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April 10, 2013

Daniel Mabsout,


Who can measure the extent of interference of the western establishment in an Arab country ? And how is this interference to be measured ? One can say that it is close to one hundred percent . Lebanon is greatly suffering from such interference and from almost total subjugation that takes many forms .

Lebanon is a country that is not allowed to live or breath except throu…gh the equipment provided by the Western Establishment .Of course Lebanon has defeated Israel and can defeat all inimical forces but the enemy has infiltrated every where . The foreign embassies order everyone around and the Gulf countries rule through official people . Our president has been chosen at Dawha and was at Dawha lately to attend the coronation of Ma’az al Khatib as legitimate member of the Zionist Arab League .

The US embassy now wants to control the ministry of interior fully after it has controlled the Lebanese Police Department according to a secret protocol that allows the US embassy free entry to the department and accessibility to all documents. This protocol was disclosed lately at the great surprise of the Lebanese. Not only this but after having obtained all data concerning all Lebanese university students in Lebanon, under the pretext of investigating Hariri’s assassination , now the embassy wants all the data of telecommunications which is something against the law. But US interference knows no law . It follows its own laws of constant interference and violations .

What the Lebanese ministry of Interior is planning next is changing the car matriculations of all citizens by a private company that will replace all existing matriculations and driving licenses and car registrations documents at the cost of 2 billion dollars . This high cost the Lebanese people cannot afford , the pretext is that these matriculations will help control theft, but the truth is that these matriculations will be coded and directly linked to space satellites . How is this going to bring security to Lebanese , we don’t know. The whole country will be under the mercy of spying satellites . This is what 14 of March people want the country to look like: a US reservation .
Already US officials have never stopped their visits to Lebanon , they imposed on the country to adopt economic sanctions against Syria and Iran . Imagine Lebanon forced to adopt these sanctions against Iran without whom Lebanon would have never chased out the Israelis ,or Syria without which Lebanon cannot survive .

The goal of US officials is to break the magic formula which is holding Lebanon together with its three constituents : The People, the Army and the Resistance . This formula is very annoying to the US masters who are seeking to break it by all means by dividing the society and exposing the army and isolating the Resistance .

Lately Lebanon has been put under Saudi Custody . The Saudis rushed to fill in the place in the race between KSA, Qatar and Turkey to get control of Lebanon .All Arab countries are in this situation . The enemy wants to control the whole country either directly or through some trustworthy mediator- preferably a Gulf state . .Whoever tries to break loose will be punished- like Syria.- by mercenary thugs or –even better –directly- by Israeli assault .

The infiltration of the society itself is secured through several NGOs, while the infiltration of ministries and official departments is obtained by UN programs and UN representatives who work for certain projects and have the final say in major issues without being accountable. .

Now you can understand why it is important for Lebanon that Syria wins this war and why it is important for all Arab countries and for Palestinians that Syria wins this war over the dark forces of submission and subjugation .There is no hope but this one, and no way but this way out of US /UN control and Gulf custody.

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Recruits Of The World Order

April 10, 2013

Daniel Mabsout

These are money times not any other times . But never before had money been so well hidden under all kind of labels : freedom, democracy , human rights , civil liberties, religion , holy wars , expression , protests of all kinds , uprisings , and even revolutions and you name it . Everything speaks the language of money .

… The Lebanese singer called Fadl Shaker announced one day that he will quit singing in order to consecrate his full time to prayer . The truth is that he has been closely associating with the dubious sectarian Sheikh Ahmed al Asseer who was getting the millions from Qatar- over which they are both fighting right now – and this activity seemed to be more rewarding than singing .

Think about the money the thugs of Syria get . They say – if what they say is true- that 70 thousand dollars is a down payment plus weapons and equipment and then straight to Syria via Turkey. . In Yemen each family cashed 10 thousand dollars for sending a child to fight in Syria and get on the planes that Turkey had arranged especially for this purpose .

Just think of the person called Amina Tyler a Tunisian girl who –lately- posted controversial pictures of her on Face Book provoking a reaction on behalf of clerics that was wanted and expected . Amina is a so called activist in FEMEN : a Ukranian ”feminist” organization funded by a US millionaire which seeks to infiltrate societies and work with women in order to defame culture and religion . Amina posted these pictures not because she believes in what she’s doing , she posted these pictures simply for the money because each activist working for FEMEN gets 2500 euros per month and Amina said that she will never leave FEMEN not until she’s 80 .

The Child Malala Yusufzai from Pakistan has just opened her Face Book page and is inviting her fans , she is candidate to the Nobel Peace Prize like Obama . Malala seems directly to be a CIA and a British Intelligence project via her parents . We thought that she was injured and incapacitated to a great extent by an assault from Taliban that targeted her . None of this is true . She is another tool of propaganda for defaming and exposing religion, and the ties of her father with US officers are known.

The previous Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Tawakkul Kirman– from Yemen – played a great role in destabilizing her country and creating social unrest during the Arab Spring. .A known NGO who had her picture taken with Hillary and delivered a speech at the UN without saying a word about the dozens of Yemenis who get killed every day by drone attacks . Strange activism indeed on behalf of Tawakkul who presents a real example of foreign infiltration in Arab societies .

Not only average people are being hired and paid but also renowned thinkers and intellectuals – that were thought independent – have fallen for oil money like professor Burhan Ghalyoun and PM ‘Azmi Beshara known as the Arab thinker of Palestine . All have fallen for money and forsaken their status and position as leftist thinkers and revolutionaries for working for the Prince of Qatar. . All have considered money more important than any principle or position or stand .

This is not restricted to intellectuals but includes also great leaders whom the whole Arab and Muslim Nation looks up to and reveres . Think of Isma’il Haniyya and think of Khaled Mish’al ! Remember how much awe and respect we felt for these people who were personifying the Resistance , who were the heroes of the Resistance and the heroes of Palestine !. Our hearts would open for them to acclaim them and support them ! They also have fallen for the same reason for the Qatari reward and we find ourselves unable to listen to them anymore not even look at them .

And what to say then about religious references ? About al Qaradawi for example , a notorious Sheikh and a religious authority , the head of the Muslim Religious ‘Ulemas versed in Islam, has turned himself into a servant for prince Hamad instead of being a servant to God . He is serving money instead of religion and calls for warfare against Syria sparing Israel and protecting the Israelis!.

The World order has hired all these people and all these people work for the World Order and so many others work with them . We are indeed in the realm of cheat and deceit .The World Order has infiltrated very deep into society – at more than one level- and have used the people to serve his own schemes after turning them against their own societies !
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Interview of Vladimir Putin to the German TV station ARD

April 8, 2013


This interview touches upon various important topics but it is particularly valuable because it set the record strait about the Western propaganda about the Russian government’s “crackdown” on NGOs such as these from the BBC:

Needless to say, the Western media will not change its tune. Still, for those few who will see/listen/read this interview it will become apparent that this is really a non-story.

The Saker

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN (retranslated): Good evening, Mr President,

Germany and Russia enjoy special relationship and, economically speaking, they are a good match. However, there exist certain difficulties from the political viewpoint. Quite a number of Germans keep track of the raids in the Russian offices of German funds with great concern. The Russian public must be frightened. Why do you act like this?

PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA VLADIMIR PUTIN: It is you who are scaring the German public instead. There is nothing like this going on here, do not scare the public, please. The media should cover the events objectively. And what does it mean, objectively? The new law adopted late last year in Russia stipulates that non-governmental organisations engaged in Russia’s internal political processes and sponsored from abroad must be registered as foreign agents, that is organisations which participate in our country’s political life at the expense of foreign countries. This is not an innovation in international politics. A similar law has been in force in the United States since 1938.

If you have any additional questions, I would be pleased to answer them in order to clarify the situation to you and your or, in this case, our viewers.

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: Mr President, I am not aware of any similar confiscations or raids carried out in the United States. In our opinion, the term ‘foreign agent’, as these organisations are to be called, sounds something like cold war.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Then let me explain. First of all, the United States adopted a similar law, which has been in effect ever since. And our, Russian, organisations have followed the same practice that was established in that country decades ago.

I am going to show you a paper in which, not long ago, the United States Department of Justice requested a non-governmental organisation to submit documents confirming that its activities were to be financed from abroad; the list is very long.

We have adopted a similar law that prohibits nothing; let me stress it, the law does not prohibit anything, nor does it limit or close down anything. Organisations financed from abroad are not forbidden to carry out any type of activities, including internal political activity. The only thing we want to know is who receives the money and where it goes. I repeat: the law is not some sort of innovation of our own.

Why do we consider it so important today? What do you think is the number of Russia-sponsored non-governmental organisations functioning in Europe? Any ideas?

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: I am afraid I cannot assess the situation, Mr President.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Let me tell you. One such organisation operates in Paris, another one – in North America, it is registered in the USA. And this is it. There are only two of them – one in the United States and another one in Europe.

There are 654 non-governmental organisations operating in the Russian Federation, which are funded, as it has turned out, from abroad. 654 organisations make quite a network nationwide, the Russian regions included.

Over the four months alone that followed the adoption of the law in question, the accounts of these organisations augmented by… How much money do you think they received? You can hardly imagine; I did not know the figure myself: 28.3 billion rubles, which is almost $1 billion. 855 million rubles via diplomatic missions.

These organisations are engaged in internal political activity. Should not our society be informed of who gets the money and for what purposes?

I would also like to stress – and I want you to know this, I want people in Europe, including Germany, to know this – that nobody bans these organisations from carrying out their activities. We only ask them to admit: “Yes, we are engaged in political activities, and we are funded from abroad.” The public has the right to know this.

There is no need to scare anyone saying that people here get rounded up, arrested, have their property confiscated, although confiscations could be a reasonable thing if those people break the law. Some administrative sanctions are envisaged in these cases, but I think all this falls under rules commonly accepted in a civilised society.

Now let us look at the documents that our organisations in the US are required to provide. Note who asks for these documents, signed at the bottom of the page. The Counterespionage Section. Not the Office of Attorney General, but the Counterespionage Section of the US Department of Justice. This is an official document that the organisation received. And note the number of questions they pose. Is this democratic?

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: Mr President, we will examine this document. I do not know if any such searches took place in the US.

I would like to ask you once again: we understand democracy as the coexistence of the state and opposition. Political competition is an integral part of it. Does Russia need a strong opposition?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Certainly. We do need it to say the least. I believe that without competition no development in either economy, or in politics is possible today, and we want to ensure this development for our country and our people. Without this competition we would not be able to make effective, sound and justified decisions. Which is why we will undoubtedly strive to make the competition a cornerstone of every sphere of our society’s life, including politics.

But this does not mean that opposition should be financed from abroad, don’t you think? Or do you have a different opinion?

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: Does this imply that the opposition can freely participate in demonstrations?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Absolutely, as long as they abide by the law. There are certain rules that provide for various forms of political activity. Voting means publicly expressing your opinion, as does participating in demonstrations. There is law. Good or bad, it can be changed democratically, but it must be abided by. Ordnung muss sein. It is a well-known rule. It is universal and applicable in any country. There must be order, and there must be no chaos. Northern Africa is a vivid example of what chaos leads to. Does anybody want that?

As for the activities of the opposition, I would like to draw your attention to the following fact. Just recently, a political party was required to have at least 50 thousand members to be registered. We have radically reduced this number: now one only needs 500 members to register a party and engage in legal political activities. 37 parties have already been registered, and, I think, several dozen more have filed their applications. This is how it is going to be, we will encourage this political competition.

We have changed the procedure for the election of members of the upper chamber of the Russian Parliament, the Federation Council; now they are elected by secret ballot by citizens of corresponding regions. By the way, I do not think that the upper chamber of the German Parliament is elected this way: if I am not mistaken, its members are elected by their respective landtags.

In this regard, we have gone further; I refer to the election of heads of the Russian regions that I reintroduced. We have returned to direct voting by secret ballot. Germany elects heads of its regions through landtags. Many of our political actors thought that we should go back to forming the Parliament through a mixed election system with simple majority rule nominations and strict party-list nominations. We have arrived at this mixed system, so we are moving, we are looking for those forms of our society’s political organisation that would be most suitable for us at this stage and would satisfy the requirements and aspirations of our people. This, of course, concerns political parties as well. Naturally, we want competition.

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: You are going to Germany for a major trade fair. The economic relations between our countries are important for you, I believe. Are you worried that the issues we have just discussed may cast a shadow over your visit?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: No, on the contrary, I am very glad about it. And I am glad about our today’s interview too because this gives us an opportunity to clarify the situation, to explain what is actually happening and what guides us. Now, what was your first question? About searches and arrests. What searches? What arrests? Who has been arrested? Can you give me at least one name? This is not true. Don’t make anything up.

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: I didn’t say anything about arrests. I spoke about searches.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: It sounds alarmist: “Hey everyone! Look! Terrible things are happening here!” Well, yes, there is the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation that is obliged to ensure that the laws adopted in the Russian Federation are respected. And all the citizens, all organisations, all individuals and legal entities operating in Russia must take this into account and have due respect for Russian law.

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: What are you expecting from your visit to Germany in terms of economy? I assume you are going to encourage the Germans to invest. What exactly are you expecting?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Russia and Germany are very important partners for each other. This is really so. The EU countries and the EU itself are our major commercial partners. They account for over 50 percent of our turnover. Well, the figure can fluctuate a bit: a little over 50, a little under 50 percent due to the economic difficulties faced by the Eurozone and the EU. It is under 50 at the moment, I believe, but it is still a lot. In absolute numbers it amounts to over $430‑450 billion. We are EU’s third major commercial partner after the US and China, and the difference is not very big. If our total turnover with Europe amounts to some $430-450 billion, the turnover for the US is a little over $600 billion and $550 billion for China. So as you can see, not that big of a difference.

Germany is our primary European partner. Our turnover amounts to $74 billion and it continues to grow no matter what difficulties there might be. To make it clear for both Russian and German citizens, I need to say that these are not just numbers; there are jobs behind these numbers, there are cutting edge technology behind them, moving in both directions.

By the way, as far as Germany is concerned, the trade pattern is not only in line with its economic capabilities but also in line with its interests since the emphasis in trade and economic cooperation with Germany is put on the industrial production. And behind this – let me stress this once again – there are thousands if not tens of thousands of jobs, and the incomes of Russian and German families. Besides, Russia supplies 40 percent of all natural gas and 30 percent of all oil consumption in Germany.

We are expanding our cooperation in high technology sectors, aviation, engineering, including transport engineering, nanotechnologies, and next-generation physics engineering. This is a very diverse, interesting and promising cooperation.

Germany is one of our major investors with $25 billion in accumulated investments. Last year alone their amount increased by as much as $7.2 billion. This means that Germany invests rather actively in the Russian economy. I would like to stress again that all this is important, interesting and promising.

We are going to have six pavilions [at the trade fair], large ones. They are all united by a single slogan – the industrial production, in which Germany has always been strong, and which is of interest to us. Over a hundred large Russian companies will be exhibiting in those pavilions.

I invite you and all our friends in Germany to visit the 2013 Hannover Messe and Russia’s pavilions there.

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: You’ve spoken about 27 billion of German direct investment in Russia. I would now like to touch upon the Cyprus issue. A lot of Germans realised for the first time how much Russian money is there in Cypriot banks and are now wondering why German businesses have to make investments while you pull your money out of Russia?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Don’t you see all the absurdity of your question? Just please don’t get me wrong. What does Russia have to do with Russian investors in one of the EU countries? The more you “pinch” foreign investors in the financial institutions of your countries, the better for us because the affected, offended and frightened (not all of them but many) should, so we hope, come to our financial institutions and keep their money in our banks.

Why, at some point, many Russian investors moved their funds to zones such as Cyprus? Because, frankly speaking, they did not feel they could rely on the Russian financial system. And, indeed, it was not reliable. Just recall the year 1998 – an economic collapse, or the year 2000 (and that was already our common problem) – again there were widespread fears regarding the future of the financial system. But in 2008, when the new crisis hit, we not only managed to preserve the integrity of our financial system, we strengthened it without letting a single financial institution collapse. There were problems, of course, but we did not allow any of the financial institutions to abandon their customers. Of course, people went through a lot of hardships during the crisis but we arranged the work of our banking system in a way that made it possible not only to support but also to strengthen it while taking some measures to carefully restructure it, again in order to strengthen it. And I hope that people today will understand that.

Forfeiture of investors’ funds, including of Russian origin, wherever it happens, in Cyprus or in other places, undermines credibility of the banking system of the entire Eurozone.

Now regarding the issue of whether to provide support or not and who is to blame. Is that fair, that people invested their funds, merely deposited their money with banks without breaking any laws, whether the laws of Cyprus or those of the European Union, just to see 60 percent of their deposits forfeited? They did not violate any rules. As to the allegations that Cyprus was, as they say in the financial community, a laundry for dirty money, they have to be supported with hard facts. One of the basic rules that we all are supposed to know and observe is the rule of the presumption of innocence. A person is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. How can we ignore that? How can we accuse all people concerned of being crooks? Then anybody can be declared a crook.

Did we create that offshore zone? No, we didn’t. It was the European Union that created it. Or, rather, it was created by the Cyprus authorities with the connivance of the European Union. And is it the only such zone created by countries of the European Union? Are we not aware of offshore island zones in Great Britain or of other such zones? They do exist. If you consider such zones a bad thing, then close them. Why do you shift responsibility for all problems that have arisen in Cyprus to investors irrespective of their nationality (British, Russian, French or whatever else).

I have met with senior officials of the European Commission. We have very good personal relations, though we disagree on many issues. Is it Russia’s fault that Cyprus is now facing problems? Indeed, incoming investors are a positive factor as they support the banking system and the entire economy of the host country with their funds and their trust.

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: You are angry that the European Union did not ask you for help and that many Russian nationals were affected, are you?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Of course, not. On the contrary I am even glad, to some extent, because the events have shown how risky and insecure investments in Western financial institutions can be. By the way, our tax regime in that context is also more favourable than yours. The income tax rate for individuals in Russia is only 13 percent. What about Germany? How much do you pay?

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: It would be great if we paid only 13 percent. Of course, it would be great. Fight against tax increases is a hot topic during the election campaign.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: So, fight for tax cuts.

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: Mr President, I would like to touch upon the issue of euro. You spoke about the European financial system. Russia holds more than 40 percent of its currency reserves in euro, which makes you keenly interested in euro. Do you still trust euro?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: First, I would like to say it outright: yes, we trust euro. We also trust the economic policy of major European countries, including, in the first place, the economic policy of the government of the Federal Republic of Germany. We are fully aware of various opinions on that issue, including on aspects, such as economic development, maintenance of economic growth and ensuring monetary stability. I agree with the opinion that, before pumping liquidity, it is necessary to address the root causes of crises.

But I wouldn’t like to go into detail now and discuss the issue that has no direct bearing on us as that is the prerogative of the leaders of the European countries themselves.

However, judging by what we hear and see, what our colleagues are doing in the leading economies of the Eurozone, what the European Commission itself is doing, – and I would like to repeat that we do not agree on many issues and we do argue – we believe that fundamentally they are moving in the right direction. It gives us confidence that we have made the right choice having decided to keep such a large share of our gold and currency reserves, of our reserves in general in the European currency. I am confident that if the situation continues to develop the same way, our colleagues and friends in Europe will overcome the difficulties they are facing today.

And our reserves are rather substantial: the Central Bank reserves worth $534 billion, another $89 billion representing one of the Russian Government’s reserve funds, another $87 billion (a third fund) representing the second government fund, the National Welfare Fund. So, this is a rather substantial amount of money.

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: Mr President, our time is almost up, but I would like to draw your attention to another crisis area that raises great concerns in Germany – that is Syria. Hundreds of people die there every day. Your stance and the stance of the West in the UN Security Council obviously differed.

I would like to ask you the following. How do you see the opportunities for stopping the bloodshed? What are the Russian authorities doing, what is the Russian Government doing to finally put an end to this bloodshed?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: I think that we should seek an immediate cessation of hostilities, of shelling from both sides, and a cessation of arms supplies.

We often hear: “Russia is supplying arms to Assad.” First of all, there are no bans on arms supplies to incumbent legitimate governments. Secondly, only recently the opposition has received 3.5 tons of arms and munitions through the airports near Syria. This is the information published by the American media, I believe, by The New York Times. It has to be stopped.

However, – I would like to stress once again and I believe it is extremely important, – there is international law. There are international legal norms stating that it is inadmissible to supply arms to the armed groups that strive to destabilise the situation in a certain country with the use of arms. Such norms exist and they remain in force; nobody abolished them. So, when they say that Assad is fighting against his own people, we need to remember that this is the armed part of the opposition. What is going on is a massacre, this is a disaster, a catastrophe. It has to be stopped. It is necessary to bring all the warring parties to the negotiation table. I believe that this is the first step that has to be done, and then it is necessary to elaborate further steps during a discussion, which is important in our view.

I have already said it in public and I would like to tell you this, so that your viewers also know about our real position. We do not think that Assad should leave today, as our partners suggest. In this case, tomorrow we will have to decide what to do and where to go. We have done it in many countries. To be precise, our Western partners have. And it is unclear where Libya will go. In fact, it has already split into three parts. We do not want to have the situation of the same difficulty as we still have in Iraq. We do not want to have the situation of the same difficulty as in Yemen, and so on.

Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to bring everyone to the negotiation table so that all warring parties could reach an agreement on how their interests will be protected and in which way they will participate in the future governance of the country. And then they will work together on the implementation of this plan with due guarantees of the international community.

By the way, at the recent forum in Geneva (a few months ago) an agreement was reached on this issue, but later our Western partners unfortunately went back on these agreements. We believe that it is necessary to work hard and search for mutually acceptable solutions.

Recently, we have received Mr Hollande, President of the French Republic. I think he has some interesting ideas that can be implemented, but it requires some diplomatic work. We are ready to support these ideas. We need to try and put them into practice.

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: Mr President, at the end of our interview I would like to go back to the topic that we have started with. Democracy is a very controversial issue. I would like to quote your Prime Minister. Mr Medvedev said that the democratic changes in Russia can be assessed only in 100 years. In our view, this is not very ambitious.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: It may be a translation issue. Could you tell me again what he said exactly?

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: In essence, Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that “development of democracy in Russia can be assessed no earlier than in 100 years.” My question is whether there are truly no ambitions about it.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: To be honest, I have not seen or heard of Prime Minister saying that, and it is always necessary to consider the context which I am lacking now.

It is obvious that we have made a decisive choice for democracy and we cannot imagine any other way of development. It is also obvious that certain standards used in some countries are difficult to implement or apply elsewhere. I think it is quite clear. We need to develop tools based on the fundamental principles of democracy that would allow for the vast majority of people in our country to influence domestic and foreign policy. It is the majority that must have such an influence, but the majority should also respect the opinion of the minority and consider it. If our domestic policy and public institutions are fully based on such fundamental principles, then it seems to me, we will be able to talk about the success of democracy in Russia. Nevertheless, it is obviously the path that Russia has chosen, the path that it follows. Just compare the situation in the Soviet Union and in modern Russia in terms of development of economy, political sphere, and all other areas associated with democracy. There is a very significant difference. It took other countries 200, 300, 400 years to achieve this goal. Do you expect us to cover this distance within two decades? Of course, we are gradually taking all the necessary steps. We know our destination, and will not abandon this path.

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: In conclusion, I shall try to ask you a personal question.

You were President for eight years, and then you became Prime Minister. You will be President for the next six years. Do you have a personal plan? Do you want to be President as long as you are elected? Or may be you have some plans about your life afterwards?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Every normal person tries to look some distance ahead. Moreover, I am far from being the longest serving politician. There are people in leading positions in European politics who have worked there much longer than me, both in Europe and in North America, Canada actually. However, I do expect that after my retirement from political life and public service I will have an opportunity to busy myself with other things and challenges. I like jurisprudence and literature, and I do hope I will have a chance to occupy myself with these without any link to my public service duties. May be, I will look into other issues. It can be social life, sports, etc.

JÖRG SCHÖNENBORN: Thank you very much for the interview, Mr President.


River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian  
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April 3, 2013


It is simply heart breaking and simply revolting to hear that a Palestinian prisoner sick with cancer has not been treated and when he was sent for treatment , the Israelis will keep his hands cuffed and he died with his hands cuffed .Do you want to hear more ? The prisoner -who is the father of four – asked his inmates during his last days never to call the guards to take him to the hospital because this meant that he will be dumped in a car trunk and taken with his cuffs on for an 18 hours drive until he reaches the hospital exhausted.
Of course the Israelis are masters in these kinds of things , they have mastered every art of killing and torturing and all the protests and NGO functions and the demonstrations and campaigns and all this fuss made about prisoners on the internet or elsewhere proves incapable to save or help one single prisoner. It is the prisoners and their families who are paying the full price from their health and their lives and their capacity of endurance .
The Palestinian Authority has forsaken the prisoners’ cause and the HAMAS movement is trading the path of the Palestinian Authority and rushing into normalization and recognition . The multiple NGOs -that have endorsed the cause- make more damage than good and are totally crippled and it is better if they do nothing, they think Israel to be a shy lady who fears for her reputation and hope that Israel will give in to the smear campaigns they carry on everywhere , they are either stupid or infiltrated by Israelis or both !Meanwhile prisoners are dying and starving themselves to death .
May the martyr rest in peace ! Maysara abu Hamdiyya born in 1949 in Hebron , father of four sons , worked with Fateh was arrested in year 2005 and could never be seen by his sons since. Sentenced for 25 years and then for life in year 2007 . Fell martyr while sick and hand cuffed at the 2nd of April 2013. The West Bank witnessed protests that will not turn into an Intifada but will remain controlled . The only thing that can release the prisoners is armed Resistance which the various Palestinian factions have relinquished .
These heroes who paid their lives will not accept less then the full victory over the usurper that they fully deserve despite dubious NGOS and corrupt Palestinian Authority and conspiring HAMAS!

River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Earth Day / Palestine

March 30, 2013

Daniel Mabsout,


Today is the 37th commemoration of earth day that started in year 1976 and has been celebrated every year since. Originally the uprising started after the Israeli government – headed then by Rabin with Peres as a minister of defense- decided to confiscate 21000 hectares of Arab Land from Galilee to build Jewish settlements on them.

… The Protests started in Historic Palestine and spread to the West Bank , Jerusalem , Gaza where people rallied in support of each other . Also joined Palestinians from refugee camps in Arab countries, and Palestinians scattered everywhere in the world .The Israeli army imposed carefew and attacked the people destroying the shops and the homes. Six Palestinians fell martyrs during this uprising . Thus, the Palestinian Earth Day is commemorated each year on the 30th of March .
This year, this unity and this standing together will be missed among Palestinians and what we witness nowadays is something totally different . Gaza , the PA and the other multiple organizations and the refugees in Arab countries and those exiled in foreign countries have lost their capacity to come together and Israel succeeded in keeping them apart and has been working on this issue of setting them against each other .

According to Palestinian writer Tayseer al Khatib – who was interviewed on Nour radio station for the occasion – Palestinians need to go over their history and evaluate what has happened to them and what has happened to the cause and give an assessment of the whole situation in order to be able to proceed further . This assessment should cover the whole situation up to the present moment . If this assessment is not done and if the causes of the failure of the Cause are not defined and diagnosed it will be impossible to get anywhere . .Because of this, Tayseer al Khatib invited the leadership – mainly the Palestinian Authority – to speak openly to people , to Palestinians , about what has been done and why have we failed and where and what to do in order to go around these failures .
It is up to Palestinians – said Tayseer al Khatib – to decide what is the next step to get out of this dead end . Other wise the whole Palestinian endeavor will remain divided and the Popular Resistance that is being carried on by Palestinians in the West Bank will remain confined to certain areas and localities and will not be able to spread .

One short look at the policy of annexation carried on by the Zionists on this Earth Day is enough in order to see the extend of the damage . Israel will resume building settlements and 300 units are expected to be built South of Jerusalem , while 900 units are expected to be built in West Jerusalem, not to speak of the !500 units decided for the West Bank in the area called E1. Israel has already destroyed 60 houses owned by Arabs in Jerusalem, and 20000 other houses are expected to be leveled down which will leave 60000 Palestinians homeless .

Israelis have already withdrawn 10 thousands Jerusalem identities from people and one hundred thousands Palestinians living in Jerusalem had been isolated from the Holy City. And while Arabs are busy arranging and rallying for the so called Syrian Revolution and conspiring against Assad ,and while Palestinians are coordinating with Israeli affiliated NGOs and carrying on dubious functions unrelated to them and to their cause, and while HAMAS has fallen in the sectarian pit arranged for her by Israel and while the Palestinian Authority has reached an unimaginable level of corruption, Zionists continue successfully -undisturbed -their mission of confiscating the land and dispossessing the .people
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Important Syrian Update

March 25, 2013

by Daniel Mabsout


The scheme in Syria is of escalation and partition and greater pressures over the Syrian government from neighboring countries  and greater pressures-  as well – over the allies of Syria in Lebanon , Iraq and Iran . All the changes in neighboring countries like the resignation of Lebanese prime  Minister Mikati  and the dismissing of the Lebanese cabinet,  as well as the resignation of Ma’az Al Khatib from leading the Coalition of the Syrian opposition , including the visit of Obama to Jordan and what is called the new Israeli/Turkish reconciliation . All these visits and measures and steps are but part of the new scenario  designed  for  Syria that has not been given the last touch but has already started .


Everyone has come to realize the fact  that failing in achieving any progress or success in Syria means that Israel will be more exposed and threatened since the Resistance axis will be strengthened . The inviting of the head of the Syrian government in exile-  Ghassan Hito-   to fill in the Syrian chair in the Arab League means that the forces adverse to Syria have decided to resume their plan of partition of the country.

This partition will take place by starting snatching bits of territories and putting them under the jurisdiction of the new government and working  on enlarging them as much as much as possible to include the entire area of Aleppo and parts of Idlib as well . For this,  the fighters of the opposition will be put under the  new commandment  of western specialized teams and will be provided with weapons and equipments and will fight under foreign supervision .

 This starting of a new plan required the replacement of some people -namely -Ma’az al Khatib – who have served their term,  and may explain the targeting of the FSA Chief  commander , Riad al Ass’ad-   who has refused to recognize the head of the new government-    by a bomb that caused the amputation of one of his legs .

The neighboring countries are expected to play a major role in the new escalation policy which explains the visit Kerry made to Iraq yesterday , whereby he expressed his desire to have the Iraqi authorities forbid the use of its air space by Irani planes carrying equipment to Syria. It is not sure that Maliki will abide by the instructions since Iraq –along with Algeria and Lebanon – has refused to recognize the new  Syrian government .

Coordinating this new adverse  plan between   Turkey – on one hand-  and Israel –on the other- required the so called reconciliation between Anqara and Tel Aviv after the unfortunate Mavi Marmara incident . Israel finally apologized after almost three years and the relations that were never severed can thus be given a new momentum  .

 At the same time the so called  truce reached between the  PKK and the Turkish authorities and the promises given by Erdugan to grant the Kurds their cultural and political rights will assure at least the neutrality-  if not the support-  of the Syrian Kurds that live by  the northern borders with Turkey to the plan carried on by the opposition   .


 As a bordering country,  it is expected that the forces allied with Syria in Lebanon- mainly Hizbullah- undergo great pressures as well as an attempt at depriving them of being represented in the government and make them lose – as well-  the next parliamentary elections,  not to speak of  threatening them with sectarian warfare .The resignation of  Mikati seems to fall right in place to defer the elections and leave the country totally exposed  . But Hizbullah –as known – will not be easily drawn into internal sectarian fight.

This plan put together by the forces adverse to Syria is supposed to work and bring the desired change that will curb the forces of the Resistance and grant security to Israel . But this plan is very unlikely to work and the opposition s on the ground seems unable to achieve anything  substantial  that the adverse forces can build on . The opposition is divided and when the thugs are not fighting over the loot they prove unable to extend their hegemony or retain the occupied spots  .

 The whole Arab and western world has rallied against Syria except for few countries  . The Gulf countries proved to be the fiercest and most determined enemies,  and the Palestinians – who are the ones to be primarily concerned with this battle  that will decide for  the future Arab/Israeli struggle-  have either been neutralized by choosing to  work with foreign affiliated NGOS – like BDS and the like- that refuse armed struggle,  or have opted to fight  on the adverse  side for sectarian reasons that have greatly harmed the Palestinian issue  and set  Palestinians against their own cause.

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One Day In The Life Of A Palestinian NGO

March 18, 2013

Daniel Mabsout


The Palestinian struggle has been neutralized and while the situation in the West Bank and Gaza is worsening drastically the means used to confront the situation have become very limited . In the West Bank- for example- the Resistance has taken a new turn. It is called now Popular Resistance and has forsaken the armed struggle hoping to get from Israel what armed struggle could not get, and labeling this struggle as useless, unwanted and even erroneous . This popular Resistance – as they call it- carried on in the West Bank –lacks the solid ground and the solid platform that every Resistance needs which is a moral platform whereby one struggles for a righteous cause. According to this righteousness the usurping state of Israel cannot acquire any legitimacy, and any legitimacy conceded to Israel jeopardizes any legitimate claims of the Palestinians to their land turning them into self deniers , self haters and self defeaters.

The article published by the NY Times describes what is happening in the village of Nabi Saleh in the West Bank . This village has lost its water spring from which the villagers drew fresh water to the new coming hoards of Israeli settlers whose numbers have greatly increased . All these functions carried on in the village of Nabi Saleh accompanied by foreign and Israeli activists and escorted by reporters and journalists and probably financed by NGOS – or eligible to be financed – do not question in any way the right of Israel to exist . Not only they do not address the matter of the legitimacy of the occupation but they deal with Israel as an existent reality that should be acknowledged and accepted since it could not be defeated .Their limited goal is to retrieve the spring of water that was taken from them .

It is as if the whole of Palestine has become a disputed land over which Palestinians and Israeli settlers have both equal rights . Of course Palestinians seem to be totally deluded in thinking that “Popular Resistance” could achieve what armed Resistance could not- provided there was ever real armed Resistance in the West bank. The thing that the article does not mention is that this kind of barren activism has become a way of life and a source of income for Palestinians of the West Bank in general that has supplanted armed struggle after it proved materially rewarding . Let us not forget that it is the PLO that had set the model for material expectations after using oil money and turning the cause into a big profit Organization .

Trying to reach the water spring that was taken by the settlers has been the ultimate goal of the Nabi Saleh activists and their foreigner and Israeli friends . They succeeded once in reaching it and staying few minutes before the Israeli army intervened . In comparison with other daring actions and endeavors and military operations undertaken by Palestinian freedom fighters, the Nabi Saleh achievements seem meager .It is not that the activists don’t get caught or imprisoned but the whole thing seem to be programmed and previously calculated with some accidents that are part of the rules of the activists’ game. As for the settlers, they see in all this nothing but a useless show triggered by foreign international anarchists and carried on by Palestinians to no avail. The water spring that was usurped and rearranged by the settlers few years ago and which remained inaccessible to Nabi Saleh’s Popular Resistance , will have to wait for the Palestinian armed struggle to be fully retrieved

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Come Join The Apartheid Show My Friend !

March 13, 2013

By Daniel Mabsout,


Palestine has become an entertainment if you are not aware . The plight of the people , the suffering, the homelessness , the abuse , the violations , the massacres and the incarcerations, the shelling , the siege and the occupation have become source of entertainment funded by Soros and company . And this has acquired a new name and is no more Palestine . It has become Apartheid if you know what Apartheid is . So now when you think Palestine you ought to think Apartheid . Thus you have to remove yourself from the Arab and Palestinian Reality to the magic land of Apartheid , the fictitious place called Apartheid where you are no more yourself but a magic character in one of Soros’ fairy tales. Apartheid is the Disneyland Soros has especially designed for Palestinians with its full show of BDS (Boycott , Divest and Sanction) conducted by Palestinian NGO Omar Barghouthi who refuses to apply the rules of Boycott himself since he is a registered student at Tel Aviv University.
The circus is then running and the show designed for Palestine is the Apartheid Show .

And it is Soros who is funding the show so that, when you boycott, it is on behalf of Soros that you are boycotting, and when you divest or sanction it is on behalf of Master Soros that you are doing so. This is how Palestinians can -at last – make a living by handing their cause to Master NGO. From One city to another the Apartheid Show seems flourishing and is organizing a week in Beirut, and Soros will be speaking and performing and exhibiting through many people , artists and poets and speakers some of them notorious fighters for the cause like Leila Khaled herself. Bravo Apartheid !
And it sounds so well “Apartheid” especially when one has grown tired of repeating uselessly the same old words of occupation and violation and massacres and extermination . Apartheid comes in handy ; one can figure oneself in some Hollywood production, in an altogether different story and setting that will appeal to many people. And the foreigners can now join in and jump in the Apartheid boat as they jumped previously – in great numbers- in the Flotilla boats without succeeding in lifting the siege from Gaza . Now, in the Apartheid boat, they can show their solidarity to the Palestinian Cause which they could never show to the successful armed Resistance or to the victorious Hizbullah of Lebanon who defeated Israel and liberated the land without concession . But it is too costly to salute the Armed Resistance and to embark on a strange trip to a strange land , a Muslim land. And who knows if one will not end up in Iran – for example- in “ theocracy” land with hateful Mullahs all over the place or in HAMAS land . This Apartheid thing is much safer and not too costly for Israel . With Apartheid one can identify, and see in it the continuation of the premises of peace as introduced by Gandhi and his likes and embraced by most westerners worried more about Israel’s safety than about Palestinians’ rights..

Apartheid is the Model and the parallel that the World Order has projected on the Palestinian Cause not in order to solve it according to the South African model, but in order to leave it pending with no solution because Israel is not an Apartheid .All this turbulence of boycotting dancers and singers and musicians and boycotting companies and academicians and students is but a maze that will lead to nowhere and definitely not to the liberation of Palestine or to the restitution of any of the Palestinian rights . This is nothing but blurring the vision and giving Israel more time to continue its scheme of occupation and domination. By the time Palestinians finish their performance in the West Bank streets and finish coloring and dancing in front of the wall of separation, Israel would have finished carrying on its evil schemes of hegemony and expansion.

This is the Apartheid show nourished by the World Order after the Arafat show nourished by oil money and it will bear the same bitter fruits in terms of recognition and normalization with the enemy and liquidating the cause itself .

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The views expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of this Blog!

Partial List Of Endorsers And Financers Of BDS

March 12, 2013

By Daniel Mabsout,

bds new 2

BEFORE YOU EMBARK ON AN ENDEAVOR SEE WHO SITS IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT The enemy nowadays is coming dressed in many garbs .He has been acquainted with our ways and learned about our tastes . This whole Arab spring was possible because the enemy knew how to cater to our tastes. He knew about our longings and he addressed them .Thus, the whole Arab Spring was a deceit . It turned into a shabby winter,. into instability and chaos and social unrest . In Syria it turned bloody and destructive and is still going on causing more bloodshed and more destruction . The enemy knows how to cater to our tastes and we should not fall an easy prey to its schemes and designs . Look at the international solidarity movement around Palestine and the role of internationally affiliated NGOs . Look at how the cause is being slowly and surely liquidated in a process of total globalization .Look at the attractive labels used by these NGOs of Boycott and Protests and Dismantle of the wall and Freedom for prisoners and Jerusalem and Apartheid and you name it. What is happening in Palestine is NGO work and supporters of the cause are falling for them. The Palestinian Organizations and factions whose emblem is armed struggle have lost their role in favor of NGOs and are losing slowly their say in many matters related to Palestinians . What can NGOs do to the cause? What are NGOs doing? Are they progressing with the cause ? Are they improving the living conditions of Palestinians ? What are their achievements on the ground ? Do they carry exclusively a Palestinian agenda or they carry different ones ? In order to answer this question about NGOs and whether they qualify to lead the Palestinian cause- as they claim- there is but one way and it is to look at how they are financed . Tell me who funds you and I will tell you who are , the money one gets will decide for the orientation of the whole endeavor , I think we all agree on that.. Please find in this partial list the financers of the endorsers of the Boycott movement called BDS which is waging for anti Apartheid policies , see if the financers are real supporters of the cause or whether they support something else -like Israel for example -and decide for yourself whether BDS and other NGOs qualify to lead the cause.

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Prisoners Versus NGOs

March 6, 2013


Israel has said its word to the Palestinian prisoners and given its answer to all prisoners that came – as usual- in terms of killing prisoner martyr ‘Arafat Jaradat who died in the Israeli prison of Meggido on the 24th of February after being tortured to death by his investigators . This is what Israel has to say to the Palestinian prisoners and to all those promoting their cause or speaking on their behalf . There is a message here that says to the prisoners , and to their families and supporters : either you die from hunger on a hospital bed , or you get killed under torture , and – in both cases- you have no helper in the world. Jaradat was detained a week before his death and accused of throwing stones on an Israeli . He was in perfect health when he was imprisoned and it is still a mystery why he was killed by his investigators . He was not carrying a bomb or planning a terrorist attack and it seems his investigators were trying to make him admit of some crime that he refused to admit . His funerals caused a single rocket to be fired from Gaza unto Israel breaking the truce between Israel and HAMAS and bringing the Palestinian prisoners’ issue again to the front lines . If this incident shows anything it shows the great danger Palestinian prisoners find their selves in between dubious NGOs that are not fit to carry the prisoners’ cause and reluctant Palestinian organizations that have forsaken the whole matter.
Previously hundreds of arab and Palestinian prisoners were released by way of exchange deals. The last exchange deal arranged by the Egyptian authorities and HAMAS on one hand, and Israelis -on the other – had released more than a thousand Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons against Soldier Gilad Shalit . But these were the good old days where releasing prisoners was in the perspective of the Palestinian leadership and one of their major concerns . But these days are over now and- with no prospect of kidnapping any Israeli soldier – Palestinian Political prisoners are left to rot in prisons without any hope of being released sometime soon .
The deal struck around Shalit was not the best of deals and a great number of the released Palestinian prisoners had little incarceration time left and were to be released soon. Some prisoners -now on hunger strike- were not included in the deal or were included but were withdrawn before the actual exchange took place . The prisoners thus are left with no one to cater to their cause and seek their release from the unjust incarceration they are being subject to . Of course there are activists active on the ground and foreign and local NGOs and lots of cyber activities and internet campaigns , still with all this fuss the only choice left to the Palestinian prisoner is to starve himself to death. The local NGOs affiliated to other foreign NGOs and in coordination sometimes with Israeli NGOs are now conducting the whole activities around Palestinian prisoners after HAMAS has withdrawn and joined the sectarian camp and started the process of reconciliation with the Palestinian Authority and normalization with the enemy .
These activities and functions are to no avail and will not solve the prisoners’ problem and the demonstrations they organize and conduct are not the least convincing . The multiple Palestinian factions were complaining about the fact that they did not share in organizing any of the functions around the funeral of martyr Jaradat that included direct confrontations with the Israelis . These confrontations were not- in any way- likely to turn into a third Intifada according to observers , they lacked the essential since they carry foreign agendas that do not favor uprisings but work rather on normalization with the enemy . On the other hand – as an additional precaution- Israelis has also released funds that belonged the Palestinian Authority in order to have order maintained in the West Bank . Caught between the crippled collaborating Palestinian factions and the inefficient world NGOs the prisoners and their families are at a loss of what to do . Israelis have infiltrated almost everything related to the Palestinian Cause starting from Palestinian organizations to local and world NGOs. What is left for the cause itself is very little and the Palestinian prisoner should provide for himself and expect nothing from dubious NGOs serving foreign agendas for the benefit of Israel and using Palestinians for this purpose and even exposing them to the worst. The mysterious death of martyr Jaradat can maybe find an explanation here.

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