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Syria War is turning into Regional War

March 20, 2013

Syria War is turning into Regional War. South African President declares BRICS Support for Geneva Declaration

by Christof Lehmann (nsnbc)

Russian-US relations are in a deep-freeze as the Syria war is spilling across the borders to Lebanon and Iraq. NATO is laboring at opening a new front in Jordan and Iraq and has begun to overtly target Iran with terrorists, trained in Kosovo. While the war is bound to widen into a regional war with global consequences, the South African President Jacob Zuma declared, that South Africa and the BRICS will not spare any effort to implement the Geneva declaration.

South African President Jacob Zuma. Photo by

South African President Jacob Zuma. Photo by

After lasts weeks deterioration in Russia-US diplomatic relations over Syria and an emergency meeting of Russia´s Security Council, called by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the crisis in Syria continues deteriorating into a regional war. (1  South Africa´s President Jacob Zuma, during a meeting with the Syrian President´s Political and Media Adviser Dr. Bouthania Shaaban in Johannesburg on Saturday stated, that South Africa and the BRICS will spare no efforts to implement the Geneva agreement to put an end to violence in Syria as soon as possible and to launch a political dialog.

Zuma, expressing regret over the current events in Syria, stressed the usefulness of the direct exchange of information between Syria and South Africa about the crisis. Dr. Shaaban briefed the South African President on the Syrian national dialog. Dr. Shaaban stressed the importance of the political program for national dialog which is making significant progress. (2  The progress of the Syrian national dialog has remained largely ignored by western mainstream media, and is being systematically sabotaged by the USA´s, Saudi Arabia´s, Qatar´s, the EU´s and others sponsorship of terrorist organizations.

The adviser to President Bashar al-Assad called on South Africa´s President Jacob Zuma to support the program at the upcoming BRICS summit, due to be held in South Africa on 26 March. She also briefed President Zuma on the regional and international dimensions of the crisis in Syria, stressing the repercussions for the region. Dr. Shaaban also met with the South African Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Ebrahim Ebrahim. Both meetings were attended by Syria´s Ambassador to South Africa, Bassam Darwish.

The Statement by South African President Jacob Zuma, that South Africa and the BRICS support the implementation of the Geneva Declaration, has for the first time aligned the BRICS as an organization, behind the position of Russia and China, who have rejected any foreign military intervention in Syria, and who have demanded that the USA, Saudi Arabia, the European Union and its member states and other stop financing and arming the al Qaeda and Muslim brotherhood tied terrorist organizations, militia and mercenary corps in Syria. The Russian and Chinese demands have so far not only been neglected by the USA and its allies, but have been countered with increasing the flow of money, arms and other material and logistic support.

While the statements of South Africa´s President Jacob Zuma has elicited, that the world is increasingly divided into two blocks with regard to Syria and the Middle East, the war in Syria is spilling over into a regional war. The development of the Syria crisis into a regional war with global consequences has been predicted by analysts for more than a year, although no diplomatic efforts from the sides of Iran, Russia, China and others have been spared to prevent the disastrous development.

NATO backed insurgents have over the course of the last week intensified their artillery and infantry assaults across the Lebanese Syrian border, targeting Syrian troops and civilians. The Syrian government and military has repeatedly warned, that a continuation of the attacks will force the Syrian military to target terrorists and mercenary positions in Lebanon. Lebanon´s President has ordered he Lebanese military to increase its presence along the border to prevent further cross border attacks and the smuggling of arms and troops into Syria. According to some reports, Lebanon´s Hezbollah is readying its troops to also secure the border and to combat the NATO and allied backed troops which have been massing in the border region.

Also Iraq is increasingly being drawn into the conflict. Cross-border attacks have repeatedly targeted Syrian troops in Iraq. Several border checkpoints between Syria and Iraq have repeatedly been attacked by insurgents to facilitate the smuggling of weapons from Saudi Arabia. Over the course of the last month, Iraq has been repeatedly targeted by Saudi-backed terrorists, resulting among other, in the assassination of a high-ranking member of Iraq´s military intelligence service, Brigadier General Awni Ali . (3 On Friday, millions of Iraqi citizens went to the streets to protest against the resurgence of sectarian violence which is currently being manufactured in the country by Saudi-Arabia. As a response to the public mass protests against sectarianism and violence, terrorists exploded two bombs in Baghdad today.

Security analysts speculate, that the recent increase in terrorist attacks in Iraq is tied to NATO support to the MKO. The MKO, which has been fighting against the Iranian government for three decades and killed an estimated 17,000 Iranian, has been removed from the terror lists of the European Union, after the former US secretary of State Hillary Clinton removed it from the US terror list in 2012. 212 MKO members have in 2012 received asylum in the NATO occupied Serbian Kosovo, where it, in spite of declarations, that it renounces violence, has taken part in the training of insurgents with the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA/UCK). The KLA/UCK is training terrorists, recruited through Saudi-Arabian charities and saudi-backed Al-Qaeda-tied organizations from Asia, the Middle East and Africa, where after they are deployed in battle groups.  The MKO also continued to advocate publicly for the violent overthrow of the Iranian government. An Iranian analyst, advising nsnbc, expects that the MKO will cooperate with NATO intelligence to destabilize Iran at the next coming elections, and that it until than is building forces and takes part in the Syria and Iraq campaigns.

MKO, removed from list of terrorist organizations by fmr US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

MKO, removed from list of terrorist organizations by fmr US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Iraq´s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has demanded that the MKO leaves Iraq´s territory if it takes up arms against Iran again. However, according to a nsnbc informant in Kosovo, the MKO is actively preparing increased attacks inside Iran as well as in Iraq, expecting that the conflict in Syria will be spilling over the borders to Iran and Iran soon

Kosovo has, since the onset of the Arab Spring, functioned as a European forward base, where NATO mercenaries recruited from Asia, the Middle East and Africa, have been trained and then deployed to respectively Libya and Syria. According to reliable sources, the Kosovo Liberation Army is training the mercenaries in cooperation with US Special Forces which are usually stationed in Frankfurt Germany.

According to reports nsnbc received from a Palestinian with ties to a Palestinian factions intelligence service, Israel is increasing the deployment of mercenaries in the Israeli occupied Syrian Golan. Increased troop movements have also been reported from the Syrian – Jordanian border region, the Palestinian informant explained.

A widening of the conflict to Iraq, Lebanon and Iran has been expected by analysts for over a year. One of the main causes of the conflict is the PARS gas-pipeline from Iran, via Iraq and Syria to the Eastern Mediterranean coast and a lack of convergence in the energy security requirements of the EU, USA, Russia, Iran, Israel, Qatar and other stake-holders as explained in “The Dynamics of the Crisis in Syria; Conflict versus Conflict Resolution”.

After the recent weeks increased Russian assertiveness and repeated statements, that a foreign military intervention and arming the insurgents is unacceptable, the recent emergency meeting of the Russian Security Council, with violence spilling over the borders to Lebanon, Iraq and the Golan, and with a de-facto declaration of war against Iran, by proclaiming that NATO will support the MKO terrorists against Iran, with the increased resurgence of Saudi-manufactured “sectarian violence” in Iraq, and with the international community increasingly being polarized in two block which are divided by an atmosphere of diplomatic deep freeze, it is likely that the war in Syria will develop into a regional war within months.

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1) Russian Security Council Emergency Meeting as Russian Warships arrive in Syria
2) National Dialog in Syria continues with Regional Initiatives
3) Saudi-Arabia the Prime Suspect behind Suicide Bomb that killed Iraqi Brigadier General Awni Ali
4) The Dynamics of the Crisis in Syria. Conflict Versus Conflict Resolution. (Part 1/6)

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France Increases its Support to Terrorists in Syria

March 19, 2013
Yusuf Fernandez

In late February, some international agencies reported that hundreds of foreign rebels were fleeing from the Idleb Province in Northwestern Syria through Turkey under the claim that they were planning to join al-Qaeda militants in Mali in order to fight against French troops deployed there.
terrorists in SyriaThe reason of this withdrawal is not clear.

Some observers said that the real reason behind it was the Syrian army´s offensive against terrorist groups in the province and the disappointment of some militants who have seen that their fight is not popular in Syria, as their recruiters had made them believe before going to Syria.

The irony is that France, which invaded Mali some weeks ago to theorically fight against radical groups in that country, will have to end up fighting against the same groups that the French government has been openly funding. These militants have used French money and training in Syria in order to gain combat experience and they will implement this newly-acquired knowledge against French troops in Mali.

According to observers, France has become the most prominent Western backer of Syria´s armed opposition and is now directly funding terrorist groups around Aleppo and other parts of the Arab country as part of a new attempt to overthrow the Syrian government. Large sums of money have been delivered by French government proxies across the Turkish border to rebel commanders, diplomatic sources have confirmed. The money has been used to buy weapons inside Syria and to fund armed operations against government forces.

Laurent FabiusOn March 14, French FM Laurent Fabius announced that France and the UK would ignore a EU ban on sending weapons to Syria in order to supply terrorist groups fighting there with more arms. The goal remains the same: to overthrow Bashar al Assad´s government. The French newspaper Le Figaro also reported in those days that French military advisers had recently met with rebel groups inside Syria, in an area between Lebanon and Damascus. It is worth pointing out that sending military personnel to a country without the permission of its government amounts to a military invasion.

Despite all this support, the political goal of France in Syria seems to be as far as ever. “Things are not moving. The solution that we had hoped for, and by that I mean the fall of Bashar and the arrival of the (opposition) coalition to power, has not happened”, acknowledged Fabius on January 24. In December 2012, he had claimed that the “end is nearing” for the Syrian president. A senior Lebanese official who visited France towards the end of last year told the daily Al Safir that “France was surprised by the fact that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, his regime and his army could resist”.

For its part, the Syrian government has condemned this French interference in its internal affairs. “France is acting like a hostile nation”, said National Reconciliation Minister Ali Haidar to AFP. “It is as if it wants to go back to the time of the occupation,” he added, referring to the French rule in Syria after World War I. Damascus has made it clear that France´s current policies will weaken or even eliminate its political, economic and cultural influence in Syria, maybe forever.

Moreover, France is now getting nervous about the possibility of reprisals from the al-Qaeda-linked groups, similar to those it is funding in Syria, for its intervention in Mali. On March 1, three suspected militants were arrested in southern France for allegedly planning an attack in the deays ahead, the Paris prosecutor said.

Change of foreign policy

The boomerang effect of supporting terrorism in Syria is just one of the disastrous consequences of the change of the French policy towards the Arab and Muslim world, which started when the pro-Israeli and pro-NATO Nicolas Sarkozy became President. Prior to that fact, France had gained a solid reputation due to its Gaullist foreign policy, one of whose pillars was the independence of the country with respect to the United States. In February 2003, French Foreign Minister, Dominique de Villepin, was universally applauded when he opposed Colin Powell´s pathetic attempts to justify the then-forthcoming invasion of Iraq with blatant lies about the non-existent Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

French soldiers in MaliThe new French foreign policy, under influence of Zionist politicians such as Sarkozy himself, Bernard Kouchner or Laurent Fabius and Zionist activists as Bernard Henry-Levy, changed the equation. France began to promote pro-Israeli and neo-colonial policies in Africa and the Middle East, where France adopted an even more radical stance against Syria and Iran than any other Western country.
In Africa, Paris has increased its military presence in recent years. France´s intervention in Mali, with a contingent of 750 troops, has sought to bolster the Malian army against the al-Qaeda rebels, who have controlled the north of the country for about two years. However, the war in Mali is still beginning and, even worse, it is becoming another asymmetric and far-reaching war which could involve France for years, although Paris has repeatedly announced its willingness to evacuate its army from the African country as soon as possible.

Qatar, France´s ally, supported extremists in Mali

On the other hand, Qatar, which just happens to be a major ally of France in the Syrian question, has criticized Paris´s intervention in Mali arguing that the force would not solve the problem. French officials have openly accused Qatar of funding the Mali rebels.

Hamad, HollandeThe first accusations of Qatari involvement with Tuareg separatists and al-Qaeda-linked groups came in a June 2012 article in French weekly the Canard Enchainé. The publication quoted an unnamed source in French military intelligence saying: “The MNLA (secular Tuareg separatists), al-Qaeda-linked Ansar Dine and MUJAO [movement for unity and Jihad in West Africa] have all received cash from Doha.” “The French government knows perfectly well who is supporting these terrorists. Qatar, for example, continues to send so-called aid and food every day to the airports of Gao and Timbuktu.”

The speculation is that Qatar is keen to increase its influence in Mali in order to develop business ties with this nation, which is believed to have significant oil, gas and uranium resources. Moreover, its presence in Mali “greatly increase the Emirate´s influence in West Africa and the Sahel region”, regional geopolitical expert Mehdi Lazar, who specialises on Qatar, wrote in French weekly news magazine L’Express in December. Qatar would also be trying to destabilize Algeria, one of the Arab countries remaining free from its political influence.

France, for its part, is determined to help the pro-French military junta rule the entire nation and sees Qatari activities in Mali with dismay. The Canard Echainé wrote: “Earlier this year, several notes from the DGSE (the French Intelligence Service) alerted the Elysee Palace on international activities and, dare we say, the emirate of Qatar.”

On 22 January, French news site France24 published an article entitled “Is Qatar fuelling the crisis in north Mali?” which claimed that Doha had taken sides with the Mali insurgents. According to author Segolene Allemandou, Qatari rulers aim to spread extremism in Africa with the help of these rebels. The subtle message was clear: the emirate´s support for terrorism will damage its long-term image in Europe.

Destroying a pluralist Syria

Assad praying at Sunni mosqueIn this context, everyone can understand that Saudi and Qatari support extremists who fight against a multifaith and multicultural Syria and against all the religious groups supporting interfaith cooperation and coexistence, such as mainstream Sunni Muslims, Shiites, Alawites and Christians. After all, in Saudi Arabia only the Wahabi current enjoys full religious freedom. The rest of the faiths are discriminated, persecuted or banned. But some people can find it difficult to understand why the West, including France, is allied with extremist Salafist groups persecuting Christians and destroying churches.

The anwer is that France and other Western governments are actually not interested in democracy or political and religious freedom but in pursuing their own political, strategic and economic interests at any cost. French aggressions in Africa have led to the death of thousands of innocent people and have ruined the lives of millions of others, not to mention its involvement in the Rwandan genocide in 1994. With its current policies towards Syria, Paris only tries to reimpose their neo-colonial yoke on that country. However, after many decades of independence and of enjoying their sovereignty, Syrian people are not willing to become slaves of European goverments or of corrupt, backward, terrorist-friendly and despotic regimes as the Saudi or the Qatari.

By funding and delivering weapons to terrorist groups, the French government, alongside with its allies, is not only violating the international law but it is also destroying the possibility of a peaceful solution to the Syrian conflict and leaving its resolution in the hands of the military. In this way, Syria´s friends should take good note of this fact and multiply their military aid to Syria in order to prevent their own interests from being damaged. The Syrian state is strong and its people is indomable, but there is no doubt that Syria will need all kind of support from free people in the world in order to resist this aggression.

Source: Al-Manar Website
18-03-2013 – 14:11 Last updated 18-03-2013 – 15:45

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USA & UK -Backed Weapons Airlift From Croatia to Terrorists in Syria

March 13, 2013

Open War Crimes: US and British-Backed Weapons Airlift From Croatia to Terrorists in Syria

PHPatrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire
The evidence is now in, as list of state actors can now be seen openly conspiring to drive the Middle East into full-blown war.

It’s well known by now that NATO and the Gulf States initial plans to overturn the sovereign state of Syria has been running behind schedule since their operation was launched two years ago. They had hoped for the sort of slam dunk which they enjoyed in overturning the country of Libya in late 2011.
This same formula could not be applied again however, so Plan B, a ground war using proxies has meant a longer drawn out conflict. It hasn’t been working fast enough in Syria, and western backed terrorist groups still sustaining heavy losses in their fight to topple the Assad government on behalf of the NATO and its Gulf allies.

The main obstacle with Plan B is that the very idea of directly arming terrorists in Syria is not one which can be sold openly in either the US or Britain. Plan C is to draw in the UN by creating a ‘chemical weapons’ crisis in Syria, and thanks to a prominent online leak of documents relating to UK DOD contractor Britamthe British have been caught brokering a deal transferring ex-Gaddafi stocks from Libya to Syria to be blamed on Assad, and paid for by Qatar. But the WMD threat still remains a hard sell for western voters…

From the NATO Allied corner, something drastic needed to be done.

Whilst politicians in the West, namely those in Washington DC, London and parts of Europe, have been publicly denying that they were helping to organise running arms into Syria and issuing very public pleads for ‘humanitarian aid’ for those they identify as the Syrian Opposition, activity back stage has been furious. The debate in government and the media has been mere window dressing for the real operation being quietly carried out.

NATO Gun-running via Croatia

It can now be revealed that NATO allied nations were busy using proxy states to drive their war in Syria – putting together one of the biggest international black operation transfers of military supplies in recent history. So it’s official: large caches of hardware from the West have been transferred to the Syrian jihadist mercenary collective known as the ‘Free Syrian Army’ , ‘Syrian Rebels’, or ‘Syrian Opposition’ – depending on who you ask, a brash move which may be vehemently opposed by other UN Security Council members – namely Russia and China.

Multiple media sources reveal the details of this massive airlift comprised of 75 airplanes, and an estimated 3,000 tons of military weaponry on board has left Croatia and has already been delivered… to Syria.

It is also confirmed from these reports that Saudi Arabia has financed a large portion of this purchase secretly transported to al Qaeda and other FSA fighters – who are working with the support of the CIA, MI6 and others, along with other financial and material support of Qatar and Saudi, to further destabilise and overthrow the Assad government in Syria.

Croatia’s daily newspaper Jutarnji List reported:

“From the start of November last year, till February this year, 75 planes flew out from Zagreb Airport with over 3,000 tons of weapons and ammunition bound for Syrian rebels…
The newspaper, quoting diplomatic sources, says that besides Croatian weapons the planes were full with weapons from other European countries including the UK. The weapons were organised by the United States of America.
Sources say that the first few flights to leave Croatia bound for Syria with weapons were operated by Turkish Cargo, which is owned by Turkish Airlines. After those flights, Jordanian International Air Cargo took over the flights. The deal to provide arms to the rebels was made between American officials and the Croatian Ambassador to the US.”

In addition to this huge gun-running operation, Croatia also appears to be guilty of either having advanced knowledge, or possibly coordinating with Syrian terrorists as evidenced by their recently withdraw all of troops from the UN observer mission in Golan Heights, indicating that the recent kidnapping by Free Syrian Army Terrorists of at least 20 UNIFIL peacekeepers in the Golan Heights was known in advance by Croatia.

The kidnapping incident may have been designed to test the UN, but also to pull Syria’s southern neighbor, Israel, even closer to the conflict, a development which would almost surely prompt the UN to declare this as trigger to a regional crisis, followed by an authorised military intervention. Pulling Israel in would also risk involving Hezbollah from Lebanon, who are already engaging in assisting Assad in training a new specialist paramilitary force in Syria to deal with urban warfare.

If it was known by Croatia, then one can only conclude that this was also known by US and British operatives as well. Both the US and Britain will naturally claim deniability as their legal out in this case, by deniability through the use of proxies makes no innocent parties when the prospect of a multi-regional war beckons as a result of the west’s financial, logistical, political, and now material involvement in the overthrow of a sovereign state and internationally recognised government.

Much worse, however, is that by employing proxies like Jordan, Croatia, Turkey,and others, the NATO allies have guaranteed long-term retribution down the road, should Syria prevail in this fight. For Syria, it is now known which countries collaborated with the West to dismantle their country. This fact alone will ensure conflict in the region for a generation.

US officials are on record as admitting to helping arrange the weapons airlift, as cited in this Feb 25, 2012 article in the New York Times:

“An official in Washington said the possibility of the transfers from the Balkans was broached last summer, when a senior Croatian official visited Washington and suggested to American officials that Croatia had many weapons available should anyone be interested in moving them to Syria’s rebels.”

Terrorist receive recoilless guns from the former Yugoslavia.

Revelations are not limited to the Croatian news report, as we see the US and Europe’s mainstream media wall of silence has begun to crack, including here a recent report from London’s Daily Telegraph sent across Syria’s borders with Jordan and NATO-member Turkey. The article entitled, “US and Europe in ‘major airlift of arms to Syrian rebels through Zagreb’“goes on to give further details of direct European involvement in illegal weapons running:
“The United States has coordinated a massive airlift of arms to Syrian rebels from Croatia with the help of Britain and other European states, despite the continuing European Union arms embargo, it was claimed yesterday…

Decisions by William Hague, the Foreign Secretary, to provide non-lethal assistance and training, announced in the past week, were preceded by much greater though less direct Western involvement in the rebel cause, according to a Croat newspaper.

The shipments were allegedly paid for by Saudi Arabia at the bidding of the United States, with assistance on supplying the weapons organised through Turkey and Jordan, Syria’s neighbours.

as from Croatia, weapons came “from several other European countries including Britain”, without specifying if they were British-supplied or British-procured arms.

British military advisers however are known to be operating in countries bordering Syria alongside French and Americans, offering training to rebel leaders and former Syrian army officers…

… The weapons, including rocket launchers, recoil-less guns and the M79 anti-tank weapon, have been seen in rebel hands in numerous videos, and were first spotted by an arms expert Eliot Higgins, who blogs under the name Brown Moses. He traced them moving from Dera’a in the south, near the Jordanian border, to Aleppo and Idlib provinces in the north.”

Hague: Denies Britain’s involvement in gun-running.

It is also no big secret that Britain has deployed a significant contingent of troops and support personnel to Jordan at least as far back as Autumn 2012 as part of its ongoing ‘joint military exercises’ with the Jordan military, but this latest revelation puts into clearer perspective the overwhelming likelihood that high level British military operation have actually been involved in the transfer of arms from Jordan into the hands of the international terrorist confab of mostly foreign fighter running under the west’s media banner of “Syrian Rebels”.

Consequences for Croatia, and Britain
What Britain may be guilty of here, is cynically – and illegally, trying to side-stepping the EU embargo on arms into Syria by using the fledgling EU state of Croatia as their delivery mechanism, because Croatia does not officially join the EU until July 1, and has not implemented any binding EU legislation. This flagrant violation of both EU and international law should mean that Croatia’s entrance into the EU could be appealed by other members states willing to raise an objection, with what are now clear grounds to mount a legal challenge against Croatia.

Regardless of any EU outcomes however, Croatia at least –  is guilty of international war crimes.

International and EU Sanctions Against the US, Britain, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

As expected, Britain’s Foreign Office denies all of the claims connecting it to the Croatian gun-running program, but if Britain is involved – even indirectly, through a proxy like Croatia, or if British military personnel are aiding and abetting these known terrorist fighters in Syria through the transfer of weaponry, then Britain can also be brought into the international legal framework to answer for what it has done behind the public’s back.

The international war crimes which are now in the public view could test the legal framework of the EU, the UN and the ICC in the Hague. The legal door is now open for charges against state actors including US, Britain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia – for the crimes of illegally arming a force of foreign fighters and known terrorists in Syria – designed to destroy the country from within. Many UN resolutions, including the recent Resolution 1973 applied in Libya by the UN, have been implemented on much more spurious and shaky grounds than the overwhelming evidence available regarding Syria.

Consequences for NATO and the UN

Despite any denials in Brussels, NATO are involved through their member states Turkey and Croatia, as well as US, UK, and France from behind. Any involvement should question these country’s NATO status, or at least it begs the question what is NATO for, or even the UN, if their member states are conspiring together to subvert international law?

Moreover, Israel’s unwarranted airstrike against a Syrian Military Research facility last month was also ignored by the UN, but this is not surprising as Israel has long been allowed to operate outside of international law and norms.

If the international community does not act in this instance, then it opens the door to more brazen criminality sans borders, which could spawn similar illegal operations against Iran, opening the door to a Third World War.

US uniformed Personnel Training Rebels in Jordan

Der Spiegel also reports this week that, despite denials by Washington DC, Americans are definitely training Syrian rebels in neighboring Jordan. The reports goes on:

“It is not clear if the Americans are members of the US armed forces or are part of a private contracting firm, but the trainers wear uniforms, the paper reported.
It added that the training, which also involves Jordanian intelligence officers, had been going on “for some time,” and that the rebels were being taught how to use anti-tank weaponry.”

France sends ‘aid’ for Syria to Jordan 
France played an integral part in the destruction of Libya in 2011, and they might also have an interest in their former colonial possessions in Syria, but it’s not clear as yet if France’s commitment to overthrowing the Assad government is on par with the US and Britain’s efforts. Back in August 2012, France had also been sending large shipments designated for Syria via Jordan, claiming that these shipment contained ‘aid and medical supplies’ – intended for Syrian refugees. Real Syrian News reported:

“An Antonov 124 cargo aircraft landed at the Marka military airport in Amman on Saturday. The cargo is said to include a field hospital and medical supplies for the refugees in the Zaatari camp near the Syrian border. An A310 airliner carrying 85 French military staff and medical equipment arrived in Jordan on Thursday.”

After the Croatian airlift, it’s now not a stretch to suspect that other countries could be involved in similar operations under the cover of supplying ‘humanitarian aid’.

Consequences for Jordan
The overwhelming body of evidence proves that Jordan is playing the key role as proxy and facilitator for the West’s wishes and desires to destroy the country of Syria. The consequences for Jordan, should the West’s efforts fail, is that Jordan has now exposed itself as a provocateur and enemy of both Syria, and Lebanon, and indeed Iran also. It is not know how much Jordan has been paid for its services, or what promises have been made to its royal family in exchange for facilitating the Syrian upheaval, but it cannot compensate Jordan for playing the crucial role in possibly fomenting a regional or multi-theatre global war.

Syria Crisis Planned by the US and NATO Allies Before the ‘Arab Spring’
Despite previous denials and avoiding the issue by states persons like Hillary Clinton and William Hague, it is certain that ‘al Qaeda’ terrorists are operating in Syria and receive various kinds of support from the West and their Gulf allies, and that these are many of the same terrorist who are responsible for violence and killing in Iraq. The New York Times confirmed this fact recently:

“Iraqi officials said the extremists operating in Syria are in many cases the very same militants striking across their country. “We are 100 percent sure from security coordination with Syrian authorities that the wanted names that we have are the same wanted names that the Syrian authorities have, especially within the last three months,” Izzat al-Shahbandar — a close aide to the Iraqi prime minister, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki — said in an interview on Tuesday. “Al Qaeda that is operating in Iraq is the same as that which is operating in Syria,” he said.”

Bangkok based analyst, Tony Cartalucci, from Land Destroyer blog, adds another important piece of evidence in this mix, pointing out the fact that the US and its NATO operatives have been engineering the crisis in Syria well before the official ‘uprising’ began in 2011:

“Pulitizer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, in his 2007 New Yorker report titled, “The Redirection: Is the Administration’s new policy benefiting our enemies in the war on terrorism?“stated explicitly that:

“To undermine Iran, which is predominantly Shiite, the Bush Administration has decided, in effect, to reconfigure its priorities in the Middle East. In Lebanon, the Administration has cooperated with Saudi Arabia’s government, which is Sunni, in clandestine operations that are intended to weaken Hezbollah, the Shiite organization that is backed by Iran. The U.S. has also taken part in clandestine operations aimed at Iran and its ally Syria. A by-product of these activities has been the bolstering of Sunni extremist groups that espouse a militant vision of Islam and are hostile to America and sympathetic to Al Qaeda.”

Cartalucci provides further background to support the west’s own knowledge and involvement is the current crisis: 

Is there any doubt that the US has executed this plot in earnest, arming and funding sectarian extremists “sympathetic to Al Qaeda” on both Syria’s northern and southern border? Where else, if not from the West and its regional allies, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, could extremists be getting their weapons, cash, and logistical support from? 

And of course, Syria’s borders with Jordan and Turkey have been long-ago identified by the US Army’s own West Point Combating Terrorism Center (CTC) as hotbeds of sectarian extremist/Al Qaeda activity – hotbeds that the West is purposefully funneling thousands of tons of weaponry through, while disingenuously claiming it is attempting to prevent such weapons from falling into the hands of extremists.

The CTC’s 2007 report, “Al-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq,” identified Syria’s southeastern region near Dayr Al-Zawr on the Iraqi-Syrian border, the northwestern region of Idlib near the Turkish-Syrian border, and Dar’a in the south near the Jordanian-Syrian border, as having produced the majority of fighters found crossing over into Iraq throughout the duration of the Iraq War.

Image: (Left) West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center’s 2007 report, Al-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq” indicated which areas in Syria Al Qaeda fighters filtering into Iraq came from during the US invasion/occupation. The overwhelming majority of them came from Dayr Al-Zawr in Syria’s southeast, Idlib in the north near the Turkish-Syrian border, and Dar’a in the south near the Jordanian-Syrian border. (Right) A map indicating the epicenters of violence in Syria indicate that the exact same hotbeds for Al Qaeda in 2007, now serve as the epicenters of so-called “pro-democracy fighters.” 


These areas are now admittedly the epicenters of fighting, and more importantly, despite being historical hotbeds of Al Qaeda activity, precisely where the West is flooding with cash, weapons, and military “advisers.”

Just like in Libya where the West literally handed an entire nation to sectarian extremists, we are watching a verbatim repeat in Syria – where we are told Al Qaeda terrorists are “pro-democracy” “freedom fighters” that deserve US cash, weapons, and support, when it couldn’t be any clearer they aren’t.  

Not only has the US and UK lied to the world about their policy toward Syria and their current level of support for increasingly overt terrorists committing an array of atrocities – their latest act including the taking of over 20 UN peacekeepers hostage in the Golan Heights – but have revealed once again the manufactured facade that is the “War on Terror…”

Terrorist Groups Currently Active in Syria

Known terrorist groups are operating in Syria and are receiving the full backing of NATO Allies and Gulf states Qatar and Saudi Arabia. They include – but are not limited to, Saudi Intelligence-backed Jabhat al-Nusra or ‘al Nursa Front’, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group,  Abdullah Azzam Brigades and Al Baraa ibn Malik Martyrdom Brigade, the jihadist group Ahrar al-Sham, the PKK (in northeast Syria), Kata’ib Mohadzherin from the Russian Caucus region – to name only a few.
Earlier reports of rogue Russian and Chechen terrorists filtering into Syria appear to be preceded by Salafists killing Sufi leaders in the Russian Federation. The Pakistan Christian Post reports:

“Recently in Dagestan the Sufi spiritual leader Said Efendi Chirkeisky was killed by a suicide bomber along with a few followers. This happened in late August and the closeness to the recent attack against Sufi leaders in Tatarstan is a clear reminder that Salafism is a potent force within parts of the Russian Federation. Therefore, not surprisingly the Russian Federation is extremely alarmed by major Western powers once more working in collusion with the FSA, al-Qaeda and a whole array of Salafi terrorist organizations.”

It’s worth noting also that like Libya’s new militant governor of Tripoli, Abdel Hakim Belhadj, terrorist group Kata’ib Mohadzherin’s leader Airat Vakhitov was also imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 2002 after being captured by U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Both were released and filtered back into fighting regions to organise al Qaeda-type Islamist groups – both active in countries which the US and NATO have been actively vying for regime change, in Libya and Syria respectively. You can draw your own conclusions here about what Guantanamo is in reality.

The same New York Times article(above) also mentions terrorists’ theocratic designs of establishing some caliphate in the region:

“One Qaeda operative, a 56-year-old known as Abu Thuha who lives in the Hawija district near Kirkuk in Iraq, spoke to an Iraqi reporter for The New York Times on Tuesday. “We have experience now fighting the Americans, and more experience now with the Syrian revolution,” he said. “Our big hope is to form a Syrian-Iraqi Islamic state for all Muslims…

It’s important to understand that such claims by any shadowy ‘al Qaeda’ figures must also be balance with the reality that these militants have been historically, and are still today, directed and funded at the highest levels of both US and Saudi intelligence, and others. When you see terror spokesman like Ayman al-Zawahri, the alleged leader of Al Qaeda, praise the Syrian fighters by referring to them as “the lions of the Levant,” in messages released exclusively via a known CIA media dissemination outlets like SITE, or INTEL CENTER, then readers should be suspicious of why it’s been released and what political effect it is designed to have.

Now that some of the scope of NATO Allies operation in Syria has been exposed to the public, perhaps political representatives, media journalist, and editors will be able to report more accurately on the Syrian crisis, and demand a withdrawl of NATO, Arab League and others country’s support for the growing and highly dangerous paramilitary and other al Qaeda-linked terrorist groups who are currently working to take power by destabilising the country of Syria.

It’s all happening out in the open now.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Israel: A De Facto Member of NATO

March 11, 2013

 NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen received Israel’s president Shimon Peres at NATO headquarters in Brussels on March 7.

nato-israel-flag_webThe order of the day: to enhance military cooperation between Israel and the Atlantic Alliance focusing on issues of counter-terrorism.

“Israel will be happy to share the knowledge it has gained and its technological abilities with NATO. Israel has experience in contending with complex situations, and we must strengthen the cooperation so we can fight global terror together and assist NATO with the complex threats it faces including in Afghanistan. “

Israel is already involved in covert operations and non-conventional warfare in liaison with the US and NATO.
This agreement is of particular significance because it deepens the Israel-NATO relationship beyond the so-called “Mediterranean Dialogue”.
The joint statement points to an Israel NATO partnership “in the fight against terror and the search for peace… in the Middle East and the world”.
What this suggests is the participation of Israel in active theater warfare alongside NATO –i.e. as a de facto member of the Atlantic Alliance.
In other words, Israel would be directly involved were US-NATO to launch an outright military operation against Syria, Lebanon or Iran.
Israel offered to assist NATO in counter-terrorism operations directed against Hezbollah and Iran.

“The two agreed during their discussions that Israel and NATO are partners in the fight against terror…the statement said.
President Peres stressed the need to maintain and increase the cooperation between Israel and NATO and Israel’s ability to cooperation and provide technological assistance and knowledge from the vast experience Israel had gained in the field of counter-terrorism.
“Israel will be happy to share the knowledge it has gained and its technological abilities with NATO. Israel has experience in contending with complex situations, and we must strengthen the cooperation so we can fight global terror together and assist NATO with the complex threats it faces including in Afghanistan, ” Peres told Rasmussen.

History of Israel-NATO Military Cooperation
It is worth noting that in November 2004 in Brussels, NATO and Israel signed an important bilateral protocol which paved the way for the holding of joint NATO-Israel  military exercises. A followup agreement was signed in March 2005 in Jerusalem between NATO’s Secretary General and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.
The 2005 bilateral military cooperation agreement was viewed by the Israeli military as a means to “enhance Israel’s deterrence capability regarding potential enemies threatening it, mainly Iran and Syria.”
The ongoing premise underlying NATO-Israel military cooperation is that “Israel is under attack”.
There is evidence of active military and intelligence coordination between NATO and Israel including consultations pertaining to the occupied territories.

“Before Operation Cast Lead was launched in Gaza, NATO was already exchanging intelligence with Israel, sharing security expertise, and organising military drills. …. Former NATO chief Scheffer visited Israel in the midst of Israel’s offensive on Gaza. And NATO officials were at the time of the opinion that cooperation with Israel was essential for their organisation. (Al Ahram, February 10, 2010)

The March 2013 Israel-NATO Brussels bilateral agreement is the culmination of more than ten years of Israel-NATO cooperation.
Does this agreement “obligate” NATO “to come to the rescue of Israel” under the doctrine of “collective security”?
The agreement tightens the ongoing process of US-NATO-Israel military planning and logistics relating to any future operation in the Middle East including an aerial bombing of Iran’s nuclear plants.
The Israeli presidential delegation consisted of several top military and government advisers, including Brigadier General Hasson Hasson, Military Secretary to President Peres (See image below: first from left) and Nadav Tamir, policy adviser to the president of Israel (first right of president Peres).
The text of the Israel NATO agreement following discussions behind closed doors (see image below) was not made public.

(Click image to enlarge)
Following the meeting, a joint statement was released by NATO. Secretary-General Rasmussen stated in the press report:

“Israel is an important partner of the Alliance in the Mediterranean Dialogue. The security of NATO is linked to the security and stability of the Mediterranean and of the Middle East region. And our Alliance attaches great value to our political dialogue and our practical cooperation. Israel is one of our longest-standing partner countries. We are faced with the same strategic challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean.
And as we face the security threats of the 21st century, we have every reason to deepen our long-standing partnership with our Mediterranean Dialogue countries, including Israel. We all know the regional situation is complex. But the Mediterranean Dialogue remains a unique multilateral forum, where Israel and six Arab countries can discuss together with European and North American countries common security challenges. I see further opportunities for deepening our already close political dialogue and practical cooperation to our mutual benefit.”

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The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

4 reasons for Afghanistan occupation- oil, gas, pipelines & opium

March 10, 2013

If the Taliban are not responsible for 9-11, then why are we still fighting them?        


meme source: facebook

By Ramy Osman
November 2012
For it to be the longest war in American history, it’s difficult to explain what the Afghanistan War is really about. Just like in Iraq, the reasons used to justify this war have changed over the years because people are either too arrogant or too ignorant to admit a mistake. There really is no clear mission. And it will be virtually impossible for the US government to ever know when “victory” is achieved. An important question remains: Did any Taliban, or any Afghan for that matter, have anything to do with 9-11? The answer is a resounding ‘No’. The 9-11 attackers were Arab, mostly Saudis and Emiratis. The Taliban are Afghan, and have no ethnic relation to Arabs. The Taliban also played no role in 9-11, and were mostly unaware of what al Qaeda had planned from within the borders of Afghanistan.

Directly after 9-11, and in response to US demands, the Taliban did offer to give up Bin Laden on condition that America produces evidence showing his involvement in the attacks. They placed this condition because Bin Laden originally denied his involvement. They also distanced themselves from Bin Laden and urged that America investigate the 9-11attacks before it decides to bomb Afghanistan. The US government refused this offer because they had no evidence. Once Afghanistan was bombed, the Taliban then offered to give up Bin Laden unconditionally; where he would be handed over to the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) or another third-party. But again,the US refused. This refusal clearly shows that the US was never interested in Bin Laden. The target of America’s attack was the Taliban and their removal from power. This was despite the fact that the Taliban never attacked or even threatened America, or any other country for that matter.
It would be wrong to try to explain the Afghanistan War as part of the “war on terror”. Prior to the American invasion, the Taliban were never involved in international terrorism and never threatened a foreign country. To this day, the majority of Afghans don’t even know what 9-11 is. Afghans who are fighting American and NATO troops, do so because they view themselves as defending their country. A recent study which surveyed over a thousand villagers in war districts found that 92% percent of the males did not know about “this event which foreigners call 9-11”. We’re not talking about people in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. We are not talking about Afghan intelligentsia, professionals or university students. We are talking about people who make up 90% of Afghanistan, who live in rural villages and for the most part, have no connection to the outside world. When shown pictures of 9-11 with the exploding twin towers, some village elders even speculated that the pictures may be that of buildings in Kabul. This is their reality. It’s a reality that does not revolve around 9-11
This is a difficult concept for many Americans to grasp: How can the people we’re attacking because of 9-11, not know what 9-11 is? How can they not know that over three thousand Americans were killed by non-Afghans over 11 years ago? Don’t they know that we’re defending ourselves by fighting people who never attacked us? Don’t they know that we’re the good guys?
If one breaks away from this delusional ignorance and develops a sense of reality, they might come to realize that the Taliban have simply been defending themselves against foreign invaders since the beginning of the war. Maybe this line of thinking will lead to accusations of being an  enemy sympathizer or even a terrorist supporter. But it is yet to be seen: What qualifies the Taliban as our enemy, and what justifies the Afghanistan War as the longest war in American history? They governed Afghanistan for only 5 years and never threatened a foreign country. They were one of the poorest and weakest countries in the world, only to be attacked by the most powerful. They may have been violent and harsh to their own people, but they were never violent or harsh to anyone outside of their borders. If 9-11 is an illegitimate reason to justify fighting the Taliban and their Afghan allies, then nothing else can be used to justify the war..
So how did the Taliban come to power? The circumstances surrounding that are complicated and should only be dealt with by the Afghan people. The Taliban didn’t participate in fighting the Russian invaders in the 1980s. However, they did end the civil war that raged after the Russians retreated in defeat. They accomplished this by fighting against rivals and brutal warlords who ruled regions around Afghanistan. Some warlords were defeated by the Taliban; Others were absorbed into the Taliban movement bringing with them their criminal and brutal tactics.
Even though they were able to force a cease fire in Afghanistan, their 5 year rule was considered brutal by many Afghans. And the American invasion has only helped the Taliban to reinforce their brutality by giving them a cause to rally around. But they don’t have a monopoly on brutality. It is true that there are elements within the Taliban that justify the killing of innocents, but it’s also true that elements of the American government justify “collateral damage”. They terrorize those who are not part of their alliance, but so does America with its “shock and awe” campaigns and drone strikes. The Pakistan Taliban have now famously attempted to assassinate a 14 year old girl, Malala Yousafazi, who spoke out against them; But America successfully assassinated a 16 year old American boy, Abdulrahman al Awlaki, for being the son of someone who spoke out against America. Neither side has a moral high ground, and neither side can justify its criminal and terrorist activities.
Despite how cruel they can be, the Taliban did end the Afghan civil war of the 1990s thus bringing an end to decades of fighting in Afghanistan. As destructive as some elements of the Taliban are towards Afghans, they had solved one of the countries worst problems. But their solution turned out to be just as bad or worse than the problem they solved. Regardless, it is the Afghan people who have to deal with this dilemma, not the American people.
If the Taliban are not responsible for 9-11, then why are we still fighting them? Is it that we  know what’s best for Afghanistan? Are our bombs supposed to teach them to be civilized, peaceful and democratic? Or are we trying to create more enemies so that the American war machine will continue to provide jobs? Americans have failed yet again at preventing our government from sabotaging and destroying another country that never attacked or threatened us. American voters share the responsibility of the criminal and terrorist acts of the leaders they elect. These are leaders who authorize foreign policies of death and destruction. It’s a shame that most Americans either arrogantly try to justify these foreign policies, or ignorantly vote for these leaders while thinking that their vote can be isolated into an imaginary box of domestic policies.
Afghanistan is for the Afghan people. Let them sort out their own problems, and let them define their country on their own terms. They’ve been fighting invading forces for centuries. And they have a reputation of being one of the fiercest resisters to invaders. They will continue to fight until today’s invaders retreat in the same way that previous invaders retreated. It’s just a question of when will the invaders swallow their pride and acknowledge that “victory” is not theirs to claim.
With more than 2,000 American soldiers killed, and over 15,000 Afghan civilians killed, it’s sad that the point of the Afghanistan War is still not known, and depressing that so many Americans are silent about it.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Nato working for USA against the interests of Europe

March 9, 2013

The NATO Economy, the solution to the U.S. crisis

New Secretary of State John Kerry’s first contacts were not devoted to the Asia pivot (transfer of U.S. forces to the Far East) or the partition plan for the Middle East, but to the creation of a NATO economy, without arousing the slightest concern in Europe. However, should it be implemented quickly, this project would solve the economic crisis in the United States at the expense of Europeans

JPEG - 22.5 kb

Press Conference of John Kerry and Guido Westerwelle in Berlin, February 26.
During his annual State of the Union address, President Barack Obama unilaterally announced the opening of negotiations for a Transatlantic Global Trade and Investment Partnership with the European Union (12 February). A few hours later, the scoop was confirmed by a joint statement from the U.S. President and the Presidents of the European Council, Herman van Rompuy and European Commission, José Manuel Barroso.

The transatlantic free trade area project was officially launched on the sidelines of negotiations for the North America Free Trade Zone (NAFTA) in 1992. Following a process of growth, Washington wanted to expand this area to the European Union. However, at the time, voices were raised in the United States to postpone this same absorption until the World Trade Organization was established and stabilized. There was fear that the two projects might collide rather than reenforce one another.
The creation of a transatlantic market is only part of a larger project, including the creation of a real government with a supra-institutional transatlantic economic council, a transatlantic policy council and transatlantic parliamentary assembly. These three bodies have been created in embryo without any publicity.

Their architecture harkens back to a very old project of creating a vast capitalist bloc uniting all States under Anglo-American influence. We can find traces of this in the secret clauses of the Marshall Plan and especially in the North Atlantic Treaty (Article 2). That is why no differentiation is made between the transatlantic union and the NATO economy.

From this point of view, it is significant to note that, on the U.S. side, this project is not monitored by the Commerce Department but by the National Security Council.

We have a glimpse of the transatlantic union’s mode of operation by observing how conflicts were resolved concerning the sharing of personal data. Europeans have very demanding standards for the protection of privacy, while American officialdom can do anything it wants using the fight against terrorism as a justification. After shuttling back and forth, Europeans are laying down as the Americans have imposed their one-way model: the Americans copy European data, while the Europeans have no access to US data.

In economic matters, the idea is to repeal tariffs and non-tariff barriers, that is to say local standards that render certain imports impossible. Washington wants to quietly sell its GMOs in Europe, its chickens treated with chlorine, and its hormone-laced beef. It wants to mine data from Facebook and Google etc. without being hampered by privacy protections.

To this long-term strategy are added medium term tactics. In 2009-2010, Barack Obama had set up a Committee of economic advisers chaired by Christina Romer, historian. This specialist of the Great Depression of 1929, had developed the idea that the only solution to the current crisis in the United States would be to cause a shift of European capital to Wall Street. To this end, Washington has barred most non-Anglo-Saxon tax havens, then played with the euro. Capitalists in search of stability encountered difficulties in transferring their money to the United States, however. The NATO economy will make it easier. The USA will save their economy by attracting European capital, thus to the detriment of Europeans.

Beyond the uneven nature of this project and the trap it represents in the immediate future, the most important thing is that the interests of the United States and those of the European Union are in reality divergent. The United States and the United Kingdom are maritime powers who have a historical interest in transatlantic trade. It was even their goal expressed in the Atlantic Charter during the Second World War. In contrast, continental Europeans have common interests with Russia, especially in energy. By continuing to obey Washington as during the Cold War, Brussels does a disservice to Europeans.

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The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

World War III .. Al-Raqqa will not delay the Battle of Normandy in Aleppo?

March 6, 2013

‏الأربعاء‏، 06‏ آذار‏، 2013

أوقات الشام

نارام سرجون

ان كانت هناك من نصيحة أسديها اليكم كل يوم فهي أن لاتجلسوا الى موائد الكلام عندما يكون طهاة الكلام من أبناء البغايا والسبايا وعبيد الطغاة والشهوات ومن سلالات قطاع الطرق واللصوص .. لأنه لن يكون في قدور اللغة الا لحوم البشر ونكهة الزنا .. ولن تغرف آذانكم الا مرقا من دم الكلام ودم الحيض..

ولاتحاولوا أن تتعلموا القراءة من أولئك الذين يسكن الضباب عيونهم وعقولهم فمهما انقشع الضباب في طرقاتهم فلن يزول ضبابهم لأنه في عيونهم وهو كثيف داخل رؤوسهم..

ونصيحتي أن لاتستمعوا الى دروس الفلسفة والحكمة ممن لايعرف الفرق بين فاء الفلسفة و فاء السفالة .. ولاتأخذوا دروس الثورة ممن لايعرف الفرق بين نون الوطن ونون الناتو، ومابينهما نون الخيانة .. كما ثوار العرب ..

ونصيحتي اليكم ألا تغمسوا ريشات ألوانكم في ربيع العرب لترسموا وطنا بالألوان فليس في ربيع العرب لون أخضر ولا لون أزرق .. ليس فيه الا اللون الأحمر القاني وعواصف الجهل الأسود ورياح الرمال الصفراء ..

واياكم أن تغمسوا خبزكم في أوعية مثقفي العرب لأنها اما خاوية أو مليئة بالسم والخردل .. ولا تلقوا شباككم في أفواه الاسلاميين أو في عيونهم أو في عقولهم فلن تحصلوا الا على ثعابين الزيت الاسود الخفيف والنفاق الكثيف .. ولن تجدوا حبرا لأقلامكم الا في العروق السورية فحيثما جرحنا ينبجس الحبر .. حتى امتلأت المحابر وفاضت خزانات الحقيقة .. ولم يعد في أجساد الدماشقة “عناقيد وتفاح” تسيل من جراحهم بل حبر أحمر يكتب به التاريخ مذكراته الحافلة بالقصص والمفاجآت..

دعوني أمرر أناملكم وعيونكم على جسد التاريخ ودعوني أغسلكم بصوته قبل أن تتنشفوا بأوراقه بدل الاستحمام بأهازيج جبهة النصرة والثورة السورية .. فمن يتأمل جسم التاريخ الطويل الممشوق اللامتناهي يستطيع أن يرى مفاصله الكبرى في أحداث كبرى كما هي مفاصل شجرة الزيتون .. جسم التاريخ يشبه شجرة زيتون عتيقة .. وهانحن اليوم نمر بعقدة كبيرة تتشكل على جذع شجرة الزيتون اسمها .. الحرب العالمية الثالثة .. نحن نسميها المؤامرة الكونية .. وهم يسمونها الربيع العربي .. وجامعة نبيل العربي تسميها الحرب الأهلية السورية .. لكن اسمها المكتوب على بطاقة هويتها هو .. الحرب العالمية الثالثة ..ومكان ولادتها سورية ..وتاريخ ميلادها هو 15 آذار 2011 ..

هذه الحرب العالمية بشّر بها البعض ولكن لم يجرؤ أحد على الاعتراف بأنها اندلعت .. الا أن الحروب تغيرت .. وأساليب خوضها تغيرت .. ولايزال بعضنا في مخيلته صور الأساطيل الألمانية والبريطانية وطيران اليابان على بيرل هاربر وصور الجيش الأحمر في شوارع ستالينغراد وبرلين أمام الرايخشتاغ .. لأن قراءتنا للحروب العالمية لاتزال تقليدية وتنتظر رؤية الجيوش التي تناطح الجيوش والفيالق التي تسحق الفيالق .. والدبابات التي تأكل الدبابات .. والغارات التي تبارز الغارات .. كوحوش أساطير أثينا .. فهذه المشاهد التي ننتظرها هي مشاهد الحروب القديمة والمبارزات هي التي ستفتقدها الحروب العالمية البشرية ..

لن يتوقف البشر عن انتاج الحروب العالمية بعد أن أقلع خط انتاجها من أوروبة حيث انتج العقل الغربي حربين عالميتين مدمرتين ولايمكن أن يتوقف عن التفكير بالثالثة .. لكن لن تقوم بعد اليوم حرب عالمية بمواجهة مباشرة بين قوى العالم بسبب وجود السلاح الذري لدى كثير من الأطراف المرشحة للمنازلة الكبرى في الشرق والغرب.. وربما كانت أزمة خليج الخنازير هي آخر الاحتكاكات المباشرة بين الغرب والشرق .. الى أن أطلق الغرب هجومه من خلال مشروع الربيع العربي في هجوم مباغت استباقي على الشرق دون أن تتحرك الاساطيل والطائرات ..

الحروب العالمية تتميز أنها تندلع من دون مقدمات كاملة وعلى غير توقع وتتصارع فيها كتل كبيرة من البلدان المتنافرة بأدوات الصراع المتاحة وتخلق تحالفات عجائبية .. لتنتهي الحروب العالمية بنتائج عميقة يحمل آثارها وجه قرن كامل ندوبا غائرة على وجه الارض بل ويتغير لون الأرض ومزاجها كليا .. وأهم ميزاتها أن من يقوم باشعالها هو العقل الغربي الأوروبي فقط ..

ففي الحرب العالمية الأولى أطلق الاغتيال غير المتوقع للأرشيدوق فرانز فرديناند ولي عهد النمسا شرارة الحرب وانزلقت الى الحرب مجموعة دول كبيرة كانت أساطيلها قبل أيام من ذلك الحدث تتبادل الزيارات الودية ..فتصارعت النمسا وروسيا وألمانية وفرنسا واليابان والدولة العثمانية والولايات المتحدة والصين واليونان والبرازيل وايطاليا ورومانيا وبلغاريا والبرتغال وليبيرية.. وكانت النتيجة ان سقطت السلالات الحاكمة الملكية الاوروبية والتي يعود بعضها الى فترة عهود الحروب الصليبية وظهر اللون الأحمر الشيوعي على نصف الأرض .. وتوفيت الامبراطورية الخضراء للسلطان سليم الأول وتغيرت الخارطة السياسية لاوروبة كلها ..في هذه الحرب استعمل البشر لأول مرة سلاح الدبابات والقصف من الجو والسلاح الكيماوي..

وفي الحرب العالمية الثانية تورطت في النزاع سبعون دولة بمجرد اطلاق الألمان لعملية احتلال بولندة في عملية بارباروسا.. وفيها تحالفت التناقضات المستحيلة حيث تحالف الروس الشيوعيون مع الأمريكيين الامبرياليين والبريطانيين الرأسماليين ضد الألمان النازيين .. وحارب جنود المهاتما غاندي الى جانب أعدائهم الجنود البريطانيين ضد الألمان .. وتطوع جزائريون لتحرير فرنسا التي تحتلهم ثمنا لنيل استقلالهم..واستخدم الجميع تقنيات أسلحة حديثة كان أهمها السلاح الذري ..وأزاحت الحرب أكبر امبراطوريتين استعماريتين هما الفرنسية والبريطانية وصعدت قوتان مغايرتان هما الامبراطورية الشيوعية والامبراطورية الامريكية ..

لقد بقي العالم باردا في الحرب الباردة وتجنب المواجهة المباشرة واكتفى بالمواجهة غير المباشرة في صراعات مبعثرة في فييتنام وكوبا وكوريا وأفغانستان وكل الحروب المتفرقة التي قلما تتنازل فيها مجموعة دول..

الحرب الحالية التي يخوضها العالم في سورية هي أعقد الحروب العالمية وأكثرها غرابة لأن ساحتها ليست أوروبة فهناك شبه اجماع على ابعاد كل الحروب عن أوروبة بعد درسي الحرب العالمية .. ساحة الحرب الآن ضيقة جدا والأطراف المتنازلة كثيرة ولكن نتائجها ستغير أكبر المساحات على الأرض .. وربما هي أقصر الحروب العالمية لأنها تتجه من جهة لوضع أوزارها ومن جهة أخرى للتصعيد المفاجئ .. وربما بدا في حديث الرئيس الأسد الى صحيفة الصندي تايمز البريطانية ما يوحي بذلك .. فلامبالاته وازدراؤه للدول الغربية عكس موقفا متقدما له ولحلفائه في سير الحرب العالمية الثالثة لصالحه وصالح حلفائه لأن عملية قيادتها تطلبت الكثير من الصبر والحنكة واحكام الكمائن..والانتظار في المكامن..وامتصاص الصدمات بهدوء..فيما يتصرف الأميريكيون والبريطانيون والأتراك بنوع من عدم التصديق بأن الحرب ستحسم بشكل مخالف لما رسم وكان مأمولا..

كان العالم كله متهيبا من المنازلة في مواجهة شاملة الى أن أحرق البوعزيزي نفسه في تونس فكان حريقه يشبه رصاصات الشاب الصربي غارفيلو برينسيب في جسد الأرشيدوق ولي عهد النمسا حيث تفجرت الحرب العالمية الاولى من لقاء تلك الرصاصات بذاك الجسد .. وبدا الربيع العربي أنه يشبه بدايات الحروب العالمية حيث شم الروس والصينيون بعد مواجهات ليبيا رائحة تشبه عملية بارباروسا وتنبهوا الى أن مناطق نفوذهم تتآكل في أسابيع وأن خطوط التماس القديمة جدا تتهاوى وأن الحدود التي تركتها الحرب العالمية الثانية تنتهك بسبب حنين الغرب الى عهد الاستعمار السابق لتلك الحرب ..

ولذلك انزلق العالم الى الحرب العالمية الثالثة بعد سقوط ليبيا (كما انزلق بعد سقوط بولندا بيد هتلر) .. وتسارع الانزلاق بظهور خطط الناتو للاستيلاء على سورية لافتتاح الحملة الاسلامية نحو الجبهة الشرقية حيث الأعداء الكبار .. ايران وروسيا والصين .. فكانت سورية هي الجبهة التي تفصل بين هزيمة الحلفاء القدماء وهزيمة المحور الجديد .. ومن ينظر الى هذا النشاط السياسي المحموم في العالم وكم المناقشات والمداولات واللقاءات بين زعماء العالم على مدى عامين ليستغرب كيف انخرط العالم كله كالمسعور في صراع شرس حتى الموت من أجل الفوز في هذه الحرب حيث تحول رئيس فرنسا الى وزير داخلية الثورة السورية ورئيس أميريكا الى وزير خارجية الثورة السورية ووزير خارجية بريطانيا الى محافظ لمدينة درعا .. وتبوء القومندان أردوغان منصب وزير الدفاع الشرس وكان الملك السعودي وزير مالية الثورة وأمير قطر وزير اعلام الثورة واحتل ملك الاردن منصب وزير الخدمات الاجتماعية وشؤون اللاجئين يساعده تيار المستقبل اللبناني عبر موزع الحليب عقاب صقر .. وتحول اتحاد علماء المسلمين الى وزارة الأوقاف الثورية السورية وتسلم خالد مشعل منصب رئيس استخبارات الثورة السورية .. وبالطبع كانت اسرائيل في موقع رئيس الوزراء للثورة السورية وهي التي تشرف على عمل كل الوزارات الدولية وتنسق بينها .. وانخرط في هذا الصراع 130 دولة ولم يبق بلد في الدنيا لم يكن له دلو وحبل أو مساهمة وخيط في الحرب السورية .. وظهر محور روسيا والصين وايران والهند ودول البريكس مقابل التحالف الغربي مع تركيا والعرب الخليجيين واميريكا واسرائيل وصار سيرغي لافروف الناطق الرسمي باسم رئاسة الجمهورية السورية وشكل أحمدي نجاد وفلاديمير بوتين خلية أزمة سورية .. وكانت تقنيات وتكنولوجيا المعلومات والتبارز بالأقمار الصناعية بين الروس والأمريكان والتواصل والاعلام الالكتروني وتقنيات الصورة وهوليوود وقذائف اليوتيوب وقرارات مجلس الأمن والفيتو هي الأسلحة الرئيسية التي استخدمت في هذه الحرب لأول مرة في تاريخ البشرية (بدل الدبابة والسلاح الكيماوي اللذين ظهرا أول مرة في الحرب العالمية الاولى) بغاية تذويب العقول بالاعلام والحرب النفسية بدل تذويبها بالحرائق والسلاح الكيماوي .. وأستطيع أن أزعم بثقة مطلقة أن أكبر خزان في اليوتيوب ومحرك غوغل هو المتعلق بالأزمة السورية ومانشر عنها دون منازع ..

وبمقاييس الحروب العالمية التي تستمر وسطيا أربع سنوات فان السنتين الأوليتين دوما تحددان مصير الخاسر والرابح .. فقد ظهرت ملامح هزيمة دول المحور في الحرب العالمية الثانية في عام 1942 في ستالينغراد أي بعد قرابة عامين على الحرب ..وظهرت ملامح المنتصرين في الحرب العالمية الاولى عام 1916 وبدا تحول الحرب الحقيقي عام 1917 أي بعد عامين على الحرب تقريبا ..

في حصيلة عامين من الحرب العالمية الثالثة التي استهلها الربيع العربي وانتهت بمعركة سورية .. بدأت ملامح المنتصرين تتضح ..فمقدار ماحققه الحلفاء الغربيون على الأرض السورية محدود بكل المقاييس الواقعية فهناك قطع مبعثرة على الحدود يحاول الغرب التوغل من خلالها .. وهناك جزر معزولة صغيرة على ضفاف سورية وضفاف مدنها يشبه سقوطها سقوط بولندة وفرنسا والمجر وغيرها بيد النازيين والتي لم يغير سقوطها في مصير الحرب لأن لندن وموسكو بقيتا عصيتين على السقوط ..

فالاندفاعة الروسية الصينية الايرانية القوية الى جانب الحليف السوري في الحرب العالمية الثالثة قد ثبتت الجغرافيا وثقبت خطوط هجوم الحلفاء ..وبدأت خطوط التماس تتحدث عن حلول سلمية.. واستحالة الحلول العسكرية ولو كانت أحاديث للمراوغة..

الحلفاء يراوغون بمناورات لفظية لكسب الوقت عل اطالة الحرب تسمح لهم بتغيير نتائجها بانهاك الخصم .. ولكن التحركات العسكرية السورية على الارض توحي أن الاصرار على تأمين طرق الامداد نحو الشمال السوري ينذر باطلاق المرحلة النهائية من الحرب العسكرية عبر عملية عاصفة في الشمال .. وحسب عسكريين سوريين فان الجيش السوري قد أمضى بعض الوقت منشغلا في الجنوب لحبس المسلحين في أقفاص معزولة في الريف الدمشقي واغلق هذه الأقفاص بالأقفال الفولاذية ليتفرغ لمعركة حلب التي صارت هي معركة النورماندي .. والجيش لن يخوض معركة حلب اذا لم يكن النصر الحاسم فيها 100% لأن أي انكسار عسكري سيعطي دفعا لمشروع التمرد المسلح وآمال جبهة الغرب ..وقد أنجز الجيش استعداداته لتحقيق نصر 100% دون التفريط بالجبهة الجنوبية المتينة جدا .. ويقول عسكريون سوريون يشرفون على الاعداد للمعارك بأن معركة بابا عمرو لم يتم اطلاقها الا بعد معرفة كل دقائق تموين وقوة ومكامن المسلحين .. بالرغم من أن العالم كان يتوقع صمود بابا عمرو لأشهر طويلة ..

ويبدو ان اقتراب الانقضاض على مسلحي حلب قد دنا فقام جون كيري باستباق ذلك بالاعلان عن العربات المدرعة لمنحها لما يسمى المقاتلين المعتدلين وقدم قائمة للمولين العرب لدفع الفواتير الأخرى وهو أدرى أن لامعتدلين يهيمنون على حلب أو ريفها بل مقاتلون شديدو التطرف يقودهم جنرالات بلاكووتر والناتو من غرف العمليات على الحدود .. وبالطبع مايدل على اقتراب معركة حلب هو تحريك الجبهة والفوضى في الشمال الشرقي السوري من أنبار العراق وحتى الرقة السورية وفي استباق بانزال سريع في مدينة الرقة لتعديل الاندفاع العسكري السوري نحو حلب حيث يتوقع العالم انزال “النورماندي” في حلب وريفها وحيث ينتظر العالم مايعرف في أدبيات الحرب العالمية الثانية (اليوم د) الذي عرف بيوم انزال قوات الحلفاء على شواطئ النورماندي حيث تمترست قوات هتلر .. وحسب الرصد النشيط بالأقمار الصناعية الغربية فان تموضع القوات السورية وخطوط التموين والتواصل التي شكلتها مؤخرا تشي بما لايدع مجالا للشك أنه تموضع هجومي حاسم في منطقة حلب وادلب .. حيث ستشهد حلب وريفها المتماهي مع ادلب انزال النورماندي السوري وقد تكون لأول مرة مواجهة تركية سورية مباشرة داخل الأراضي السورية لأن المسلحين لايمكن الاعتماد على امكاناتهم للصمود في وجه قوة عاتية تم اعدادها خلال أشهر طويلة مما سيضطر الأتراك للاشراف على القتال بأنفسهم .. فالخروج من حلب صار يذكّر الأتراك بخروجهم منها مدحورين قبل قرن من الزمان..

وليس سرا أن معركة حلب المنتظرة التي تم الاعداد لها يتوقع لها أن تشهد أكثر عملية ابادة للمسلحين والدفع بهم نحو الرحم التركي الذي ولدوا منه بالبلدوزر العسكري .. وتتوقع الاستخبارات الغربية العسكرية من رصدها لنوعية الزج والسلاح أن الجيش السوري وبسبب اعتماد خيار (صفر فشل) الذي اعتمده لهجوم حلب (ردا على معادلة “صفر مشاكل” لداود أوغلو) سيظهرلأول مرة استخداما مفرطا للنيران وعدم استعداد لاطالة المعركة في حلب وسيلجأ للتقليل من الاحتكاك المباشر عبر مساحات نارية واسعة .. ويقدر عدد المسلحين الذين سيشكلون وقودا يحترق في هذه المعركة بما لايقل عن 15 ألف قتيل ..وهي ستكون أشرس معركة في الشرق الأوسط منذ معركة العلمين بسبب عدد الدول المنخرطة في فعالياتها استخباراتيا وماليا وتقنيات الاقمار الصناعية وعسكريا وعدد المقاتلين الذين سيدفع بهم ..

ومن يقرأ في حديث الأسد الى صحيفة الصندي تايمز البريطانية يستنتج أن الرجل صار يدرك أنه تجاوز مرحلة التردد وأن بين يديه الخرائط الجديدة والألوان الجديدة.. فقد كان الأسد يسخر بهدوء من وزراء الدول الكبرى .. ويذرو التراب على قبر الثورة السورية وهيبة الغرب .. الرجل الذي أمسك أنفاس العالم وحاول العالم اخافته قال لوزير دولتين عظميين انهما وزيران منافقان .. فوق حدود النفاق ..ويضيعان وقتهما ..عبارة لايقولها الا من يقترب بثقة الى هدفه وقد بدا لامباليا بأناقة التواري بالكلام..

وينهمك الغربيون والأكاديميون الذين يتابعون الحدث في محاولة توقع نتائج نهاية الحرب العالمية الثالثة فهي لاشك سترسم نهايات لحدود وخطوط تماس قديمة و ستبدأ نهاية سلالات ملكية معمرة كنتيجة طبيعية .. فهناك تغييرات سياسية ستتلوها في تركيا وغيرها .. لكن أكثر مايلفت النظر فيها هو مايتردد عن السلالات الملكية المرشحة للزوال فهناك حديث عن احتمال تغيير ملكي متعدد في المنطقة ولكن الأهم هو التغيير الذي سيطال الأسرة المالكة السعودية تماما كما كانت نهاية الحرب العالمية الاولى سببا في زوال سلالات ملكية أوروبية قديمة..وهو أمر وصلت اليه العائلة المالكة السعودية ولم يبق لها أمل الا بسقوط موسكو في دمشق..

وحسب تلك القراءات فليست الحرب العالمية الثالثة مباشرة هي التي ستقوض السلالات الملكية بل ان الاخفاق في الاستيلاء على سورية سيغري كثيرا محور سورية وروسيا وايران بالدخول لأول مرة علنا الى حلبة الصراع الأسري السعودي – السعودي فهناك أجنحة مقموعة في الأسرة المالكة لصالح جناح آخر وهناك خطوط اتصال معه صارت متطورة .. وهو الشق الذي يبني عليه المحور الفائز في الحرب بقيادة روسيا وايران والصين مرحلة مابعد الحرب العالمية الثالثة .. وفلسفة هذا التحرك قائمة على فهم عميق لموقع السعودية الدقيق في الاقتصاد الأمريكي والغربي (اقتصاد العدو) .. فكما هو معروف فان الدولار عملة ورقية بلا رصيد ذهبي بعد أن فك ارتباط الدولار بالذهب في السبعينات .. وسبب قوتها هو أن دول النفط وبالذات السعودية ترفض بيع نفطها الا بالدولار الامريكي مما جعله عملة قوية ومطلوبة في العالم وعزز الاقتصاد الامريكي .. وقد حاول صدام حسين هز الدولار والاقتصاد الأمريكي باعلانه بيع النفط العراقي باليورو .. فقرر الامريكيون القدوم مباشرة لتحطيم أولى مثل هذه المحاولات ..

ولكن بعد أن شارفت الحرب العالمية الثالثة على النهاية في سورية صارت الادارة الامريكية تتلقى اقتراحات بالاستغناء عن الاسرة المالكة السعودية كليا كحل عاجل لمعالجة النتائج غير المتوقعة في الحرب العالمية الثالثة .. لأنها كما قيل اسرة معمرة شاخت وهرمت وباتت الرجل المريض في السعودية (كما كانت الدولة العثمانية سابقا) .. وبقاؤها صار عامل لااستقرار وقلق للمصالح الغربية بما فيها من الانشقاقات الخفية بين الأمراء والشروخ التي لم تعد خافية على أحد وتعكسها التغييرات المتلاحقة في المناصب التي يصدرها الملك .. كما أن هناك بعض الأمراء المهمشين يبدون طامحين لمواقع متقدمة في الاسرة وهم يتلقون اشارات مشجعة وقوية من جهات خارجية (ربما روسية وايرانية) للتقدم والقيام بانقلاب أسري ينهي هيمنة جناح مسيطر في الأسرة يكون بمثابة ثورة عام 1917 في روسيا القيصرية كنتيجة للحرب العالمية الأولى لكن يقوده أمراء مهمشون وليس فلاسفة بلاشفة وبروليتارية (يسميها الروس ثورة البروليتارية الملكية) .. ومن هذه التشققات ستتسرب المخططات المناوئة للغرب على الأقل بعدم استقرار السعودية والخليج العربي واهتزاز الدولار وسوق النفط ومنه ارتعاش الاقتصاد الغربي كله المرتبط بالاقتصاد الأمريكي والسقوط المدوي دون حرب نووية كما سقط الاتحاد السوفييتي ..
ويعتقد أصحاب هذا الطرح بأن ايجاد تغيير في السعودية بقيادة عائلة أخرى (أو ضباط عسكريين في الجيش السعودي) صار ضروريا لأن عملية تفادي التفكك العائلي وانطلاق المتناقضات الخطرة في الأسرة المالكة الحالية صارت مستحيلة وهي مصدر قلق من تسرب مشاريع الآخرين الى الجسم السعودي .. فالأسرة المالكة ليست أسرة أوروبية عريقة وليس فيها تقاليد ملكية بل ملكية قائمة على الصدفة.. وليس تفكك المملكة هو مايقلق الغرب بل انه لايمانع به طالما أن مصالحه حصينة .. لكن الغرب لايريد تفككا له شرارات انطلاق قادمة من الخارج .. ولابد من بديل قوي ..
ويعزز أصحاب الطرح وجهة نظرهم بأن كثيرا من مشاكل الشرق الأوسط سيمكن لملمتها في كيس (الخليفة) الواسع حيث لايتسع لها كيس الملك .. ومصدر هذه الفكرة هو التنبه الى أن أحد الأركان الرئيسية في العقل الاسلامي هو فكرة اعادة الخلافة .. لذلك لن يكون الحكم القادم في السعودية مختلفا جوهريا عن الحالي لكن سيسمع المسلمون لأول مرة في العالم منذ قرون بلقب (الخليفة وأمير المؤمنين) في قلب مكة .. لقب خرج منها منذ أن خرجت الخلافة الى الكوفة والشام وبقيت حلما يدغدغ المسلمين وهاهو سيتحقق قريبا .. فهو لقب انتظروه بفارغ الصبر وهو جذاب جدا ومحرك للعواطف .. وسيقود الخليفة الجديد المتسلح برمزية مكة واسم الخليفة عملية تحصين مصالح الغرب ضد أية مفاجآت .. كما أنه سيمكنه بقوة من مواجهة ايران (التي لن تواجهها أميريكا) بما سيتمتع به من نفوذ ديني وهيبة اسلامية في طول العالم الاسلامي السني وعرضه لايتمتع بها آل سعود الذين لايمكن الا أن يختلف الناس كثيرا بشأن الولاء لهم وتصديق نواياهم ..
الزخم الجديد للاسلام عبر شخصية سعودية مرموقة سيستفاد منه (كما اقترح أحد تقاريرالمحافظين الجدد) في خلق تبرير للسلام مع الاسرائيليين من قلب مكة لأن خليفة مكة أقدر من الاخوان المسلمين ومن القرضاوي والأزهر على القيام برحلة عمر بن الخطاب الى القدس لاستعادة العهدة العمرية كخليفة .. أو لكتابتها من جديد عام 2020 بشكل يقبل فيه خليفة المسلمين أن يبقى سكان (ايليا) الجدد فيها مقابل أن يبقى المسلمون في خيبر (تبادل أراضي تاريخية)!! .. وهذا الطرح يستند الى نجاح تجربة تمتين كامب ديفيد بدعمها بالموافقة الاسلامية الصريحة من حكام القاهرة الجدد من الاخوان المسلمين حيث قال توماس فريدمان ان معاهدة كامب ديفيد لم يتم تطبيقها وتنفيذها عمليا الا عندما وصل الاسلاميون الى الحكم واعترفوا بها ومنحوها أول مرة الغطاء الاسلامي الذي حرمت منه منذ ولادتها حتى اليوم .. وتحتاج القدس الى شرعية اسلامية كبرى أخلاقية لايمكن الحصول عليها من حكم ملكي بل من خلافة وخليفة مكية ..
هذه بعض من ملامح مخلفات الحرب العالمية الثالثة وهناك تفاصيل لم تكتمل بشأن الأردن وقطر ودول الخليج التي ستدخل الى خلاطات السياسة وسيتم خفقها بخفاقات البيض .. ولكن الحرب العالمية الثالثة قد وقعت وشارفت على النهاية ونهضت من الحرب قوى جديدة وترنحت قوى قديمة وسلالات ملكية .. وكما الحروب العالمية تظهر تحولاتها بعد عامبن فان هذه الحرب أظهرت تحولاتها .. والأشهر الباقية ستقول الكلام الفاصل الذي انتظره الكثيرون ..ويخشاه الكثيرون من الثورجيين العرب ..
وان كنت سأضيف نصيحة أخيرة الى نصائح المقدمة فانها ستقول:
لا تنظروا الى الخرائط العسكرية التي يرسمها لكم صفوت الزيات وفحول الفضائيات ومواقع الشر لأن هؤلاء لايميزون الفرق بين خرائط الجغرافيا وخرائط التاريخ وخرائط القهوة في فناجين قهوة أميرات النفط .. فبلوانا أن كل من يعتلي المنصات والمنابر هذه الأيام ويمسك الأقلام ويرسم الخرائط لايكتب بالحبر بل بثفالة القهوة وسفالة الأخلاق .. ولا يستحق شرف الكتابة بالحبر بل سيكفيه شرفا أن يتأمل رواسب فنجان القهوة وبعض الودع والصدف وأوراق القمار..والدولار ..
انزال النورماندي قادم .. وانزال جبهة النصرة والقوات النازية التركية في غرب العراق والرقة لن يغير من انزال النورماندي في شمال سورية حيث الكتلة الرئيسية لقوات النازيين الأردوغانيين الكبرى .. ومن هناك ..ستبدأ نهاية الحرب العالمية الثالثة .. ونصيحتي هي ألا تشربوا الفناجين التي سكبها لكم صفوت الزيات وكتاب الشؤم .. فهؤلاء لايعرفون في الحروب العالمية .. بل في حروب الجمل وحروب القبائل وداحس والغبراء وحروب الكهوف وحروب الانفعال.. وخرائط القهوة وخلائط المبالغات ..
من ينزل في الرقة ليس كمن ينزل في النورماندي الحلبي .. حتى الفيلد مارشال صفوت الزيات يعرف ذلك

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Foreign imposed "Regime Change" illegal under International Law

March 4, 2013

“Foreign imposed ‘Regime-Change’ violates the UN Charter in letter and spirit”

“Actions outside the Security Council would be illegal interventions and constituted crimes against peace or else aggressive acts, and those who decide on them would have to be brought to justice accordingly”

Interview with Professor Dr phil. et iur. Alfred de Zayas

thk. Syria was the dominant topic during the first days of the UN Human Rights Council session. Already on the second day of the spring session the Western states urged for a special meeting to deal with the events in Syria. The extremely biased media reports about the situation in Syria were mirrored by the statements of several countries. Similar to their unambiguous position in the Security Council Russia and China took a clear stance inspired by international law, bringing reason to this emotional debate that way. Obviously the West aims for another «Regime-Change» following the Libyan recipe and human rights violations are meant to provide justification for an intervention. In the following interview, US-American international law expert Professor Alfred de Zayas judges the situation in the Near East from the viewpoint of international law and also talks about the war preparations against Iran.

Zeit-Fragen: Some countries especially from the West, keep issuing statements about Syria at the Human Rights Council here in Geneva. As it seems, the West is urging for a mandate to militarily intervene like in Libya. How should we see that from a standpoint of international law?
Professor de Zayas: When we are talking about Syria, we should bear in mind why the United Nations were founded in the first place. We learn from the preamble that the objective of the UN is to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, to protect people from conflicts and to solve conflicts peacefully. The principles and aims are made very clear in the UN Charter. This includes the policy of non-intervention. But what was at stake here was a conversion, a revolution, a corruption of the United Nations. The transformation of an organization of peace, a peace-promoting and peace-keeping organization into an organization engaging in «Regime-Change» this is totally against meaning and spirit of the UN Charter.
The Libya resolution was meant to protect the Libyan civilian population; however it was interpreted in a completely different way. The resolution was abused as a pretext to wage war and to overthrow the government. This is a turning point. The Russians and Chinese drew their consequences from this. If one intends to interfere in a civil war in order to protect the civilian population, this can be debated. But this resolution was abused; therefore China and Russia won’t put up with it any longer.
Is it fair to say that the veto of Russians and Chinese strengthened international law?
Absolutely. There was a real threat here for the principle of non-intervention, the principle of non-violence. To break down. It is also a vote for legal security. If resolutions get abused as in the case of Libya, one has to make it very clear to those responsible for the abuse that it is unacceptable, that it will not happen again. Should they wish to act outside the UN this would constitute a crime. It is a crime as defined by the ICC statute member states according to Article 5 of the International Criminal Court. If it had taken place outside the Security Council, it would immediately have been regarded as a crime and aggressive act, and those who decided upon this would have to be brought to justice accordingly.
In this line of argument any intervention bypassing the UN is definitely a war crime?
The question is, whether NATO would dare to intervene in Syria without resolution of the Security Council the same way as they did in the case of Yugoslavia. Syria is in geographical proximity to Russia and Russia will not put up with that. It is well-known that the Russians will take certain protective measures in such a situation. NATO has to think very carefully how this could escalate. At the time of the NATO intervention in Serbia, Russia was relatively weak. The reemergence of the Russians was still to come. I believe it is a totally different situation today as compared with the year 1999; it is not so easy any more to intervene. The intervention of NATO or rather of the so-called «coalition of the willing» in Iraq in 2003 would prove much more difficult today.
What is the task then of the UN in this situation?
The UN functions as a moderator for dialogue. We have all bodies for a reasonable and peaceful settlement of differences between states, such as the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the Security Council and the General Assembly in the USA. These are all arenas where differences between states may be articulated without engaging in violence. Article II para 4 of the UN charter is a legal proposition; it rules that the use of violence is prohibited, even the threat or aggressive gesture.
At the moment it is not only Syria, where we have an escalation…
If I look at Syria, the situation in Iran worries me even more. Whether Iran aims for the atomic bomb or not, is something we cannot tell any better than the International Atomic Energy Agency. Of course we would like to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons, which is exactly why the Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT) was introduced.
What was the objective behind it?
According to Article 6 of the NPT, this is quite explicit: nuclear disarmament. Total disarmament of all nuclear states. That is the USA, France, Britain, Russia and China. Considering that a number of nuclear states who possess nuclear weapons have never signed the Non-proliferation Treaty, namely India, Pakistan and Israel, one should not get hysterical about the possibility of Iran perhaps one day owning nuclear weapons, too. Even if Iran had them, they could never use them. As soon as Iran would use a nuclear bomb, it would face total annihilation. The Iranian government knows that very well. It is the same what we have already known in the 1960s, 70s and 80s, the possible nuclear destruction. The question, whether Iran has an atomic bomb or not, should not drive the world community into hysteria.
There are already thousands of atomic weapons around in the established nuclear states, and those weapons are not getting used. Why should one expect Iran to start a nuclear war? Actually, this would be quite obvious for any reasonable politician and hardly comprehensible.
Is that not further warmongering?
A cool analysis of the situation in Iran is one thing, another one is the agitation against Iran which can be read anywhere in the media today. Taking into account that this kind of war propaganda is actually prohibited by Article 20 of the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, it is striking to note, that the press in the USA, in Great Britain and partially also in Germany is doing just that – engaging in war propaganda against Iran, using lies, half-information emotionalizations among other things, which cannot really stand up to serious scrutiny. Nevertheless an atmosphere is created in the USA by constantly repeated messages via FOX News and CNN, programming peoples’ minds into thinking that Iran poses the greatest threat to world peace. I think this can easily be pushed aside. It is what we in the USA call a «red herring», a method to fool people.
How could these tensions be solved?
A real disarmament of the region should be the priority. Basically, disarmament of the world would be desirable. Let us begin with the Near East. If we achieved a nuclear disarmament and a conventional one in the Near East, this would be a brave act. Israel would also join in because there is no international law at leisure, there is no sideway which is open to one state, but not for the other.
This would mean to comply with the Non-proliferation Treaty?
This is clearly the disarmament, as stipulated in Article 6 of the Treaty. This means that all states possessing nuclear weapons undertake to disarm. They have not done so far. This violation of the NPT is a much more blatant violation on the side of the nuclear powers than on the side of Iran. According to Article 3 of the treaty, Iran has been given the right to peaceful use of nuclear energy and even the right to international assistance in order to achieve the peaceful use of nuclear power. It is just a matter relating to Article 4, if the IAEA inspections are thorough, or whether the inspections have been undermined. It is a matter of argument, but it has never been a casus belli or a reason to provoke a quarrel or preemptive war. It should also be mentioned that the UN Charter concerning Article 51 is very clear: The right to self-defense exists, but there is no pre-emptive right to do so. I cannot say that Iran poses a potential threat, ergo you may attack Iran. It applies only when a country has been attacked and had no time to address the Security Council in order to get the UN involved directly; only in this case you have the right to immediate counter-measures, i.e. war, until the Security Council has become involved. The very moment, in which the Security Council takes over, defensive measures have to stop. That is, what Article 51 of the UN Charter means. It is not to be understood as a lex specialis that discards or replaces everything else. It represents a very limited possibility under very restricted conditions. If not, it is a crime against peace as defined by the Nuremberg Verdict and as described in Article 5 of the ICC Statute.    •

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‘Turkey is harming US interests in Syria’

March 4, 2013


“…AMERICA’S … rosy vision of a moderate and secular Syria after Mr. Assad’s downfall will not be achieved if the United States continues to depend on regional allies that have little interest in such an outcome.President Obama has relied heavily on Turkey in seeking to oust Mr. Assad and Secretary of State John Kerry is scheduled to visit the Turkish capital, Ankara, later this week. But Turkey is part of the problem. It is exacerbating Syria’s sectarian strife, rather than contributing to a peaceful and pluralistic solution.
While the Obama administration has encouraged a broad Syrian opposition coalition, in which the influence of Islamists would be circumscribed, Turkey has not been of any assistance whatsoever. Instead, the Turkish government has continued to throw its weight behind the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood dominated the Syrian National Council, which is headquartered in Istanbul, and has succeeded in eclipsing other groups within the new opposition coalition, effectively thwarting the American effort to empower non-Islamists.
Moreover, while sponsoring the Sunni cause in Syria, the Turkish government has made no attempt to show sympathy for the fears of the country’s Alawite, Christian and Kurdish minorities. The Alawites and the Christians have backed the government in large numbers and fear retribution if Mr. Assad is toppled.
Turkey has provided a crucial sanctuary for the Sunni rebels fighting Mr. Assad and has helped to arm and train them. Even more ominously, Turkey is turning a blind eye to the presence of jihadists on its territory, and has even used them to suppress the aspirations of Kurds in Syria. Last November, Islamist rebels from Jabhet al-Nusra, which has reputed links to Al Qaeda in Iraq, entered the Syrian town of Ras al-Ain from Turkey and attacked fighters from the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, known as the P.Y.D., which had wrested control of parts of northeastern Syria. The Nusra fighters were initially repelled, but have continued to cross into Syria from their safe haven in Turkey.
…… America can’t expect the Sunni Arab autocracies that have financed the Syrian uprising, like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, to help empower secular and moderate leaders in Syria. However, Turkey, a NATO ally, should be expected to promote a pluralistic, post-Assad Syria. It has not.
The Obama administration must therefore reassess the assumption that Turkey is playing a constructive role in ending the violence in Syria; it must also take a hard look at its own role in contributing to religious strife.
America’s policy of punitive sanctions and not-so-veiled military threats toward Iran has encouraged Turkey to assert itself as a Sunni power. The perception that Turkey enjoys American “cover” for a foreign policy that directly confronts Iranian interests emboldened the Turkish government to throw its weight behind the armed Sunni rebellion against Mr. Assad, Iran’s main regional ally.
Turkey quickly abandoned its stated ambition to have “zero problems with neighbors” and decided to join the United States in confronting Iran. It agreed to the deployment of parts of NATO’s antimissile shield, which is meant to neutralize a supposed Iranian missile threat.
Turkey’s shift flowed from the belief that it would gain power and stature and reap the benefits if America succeeded in rolling back Iran’s nuclear ambitions.
All of this suited the United States. Washington no longer had to fear that Turkey might be “drifting eastward,” as it did during the short-lived Turkish-Iranian rapprochement a few years ago, when Turkey broke ranks with its Western partners over the Iranian nuclear issue. Turkey also appeared to be an American asset insofar as it could potentially offset the influence of more conservative Sunni powers like Saudi Arabia.
But the Syrian crisis has had a radicalizing effect on all parties, including Turkey’s more moderate Islamist government. Under more peaceful circumstances, Mr. Erdogan might be able to live up to American expectations and promote a pluralistic vision for the Middle East. That won’t happen if the region is increasingly torn apart by violent religious conflict and its leaders believe that playing the sectarian card will enhance their power.
Removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq in 2003 had the undesirable consequence of empowering Iran. A decade later, America’s effort to remove Mr. Assad is partly an attempt to remedy this geopolitical setback. But, as in Iraq, it has had unwelcome consequences. Moreover, American policy toward Iran is encouraging opportunistic Sunni assertiveness that threatens to trigger Shiite retaliation.
The United States must beware of doing the bidding of Sunni powers — especially Turkey — that are advancing sectarian agendas that run counter to America’s interest of promoting pluralism and tolerance. Left unchecked, rising sectarianism could lead to a dangerous regional war. …”

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The Oft-Predicted Fickle Syrian ‘Tipping Point’ Has Tipped

March 3, 2013

Obama Calls for Syrian President Assad to Go


President Obama Confident ‘Assad’s Days are Numbered‘ | Watch
Oct 23, 2012

The Oft-Predicted Fickle Syrian ‘Tipping Point’ Has Tipped


Graphics by Alex


Damascus — This observer lost count more than a year ago of the sheer number of predictions by analysts and lobbyists that the “tipping point” signaling the Assad government’s collapse was a sure thing and would happen any time now. “It’s just a matter of days, not weeks” President Obama declared back in 2011.

Based on personal observations and interviews with a fair number of informed people who actually live in Syria, as opposed to the Zionist think tank armchair “expert” variety, this observer concedes that prognosticators are finally right. In point of fact, I have concluded over the past few months that the long elusive “tipping point” in Syria has indeed been reached and the momentum has shifted decisively in this embattled.

But not the tipping point that the rebel promoters were hoping for, including the NATO countries.

Rather, the momentum here has tipped in favor of the current regime due to its capacity to maintain a slowly rising level of popular support, and good relations with key foreign supporters during the current run up to next year’s Presidential election. Then, it will be up to the Syrian voters to decide who stays, goes, and/or joins in their next government.

I base my tentative conclusions, on among others, the following factors.

The Syrian population here is so tired, so exhausted and beaten down, the killing has gone on for so long, and the Syrian people, like Iranians and others I have observed, appear to exhibit a distinctly noticeable, profound and almost moral and religious bond with their countrymen and they personally feel acutely their country’s suffering. Such that people on the streets are very shocked and incredulous at what is going on and many in fact feel less strongly about either side in the conflict and just want the slaughter to end and for life to return to ‘normal’ even without deep revolutionary-across the board-changes for now.

Two days ago mortars hit the campus of Damascus University. By the grace of God there were no casualties-this time. But students report that on average about six mortars or explosive devices hit Damascus every week. While unreported in the media, the attack on Damascus University where the student body has pretty much stayed on the sidelines during the current crisis, is an example of the nerve shattering recognition here that rebels can more or less fire mortars or rockets at will into Damascus, from miles away. And these terrorist attacks are very difficult to stop and constitute an ever present danger for Damascenes. The relatively frequently used small US M252 81mm mortar that can be carried in a deep pocket or under a shirt when strapped, has a bit more than a one mile range (1609 meters). Larger ones can travel several miles when set at between 45 and 85 degrees to the ground according to military sources.

Also, according to students, about five days ago the Tishereen War Panorama Museum was hit with four or five rebel projectiles. The military museum was built to celebrate the October 1973 Yom Kippur War (“Tishreen” means “October” in Arabic), and this main tourist attraction is only two miles northeast of the Old City in Damascus.

One also experiences here an attitude that the Assad government is showing signs of learning some serious lessons about the direction that Syria must move in. While number estimates are difficult, increasing number of Syrians appears to believe that the current regime is the best solution — at least for now. For now, meaning, until next year’s election.

One also notices in Syria these days that people appear (maybe influenced a bit by the recent spring weather) somewhat more optimistic that things are getting “better” — warmer weather means less need for mazot (heating oil), people are car-pooling more to decrease dependence on limited benzene, some flour, still often difficult to find due to rebel burning fields, theft from supply warehouses and Turkish-condoned destruction of a majority of
manufacturing enterprises in Aleppo, is appearing to a degree, brought in from bordering countries. Many of the shortages — partly caused by the US-led sanctions — are for now somehow less severe due to the ingenuity of the Syrian people and the government too has been employing some shrewd countermeasures.

This observer along with others has been critical of the Lebanese government for not doing more for the Syrian and Palestinian refugees forced into their country by the current crisis. While still a serious problem, there has finally developed a life-line of sorts operating from Lebanon into Syria. More consumer goods now move officially from the Masnaa Syrian-Lebanese border crossing where vehicles are checked, and much more food stuffs and essential goods arrive into Syria via many other routes — smuggling routes established between the two countries when the French created Lebanon back in 1943.

From Chtoura to Majdal and Anjar, one comes across lines of massive fuel tankers as well as trucks loaded with Bekaa valley vegetables like onions, potatoes, carrots, squash, radishes, wheat, barley, lentil, beets, zucchini,
cabbage, cauliflower and beans of different varieties. According to my favorite driver, Ahmad, government’s regulations require that these large vehicles line up until 4 p.m. so as not to jam the narrow, potholed and frankly dangerous cliff-hanging roads.

Even Ahmad has become involved in the import business. No longer does he transport up to five passengers. Only me who rides “shotgun.” This is because he fills the trunk of his taxi and the back seat with about a dozen tanks of pressurized cooking gas. Ahmad pays $16 per filled tank in Lebanon and sells them in Syria for $50 each. I am not sure why he needs me to ride with him and why he gives me such a great price, but having an American on board seems to help in some way with some of the checkpoints. Maybe the novelty distracts the soldiers somehow from his cargo and they decide to cut him some slack.

For about a decade, starting at about age seven, this observer would almost never miss a Saturday matinee at the Victory theater in Milwaukie, Oregon. I have known since that time that riding shotgun, whether on a stage coach or covered wagon, was not the best seat because you might catch an arrow from “wild Injuns on the warpath” or a bullet from road bandits.

Things have not changed so much. Riding shotgun from Beirut to Damascus with a dozen tanks of pressurized gas invites instant immolation from a snipers bullet fired from some hill overlooking the main highway. Trying to
make a joke, my driver reminds me from time to time that the US M24 specially adapted Remington Model 700 sniper rifle, some of which are in the hands of rebels around here, has a supposed range of more than two miles 
and one bullet into one tank and it’s all over for the both of us.

More seriously, regular views are expressed in Syria about the support levels for the current regime vs. support for the rebels. Admittedly based on nothing very scientific, this observer tends to agree with what he has been

hearing from a cross section of the local population that the regime has the fairly strong backing of around 30% of the population. Less than half of that for the rebels. Syrian minorities, including Christians, Shi’a and Alawites,
among others, cast with the regime because they are afraid of the Wahabist/Salafist jihadi types and the breaking up of their country.

One teenager who I asked why she supports the current regime explained that the Assad regime is doing their best and despite the rising prices that her parents chronically complain about she is grateful that, “despite all the rising prices the government has not allowed the cost of telephone service to increase so I can chat with my friends just like before!” The kid has a point because during this crisis and all the rumors ricocheting around people are
staying in contact with loved ones more than ever it seems.

A bit more than 50% do not seem to express firm support for either side and just want the killing to stop and for some sort of normalcy to return, while at the same time expressing an opinion something like, “how did our country get into this mess. Let the foreigners go home and we can deal with our problems ourselves.” Tragically, this plea does not appear to be acted on anytime soon in Washington DC, Paris, London or Brussels, given the new
pledges this week of more “non-lethal” aid to the rebel factions.

If ever there were meaning- and logic-destroying non-sequiturs as in the past few days it is hard to remember when. Faced with the tipping point moving away from the foreign forces and toward the Syrian government and majority population, the “Friends of Syria” has stretched beyond recognition the meaning of ordinary phrases like “defensive APC’s,” “non-lethal devices to help pinpoint the locations of the Syrian Arab Army troops,” “weapons to protect the civilian population,” as well as “humanitarian sanctions” that supposedly but don’t exempt food and medicines. In fact all of the new Friends of Syria “breakthrough assistance” targets Syria’s civilian population and all are lethal given the uses to which they are put.

History instructs us that as a result of American wars, from Vietnam to the Middle East — that it is the civilian population who will pay the price of the Obama administration’s just announced “humanitarian assistance” to
selected groups in Syria. This history is well known here by Syrians who understand well the strange paradox of US Secretary of State John Kerry’s announcement this week of Washington’s desire to speed up the political process aimed at ending the crisis in Syria by backing the armed Wahabist/Salafist jihadi groups in the country.

This week’s US and European decisions to back Syria’s rebels with direct aid will only lead to more bloodshed and encourage “terrorism” in the war-torn country, according to two Sheiks from Syria’s largest tribe who held court recently during tea in the lobby of the Dama Rose Hotel here.

What Washington fears, according to the same interlocutor from the Russian embassy who spoke with this observer for nearly two hours, is the confirmation that the Syrian opposition is ready to immediately enter into negotiations with the Syrian government without preconditions and that President Assad’s departure or even his future status will not be part of the process. The Russians’ belief that the rebels are finally coming around to a more realistic approach is gaining support from the population here as well as military and political players. This is more than anathema to Washington and its allies.

صورة: ‏‎The so-called Friends of the Syria group has held talks with the Syrian opposition in Rome, pledging more material support to militants in the Arab country.‎‏For them it is not less than catastrophic and will not be allowed despite NATO’s rhetoric to the contrary. Thus the new fake proposals.

The new “Non-lethal aid” has been designed to somehow reverse the “tipping point” that seems to be taking place.
These aggressive actions rather than, for example, genuine humanitarian aid given to the 11 neutral international NGO’s operating across Syria, or serious pressure on all sides to show up at the dialogue table, is certain to prolong the conflict and condemn countless more Syrians to death.


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