demonstrative and probative evidence in Syria of human weapons patterned on the “Zarqawi model” which refers to the bloody al Qaeda in Mesopotamia campaign named for its leader Abu Musab al Zarqawi after U.S. troops occupied Iraq.

QaedaIn a speech this week in Zagreb, Croatia, this week, Secretary of State Clinton insisted that any group seeking to oust President Bashar al-Assad must reject attempts by extremists to “hijack” a legitimate revolution. She added, “There are disturbing reports of heavily armed foreign extremists going into Syria and attempting to take over.”

Clinton used her strongest words to date concerning risks that the uprising in Syria could be overtaken by militants who do not seek a democratic replacement or the reforms that the current government claims it is trying to implement. She told her conferees:

“We made it clear that the SNC can no longer be viewed as the visible leader of the opposition. They can be part of a larger opposition, but that opposition must include people from inside Syria and others who have a legitimate voice. We also need an opposition that will be on record strongly resisting the efforts by extremists to hijack the Syrian revolution. There are disturbing reports of heavily armed extremists going into Syria and attempting to take over.”

Clinton advised her colleagues that the US has become convinced that the SNC does not represent the interests of all ethnic and religious groups in Syria and that it has little legitimacy among on-the-ground activists and fighters, and has done little to stem the infiltration of Islamist extremists into the opposition forces.

Clinton’s language is being interpreted by some as evidence that a post-election Obama Whitehouse, she he win on November, may move toward the Russian, Chinese, and Iranian position and away from, what one Congressional source derisively labeled, “ the view from the Gulf gas stations” i.e. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some other despotic monarchies.

The intervention in Syria by more than three dozen countries supplying weapons must be stopped. Both sides of the Syrian crisis need to manifest by actions, not just words, a serious commitment to meaningful dialogue. The above noted arms supplying countries, and others off stage, have a solemn obligation to their citizens and to the world community to immediately halt the shipment of arms.
They should, and their people should demand that they do without further delay, honor the words of Isaiah 2:3-5….”and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.”
Granted, perhaps a cliché and certainly far easier said than done.

Yet, as Oregon’s late great US Senator Wayne Morse used tell audiences around America during the Vietnam War, quoting General George Marshall, “The only way we human beings can win a war is to prevent it.”

It’s time for the international community to end the Syrian crisis diplomatically, stop funneling arms and cash fueling hoped for regime change elements. Instead, they must demand that all the involved parties immediately engage in serious dialogue and settle their differences.

Franklin Lamb, just returned from Syria and is reachable c/o

Source: Al-Manar Website

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Omar Khadr returns home in chains

October 3, 2012

Yesterday, Toronto-born child soldier, Omar Khadr, who spent ten years at Guantánamo Bay concentration camp, returned home in chains. He is being kept in maximum security facility at Canadian military base in Trenton, Ontario. Canada’s Public Safety Minister, Vic Toews, a known Israel-Firster Zionist announced by saying: “Omar Khadr is known supporter of Al-Qaeda terrorist network and a convicted terrorist“.

Vic Toews’ bigotary is understandable. He calls Omar “terrorist” for defending his parent’s homeland (Afghanistan) invaded by the Zionist-controlled western governments for the heroin trade – controlled by Zionist Jewish mafia and the exploitation of Caspian Sea oil reserves for Israel. However, last year during his meetings with Israeli prime minister Netanyahu, heads of Israeli terrorist organizations Tamir Pardo (Mossad) and Yoran Cohen (Shin Bet) – he told them that Canada’s Stephen Harper government would never abandon the Zionist regime.

Vic’s associating Omar with the phony Al-Qaeda shows his ignorance. The former British foreign secretary Robin Cook, authors R.T. Naylor and Peter Chamberlin and many other politicians and scholars are on record for saying that there is no Islamic terrorist group named Al-Aqaeda. It was a cooked-up scheme of the Zionist mafia to demonize, invade and destroy the Muslim countries for the benefit of the Zionist entity.

Vic Toews’ state of mind is reflected by one of his many stupid and disgusting comments. “Stand with us or the child pornographers,” he is on tape for saying. I wonder if Vic Toews really knows that pornography, sex slavery and prostitution trades are all dominated by the Zionist Jews and Israel.

Omar Khadr was captured by America’s Afghan allies, the Nothern Alliance, when he was 15-year-old and sold to US occupation forces. During all his 10 years of imprisionment in the United States, Ottawa never went to his help as a Canadian citizen or asked his extradition for trail in Canada. Omar will be spending his remaining sentence awarded by a US military ‘kangroo court’ in Canadian jail.
American academic, author and radio talkshow host, Kevin Barrett PhD, wrote on Khadr’s transfer from US jail to Canadian jail on September 29, 2012. Read the entire post here.

At age 15, Khadr fought valiantly against the war criminals who, brainwashed by the Zionist-produced 9/11 Hollywood spectacular, illegally invaded Afghanistan, to re-start the global heroin trade,” wrote Dr. Barrett.

Normally, a heroic enemy soldier is respected by his adversaries. If that soldier is defending a nation against an illegal war of aggression, his heroism merits even more respect. But rather than giving the fifteen year old lion of the battlefield the applause and adulation he so obviously deserved, the American war criminal authorities decided to lock him up and torture him – indefinitely. And in one of the most ludicrous Orwellian twists in history, the war criminals charged Khadr – a child soldier who fought with extraordinary bravery against one of the worst wars of aggression ever – with being a war criminal!,” says Dr. Barrett.

So who is ultimately responsible for this mind-boggling miscarriage of Justice? “The Zionist propaganda machine,” Kevin provides answer to his own question.
My earlier posts on Omar Khadr can be read here and here.

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Palestinians Sticking to Identity, Despite Israeli Bids to Wipe It out

May 14, 2012

Marwa Haidar

“I’m from Um Khaled in Palestine,” said Abu Ahmad, 70, insisting on the Arabic name of his village.

“But it has another name now that I don’t know…. Even I don’t want to know this fake name,” added Abu Ahmad.

David Ben-Gurion visits Um Khaled “Netanya,”

While asking his son, Ahmad, about the name of their village, the 39 year old man answered with regret: “It’s Netanya.”

Um Khaled is one of many Palestinian villages and cities whose names have been changed by the Zionist entity since the occupation of Palestine in 1948.

The Zionist enemy has been working hard since the Nakba (Catastrophie) to give Hebraic names for the cities and villages its forces had occupied.

“Sorry to say it, but there are now some Palestinians and Arabs who are abiding by these names without knowing the real ones,” noted Ahmad.

While making a small search for the names of Palestinian villages and cities, there have been a lot of villages whose original names were effaced.

The Palestinian village of Ayla, its name has been changed into Eilat. Even when the one searches for the village’s name on the internet, the result would be on Wikipedia (The Free Encyclopedia): “Eilat (Hebrew: אֵילַת‎‎, Arabic: إيلات‎).”

judaization of Palestinian villages names
However, according to the Palestinian writer Shukri Arraf’s book, Geaographical locations in Palestine, Arabic and Hebraic names, Ayla or Aqbat Ayla is a Palestinian village whose name is change into Eilat.

In addition to Um Khaled and Ayla, there are Safed, al-Quds, Bisan, Asqalan, Natzeret and more and more… These villages’ names have been changed into Tzfat, Yerushaláyim, Beit She’an, Ashkelon and Natzeret, respectively.


“The act of making the names of Palestinian villages and cities Hebraic is a bid to judaize Palestine,” said the Palestinian writer, Yassir Ali.
In an interview with al-Manar Website, Ali stressed that the Israeli enemy’s attempts to judaize Palestine were doomed to fail.

“From my point of view it is a failed attempt. Making the names of the villages and cities Hebraic possibly would take place, but the Judaization would not.”

The Palestinian writer also said the term of Judaization was not accurate to describe these Israeli acts, preferring to call the moves as theft.

“It is not accurate to describe these acts as judaization since it has a religious aspect, and religions do not permit to extort the rights of others.”

“We can name these moves as theft since the Israelis have been pinching whatever is related to the Palestinian heritage.”

In this context, Ali said that this theft has been taking other forms than changing the names of the villages and cities.
“The Israeli enemy has been trying hard to efface some of the Palestinian heritage, steal some others and ascribe the rest, in order to wipe out Palestine from the map,” the writer told our website.


Ali said that the Zionist entity has been fighting the Palestinians even through the curriculum, giving some examples.
“The Israeli enemy effaced the term of Nakba from the curriculum. This day is considered by the Zionist entity as a national day and a day of independence.”

“They (Israeli occupation forces) have also ordered Palestinian students who live in the territories which were occupied in 1948 to stand up while the Zionist anthem is being sung.”


falafelAli said that Israeli occupation forces have stolen since the Nakba thousands of Palestinian books, for their role in enriching the Palestinian Heritage.

“The books are sign of culture of certain people. The Zionist entity had stolen these Libraries in order to efface the Palestinian culture and then wipe out the Palestinian identity.”


On the other hand, the Palestinian writer said the Israeli enemy has been judaizing the food of the Palestinians.
“The Israelis have ascribed the Falafel to their alleged heritage. They are presenting it as a national Israeli food.”


palestine victory
Meanwhile, Yassir Ali stressed that these Israeli acts were “doomed to fail, since there the Zionist entity had no identity and no heritage.

“The Israelis have no identity, their problem in Palestine that they don’t have this identity. They are people who came in the night, seized the land and expelled its nation from.”

“The Zionist entity’s knot is that they don’t have any origin in Palestine. Till now they have not found any trace for the alleged Solomon’s Temple. Till now they have not found any trace that could be a sign of the alleged era they had lived through in Palestine,” added Ali.

“The identity is something to be formed and built; it can’t be created all of a sudden. The Israelis have been trying to create a claimed identity and then to replace it instead of the Palestinian identity”.
“Judaization is doomed to fail. There is a resistance which is considering this entity as a virus that should be extracted.”

“Judaization will be managed in one case: if the resistance surrenders and recognizes Israel.”

Source: Al-Manar Website
14-05-2012 – 18:24 Last updated 14-05-2012 – 18:27

Sins of Our Fathers by William A. Cook

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The Palestinians? Hell, they’re an ‘Invented’ People!

December 11, 2011


‘An Illusion!’
“Does Newt Gingrich believe in a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Democratic and Republican administrations have adopted that framework, but Mr. Gingrich raised the possibility he might break with it, calling Palestinians an “invented” people and the current stalled peace process “delusional.”

His comments were made this week in an interview with the Jewish Channel, a cable service.
Discussing the origin of the State of Israel in the 1940s, Mr. Gingrich said, according to a transcript: “Remember there was no Palestine as a state. It was part of the Ottoman Empire. And I think that we’ve had an invented Palestinian people, who are in fact Arabs, and were historically part of the Arab community. And they had a chance to go many places.” (Whoaaaa!)…”

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